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Please note that many of the following links will likely be broken, especially as you go back in time. Having run the site for so many years, I've changed formats and structures much. Until I can get a good site map done, you can check out the Encyclopedia for info and links.


[27th December, 2009] - 1, 2, 3, 4
It's been a long while and I've missed a ton of stuff. I apologize for the long drought. A mix of life, work and the other normal topics have interrupted everything. I even missed out on Crumbling Flesh's 14th anniversary 2 months ago! Fourteen!

Hopefully you're all having a good holiday season. This year has been particularly stressful, we all know how these things sometimes go. Lots of bad stuff, but you can't let it destroy you. I had a nice Christmas and love my dual 23" monitors (3800x1024 - can't complain!) Anyways, I'll give you some quick updates today with some relevant links and recommend you search out on Avalanchers for all the latest.

Number 1 - Godflesh Reunion! You heard about this, yes? Justin / Ben / Machines - Hellfest 2010. The only curiosity is where it says "Only show in Europe." I don't foresee a huge tour, so it may be the only show at all. Not entirely sure what I think of it, but if it's Justin and Ben, I welcome the concept.

Number 2 - Jesu Releases. Opiate Sun come out and is an OK release. I wasn't super thrilled with it, but others seemed to enjoy it. The Japanese release has come with a bonus track (demo) but I didn't collect that one. Many thanks to those at Caldo Verde for getting me a review copy. I did get the Japanese version of Pale Sketches and Infinity. Both feature wonderful packaging and the bonuses are worth it.

Number 3 - Grey Machine! I got the Japanese version of this and it's just crushing. It may not be an every-day listen, but when you toss on Just Breathing and crank it up. Oh yes.

Number 4 - Happy New Year all. The concept of the decade being over isn't yet settled. I recall the facelift CF got in August of '99, recall where I lived, what I was doing, how I celebrated NYE into 2000. I'm sad to see the decade go. The '10s will be the 3rd decade of CF! heh. Enjoy, all!

[11th August, 2009] - More Friggin' Jesu
It's almost silly. I don't even have the new LP, nor the rerelease of Pale Sketches, and we have more! I upped the info and cover for Opiate Sun. It's a 4-song EP and you can find the artwork here and listen to one song here! It's the full, 7-minute song and it's pretty good. Much stronger than Infinity, I guess Justin plays drums on this one as well.

Digging the improv discs. Lately, Final is the shit! Oh, and the Yankees' sweep of Boston. So awesome. \m/

[10th August, 2009] - Back to Work
First day of school today. *sob*

I did receive Final: Infinite Guitar 3 / Guitar & Bass Improvisations 3 (whew) today and haven't really gotten to listen yet. I'm still chewing on Grey Machine, which is pretty sweet, but I want a nice, long, loud listening session to get a better idea. Infinity is good. I like the beginning, then the 25-minute mark, and there's a lot in there that I could do without. I also fear that the length will keep me from spinning it much. In fact, I know that will happen.

Well, updated the discographies to reflect everything I know (Improv 3 are all untitled tracks (10 guitar, 7 G&B)). That's all for today I think.

[30th July, 2009] - Start Buyin'!
It's almost August, that dismays me. Back on topic.

You can listen to some samples of Infinity over at the Jesu MySpace page. I've posted the details about the second disc in the discography. Part II sounds pretty cool. Additionally, the details about the Japanese second disc of Pale Sketches has been posted. Only three remixes, not too exciting IMO.

Grey Machine is out, remember? Aren't you interested in the first really heavy/noisy Justin project in a while? (Martin, I'm asking you!) If you get it from Hydra Head you can get an additional cassette w/ the bonus track from the 12" (that's on the Japanese version). You can also pick up a t-shirt too if you want to dish out the cash.

Reading All The Right Signals Wrong is just awesome and I got my copy today. The official title for the bonus tracks is title (alt. mix/edit), if you were itching to know. If you get one Final release this year (he's put out like 19 in the past year and a half), I highly recommend this one. I did order the new improv discs, so maybe I'll have a different opinion shortly, but this will be difficult to top!

Jesu, Final, Grey Machine. It's a good month!

[23rd July, 2009] - NEW JESU / FINAL!
Excitement! Jesu's Infinity is out as is Final: Infinite Guitar 3 / Guitar & Bass Improvisations 3. That's a double disc and as you can see, I've updated the discographies with both. Avalanche Store fool!

Or...hold your horses. I'm likely going to get the Japanese version of the new Jesu which means painful waiting. It also means bonus tracks, and whatever they are, they'll have to be worth the wait. It's just an alternate mix, but I'm expecting it to be an alternate mix of the whole damn thing, and that's 50 minutes of Jesu. Inoxia will have 'em later on. Note that both new releases will be out on digital distro next month. Prolly half the price too. Either way the Final is limited to 500, so don't wait for that one. Justin promises a much better performance from the first set of Infinite Guitar & Guitar & Bass Improvisation releases. I do hope so, while I happily (?) shelled out $75 for the DVD set, I only listen to Infinite 1.

Oh, and I fixed up the Final Discography too, but you knew that because you're astute and were paying attention. However, I did more than just a quick update. I've separated the comps and remixes into a new page and put some nice thumbnails up top. If it sucks, lemme know, otherwise your silence will tell me that I'm golden. And you won't write me, so I'll have this false sense of excellence and pride in a site that's older than the students entering my class when I go back to school in three weeks. Yeah, three weeks. They go back early up in this frigid land. Anyways, 'tis a good year for us, particularly those of us that have money. That's not me, mind you, I don't think my wife will be happy about this spending. Still a good year.

OH! Almost forgot! Hit up Inoxia as they have the Grey Machine record already! That's $24 USD and it has the track from the 12" (We Are All Fucking Liars (Version)) which is awesome. I can't wait for this one, though actually, I am. Yeah, wife won't be happy. Get spending!

[16th July, 2009] - JESU Madness
I made a bunch of updates to the Jesu Discography. There sure is an awful lot of stuff in there! This includes info on the impending re-releases of Heart Ache (with the unreleased EP from '03), the re-release of Pale Sketches with a second disc of unknown material, and Infinity, the new LP and the Japanese release with a second disc of unknown material. The latter should be available within 2 weeks, but I may wait for the double-disc version. I fixed up older releases and Justin just mentioned the Opiate Sun release coming in October.

Then, Final. We've got Infinite Guitar 3 and Guitar & Bass Improvisations 3 coming out at the same time as Infinity. Get ready to spend a little money!

Off to New York, the motherland, to visit...well, my mother. Off I go!

[11th July, 2009] - Grey Machine! Etc.
There's a new interview w/ Justin that has some interesting quotes. He addresses Jesu and his thoughts on the 'band/project', whatever you want to call it.

I've posted the first Grey Machine discography. I've heard We Are All Fucking Liars (Version) and coupled w/ Vultures Descend I'm really psyched about some noisy, guitar-driven stuff.

I got an advance version of Reading All The Right Signals Wrong and the alternative mixes are interesting. Wrong Signal isn't as good as the original (and is 7 minutes shorter) but the others (first and last songs) are probably better IMO. This comes out in a few weeks.

Jesu completists unite! (in anger) Turns out Daymare Recordings is issuing Pale Sketches (w/ a bonus CD of stuff!) and Infinity (the upcoming major release w/ a bonus disc). Also, the Grey Machine LP with a bonus track and elaborate packaging.

So much more, but I'm done for the night.

[26th June, 2009] - etc.
Geez, just like that, 5 months pass. There have been things going on too, I just didn't write about them. But let's face it folks, it's not 1999 any more. I'm slow, the rest of the web is fast. There's no need to rely on me like you did a decade or more ago. Side note, this design and the move to happened 10 years ago in July/August. Back to things...Here you go:

Just about everything I could update comes from one of those sources. I'm not scouring used record stores for rare 7"s and obscure Justin projects. So, five months of updates can be found there. I do hope you caught the new releases a few months back, White Static Demon and the Solaris BC LP. The former is interesting and has some moments, the latter is a nice collection of shelved material from a long time ago.

The newest Final release came out on vinyl. Reading All The Right Signs Wrong was released on 12" in February and is friggin' awesome. Track 2, Wrong Signal is one of Final's best ever. No Quarter Records is issuing this on CD on the 18th of August. This will feature four extra tracks and will clock in at 79 minutes. I'm looking forward to this one.

There are several new Jesu releases on the horizon including a re-relase of Heart Ache which will contain an unreleased EP from 2003! Then of course the Grey Machine record should be out now but it isn't (surprised?) Then we have some remixes, production work, Final albums, vinyl versions of new projects, and another new project with Laswell and others. Keep saving those pennies and forgive my silence. 2009 looks to be an exciting year, if it's not one already (Final, Krackhead, CEE, Solaris BC, WSD).

[23rd January, 2009] - New Final Track
Forgot to post this the other day. Turns out Pharmafabrik put out a new compilation featuring an exclusive Final track. Farmafabrik Volume 2 contains a Lull song as well if that interests you. The new composition clocks in at just under seven minutes and while the comp itself is limited to 310 (and almost gone!) you can hear it at Minimal and moody, it's fitting for the project. Tossed it in the Final discography.

I turn 33 in 2 weeks. That's insane.

[15th January, 2009] - Final, More Final, Some Old Stuff...Some New Stuff.
Several big updates all at once!

Final - The new LP Reading All The Right Signs Wrong is coming out shortly on No Quarter Records. The 4-song LP will come out in February with a CD version (featuring different mixes according to Rock-A-Rolla) following in April. Thanks to the folks at Avalanchers for the useful tips!

A new update to Justin's Blog indicates that some old Final material will be coming out shortly. Culling tracks from some old tapes dating back to his Post Mortem label, we should look forward to OLD material. Justin would have been maybe 15, so we'll see what kind of stuff we'll get. Did I mention it would be old?

The Avalanche Store has some goodies this week! First is the complete release of Krackhead! From Hell was a reported title, oh, 10 years ago, but better late than never, some say! The other release is yet another new project! Council Estate Electronics is an interesting title, devoted to analog-only soundscapes. Don't listen to my description, I don't know what I'm talking about, however I do quite like it. Kitsland, the debut release, contains four songs clocking in at 50 minutes or so. Come to think of it, From Hell is a debut release as well. Like recent releases, these are available as MP3s or as FLAC files for £1 more. Not bad!

Back in November, I went through some older discographies and put a Last Updated header atop. I figured these would never get updated. Honestly, Krackhead? That's never going to come out! Eating those words right now.

So, I updated three discographies, spent a little more money and have another Final release to look forward to. Not bad for the first month of a new year! Happy New Year, BTW.

[23rd November, 2008] - Quickies
Quick AM update. First off, you can purchase Dead Air for just $14 over at Utech Records. It appears the CD is limited to 750 and the more I listen, the more I like it. The first few tracks are definitely harsh sounding but not the entire lot. 3 great Final releases in a row!

Part deux: I've updated some of the old side project discographies. Nothing you'd probably notice.

Part trois: I uploaded the demos & rough mixes from the Hymns sessions to the Audio Downloads page. These are in FLAC form only, so they're great for burning. There was no artwork for this, but collectors will likely enjoy having the official unofficial version of these tracks.

[21st November, 2008] - Stop!
The Infinite Guitar and Guitar & Bass Improvisations MP3s being sold online are in fact not authorized. The prices were so cheap, I suppose I should've known. I've removed that link and would like to inform you all that anyone buying from that site may be purchasing illegal downloads! Justin is considering releasing the boxset in digital form next year, but has not authorized anyone to do so thus far. I apologize for this and suggest people steer clear of this site.

On a different note, I just got Dead Air, Final's newest release. Keith over at Utech Records kindly sent me a copy. The material is noisier, more akin to certain tracks from Three and 1983-1987 (Edits) than recent material like Fade Away and Afar. The packaging is quite nice, with a very cool cover painted by Stephen Kasner. This is all Justin solo, no other musicians were involved, and this material spans 3 years of recordings. It's phenomenal seeing Final producing more material. After Godflesh's demise, the side projects dried up quickly. Jesu has been great, but I feel as if Justin always needed the alternate outlet. This is the third new Final release of the year (not including the 4-disc set) and Jesu's issued three (one a re-issue). The year has gone rather well!

You can't order Dead Air from their site yet, but I expect that to change shortly. Many thanks to Keith and Utech Records for the CD!

[16th November, 2008] - More Etc...
That SOLAH/LAHID re-issue is merely the two albums + In All Languages. Perhaps worth it if you're missing something from the collection, but otherwise, nothing new. Whenever we get info, I'll make the first official update to the Godflesh Discography in a while. I guess I should get around to putting up that LAHID vinyl issue...

There's a new site out there. Now, Ya ploxo gavaryu pa ruski (no cyrillic support, and even that may be wrong!), but you can check out Jesu: Russian Page if you are interested! It's a bit outdated, but I thought I should share the linkage. I studied over a dozen languages in college, and my Russian is rusty.

Finally, for those who missed the Afar 12", there's a seller over at Discogs who is offering it for pretty cheap. Only 500 copies of this exist, so now may be your last chance!

[5th November, 2008] - Etc...
I missed the site's 13th anniversary. Hooray! 13 years! Moving on...

Let's see...Grey Machine is set for a TBA release date! Grab the song Vultures Descend from the link provided above. Aaron Turner, Dave Cochrane, Diarmuid Dalton & Justin, sounds great to me!

Afar can now be purchased on MP3 or FLAC, I highly recommend the latter. Just a few pounds, worth the cash IMO.

Dead Air is the new record from Final coming out on Utech Records. This comes out on November 22nd. Two samples are available and they've got a pretty cool, dark sound. No track listing available yet. Many of us are digging both Afar and Fade Away. Both are brilliant, actually. I have high expectations for this.

Oh, get this, Godflesh news! Don't get too excited, it's just a re-release of SOLAH and LAHID on a double disc with a bonus DVD! Not sure precisely what's going to be on there, but keep up w/ the Avalanchers thread for more about this and the gallery exhibit opening tomorrow.

Kairi turned 10 months old today. She's the greatest. Oh, I teach high school Spanish and the freshmen this year were born in '93/'94. Soon, Crumbling Flesh will be older than the high-school students I teach. Wow. Enough reflection, enjoy those samples!

[28th August, 2008] - Right, Wrong
OK, so it's not Rise, Rock! like we all thought. Since the Heart Ache EP is out on vinyl now, we have official lyrics. Thanks to the usual, ElricJ for the update to the lyrics page.

Final's Afar is out. Limited to 500 on vinyl, this is some good stuff. The 12" of Pale Sketches is available too through the Avalanche Store. They're pricey, just so you know.

Jesu has a few new things out. The Why Are We Not Perfect EP is coming out through Hydra Head. You can pick this up with a t-shirt, long-sleeve, hoodie, girlie or tote bag (?) from their site here. If you're interested in the Japanese version (1 more song), hit up DIW Products for ¥1890 or over at Amazon Japan for the same price. Inoxia Records will likely have it sometime soon, just not yet.

The Battle of Mice split is out too. I'm not as fond of this one. You can find it from the same links above and the Amazon one has a combined deal for a mere ¥3915. Problem is that shipping is ¥2000+.

Oh, the woes of JKB collecting. I updated discographies and have a little more than a month until the site's 13th anniversary. These things just keep coming!

[29th July, 2008] - Another Live Show
This time thanks to Deadcase, I've posted another live show. The 1st of November, '91, this is a 1.2Gb file. I RARed up the files this time. There are twenty-five 50Mb files with a PAR2 file for verification. There now exists a Video Download Page. Many thanks and enjoy!

[24th July, 2008] - Why Are We Not Perfect EP
For those about to pre-order the Why Are We Not Perfect EP, I just found out about a Daymare Recordings version with, what else? a bonus track. An extra mix of Blind & Faithless will make this a 6-song EP clocking in at 37 minutes. The release date is a few weeks after the Hydra Head version but may be worth it! As always, the Jesu Discography has been updated to reflect this. Thanks to Tadashi for the info!

[21st July, 2008] - Godflesh Live Video
As promised last night, I've posted the Schorndorf video. This is from the 31st of March, 1990 in Germany. It's a great video, up close and just a fantastic representation of the band. Many thanks to Monotremata for hosting it in the first place. Please check out his disclaimer. Don't sell this. That's the big one.

The file is hefty, almost 800Mb and is in .DIVX format, so you may want to grab the DivX codec or, my preference, the Xvid codec for this and other video needs.

-Godflesh: Schorndorf - 1990.03.31 Video (789Mb - DivX codec)

Many thanks to all for making this possible. ENJOY!

[20th July, 2008] - Jesu & Old GF Download
I got the Envy / Jesu split from Daymare Recordings and it's quite nice. The digipak is slightly larger than a standard jewel case, so it doesn't fit on some CD racks but it's high quality packaging. This is the 5th release on Daymare and like all the other CDs, it's of great quality. Unlike the rest, which were Japanese releases containing bonus tracks, this is exclusive to the label. I've heard some complaints about the Jesu tracks, but I rather like them. They're similar to many of the recent EPs, and I'd liken them to Pale Sketches most. The one track is almost 14 minutes. I'd never heard Envy before, but the songs are pretty cool. You can get this for a mere ¥1890 at Daymare's site if you know how to read Japanese. Alternately, hit up Inoxia Records (under Mail order -> English) to buy it for $18. Oh, I should update this, but ElricJ posted his lyrical interpretations as well.

All the info has been posted to the Jesu Discography of course, along with some details about the newer releases coming out next month. The split EP with Battle of Mice is set to be released soon. You can find pics of the vinyl version over at Pirates Press. A huge version of the cover (1136x1296) is located here. Looks pretty cool! Each band performs 2 songs. This can be pre-ordered here at CD Universe. This is scheduled to be released on the 12th of August.

The split EP with Eluvium is also coming out on CD with 2 bonus tracks. Titled Why Are We Not Perfect, the 6-track EP can be ordered from the same retailer for less than $9 at this location. This is set for release on the 19th of August. Please note that I've never ordered from any of the places I've linked to today, so I can't comment on their reliability.

Oh, and I just came across this Jesu shirt. Called Panels, it's for Conqueror, but I never saw it before. Thought you might be interested.

OH! Almost forgot! Thanks to the folks over at Avalanchers, we have the famed Schorndorf show from March of 1990 in MP3 format. I've zipped them all up into a 120Mb RAR file. You can find it here. Video also exists, I'll upload that in a little bit, thanks to Monotremata. The show sounds great and is a fantastic representation of GF at touring for Streetcleaner.

Wow, that was more than I planned on writing. Should have more soon too.

Many thanks to Tadashi-san for the Envy / Jesu split CD! Looking forward to future releases on the label!

[26th June, 2008] - Jesu, J2
While it's been a few months, I've been making behind-the-scenes updates consistently to the site. It seems that most of you frequent Avalanchers, where the news really is gathered. However, for those of you who are not part of that movement, an update to this site would be nice every once in a while, no???

So, in the 5 months since my last posting, my daughter has managed to get 5 months older. Funny how that works, no? In addition to that astonishing fact, there have been plenty of little things going on. Check the Final discography for the items that have come (Fade Away) and gone (the DVD set). The latter was a nice collector's item, but I only really listen to Infinite Guitar 1 while the former, Fade Away is actually quite good. In fact, I'd say it's the best Final material since the project, well, faded away, 10 years ago.

Both Final and Jesu has a ridiculous amount of new items coming out. I've updated the Jesu discography with info about the split EP with Envy, and will add the other details as they come. For things like this, I may not do a front page update.

Finally, the J2 record came out like 3 months ago. No one tells me anything anymore! *sob* Well, I guess it's my job to tell you, right? In any event, I contacted The End Records and they so graciously sent me a copy. I've added a J2 discography, of course.

My first listen didn't go well. I was driving to work on a Monday morning and I can say without hesitation that I abhor the first two songs. I have never been a fan of Jarboe but I do appreciate her style. The one track with Jesu is probably my least favorite by the band. Anyway, I turned it off, disgusted. Well, not so strong, but I wasn't pleased. Going back later, I found that it gets better from there. Redundant and a stark departure from just about anything Justin has done, there are some noteworthy moments and relatively memorable songs. It will not be atop my playlists, but I'll toss it on now and again. For us completionists, well, you have no choice! Many, many thanks to Adrian from the label for getting it to me. You can buy it from The End Records for $10.99 w/ free shipping (US), that's not a bad deal.

Other than that...busy. I'll have my master's degree soon, and there's no new Tony Hawk game this year. It may be a pretty cool autumn after all. Stick around! We can spend hundreds on limited-edition Jesu and Final records to reminisce as the site turns 13! That's just insane.

[8th January, 2008] - Welcome, Kairi!
Happy New Year to you all! Well, those following the Gregorian calendar. Anyways, I have some Justin-related news and some slateman-related news. Let's get to the former before addressing the greatest thing ever to happen in the universe.

All info courtesy of the folks over at Avalanchers, BTW.

First, Love And Hate In Dub is available on vinyl! The 11-yr old EP is being released through Kreation Records. You get 9 of the 12 tracks found on the CD release together with the cover for SOLAH. Hmmm. You can find it on black vinyl, fire splatter and gold/black splatter. The first costs $14.99, the latter two 16.99 and they're limited to 250. Alternately, you can test the waters on the test press of which only a handful were made. No price was listed on that one. Interesting. These were remastered for vinyl.

While we still wait for the Avalanche Store to tell us of the new Final vinyl, yet another release has been announced. Apparently Utech Records is putting out a series of CD releases. The 9-volume run will begin in April and each will be limited to 750 copies. A Final release is pending, but no other details have been announced.

One of the other bands listed on there is Skullflower. Crucial Blast has recently re-released the band's highly-acclaimed record IIIrd Gatekeeper. Remastered and sounding as phenomenally crushing as ever, it's a great buy at $11.99USD w/ shipping. You can find more about this release on their page. They've got samples as well. I haven't listened to this record in ages and it is just as incredible as I remembered it to be.

And finally, to get that 'greatest thing ever in the universe' thing. Yeah. I'll keep this brief. 1) more pictures here and 2)


[30th December, 2007] - Holidays
A bit late to wish you happy holidays, I suppose. Well, the big news is that I'll have real big news soon. Sorry, it's not JK Flesh-related, but I'll be a father any day now. My wife is just about there, and with school and the other school and life, I've been real busy. Of course, that won't change with little one around.

Anyways, I've been too busy to report about the new J2 project. Many of you know already, but Jarboe has teamed up with Justin to create this new "wall of sound" project. You can read all about it at The End Records, the label who signed the duo. Their first release is due in the spring.

Otherwise, it's been relatively slow. The Jesu tour finished up and there were plenty of live recordings this time around. Still waiting on the Avalanche Store to update. Oh, and ElricJ will kill me for making an update without tweaking the lyrics he's sent. Perhaps he'll re-read the first paragraph and forgive me for a bit longer?

Happy Holidays folks. Let's hope 2008 is as good if not better than 2007. For myself, and seemingly Justin, 2007 was a pretty good year.

[11th November, 2007] - Jesu Live Downloads
Years ago, things were so hard to come by. Nowadays, we have everything so readily available. Thanks to some kind souls, we have some complete live shows for you all.

Check them out in the Audio Downloads page. This includes two recent Jesu shows and it appears I have a third on my HDD here, FLACs from Philly. These shows are from Texas and NY. I've also included the Final show from earlier this year. Three tracks are present (I have these in FLAC format too if you desire), and these are just awesome. I wasn't too thrilled w/ Three, but this stuff is great.

Bandwidth doesn't seem to be an issue whatsoever nowadays. I'll keep all this stuff online unless it does become one. Therefore, if you have anything you think people would like, let me know. I can host just about anything. A quick check just revealed that I've used 26 of my 5,511 Gb for the month. Yeah, that's 5.5Tb/mo. I'd say I have some extra to spare! There are more lyrics to come. Just gotta get the time to format them. Perhaps soon.

Oh, and back to my point about things being easily available. Some stuff over at YouTube: Jesu's We All Faulter (Live in SF), Walk On Water (Live), Silver (Soundcheck, 28 May, 2006), Transfigure (Live in Toronto, March, 2007) and a bunch more if you look around. Then you have Godflesh's I Wasn't Born To Follow (Live), Requiem (Live), and so forth. Look it up. Some good stuff!

[28th October, 2007] - Pale Sketches Lyrics
I have yet to receive my copy of Pale Sketches but folks have had the disc for a while now. Elricj has done another great job at typing these up with me. Additional credit goes out to Krowe and also to Dire for figuring out it was The Rocky Horror Picture Show sampled in Don't Dream It. Thanks to those guys. You can find the Pale Sketches Lyrics here.

Having heard the disc, I absolutely love the instrumentals. In fact this is an incredible release. Positively fantastic. I highly recommend it. Hopefully I'll get my disc sometime soon!

[21st October, 2007] - RIP - Paul Raven
Bob Dobbs emailed me this, and you can read more over at Blabbermouth.

Paul Raven was found dead in his home in France yesterday. The result of an apparent heart attack, he was working with Ted Parsons on a new Treponem Pal release.

Many of you know Raven from his work with Prong or Killing Joke among other artists. However, he worked with Justin Broadrick on the final Godflesh record in 2001. Condolences to his family and friends.

[13th October] - ...
I was inspired the other day to update the Ice discography and Sweet Tooth discography. Does anyone actually have confirmation of Soft White Underbelly ever coming out on CD?

There are more lyrics to come, but I've just hit a wall. I'm back teaching at the high school after a few weeks off, back teaching at the university, the new Tony Hawk games are coming out, my master's degree studies are weighing me down and my grandmother just passed away.

I've been fortunate enough to avoid much death outside of the entertainment realm. Hope to get some updates up soon, but excuse me for being scatterbrained. If it's important, just email me.

[10th October] - Lyrics
Elricj has sent me interpretations of the lyrics from Lifeline, which I just received from Japan today. Awesome packaging, and after initially despising what I heard (sneak peek earlier this week), I'm really digging it now. All but that Jarboe track. I'm sorry, I can't get into it. The alternative version is good though. :) Honestly, it's pretty nice. Anyways, as always the other fellow Avalanchers helped but Elricj has been submitting a bunch of lyrics, so there's more to come. Next up, Pale Sketches (which is in the mail en route to me as well), Godhead and the Cold World EP. Awesome stuff.

[9th October] - Japanese Lifeline Tracks
With my copy of Lifeline coming from Japan, I was hesitant to read what the bonus tracks were when Nikolaj sent me the listing. Of course, I succumbed and the 2 alternate versions are now listed in the Jesu Discography. My copy of Pale Sketches has shipped apparently as well. Three new Jesu releases within like two weeks is remarkable! While I got my version of Lifeline over at CDJapan, Nikolaj tells me that it's available in the mail-order section at Inoxia Records. The latter will save you a few bucks, and he claims they're quick and reliable. I've never ordered from them before.

And today, my friends, is likely the day that Crumbling Flesh lauched back in 1995. Nineteen Ninety Five! Ice had just released Quarantine. Techno Animal's Re Entry, still considered utterly remarkable, was brand new. Godflesh was only halfway through their 14-year run. I was 19! Now, I'm 31, have two kids (#3 is on the way, by the way, my first biological child coming in January!) I'm a high-school teacher and university professor and am a third of the way through my master's studies (in education). I own a home, two mortgages and have truly lived to see so many of my dreams come true. All because I was a geek in college? Maybe. Regardless, I've known many of you for a decade or more. I'm proud of CF and am so happy we still have our community of slightly off individuals to debate which is the greatest Godflesh song (clearly Slateman, c'mon! Next, maybe Go Spread Your Wings?) We can still ponder the lyrics to Nihil (coming up soon, apparently), and wonder "Where is Pure III?"

Nostalgia aside, thanks for everything. Raise your goblet of mead (or whatever you may be drinking) and toast to Twelve Years Of Crumbling Flesh!

[6th October] - Lyrics Update
After masssive email loss (my attempt to recover just failed, sadly), Elricj got back to me with his massive list of updates. First, he's offered interpretations of the Jesu/Eluvium Split and Sun Down / Sun Rise. Note that Nothinger helped out on Sun Down. All those seem good to me, nothing quite so difficult as Tiny Tears from Streetcleaner. He's updated the first verse as well as a quick fix to the first track from the self-titled Jesu. All good stuff. But, c'mon man, can't you work on Cold World? Now THAT is a challenge! See all that stuff on the lyrics page.

Check out the Avalanchers Message Board. I updated the link to the left and forgot to mention it. Most of you knew that board anyway. Well, the point is, check it out. They've posted the setlist from the Amoeba in-store and the first show of the tour from the prior night. Seeing as how I'm going to inevitably miss the tour, again, hopefully someone can capture this for me. I'd love to hear it.

[5th October] - Remix Discography
The Remix Discography has been retooled and cleaned up. I never got around to putting production work in there, so I removed that from the title, included cover snapshots and more accurate release info, and added some of the newer stuff. There are so many discographies on these pages, cleaning them all up just takes an awful lot of time. One more down, I suppose.

Oh, also, I lost a year's worth of email last week. If you've mailed me anything and never got a response, please send again. I'll do better at getting back to you.

[4th October, 2007] -
I've updated the Jesu Discography as well as the Final Discography with the new items. I finally got to listen to the split EP w/ Eluvium, and it's pretty good. The three tracks are interesting, the middle being an instrumental and the other two being moody tracks which sound a lot like Jesu. My copy of Lifeline has shipped, so if it does have bonus tracks, I'll post those details here soon.

The Jesu tour has begun, well, tonight, in San Diego. You can catch tomorrow night's performance streamed live over at Amoeba. More info here!

I also updated the master song list with all the new stuff. I may still be missing something here, but still, it's 650+ songs and is quite absurd.

[1st October, 2007] - Jesu
Jesu's Lifeline EP is available for pre-order over at HydraHead. You can pick that up with a t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt or hoodie, but the design is a bit appalling. There is a Japanese release as well, through Daymare Recordings, and apparently this version has some Japanese-only bonus tracks, but I don't know what's on that. You can find this over at CDJapan, but it'll cost you.

I've updated the Jesu Discography w/ the new releases. This includes a cover snapshot of the new record. I got myself a copy of the split EP, so it's a matter of locating a turntable, as mine is long gone, to listen/capture it. You can hear one track from the upcoming Pale Sketches LP over at Jesu's MySpace page. It's pretty cool in my opinion.

Oh, and looking at that discography, this is the fifth Jesu release of the year.

Twelve Years Old this coming week.

[23rd September, 2007] - Stuff
Let's see...this will be a brief update.

First off, the split EP w/ Eluvium is sold out.

Second, there are a ton of new things that will be on sale sometime soon. Check out the updated Avalanche Store for those details. These are the first releases from Avalanche since the Messiah and Zonal releases 7 years ago. Has it really been that long? I've ordered the Jesu, but *really* want to get my hands on those Final releases when they come out. They're super limited, but if anyone sees them on sale, please let me know! There's a new Jesu LP that's on sale, Heart Ache will be coming out on vinyl and a new Final LP only available through here in the new year. I really thought my collecting days were over, but I can't deny that I'm eyeballing this stuff with hunger.

Next up is the Jesu US tour. I haven't updated the pages w/ these dates (nor have I the discographies with the new releases) but you can see the full tour over at HydraHead. It runs from October 4th until November 9th and goes through 30 cities. Not bad! I'll have to see about making the tirp to Cambridge, though it's a school night (I work in the high school and university), and it seems rather unlikely. :( Hopefully someone will tape it, or write a review for the site or something.

Check out Justin's Blog for a ton of other impending releases and tidbits.

It's funny, in the late 90s, when Techno Animal was going strong, Justin had a billion projects and it was hard to keep up w/ him. Then, as Godflesh ended, the side projects dwindled and I'll admit I figured it was over with. The mayhem, that is, not Justin's music career. In any event, now here we are, 20+ years into Justin's career and we're facing an incredible amount of material and tours. The discographies are going to be filling up even more!

Oh, and I endeavor to update the site here in the next few weeks, but fans of CF know how that usually goes. I'm hoping to win a copy of the Eluvium split vinyl (you had better not outbid me!!!) and with Pale Sketches should be in my hands next month. If for some reason I don't update, Crumbling Flesh turns 12 in about three weeeks. TWELVE YEARS! That's simply incredible. Bitter has some new graphics she's been working on. Let's see how inspired we can be as one of the oldest sites on the web continues. Until then, enjoy!

[24th February, 2007] - Jesu Tour Updates
Quick update tonight...

For those of you with tickets to the first dates of the Jesu tour, please read this! In the very least, the first date of the US tour will not be played due to work permits. No date is given as to when things will start up, so please keep yourself informed. Secondarily, neither D. Dalton nor Ted Parsons will be appearing when the tour actually does begin. Diarmuid is being replaced by Dave Cochrane (a very familiar name!) and Danny Walker (an L.A.-based drummer) will sit in for Ted for this tour.

Surprisingly, has more to report than Britney's exciting life, and therefore a new interview w/ Justin has been posted. This covers the last days of Godflesh, the beginnings of Jesu (which elaborates on the new 12" titles, Sun Down & Sun Rise) and bus company death threats. It's a good read!

Finally, I've been sent a copy of (the cover of) the new Decibel magazine. This issue features a big 7-page article with Justin, as well as a beautiful inset of King Diamond. Apparently he discusses his time with Napalm Death, Final and of course his 2 biggest projects. Here's a snapshot.

OK, so I'm bad at 'quick updates', as well as email and other things. Many thanks to Bill W for typing up the lyrics for Conqueror. These were printed in the inlay, so there's no confusion! His attempt at the Sun Down tracks were formidable, but we're all going to need to work on this one. /me holds head.

Speaking of, I really like the EP. These 2 tracks are very familiar yet different. I'm not quite so thrilled w/ the LP, it doesn't do much for me. But, we'll see. That's it for tonight. I'm tired. Time for me to go Weightless & Horizontal.

[15th February] - Lyrics
An update to the Silver Lyrics Page has been made with some additions from ElricJ. A long-time helper, he made sense of some of the more curious parts of the songs Silver and Wolves (moreso on the latter). The Original Beats/Mix tracks certainly helped.

Waiting on my version of the 2 latest Jesu releases. I sure hope they arrive tomorrow.

[7th February, 2007] - It's been ages!
Months have come and 11th anniversary has passed, and no word. It seems that life has finally caught up to me! :(

Well, I apologize for the many moons of silence. Here are my 2 wishes du jour. The first would be that I had a real nifty automated discography system. Some database where I could just toss all the records, images, track times, notes, cat#s and so forth and they'd all be spit out in a real pretty form. Number two would be the same, just for the rest of the site. 11 years!!! You realize that pages like this still are on the site? That was pretty much dead when I updated it last, 7 years ago. Oh, so hideous to mine eye!

Such is life, and there is a point to this news posting! I have updated the Jesu Discography with some new info and images and also posted the new Tour Dates that start later this month. Hopefully you knew about these! Jesu will be hitting the US (and some Canadian cities) over the next few months, playing w/ Isis. I am going to try to get down to Cambridge, I no longer live in New York.

Since I turn 31 in mere days (again, started the site at the age of 19) I have a few bucks to my name and think I'll be getting meself the import of Conqueror. This includes the Sun Down / Sun Rise tracks, so it should be a cool addition to the collection. May get Silver as well, the one w/ the 2 bonus tracks. I need a CD rack too, as some 900 CDs are stacked in a pile in my basement.

It's strange that the 2 bonus tracks on the new LP come from an EP that hasn't even been released yet. According to the Aurora Borealis site, it's going to be released soon (later this month). That's a limited 12". Big surprise there, eh?

Thanks to long-time friend/collaborator bitter for submitting Silver Lyrics 5 months ago. Took me 5 minutes to edit. I'm dreadful.

If you've submitted anything in the long, cold lull since my last posting (it was -26°F/-32°C here last week), and deem it very important, please email me again. I've gotten so much better with mail, but there's no denying I still suck at it. Thanks for your patience, congrats to anyone who is old enough to remember CF back in '95, and I do hope to be around more.


[6th September, 2006] - Lots of Jesu!
Some big Jesu news this time around!

The first details about the 2nd LP have been announced. Conqueror will contain 8 tracks and will clock in at just about an hour when it hits shelves in early 2007. This will feature the full band as the last EP/LP did, but unlike the other upcoming releases.

These are 2 vinyl releases coming out shortly. The first is an 'experimental' release containing just Justin and D. Dalton. Each of the two tracks will be about 18 minutes long. The other vinyl release is a split with Eluvium. Being release on 2 labels, each will issue a mere 2,000 copies of the split EP. The three new songs featured here will be the work of Justin alone, hearkening to the Heart Ache EP, not necessarily in terms of music itself.

Finally, I somehow missed out on hearing about the Japanese release of Silver! This seems to have been released through Daymare Recordings just like the double-CD LP. Also similar to that release are the 2 bonus tracks! Fortunately you can check these two alternate mixes out over at Justin's new Jesu MySpace Page. In addition he's tossed up a MySpace page for Final as well.

As with the past few updates, Justin's Blog is the source of the headlines, and you should read on about his remix projects, production work with Pelican and Isis and his involvement with Sunn0))).

Oh yes, then to the other 2 big pieces of news. Let's see...

Well, I won't hold my breath for a US tour until I actually see it happen, but look for that in the early part of next year. Considering the Japanese releases of the Jesu records, I'm not surprised to see that! I think it would be his first touring visit of the country.

As for Grey Machine, little is known. First, Dave Cochrane returns to Justin's side for the first time in many years, and he's recording his bass parts as I write this. An alternating lineup has been announced, with no specifics. Described as 'vicious, loose, heavy and psychedelic' it really sounds like a lot of Justin's guitar-based work in the early to mid-90s, particularly the work he did with Mr. Cochrane, really. The only other thing I can say is that the name is likely derived from one of the greatest songs, Slateman. up his blog for more, and check out the updated Jesu Discography for all the new details and a cover snapshot of Conqueror!

[12th July, 2006] - Update
Last I wrote was 3 months ago and I've managed to move once more since. This should be the last for a while seeing as how I purchased a home this time! Things are going great and I'm thrilled to finally be where I wanted to be. However, in my absence, I missed posting some things (namely a Jesu tour).

In the past few months, we've seen the release of 2 new Justin-related items. The first is the LONG-delayed Final disc Three. The 2-CD set came has some very memorable material and features songs that are much shorter than those on prior records (with a few lengthy tracks). It's been a long while since we've had new Final material, but I was excited to check this out.

The second release is the big one. Jesu's Silver EP came out and contains 4 new tracks. Clocking in at around half an hour, I think that 3 of the 4 songs are very strong. The release represents much of what Justin has made a career out of while keeping his eyes on the horizon. I highly recommend this one (and the other 2 Jesu records too, of course!) The vinyl version is also out now, you can find either over at Conspiracy Distributions.

Head on over to Justin's Blog Site for the latest tour dates. He'll be appearing as Final at a pair of festivals later this month in the UK. These would be:

That's about all for now. As always, sorry for the delay! I'm headed back to New York for the first time tomorrow, going to see the mighty return of Emperor!

[13th March, 2006] - Jesu/Final Live
It's been a while, and as promised, some major changes have affected my life. While things right now are temporarily rather rough, staying positive is of utmost importance. Strange to say that with news of a new Jesu release, music that is really bleaker than bleak, but hey, I've got a site to run! 10 years+ of GF-inspired depression would surely have done me in without some optimism!

So, to get to the details, there are a few updates to mention here. First off, Justin has launched his own Blog Site which houses most of these updates. I've known of it for quite a while and have made several silent updates in the last few months. He's updated it several times, so check it out for all the latest.

The first big update I commented on above, and that's a new Jesu material! Scheduled for release in just a month (see how that pans out), Silver is the name of the new 4-song EP! Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, we've got 4 titles that sure do sound dreary. If this material (and the upcoming LP) is anything like what we've heard, then we should be in for a treat! Check out the update to the Jesu discography for the cover and tracklisting. In addition, you can listen to some MP3 samples on the official site here.

This isn't the only release for this year. While I haven't secured my copy yet, Three has been released by Final. Yes, that record that's been on the horizon for more than half a decade. In fact, I don't think any of the material scheduled to be on the original Three made it to this cut. However, it's a double-disc release, and I'm quite curious to see how this all sounds as I thought the samples were great. I downloaded them at work (*tsk tsk*) and tossed them on. Noisy, and convoluted, my co-worker yelled from across the office, "What the hell is that?!?!" I found it amusing. Of course, I tossed this into the Final Discography. While I was at it, around Christmas, I went back and cleaned up some of those discographies. I did several of them, and the rest are still in the old (read: ugly) format. There are far too many discographies on these pages. I'd love to convert them all to some database that would be easier to update. hehe, *sigh*. My visions always exceeded my abilities when it came to this site. That's a play on words, isn't it? Anyways, some sections of the site are prettier, and I put up cover images of compilations as well.

OK, moving to the live front, Final has more live performances going on. Unfortunately, I'm late on some of these, as he's on tour now for this project. Dates are scattered across Europe (as always), and updates are listed in the Tour Page (as always).

Sorry for the nonsensical banter today. A mix of dismal euphoria, or something.


[19th December] - Big Changes
2005 has been some year. It couldn't be ending any more differently than it began.

In just over a week I will be moving again, with at least one, maybe two more residence changes set for next year. These changes are all going to be huge, but not at all bad as I'll be moving in with my new family. This last week I got engaged in NYC to a woman who is very dear to me. We began our dance 13 years ago, one of the very few things that has been with me longer than the decade-long run of CF. For those interested, you can see a snap of us in the the location in Central Park where I asked her.

This all affects CF in that I'll be undergoing some new major changes. 2 wonderful daughters, a move up to Maine (then another even further north), new job, new everything! I'll likely try to get some new MP3s up on the site, so let me know of any specific requests. Otherwise, once again, I may be MIA here and there. I wanted to wish happy holidays, a wonderful 2006, and good health to all readers and their loved ones. Thanks, as always, for all the support!

[14th October] - Remixes
It kinda irked me that I didn't know about the Agoraphobic Nosebleed stuff from yesterday, so I did some researching. Turns out the split 7" has been cancelled. Found this in a posting from June over at the AN site. They had a split w/ Isis in the works too, which was canned. As for the remix he did for the band, well, that I don't know.

So, on to remixes, I did a quick update to the Remixes & Production section (which features no production information at all, heh). Added a few entries, with information dug up over at The Earth remix is in there now. Sure wish I had time to clean up all this ugly old code and make the site all pretty.

Oh, and the 2 remixes Justin has done for Isis are absolutely brilliant IMO. Each is lengthy, has a trademark Justin sound, and are quite memorable. I highly recommend them and consider them among his finest work.

[13th October] - Ten Years! Jesu, Final News
As promised, a few months of downtime, again.

Well, this news update has been provided by one of the longest supporters of Crumbling Flesh, a timely submission by Martin Nevels. The source is the Avalanche page which has also received a long-overdue update.

Final will be releasing Three in a few months. This is likely the tenth time I've written such a news item since it's initial release date back in 1999. Neurot Recordings will be issuing this in February of 2006 on double CD. A pair of MP3s from the upcoming disc can be found at the newly launched Final site @ Avalanche.

In addition to the much-delayed LP, Final will be performing live! The last such performance was when Justin was about 16 years old, and there's likely few who remember such a show. Several dates have been added to the Tour Page.

Jesu will have a few new releases coming out, hopefully in timely fashion. A new EP and LP are in the works with the former coming out on Hydra Head (who issued the S/T record). In addition, the label will be releasing a picture disc of the LP for you collectors out there. This will come complete with some special packaging. Look for the EP in the spring. Jesu will be playing a show in Italy in November (with Final) and this will feature Ted Parsons back on drums. More in the Tour Page.

In remix news, I've lost count on how many projects Justin's had his hand in these past 2 years. New remix projects include 5IVE and potentially Killing Joke. Pelican's March Into the Sea EP features Justins remix of Angel Tears. (and btw, their new record is one of the best of the year.) This is in addition to reported remixes of Knut, Earth, and...wasn't there something w/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed? Perhaps that was a split Jesu release that's fallen through the cracks.

Ok...that's all the Avalanche news for the day and things have been quiet on the front otherwise. Just one more thing to address. That whole Ten Year thing. Found it very fitting that Martin wrote me and I recently got in touch w/ another old friend. Memories of 1995-1996 and oh how much has changed since then. I figure that in the past 10 years, I've moved 8 times (with #9 coming soon), gone through 5 hosts, and will soon turn 30 (having started when I was 19). So, the annual 'I remember when...' stuff applies here, but having kept the site going for so long means a lot. I still get emails from people, old and new, who appreciate the work put into it, and it makes the whole thing worth it. As my next steps in life will be major ones, I've no doubt that my activity will remain scattered and infrequent. But I don't anticipate stopping this at all, as long as there's someone out there who enjoy the pages and find them useful. Thanks to everyone for all the support all these years!

[12th August] - Quiet
Every few months I say the same thing...downtime, quiet, I'm backed up. I know. Well, not like I normally don't have a good reason! This time however, I'm moving. After 8 different addresses in 9 years, I was fortunate to reside in one place for almost 4 years. My time is up though, and with a residence change come major life changes as well. All should be positive, and I'm optimistic for the future. Of course, this relates to Crumbling Flesh in that much like the last 2 months, things may be quiet for a little while longer.

For anyone who has submitted anything, it's all sitting in my mailbox and massive 'to do' list. I apologize for delays.

In 2 months, the site turns 10 years old. I reflect on this every year with great pride. Along with my family, CF is one of those few things that have been with me through it all. I'll be back to get all misty-eyed come October, but unless something major must be noted, until then I may be absent otherwise.

[7th June] - Jesu MP3s
Several months ago Shawn provided me with an audio copy of Jesu live in Glasgow from last August. Bandwidth was an issue at the time and I never got the whole show up. Fortunately some folks asked me enough and I got off my ass and posted it. Sorry for such a long delay!

You can find the 5-song show in the MP3 Download page. Note that the band performed Messiah at this show. Overall it's not the best performance (anyone have something from this current tour?), but worth the small download (34mb for the whole lot).

Oh, and apologies to Matthias in failing to post a link to his Jesu review. Another perfect score, another German review.

[3rd June] - Etc...
A few smaller updates today.

Thanks for everyone who told me about the updates to master song list. I guess more of you were interested in this than I expected. Added was the first two Scorn records, the two Painkiller songs Justin & Ben were on, the first Napalm Death record and finally the last Curse of the Golden Vampire album. Oh, and Justin's appearance on the Deathless EP. At 586 songs (including Vitriol), that's a lot of music!!!

Another Jesu review here, this one in German. A good score from Creative Eclipse.

Scene Point Blank confirms that Jesu has dropped off the US tour w/ Pelican. Not so bad, considering I hadn't known that a US tour was in the works. While no reason was given, I hope all is well, and those of us in the US will simply have to wait a little while longer. Last time Justin was here with GF was 1996, to put it in perspective.

Speaking of tours, the European tour is over, with just a pair of festival appearances coming up. I've got some pics to post, hope to get to them soon. Sorry for the delay. If anyone else has pics or reviews (yes, please!) to submit, email me.

Finally, here's an odd one. Someone decided to do a mix of old Earache bands and pop music. In our case we have Godflesh vs. Destiny's Child. The song features Dead Head by GF and is somewhat, disturbing. A fun listen perhaps?

[30th April] - Several more links
Adding to the link roundup....

There is a good interview w/ Justin over at Rashrock, and Scene Point Blank give the Jesu ST record a near perfect review. Also, there is an interview with Justin in the May issue of Metal Maniacs magazine.

FInally, here's a little something I put together a while back. Utterly useless, much like the rest of this site, here's a master song list including every song that I know Justin appears on. It also includes the Vitriol, but that's the only non-Justin material pretty much. That's a lot of songs!!!

[22nd April] - Online Catchup
Ok, more catching up to do here. I haven't checked the content on all these links, but I have verified that they do indeed work...And until I can get my stylesheets working properly, these are presented in a nice ugly table.

Jesu Reviews
4.5 stars Foreshadow Magazine
7.9/10 Pitchfork Media
10/10 Aversion Online
8/10 Rashrock
n/a The Brainwashed Brain
n/a Uranium Music
n/a - Scroll Down Live 4 Metal
Heartache Reviews
3 stars Sick Among the Pure
9/10 Aversoin Online
9.6/10 Firesideometer
5/5 - German Blooddawn
n/a - French DubZone

In addition the January issue of Outburn has an article and/or review. Additionally, one of the issues of Decibel contains a review of the self-titled Jesu record. The issue prior listed the Godflesh logo as one of the top ten 'greatest extreme band logos' of all time.

You can find a good interview w/ Justin over at

Finally, for those looking for the double-CD version of the Jesu disc, you can find it at this location on A bit pricey, but for those yearning for the bonus tracks and don't want to deal with translating sites, it's an option.

[14th April] - Last Show MP3s
A while back I posted MP3s of Godflesh's final live performance. However, due to bandwidth issues, I never got a chance to post the show in its entirety. Having moved to a different server, I can now host these. Check out the Sounds Page for the full show.

Speaking of changing hosts, I wanted to take a moment to thank Will B. Around 2000 I ran into some troubles w/ my old host. Being perpetually broke, I was in a bit of a bind. Will stepped in and these pages were online thanks to him for over 4 years. I appreciate all the help he has offered during this time period. Many, many thanks!

[12th April] - Jesu European Tour Dates
The first Jesu tour is just around the corner. I apologize for the delays in getting this on the pages. Take a peek at the Tour Page for the entire list. 37 dates with Isis and some festivals as well. Ted Parsons won't be appearing on most of these dates, no word as to why. I hope all is well with him and his family.

The Jesu CD has been out in the US for some time. You can find it for a mere $10 at Hydra Head. You can pre-order a double-LP version here from Conspiracy Distribution. This comes outon the 21st of April, a day after the start of the Jesu tour.

Final 3 really seems like it may finally come out. The 27 song, 120 minute double-cd is mixed and dated as "mid 2005" from Neurot Recordings.

Justin "has recently completed remixes for Pelican, Knut and Earth. Note that the drummer of Knut (Roderic Mounir) is filling in for Ted Parsons on the upcoming tour.

All this information from Avalanche.

[31st March] - ...
Changing hosts, hoping for no downtime.

Big update forthcoming, sorry for the delay.

[7th January, 2005] - Jesu Images
Well, first and foremost, I hope that everyone had a happy and safe holiday season. It is now 2005, the year that will ultimately mark the 10-year anniversary of Crumbling Flesh. Oh man...I was but a teenager when I began this site, and in just 13 months, I'll be 30. Wow.

Anyways, I have some image updates for you today. The first is a full set of scans from the Japanese release of the Jesu LP. All 14 images are available here, and I want to thank Markku / Hibakusha for scanning and submitting these. I hope to have a copy of this soon, I'm interested in hearing these remixes. Oh, and thanks to everyone who submitted time information for those tracks!

The second update is a set of 5 live shots of Justin from the recent Jesu tour in August. These can be found in the Images Page (available from the Downloads section). All 5 images are in high res, and were kindly submitted by Toni Lopez Querol. They're the first images we've gotten of Justin in a few years, so check them out.

Thanks again for all the emails and let us all hope 2005 is a great year in all regards!


[27th December] - Jesu LP, Lyrics
Sorry for the long delay since the last update.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted info during the last few months. The Jesu Discography has been updated with info about the new LP, and the Japanese version which contains a pair of remixes.

If anyone knows the length of these tracks, please let me know. Additionally, if anyone could provide me with high res scans, I'd like to host them here.

Lyrics of all but one of the tracks off of the LP have been submitted by Elricj with the assistance of some members of the message board. These can be found in the lyrics page...more specifically, right here.

More to come...Happy Holidays all!!!

[20th October] - New Graphics
Just wanted to say thanks to bitter for another set of new graphics. In case you missed it, there are 2 new headers, almost for Godflesh the other for Jesu. Quite nice...many thanks for the good work!

[22nd October] - 9
A few brief Jesu updates for today.

Dry Run Recordings has updated their online store and now offer an alternate way to get the new Jesu EP. Thanks to Raffi for the info and assistance.

There's one new review of the EP which can be found here. Another stellar score (9/10), and I just happened to be the 666th viewer of the review...that's gotta count for something.

Finally, this month marks the 9th anniversary of Crumbling Flesh. Every year I get a little nostalgic about 1995, where I was and what was going on in my life at the time. One of the very few constants for the past decade, this site has been with me through it all. As usual, thanks to the continued support and as the flyer says, godflesh is dead, long live jesu!

[30th September] - Updates...
As usual, I've had a bunch of smaller updates sitting in my inbox, so here's an update on all the latest happenings, etc.

In Jesu news, the LP is now tentatively scheduled for release in February. Mike somehow got a reply from HydraHead who stated that Feb 2005 is the new date. After several emails myself, I never got an answer, but at least we have a roundabout date to look forward to.

Thanks to ElricJ and some folks over at the message board, we have some updates to the lyrics to Ruined. The new changes make a lot of sense and sound accurate to me. These can be found in the Heartache Lyrics Page.

The response for the new EP has been incredible. I haven't heard anything negative about it at all and Markku decided to share his view of the EP. It has the longest first sentence in existence, but it's a good read nonetheless. :) Check it out in the Jesu Reviews Page.

There is an article/interview w/ Justin in the latest Terrorizer magazine. This may be issue has Dave Mustaine on the cover. There is one pic in there, the same one of Justin that can be found on the inlay of the EP. It covers the demise of Godflesh, the basic foundation for Jesu and the whole lot. Always a good read and good to see a 2-page spread rather than the little snippet. For those wondering what Justin's shirt says in the image, apparently 'Bjørndal Bygg & Anlegg' is the name of a construction working business located in Oslo. Thanks to abNorm for the magazine info and Pål Aaraas for the shirt info.

Finally, for those looking for the EP, Ryan reports that he received the CD from Amazon UK in merely 3 days, all the way to Oakland, CA. Not bad. Several others mentioned that Action Records have it available for about $16 (same as amazon I guess). For those interested, you'd be giving money to an indie store rather than a big company like Amazon...but it's up to you.

In remix news, Justin has done some work for Isis again. You can find the Oceanic remixes on vinyl at HydraHead, but it looks like volumes 1 and 2 are sold out. Volume 3 is available, but I'm not sure which record features the Justin remix. Has anyone gotten the Where is My Robotic Boot compilation? I'm interested in hearing the new Final track, or at least some comments on it. Anyways, moving along, Amazon UK also has the Oceanic CD. Hym is the last track it seems, and this is the one remixed by Justin. They also have a Japanese version of the remix CD. It's more than double the price, but Japanese CDs typically contain bonus tracks. I suspect Justin's remix is on this release as well, but any additional info would be appreciated. Thanks to Joe and Matt for this info.

I've got some new info on Steve Hough, Damian Bennett (Carthage & Deathless) and a new project of Ted Parsons to post, just need to go through and find the emails.

Enough for today. For anyone awaiting an email response, I apologize for the delay. As some of you know, I've never been very good w/ emails.

[16th September] - Jesu Lyrics
For those wondering, I still do not know of anywhere to get the Jesu EP in the US. The Amazon UK location is the only place so far. After a quick email from Dry Run, I still don't have any additional details.

In other Jesu news, I've updated the Lyrics page with the Heartache EP. Thanks to Elricj for supplying me with his interpretations! There are some questionable lines, if anyone has a better idea of what is being said, please let me know.

[4th September] - Jesu Live MP3
Jesu played several live dates last month so some lucky folks in the UK. Much to my delight, Shawn set me up with a copy of the Glasgow show from the 4th of August! The set consisted of an intro, a familiar tune and 3 lengthy Jesu originals.

With bandwidth being an issue these days, I've decided to toss up one song from this show. The first track the band played was a Godflesh tune that, to my knowledge, was never performed live. Messiah was the track and it sounds quite good! I'll monitor my bandwidth on this, so please no direct-linking.

Messiah Live MP3 (6.27Mb - 6:50)

Here's another cool item, a Jesu Flyer from the tour, proclaiming godflesh is dead - long live jesu.

Many thanks to Shawn and whoever else may have been involved in getting this to me and therefore to all of you. I hope you all enjoy it!

Finally, there's another new review of the EP online. This one can be found here. This reviewer gives a stellar rating for the 2 song release and announces that you need this record. For most of us, that's how we already felt anyways!

[31st August] - Heartache Out Now! has the new Jesu EP on sale for a mere £7.99. Here's the direct link. Thanks to Mike for the heads up.

Due to this *finally* coming out, I've tossed in the left nav bar a link to the first Jesu Discography. As Justin promised many new releases, I anticipate this section growing and considering Godflesh is done for, that section won't be. And in the light that Jesu is considered Justin's new main band, I haven't classified this as a side project. But these are just details...Get yourself the EP and let me know what you think!

[27th August] - First Jesu Review
I received in the mail the premier issue of decibel, ( Don't quite know what list I was on to receive it, but it's a new heavy metal magazine out in the US. It's actually quite good, covers a fair share of bands that I'm interested in and all.

In their reviews section I came across what looks to be the very first Jesu review. The upcoming Heartache EP is covered and receives a good review and an 8/10 score. Read the full review here. Still no word on an official release date, but it's just around the corner. I'm not the only one who has listened to those samples to death am I?

[17th August] - Jesu EP Release Date
As the keen eyed among you may have noticed, the August 4th date has come and gone for the release of the new Jesu EP. I received an email from Frank Parisi who recently spoke w/ the folks at Dry Run Recordings about this. Apparently the record is being manufactured right now and a late August release date is hopeful. Thanks for the email Frank!

A while back I received my Godflesh t-shirt and hoodie from Relapse. Both are nice quality, nothing to write home about, but it's good to have a new shirt. All my other ones are falling apart! If you haven't gotten them yet, they're relatively cheap. Still no word about the Jesu shirts, but info about these should be surfacing soon.

T-Shirt Update
I didn't notice this but the Hydra Head Records site has been updated to include a pair of new shirts! The first is the image from the Self-Titled EP (wrongly labeled Street Cleaner) with the nice impact logo on the back and 1988-2002 listed. The other is the first Jesu shirt! This is the art from the Jesu site and is one-sided. The shirts are $15 each, not bad, and shipping isn't obscene like some sites. They've also got a Godflesh hoodie for $25, but it's out of stock. Many thanks to abNorm for supplying this info!

[29th June] - Jesu Samples
The Avalanche Site has been updated with something you may be interested in!

The first Jesu samples are online! The 2 samples are from the upcoming EP and are in real audio format. Please note that the EP was recorded by Justin alone, so this has a drum machine and IMO isn't necessarily representative of what Jesu will ultimately sound like. Of course some elements are the same, but these 2 songs were the first Justin wrote under the new moniker. In addition, he's got Ted Parsons and Dermot Dalton playing with him on the LP, which contains songs that are a bit more straightforward. The 2 tracks from the EP are each 20 minutes long. A direct link to the page containing the samples can be found here. Thanks to Meho for the heads-up.

Once again Final: 3 is scheduled for release! The current news is that Neurot Recs is going to be releasing it (not really news as they've been set to release this for years). The official site claims that this will be a double disc w/ over 120 minutes of material, spanning several years. In addition to this, the first new Final track in ages will be featured on a double-cd compilation through Hydra Head Records. The title of this comp is 2XH Vs. HHR Vol 1 - Where is My Robotic Boot? and the song is called The End Has Come.

[17th June] - Jesu Tour Dates
Blabbermouth has posted a news item about a recent entry in Rock Sound Magazine. The magazine lists 5 tour dates for the upcoming Jesu / Pelican UK tour. Word has it that there will be other European dates to follow, but for now these are the only ones mentioned. They are as follows:

Aug. 03 – London, UK @ Underworld
Aug. 04 – Birmingham, UK @ The Custard Factory
Aug. 05 – Glasgow, UK @ King Tuts
Aug. 06 – Swansea, UK @ Face Off @ Escape
Aug. 07 – Leeds, UK @ Joseph's Well
Thanks to long-time CF supporter Neil for the tip.

[15th June] - New Shirt/Hoodie
Thanks for everyone who has offered hosting for the MP3s that have been taken down. I'll be sorting this out soon and hope to get the rest of the Dublin show back online shortly.

Relapse has updated their store with 2 new Godflesh items. There is a cool T-Shirt ($13) and a similar Zip up sweatshirt ($30). Both contain the traditional GF impact font with a small image of the face from the self-titled record. Both seem quite nice and come in virtually every size (including girlie on the t-shirt).

Jesu update time...I spoke to someone from Dry Run Recordings about the upcoming 40-minute EP. To no one's surprise, the release date has slipped from the May/June scheduled date as the label only just received the masters. They are working on this now and while no release date has been set, I expect this before the LP is released in late September. According to the label, "the tracks sound tremendous."

For the collectors out there here's something that may catch your eye. A fellow by the name of Praveer has a pair of OLD Final cassettes from many moons ago. Here's the email I received:

I have two extremely rare & early FINAL cassettes on The Grey Wolves Zeal SS / Anal Pribe label. These are originals from the mid 80's and are some of Justin's earliest documented works.

1/ FINAL - "Inheritance" CS (ZEAL SS)

2/ FINAL - "Execution Of The Will" (ZEAL SS)

Both are 100% legit originals w/ typed labels + b&w insert covers (one also has an extra loose typed insert that has song titles.)

I am open to serious offers.

I cannot comment on the validity of this, but it's a very rare opportunity and certainly something I'm interested in hearing! If anyone does work out a deal for this, please let me know!

[8th June] - back online?
There was a little downtime yesterday due to bandwidth issues, but hopefully the site is back up and functional again. I've never had problems with this before but between my slateman site and those MP3s, I got myself into trouble.

The good news is that everything should be back to normal. I will not need to change hosts, thanks once again to the assistance of Will who is responsible for getting me back online and set up in the first place.

However, to play it safe, I've removed the first 4 downloads from the Dublin show from 2001. I've left the 3 final tracks up though. Let's just see how things go over the next few weeks and if anyone has any space available to host some of these, please let me know.

Oh! FYI, Tom informed me that Lambgoat has the new Jesu record listed for release on the 28th of September (in their Upcoming Releases section). Thanks for the link.

[31st May] - etc...
There's been a number of updates piling up so here's everything...*deep breath*

First off, the remainder of the Dublin show from 2001 has been posted to the Sounds Page. The final 3 songs are Spite, Crush My Soul and Christbait Rising. Once again, this is the final live performance of Godflesh and was kindly submitted by Baggy and cleaned up by Trent.

On to news, Jesu has signed a label deal with Hydra Head Records. Originally confirmed for the EP release, apparently the 2-track, 40 minute record will appear on, "...a small label in the UK, and hopefully available in the states shortly thereafter." Hydra Head will release the LP which, according to the latest word from Mr. Broadrick, is tentatively penned for a September release.

On top of the upcoming new music, they've confirmed that some T-shirt designs will be available on the Hydra Head site as well as a GF design or two! Check the site's news section for more details.

tool6996 pointed out some interesting information from the Pelican newsletter...The band has verified that they will be playing alongside Jesu at some shows in Europe this summer. The only date currently known is the 3rd of August in London (read more here) but more shows will be announced soon.

As reported below, Techo Animal is no more. They played their final performance a little while ago but the duo are continuing in their new outfit, Sub Species. There's a new single out by T Raumschmiere featuring a remix by the new project. Similarly The Bug handled a remix on their last single, Rabaukendisko.

More info on The Bug, all courtesy of Mr. Byram, a new EP has surfaced on Rephlex. This is a collaboration with Warrior Queen and is titled Aktion Pak / WW3. Another release, Killing Sound is a compilation of all the 7"s that were released on Razor X. Both of these releases are available on CD. Additionally, a compilation called Grime is coming out which will feature something by The Bug.

For more info, JB sent me links for the following:

I've been slacking on keeping up with The Bug Discography and this is a lot of info to digest. I'll continue to keep the news page updated, but handling a complete discography for this project isn't a priority for me right now unfortunately.

Steve Hough has a new band according to a report from Chris Walker. Einstellung is the name and have been compared to, "Godflesh meets Mogwai at a My Bloody Valentine gig." They've recently played some live shows in the UK, are entirely instrumental and incredibly loud. You may want to bookmark the currently barren Einstellung Site

Various random entry about Andres Serrano (who directed the Crush My Soul video). He was speaking at Ryerson University in Toronto and EV asked him about the work he did with GF. He said he enjoyed it, though apparently Justin didn't like getting blood poured into his mouth. When asked about the possibility of working with Justin's new band Jesu, and if he'd be open to it, he enthusiastically responded "Yeah!" and his eyes brightened. Pretty cool.

After no updates in ages, Chad submitted tablature for the song Anthem! Looks good to me, though I didn't test it all out (no guitars in e and a change of strings on my 7-string is long overdue!) Check the Tablature Section for more.

Another new submission comes from Elricj who sent in lyric interpretations of Tiny Tears and If I Could Only Be What You Want. Take a peek and let me know if you think there are any errors. I think he did a good job, especially with Tiny Tears, a track I could never figure out. It's a little easier while listening to live versions with less delay effects.

Vincent and Bernard have put together a Tribute to Godflesh. After many months of collecting comments from people around the world. They've put together both an English version and one in French. It's a very cool read and you can see comments from many respected musicians. Please take note, the French version has a nice intro and more comments from individuals. Sure hope you can read French b/c I'm not going to translate it...

and with that, I breathe a sigh of relief in having posted everything I needed to. It's time to go relax and read the rest of this French article. hehe.

[12th April] - New MP3s
I have several small items to update, but will have to get to these later. For now, I wanted to post the first half of the show I mentioned earlier. This is a good sounding recording from Godflesh's final live performance ever. The show features Ted Parsons on drums and Raven playing bass. This was recorded on the 10th of December, 2001 by Baggy. Trent later assisted in cleaning up the audio to what you hear here. Many thanks to both of them for making this all possible.

You can find the first 4 songs from this show in the Sounds Page. There are some older songs in the 2nd half of the show as this portion contains Requiem, Defeated, Deaf, Dumb, Blind and Voidhead.

[9th March] - News, News, News
After hearing the news about the Jesu EP, I did a little searching and my research has yielded a wealth of information you all will be interested in hearing. Let's see....

It turns out that Heart Ache and Ruined, the 2 songs on the upcoming EP, were performed by Justin alone. These were recorded, mixed and produced by Justin and no other musicians are featured on those recordings. This is different from the rest of the Jesu material. These 2 songs will clock in around 40 minutes and are tentatively set for May/June.

The first Jesu LP has 8 songs and runs at over 70 minutes. This is the material I've heard and features the full band. This includes Ted Parsons on drums, Dermot Dalton on bass (half the record only) and even Paul Neville appears on one track. Parsons recorded the drums in his hometown of Oslo Norway while the rest, unsurprisingly, was recorded at Avalanche and produced by Justin himself. The mixing process has apparently just begun with certainty of a label deal at 90%. Can't say which though.

Some track titles: Your Path to Divinity, Friends are Evil, Tired of Me, Sun Day and Man/Woman (the track featuring Neville).

Relapse are soon to release an official posthumous Godflesh t-shirt and hoodie.

Upon announcing the Jesu album release, the label will be issuing one or two exclusive t-shirt designs only available from their website.

I'll quote this one..."there are a lot of other Jesu releases in the works..." :)

On to the next most popular project of Justin's, Techno Animal will cease to be after the 30th of March. Justin and Kevin Martin will be putting that title to rest and picking up where they left off as Subspecies. No more information is available about this project. For those in the region, TA will play their last show in Vienna, Austria on the 30th of this month. Seeing as how I'm going to be posting the last GF show ever on mp3 shortly, if anyone could record this, it would be another gem for fans to enjoy as Techno Animal will be no more.

In the remix department, I've already mentioned the upcoming Isis track and have heard news of the Agoraphogic Nosebleed remix. Coming up include remixes of: Earth, The Cancer Conspiracy, Knut, Johnny Truant, Pelican and some production work for Aped Bi Sapien a young group out of the UK. Oh and some more remixes. Wow.

Finally we should be seeing an update to Avalanche, the web site, soon. Hopefully some audio of the items mentioned above.

That should be enough to digest for now. Thanks to everyone who offered assistance in cleaning up the MP3s of Godflesh's final show in Dublin in December of 2001. There are 7 tracks in all and once they're cleaned up a little, they're going to sound great. I can't wait to get them on the site for all of you to hear.

[1st March 2004] - Jesu
The new issue of Terrorizer has printed a small blurb about Jesu! A mini-ep entitled Heart Ache will be coming out on Dry Run Recordings in the coming months. Each track (Heart Ache and Ruined) on this 2-song EP will clock in at roughly 20 minutes. Neither of these songs are to be found on the LP.

No release date is mentioned either in the article or on the web site, but the wait shouldn't be too long.

Thanks to the folks over at the Avalanche message board for digging info up on this and for letting me know!

Guess it's time to start preparing a Jesu discography! Turns out this 2-track EP was first reported back in May of last year (scroll down). Then there is still that split 7" with Agoraphobic Nosebleed that is somewhere still in the pipeline. We could have 2 hours worth of material by the end of the year!

[25th February 2004] - A little more...
Jason Byram has cleared up some of my confusion regarding the Bong-Ra remixes I reported the other day. It turns out there are no Tech Level 2 or The Bug remixes of the band. However, Bong-Ra apparently has a mix cd which features 2 The Bug tracks, one of which is actually the TL2 remix of WWW. Sorry about the mistake.

Additionally, Mr. Byram is releasing a track by Bong-Ra on 7", 45 rpm limited to 500 copies on his own imprint soothsayer recordings. The tracks are Blood & Fire (vocal and Blood & Fire (version). This should be out in April/May.

I've had numerous requests to post the rest of the Live from Hell bootleg from 1989. Unfortunately I do not have the remainder of this show. In fact, I'm looking to get in touch with Chuck Agin. He's the one who did the remaster from the vinyl release and who also has most of my bootleg collection (I have backups somewhere but he's got my originals). Unfortunately I haven't been able to get in touch with him for quite a while, so if you're reading, please email me! I may have 2 other songs from that release, but I'm definitely missing Avalanche Master Song. In addition to this, I have a bootleg from Godflesh's final show ever, in Ireland. Baggy so kindly sent me this ages ago and it's something I'd like to get on the site. However, when ripping the tracks to mp3, they sound pretty poor. If you think you could help me clean this up, please let me know. It's definitely something that fans would love to hear and I regret sitting on this for all this time. Better late than never?

Finally, the Godflesh cover of AC/DC's For Those About to Rock is going to be appearing on a new movie soundtrack. posted the news today. The movie, Thunderstruck is coming out in Australia in May and features a number of cover songs. The GF track is going to be on the movie soundtrack, no news about it actually appearing in the film itself.

[23rd February 2004] - New Stuff
2003 was one of the quietest years for Broadrick-related material, but 2004 looks to be busier. With the imminent release of Jesu (some day, still no label deal) we have the biggest release just on the horizon. Along with all of you, I can't wait for this record to come out. It's really going to blow you all away IMO.

But until then, I have several other items of interest to report. The latest Tech Level 2 12" has been out for some time on Shockout. This is a split record with Soundmurderer. I've tossed this into the TL2 Discography. One of 3 releases on the label The Bug also has a 12" out.

It appears that Justin is doing another remix for the band Isis. According to this site, both a Broadrick and Teledubgnosis remix is scheduled to appear on the 2nd volume of their upcoming remix records. These will be a series of 12" releases first with a possible CD release later on Ipecac Of course, Justin already did a remix of one of their songs. Additionally, Isis performed a cover of Streetcleaner on their split 7" w/ Pig Destroyer several years back.

I was sent a link to Desloat Recordings, a subdivision of Manifold Records. On their site they've got a Final release listed. After speaking to Vince, it turns out this is a very old entry and currently more of wishful thinking than an actual scheduled release. They'd like to put together all the Final material that appeared on the label plus any unreleased material. Unfortunately, like every other release in the past 5+ years, who knows when and if we'll ever see this.

Many thanks to Jason Byram and Matthew for providing me w/ this info.


[24th December] - Holiday Wishes
It's hard to believe that I've only made 10 news entries for all of 2003.

The year as a whole was one I'd like to forget, so I hope everyone reading has a better 2004 than 2003! Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and be safe throughout. I suspect that we'll be hearing the Jesu record next year and so that alone is something to look forward to!

Best wishes to all and your loved ones. Thanks for another year of support.

[13th October] - JESU
A brief update that you might be interested in!

I have been fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the new Jesu record. While Justin's new project hasn't signed on to any label yet, there are hopes that a deal is close.

From what I have heard, I can say with confidence that it is simply incredible. An unfair synopsis would state that the crushing defeated feeling of Godflesh has been melded with the ambient dreariness of Final. The record is so heavy, though for the most part not in the traditional sense. Everything is layered in delay effects, from Justin's guitars to his vocals. While some songs have a distinct Godflesh feel to them, the majority of the tracks are unique and this far from just being a spin-off. Jesu has surpassed any expectations I had and just as GF has done in the past, the album invokes a number of powerful emotions.

Hopefully label details get worked out quickly so that this can hit the streets soon. I simply cannot say enough. Maybe I'm biased having run these pages for 8 years, but with certainty I can say that this record has moved me more than anything Justin's done in a decade.

[9th October] - 8 Years
It's been a quiet summer to autumn transition. As usual there's really very little to comment on. However, I do know that the Jesu project is still on track, though for when I have no idea. I have a good feeling that we'll get a glimpse of some of it soon!

Looking at the calendar I realized something. It was the 2nd week of October back in 1995 that I started these pages. Quite possibly today, the 9th. Monochrome display, OLD unix account, 19 years old. It is so incredible to believe that for a good part of a decade, Crumbling Flesh has been a permanent part of my life. As things slow down, both in the GF world and my metabolism, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what it all means to me and what it's done for me. I can honestly say it's been one of the greatest experiences and has truly opened doors for me elsewhere. In addition, I've been fortunate to get support from awesome Godflesh fans all over the world. For this and everything else, I thank you. If you're still coming to the site even though there is no Godflesh, then perhaps you realize that it's more than just the one band. It's Justin, Ben and umpteen other side projects.

Thanks for reading, for sticking it out and for keeping CF going after 8 fantastic years.

[23rd July] - Contest Closed
The winners in the contest have been contacted and therefore no additional submissions will be accepted.

And to the guy who decided to send 10 emails. Just so you know, you were the 10th email I received and you would have won. But I shouldn't have to tell people to only vote once. Your prize passed on to the next person in line.

Congratulations to the winners, and many many thanks to our buddy over at Relapse for supplying the discs!

[21st July] - New Contest
Here's hoping your summer (or winter) is treating you well.

Our old friend from Koch now works at Relapse. Like he did for Hymns, he's given me a few copies of the Messiah Reissue CD to give away!

Having finally seen the disc itself, I'm happy with the whole package. I posted a nice high res scan of the cover. Much better than the original of course. It mentions the disc being recorded and mixed 1994-1995, but I think the mix that's been released was done much later, probably the year the disc came out (2000). In any event, it's great that this has been made available, especially if only 700 were indeed made.

I managed to get a hold of the new Curse of the Golden Vampire record, Mass Destruction and tossed a cover scan and discography entry up. Also the new The Bug record. Neither are my sort of thing really.

Finally, the Godflesh Tribute CD has been released. Take a peek at the link for all the details that I have.

[29th May] - Misc Info
A bunch of news today, much can be found over at the Avalanche Site.

Seems like people are really interested in Jesu and by the looks of it, we've got several things to look forward to. The album is progressing well, with Ted Parsons finished laying down drum tracks. The album, which is still untitled, contains 8 songs and clocks in at around 70 minutes.

In addition to this LP, we have several other Jesu releases to look forward to. First, there are a pair of long running eps in the works and both are set for release this year! One will contain two 20 minute songs. Finally, as reported earlier, a split record with Agoraphobic Nosebleed will be released through Relapse in early 2004. There is now a rather barren Jesu website at Avalanche.

Justin will also be remixing a track by Agoraphobic Nosebleed as well as another by Isis. According to the site, there are even more remixes coming soon.

The new Curse of the Golden Vampire will be hitting stores soon. Apparently some radio people have already gotten their hands on this, and I've been told that it's killer. Justin's voice is heard on this one, so I'm not sure what to expect. This will be coming out on Ipecac and you can actually listen to the first track at Avalanche's Curse of the Golden Vampire site.

In Final news, the 3 record which has seen several release dates come and go, 'is almost complete.' It's now a double CD which may explain the delay? Looking through the Final Discography, this album was first entered with a 1999 release date. That's some delay! It's now set to be released through Neurot Recs.

Finally, Tech Level 2 has no fewer than 4 releases on the horizon. These are:

That's a lot of material...all this plus the recently released Teknologikal 12" need to be incorporated into the TL2 Discography.

[13th May] - Justin Interview
Matt Bing brought to my attention a new interview w/ Justin Broadrick. This interview can be found over at TotalRock and covers both the demise of Godflesh and his new Jesu project.

I have an MP3 of the interview (5.7Mb) if you're interested in hearing it.

Looks like we might expect to see Jesu out on the road by the end of the year. Look for long songs and up to 10 layers of guitars on the LP whenever it comes out. Thanks Matt!

[5th May] - First Jesu News
At long last we have some real Jesu news. The following appears in the news section at Relapse Records.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed will follow up their latest release - "Altered States of America" - by issuing a split CD with Jesu in early 2004. Jesu is the new project of longtime Godflesh mastermind Justin Broadrick (Jesu also features former Godflesh vets Ted Parsons and Paul Neville) and promises "10-minute songs that are very meditative, depressing suicidal experiences...". Look for ANb to deliver some 'very different' material as well...more soon...

Thanks to S. Deere for the tip.

Also, if you missed it, the Messiah re-issue has come out. To be honest, I completely forgot about it. I might try to get a copy and compare to the original release. This too can be found at Relapse's webpage.

Oh, can anyone tell me what happened to TechnoAnimal.Net???

[4th March] - Some Links
A few quick links.

Capsule has posted a review & some photos of Techno Animal live from early 2002. Thanks to Samule for the link. In the process, I reformatted the Images page.

April 7th is the date set for the new The Bug release, Pressure. Rephlex has posted a new page including a review and a bunch of sound samples. The folks on the GF mailing list mentioned this, so thanks to them.

[17th February] - I'm Back!!!

Wow....It has been a crazy month and a half. Let's see...where to start?

The server housing CF moved back in January and for about 2 weeks, the site was down completely. Towards the end of the month, it was back online but I did not have email or ftp access. Email came first this past week so anything sent between the middle of January and now likely did not arrive. Just today my FTP access was fixed and therefore I'm posting the first news bit of the year! Feels good being back in control! Many thanks to Will for all the assistance over the last month.

With that out of the way, it's time for real news!!! For everyone who has been searching for Messiah, you'll be happy to hear that Relapse Records will be re-issuing this on April 1st! This EP was recorded in 1994 and was released in very limited numbers (apparently only 700) 6 years later on Justin's ill-fated AvalancheInc Recordings. The re-issue will be remastered and will also feature alternate artwork (seen to the left). You can read more about this at Relapse's New Release Page.

The Avalanche Site has again undergone design changes with the latest news dated the 13th of the month. There's plenty to here goes!

The lineup of Justin's new guitar based project, Jesu, has been revealed. Consisting entirely of members who at one time played in Godflesh, the 'initial stage of basic recording for the first album' has been completed. The band consists of Demot Dalton (Bass) and Ted Parsons (drums) with Paul Neville performing guitars on several tracks.

Tech Level 2 in working on a follow-up to Teknologikal which came out several months ago. One track is completed, entitled, The Almighty and a single (Four Steppa) will be released shortly on Beatz, 'the sister label to Valve, which is ran by Dillinja and Lemon D.' Yet another single is 'in the works for Tech Itch Recordings owned by Mark Caro, the man behind Technical Itch.'

Speaking of Mark Caro...many moons ago one of our old pals at CF asked me about a new JK Flesh project called Morlocks. Until now, I had no information about this new project, but Avalanche has shed some light on this. Quoted from their site:

[Justin] has been adding guitar to an album being put together by Tech Itch man Mark Caro and Seatlle based punk rapper Barfly. The project is entitled Morlocks. Most recording has been done and mixes are currently ongoing.
Yet another project to add to the list!

The Curse of the Golden Vampire has finished their follow-up to 1998's self-titled debut. This time Alec empire will not be involved, as reported earlier. Mass Destruction will be released on in May through Mike Patton's Ipecac Recs and Justin warns that we should, 'Expect Annihilation'.

Final brief news bits

Whew...that's it. As usual, I'll trickle all this information into the discographies. Eventually.


[31st December] - Happy New Year!!!

It's been a pretty wild holiday season for me and an excellent year overall. For all that celebrated holidays this past month, and all who will be celebrating the beginning of 2003 this evening (or already), I'd like to wish you a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. I'm merely an hour away here - but I wanted to drop a note before the new year begins on the east coast. Perhaps Jesu in 2003? We can hope!

[21st December] - TA Review
Techno Animal performed at the ICA several weeks ago and has posted a review of the show.

There appears to be a Godflesh tribute CD coming out. Here's the info passed along to me:

The split will be composed of two CDRs, but the cover and booklet will be pro pressed.

Here's the actual list of bands/ tracks sheduled!

Behold! The Living Corpse Go Spread Your Wings
Thralldom Christbait Rising
Weeping Birth Like Rats
Cod I, Me, Mine
Cthuwulf Avalanche Master Song
Blockhed Locust Furnace
Coma Mothra
Torment Slavestate
Incinerator Veins
Acerbus Predominanace
Grind Buto Streetcleaner
Gerbe of Life ???
Absense of Faith ???
Are You God? ???
Assisting Sorrow ???
Anarchus ???
Ripit ???
Counterforce ???
Antigama ???

...And Oceans may be on this as well.

Gab is working on this and is looking for other bands to appear. If you are interested and can offer something with a correct sound, please contact him.

I don't have any other details about this, so please contact Gab if you want any other details.

[1st December] - Happy Holidays!
Hope those in the US enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend and I'd like to say Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating.

Real quick update this Sunday evening. Turns out that Techno Animal will be playing on the 5th December in London at the ICA. They'll be supporting Alec Empire as part of's event at the venue. Thanks to Simon Smerdon for the info.

[10th October] - Lyrics etc.
As promised, I got around to updating the Hymns Lyrics page this week. Utilizing the invaluable assistance of Bitter, we filled in as many blanks as possible. This is the best idea we have, as some trademark Justin delay clouds the true words of some tracks. In addition, Messiah Lyrics have also been posted and while I was at it, I reworked the Lyrics Page and brought it up to date.

The Tour Dates section received an update as well, listing the new TA European dates and also getting a facelift to match the rest of the site.

Smaller updates were made to the TechLevel 2 Discography, including the new 12" out now (though where to get this is a good question). The Techno Animal Remix Discography has the little info we know about their new remixes. Something I failed to notice the other day was the new 'Production Project' of Justin/Kevin Martin. Sub Species is another spin-off of Techno Animal, and so I'll get around to updating the TA Pages with that info soon. It doesn't look like they'll be putting out any records under that title, but a discography of remixes/etc. will be included. Finally, as listed on the TA official site, we've got new Zonal, Curse of the Golden Vampire, and TL2 remixes to look forward to in the coming months. Discography updates imminent upon further information.

[6th October] - 7 Years
Believe it or not, but this week marks the 7 year anniversary of Crumbling Flesh! Same name, same goal, still no ads.

I was but 19, a sophmore in college when I started these pages. Though my entire life has changed since 1995, I've always taken pride in these pages and it pleases me to know that people still enjoy the site and find it useful. With the demise of Godflesh, we're reduced to simply covering Techno Animal, the much-anticipated Jesu and whatever other projects are going on.

Speaking of...Avalanche has received an update, the TA section at least. There are several new tour dates across Europe this month. Like the dates this past summer, there will be DJ sets by both The Bug and Tech Level 2 prior to TA's performances.

Tech Level 2 has a new 12" out, Teknologikal/Master - Teknologikal through Teknological Records. New details about the upcoming Curse of the Golden Vampire record, TA remixes, The Bug and more can all be found on the Techno Animal site.

I'll get all this info on the pages in the coming weeks as well as working on Hymns Lyrics which I've neglected. I'd like to say thanks to everyone for 7 wonderful years of corruption in the goat herd. I truly appreciate the assistance and support.

[12th September] - Raven News
It's been understandably quiet. Got a bit of news today from Raven.

"My wife & I are waiting the arrival of our new son Liam Boyd Raven due any minute now. I am also tracking bass on the new Killing Joke album w/ Charlie Clouser from NIN. The album (which is being produced by the band & Andy Gill formerly of Gang of Four) is a crushing opus delivering the kind of unnerving music all our loyal Killing Joke friends will love. Looking towards a spring 2003 release through Sony music..."

I am finishing up an EP under the name Slowlight -'Unringing the Bell'. This will also be released on my own BM label in the new year along w/ a full length cd by Ghettobird entitled 'As you are I once was, as I am you will be'"

Additionally, the Message Board has apparently shifted again. The old board is now back, so the one we had over at Abrasive Rock isn't being frequented. I would like to thank them for helping us out!!! The link on the left of the site has been changed.

[9th August] - A Much Needed Vacation
Not that the site has been bustling with activity lately...But there won't be any updates over the next week. I'm heading northwards (Maine) for a much-needed, long-overdue vacation. Zero internet access (we only just got electricity and running water last year) among other comforts.

I don't expect any pressing news really...

[29th July] - The Last GF Recording Ever
Koch has generously given us a copy of the last studio recording Godflesh ever did. Entitled If I Could Only Be What You Want, this song was recorded during the Hymns session but didn't make it to the record. Good choice IMO, as it doesn't really reflect the feeling of the rest of the album.

However, it's definitely a cool song and a must for any GF fan's collection. The song appears on Music for Nations compilation Loud Music for Loud People, which also features some Opeth tracks (one of my favorite bands), Anathema, Entombed etc.

You can get the MP3 in the Sounds Page. Enjoy, as it'll be the last 'new' song you'll ever hear! *sob* :)

[21st July] - TA Live Dates
There are a total of 3 Techno Animal tour dates across Europe at the end of the month. Details about all 3 in the tour dates page. The first of the 3 has TA, TL2 and The Bug!!!

[18th June] - Godflesh Live DVD
Back when In All Languages was released, there was talk about a live DVD to accompany the compilation. Ultimately, it didn't make it. Earache is working with Justin now to put together a live DVD which would span their whole career (up until Hymns of course). It's hoped that this collection will be in excess of 2 hours and they may be looking for some contributions down the line as well.

Sounds like a great collection to any GF fan. No other details are known but they will be compiling everything this summer for an expected autumn release!!!

[29th May] - Rare Cover MP3!
Late Update
I enjoyed the cover of Requiem so much that I searched and posted lyrics to the song on the page. Just in case anyone was interested!

Our Old, Old friend Andreas Vondran has come through again and offered up a much sought after cover song on MP3. Killing Joke's Requiem was covered a few times on the last European tour (Nov-Dec 2001) and this version was from the Eindhoven show on the 2nd of December! It's a pretty good quality MP3 and definitely a rare find! In addition to this, I've posted the first 3 tracks (of 6) from the Live From Hell vinyl bootleg. This is the '89 show that I've been promising forever. This was remastered by Chuck, so many thanks to him! In fact, we also have some other live MP3s lined up. One from Seattle in '96 and possibly Godflesh's last show ever from December in Ireland! Wow...lots in store.

I will post the 2nd half of the show when I get Avalanche Master Song. Shouldn't be too long! Thanks to both Andreas Vondran and Chuck for the submissions. All can be found in the Sounds Page! Enjoy!!!

[28th May] - Jesu & Parsons
Went to LA for E3 last week...what a great time.

Ted Parsons has posted several comments over at the message board. First off, he'll be playing drums in Justin's new project, Jesu. No word on a release or any other details.

Second, there's some news of his Teledubgnosis quote him directly (fixing typos of course!)

New Teledubgnosis album will be released this fall. 2 separate albums one with remixes by (The Bug, Spectre, Tech level 2=Justin, Scotty Hard and the Ill Saint/Spectre) A regular Teledubgnosis album will also be released. There is no current label so we may put it out ourselves. There will be shows on the east coast in June/July, w/ Scotty Hard on guitar and Tony Maimone on bass in Boston and NYC. Go to for details and the dates.
He also goes on to comment on his old band Prong - read more here if you're interested.

Additionally, Ted and Raven will be working with Killing Joke again in the future. Another direct quote from the same thread:

Raven and I will be involved W/ the next KJ album/tours. Geordie has 8 new songs written and we are in the process of writeing more. Jaz Coleman is still under contract for the rest of this year to complete his classical music in different parts of the world so don't expect any new KJ until early 2003! Should be an exciting chapter for KJ! I'm hopeing it will be in the vein of Early KJ and the album Extremeties, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions but more brutal and taken further!

I guess since there's no more GF, everything will be side project news from here on out! Heh...

[13th May] - Justin issues statement
The following was posted at Blabbermouth.Net and is a statement from Justin explaining everything.

Godflesh (1988-2002) - Mission is Terminated

"On April 10th 2002, I disbanded Godflesh. This was something I had painfully been pondering since GC Greens' departure from the band in Oct 2001. Regrettably it took until the day of leaving for a lengthy U.S tour for the realization to finally take its toll on me.

"Unfortunately the finality of the decision and the responsibilities of making the decision proved too much for me to bare, and I collapsed under the weight. I found that without GC Green, Godflesh is not Godflesh, and him leaving proved to be an omen for me. I also feel that everything we originally intended or even imagined with Godflesh we have done. My only regret has been the hurting of both remaining band members Ted Parsons and Paul Raven, and disappointing those that believe in Godflesh worldwide... In the near future, my new rock project Jesu will surface. So this is by no means the end of my songwriting/guitar/vocalizing. Simply the end of a chapter.

"Endless gratitude to all those that have believed in and supported Godflesh throughout the 14 year history. You know who you are... Long live the new flesh...


Well...there you have it. I'll be adding the Jesu project to the pages shortly - not that I have any other info on the project. hehe.

[1st May] - I'm not going anywhere
With the demise of Godflesh many people have wondered about the future of this site. I didn't really consider that some might think that without GF there would be no CF. I'm happy to report that I have no plans of going anywhere. I've got the domain for another 18 months or so, and as many of you know, this site has extended far beyond just Godflesh. While updates may not be as frequent due to lack of news, I plan on keeping the site around. It's been 6 1/2 years so far, no reason to stop now! I expect Justin to get back out there and do something eventually, whether it's a project we know or a new one. In fact, there's little doubt in my mind.

With that, there's some updates to mention. First, with the recent site facelift, a number of sections have been moved around and it's highly likely that there will be some broken links. Thanks to Skelt for pointing out the tabs section, and those links have all been corrected. As I work on individual sections (like the Tabs or Sounds pages), I will be bringing many of them up to date with the new format. I don't anticipate having it all converted over for some time, but a little here and a little there will certainly help.

The second item of the day is an interview with Justin was conducted prior to the events of the last month. It's a pretty interesting, and long read. Check the Articles page for the link.

Finally, some good news. There is one track that was recorded during the Hymns sessions that didn't make it to the record. Entitled, I Could Never Be What You Want, this track was scheduled to appear on a tour sampler disc, but obviously that's out the window. Instead, this track will appear on the Loud Music for Loud People comp CD set for release on the 13th of August. This is the last Godflesh song ever recorded and will definitely be one to check out. Along with this track will be several other Music for Nations tracks (including a rare Opeth (one of my favorite bands) song!) A complete tracklisting will be available soon.

[28th April] - Late Update - Confirmed News
If the tour cancellation wasn't enough, I am now able to confirm the following bad news that's been kicking around...

Godflesh Is No More

Over, finished, done, gone, out...

Justin suffered a nervous breakdown prior to boarding his flight to the US. Unable to make the trip, nevermind perform a 2 month long tour, Justin has decided to call it quits. Godflesh is done for.

How this affects other projects, tours and recordings is not known. It seems likely that everything will be shelved until a later date. Again, this is official and confirms some of the rumors floating around.

As always, our thoughts are with Justin and we all hope for a swift recovery.

[28th April] - New MP3s
The remaining Demos and Rough Mixes from the Hymns sessions have been posted to the Sounds page as well as a pair of new midi files. Body Dome Light and Spite are the new additions, and like the last batch, were submitted by Ralf Sesseler. Thanks!

[23rd April] - Site Redesign!
The prior design launched back in the summer of '99 - so it was definitely time. What you see is essentially the same deal, but IMO, a little slicker. There's fewer links to your left, with Site and Downloads being new - they simply contain several links each.

The Links page has been severed from the new Articles & Reviews - essentially just a lot of reading material.

Slightly updated is the Side Projects Discographies. An overwhelming read in the past, this page has now been broken down into 4 segments while retaining all the band links from the main page. It should be easier to find what you're looking for and easier to maintain on my part. Which brings us to....

The biggest item to mention is the reason the whole mini-redesign started. The GF Encyclopedia is going to serve as a massive site map if you will. Therein lies entries from every facet of the GF world. Related members, projects, labels, and much more...this will be an easily update-able section and should help answer the question, "Where do I even start to look for that?" I'd love to hear any input or other entries that you think might fit. As with every other endeavor of mine, this will be an ongoing section and will likely never see true 'completion'. It should prove to be rather useful though.

Many thanks to Bitter for the graphics and assistance on the redesign.

Take a peek around. Most sections are the same, and I'd love to eventually format everything so it's uniform, but that's for a different day. For now, this will have to do. In all likelihood there will be some broken links that I've missed. Please let me know if you find any, or have any comments in general.

[20th April] - New Message Board
The folks over at Abrasive Rock have generously set up a nice new Message Board. It's a straightforward layout, no banners and is exactly what I was looking for.

Head on over, and let me know if you encounter any problems. Thanks!!!

[19th April] - Details
Ok....well, first off the Avalanche message board is down. Seems rather suspicious with the timing of the tour cancellation, but the Avalanche site has never been too reliable. I'm on the prowl for a replacement, something decent that I don't have to pay for. heh. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Second, there seems to be a number of concerned fans. We want to put together a message for Justin. I'll edit all entries and will pass it along to Justin. Since there's not much we can do to help, now is your chance to say anything (I'm not sending any negative msgs). Whether it's a get well soon msg, or a, 'what GF means to me' type deal, that's up to you. Try to keep it somewhat brief though, nothing all too long. For the next week or two I'll compile all the relelvant mail and ultimately send it off to Justin. So, if you've got anything you'd like to say, just email me w/ your submission.

Finally, just to confirm, the US tour has indeed been cancelled. Justin's 'failing health' is the reason. If I receive any other info, it will be posted immediately. If you've bought tickets, please try to see if you can return them.

[15th April] - US Tour Cancelled
The word has just arrived and I've got some bad news to report:

Godflesh's US Tour Has Been Cancelled

Justin has apparently fallen ill and therefore had to cancel the US tour. No other details are known however. This info has been confirmed from Koch.

The band had a 2 month tour scheduled to run from late April until June, covering a large portion of the US. All our wishes are with Justin.

[10th April] - Tour Updates
There have been several new updates to the Tour Schedule. Please take a peek if you plan on going to any show, as a number of dates, venues and cities have changed.

I'll be heading into the city for the NYC show - certain to be a good time!

In regards to the Eindhoven MP3s. I've received several requests over the last month for a repost. The files were posted for a month and a half and for the last 2 weeks the entire show was online. I've moved on to the new MP3s in the sounds page. Unfortunately I won't be reposting any past MP3s on the site.

[5th April] - New MP3s - Tour Updates

With the US Tour in a little over 2 weeks, I've gotten some info on possible tour changes.

The Pittsburgh show is listed to be at Rosebud, but it may be at a bar called "M". That's on May 14th. Ticketmaster has the May 4th show listed as Kansas City (El Torreon) instead of Omaha (Ranch Bowl) as I've heard.

Posted new MP3s to the pages in the sounds page. This one is pretty cool...Demos & Rough Mixes from Hymns. The live 89 show is still coming, probably in a few weeks.

It's been over 5 years since Godflesh toured the states. The site was only a year old at the time! I can remember editing pages in college like it was yesterday! I'm psyched!

March 2002:

[28th March] - Tour Update
There's been a major update to the US Tour Dates, so if you plan on heading to any show, please check it out. There's been several changes, and I've just gotten around to posting this info. Sorry for the delay.

Also, for anyone who's missed the Eindhoven MP3s, I've posted the whole show to the sounds page. Getting the 89 show up is taking a little longer than I expected, and many have shown their interest in a repost. This is it though, no more requests once this is taken down. Sorry. 89 should be up by next week.

[18th March] - Prong Confusion
There's been a little confusion over the quote about Prong below. It's been confirmed that the band is doing a small tour this April and reportedly even entering the studio to record new material. Raven's quote below is to suggest that the band isn't quite the band w/out himself and Ted Parsons.

Sorry for any confusion...

[13th March] - Final Eindhoven MP3s
The last batch of MP3s have been posted, completing the Eindhoven MP3s from the 1999 show. Wanted to thank Andreas Vondran for supplying this show, and the review. Without him, this recording wouldn't be possible.

About the next posting...This will be Godflesh from 1989, the Crumbled Flesh/Live From Hell/Nottingham 89 bootleg. The best's been remastered! This should be coming in the next few weeks.

[7th March]
Maharaja has gotten back to us with the results from his poll! Please do not mail in any new requests, the votes have been tallied and you can view the results here! (click Wish List Results on the left) This doesn't mean that the band will necessarily play these songs, but it's always a possibility!!! I'm rather happy to see Slateman atop the requested song listing, and I only voted once mind you! There's some definite surprises in what people voted on, take a peek!

On another note, it's been rumored that Prong might be playing some tour dates on the west coast of the US. Raven has denied these rumors, stating, "No Ted + Raven = NO PRONG".

Well, there you have that!

I was looking for some high res cover scans for Godflesh records. I've asked this before and was assisted, but unfortunately I don't seem to have anything on file. If anyone has some good quality, high res scans of the album covers, please let me know. Thanks!

[6th March] - MP3s, Tour Error
Jeff Stringer helped clear up the May 10th tour date. The band will be in Detroit that evening, not Ft. Lauderdale.

Also forgot to mention that I've updated the Sounds Page w/ 3 MP3s this week. These 3 are from the 1999 Eindhoven show, and 2 more are to be posted. Grab 'em now, they'll be up for a week. I was thinking of posting a decent quality bootleg from '89...if anyone is interested that is!

[5th March] - US Tour!
The US tour has finally been announced, and while there's still some dates up in the air, we at least have a timetable to look for. I'll be hitting the NYC date, wherever it mark your calendars! The tour dates are all listed in the tour page.

Some cool updates coming in the near future too....

February 2002:

[25th February] - Another big one
It always surprises me how things can be so quiet for so long and then I get bombarded by news to update! Not complaining in the least - I always enjoy making news entries. There’s plenty today.

Jean-Michel has put together his own Godflesh web site with a focus on visuals. Featuring a pretty nice design, it's got tons of photos and even some wallpapers. The site is called In the Flesh, I recommend checking it out! It’s been added to the Links page

Robert Bagalayos sent in some info about a new Earache DVD called iCrusher. It’s a cheap DVD (roughly $10 US) and has the video for Christbait Rising on it. Might as well just pick up the GF DVD IMO!

Ken informed me that there’s a Live GF Review from their autumn European tour over at Sorted Magazine. The review is for Devin Townsend, but there is a short paragraph about GF

Proving that it really isn’t worthless after all, I received 2 additions to the Godflesh Tour History page. Both Nate and Bonne offered old tour dates, from San Francisco to the Finnish and Estonian leg of the Pure tour. The listing continues to grow!

Finally, Ted Parsons’ side project Teledubgnosis still continues and they recently played some dates in the US! I would have seen them in NYC had I known! There’s another show scheduled for April 22nd, in Cambridge Mass. They’ll be playing with Enuma Elish, SkySaw and ‘Surprise Guests’. Visuals will be done by DAK and C3 who recently did visuals for their Boston appearance. This looks like it might coincide w/ the upcoming Godflesh tour. The band’s new record will be out this year and will have contributions from both Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin as well as several others. As per their site, "The new disk will continue with Teledub's trademark electro/industrial soundscapes while folding in some more traditional dub elements."

[24th February] - New MP3s
As promised, the Sounds Page has been updated with 2 new MP3s of the Eindhoven show from '99. Today's update is Circle of Shit (Version) and Witchhunt. Enjoy!!!

[22nd February] - Big Update
Thanks to Matador Records, we have a listing of 5 Techno Animal tour dates across Europe. These span from March to June and are confirmed as of the 21st February. Turns out that the first 2 dates will have Justin DJing as Tech Level 2 and Kevin Martin as The Bug as well! A TL2 set - likely to be a rare occasion! All the old tour dates have been trickled down into the Godflesh Tour History as well.

The Godflesh tour is still being finalized, but Robert Sobecke has seen info that suggests the band will be playing on the 19th of May in Springfield, VA. The show is at Jaxx and it's listed that High on Fire will be supporting them.

Benner informed me that the Techno Animal Avalanche site has received a minor update. They've removed the old pic (anyone have this BTW?), added 2 new ones and gave some info on the Zonal record from 2000. Apparently this has been discontinued on CD, but they've got some MP3 samples you can grab. The site actually just updated w/ the TA dates we have listed above.

Godflesh is featured in the latest issue of Outburn, I haven't yet seen the article.

lligavant has sent in some info about The Bug. There are 2 new remixes out done by Kevin Martin and all this info can be found in The Bug Discography. That section still needs some work, but the new entries can be found at the bottom in the remixes portion.

If you haven't grabbed the Eindhoven MP3s, consider doing so now - they'll be taken down this weekend and new ones posted.

Wow......what an update!

[16th February] - MP3s Posted!
For everyone who's tried to motivate me to finally get off my arse and get some new MP3s on the pages...

In the Sounds Page, I've posted the first 2 tracks from the 1999 Eindhoven bootleg! These were recorded and submitted by Andreas Vondran and all sound very good. I've posted 2 tracks and will rotate them out weekly. So grab them now before they're gone!

Also in the sounds section, some might find interest in the 3 new midi tracks posted. They're Hunter, Pure and Wake - all submitted by Ralf Sesseler. Thanks for the submission, he's got several other metal midi tracks on his site.

2 updates in 2 days...go figure!

[15th February] - Old Age
As I age another year, I realize that I've been running CF for exactly 1/4 of my life. Go figure!

Today's updates...First off, a friend from the west coast has recently written a Hymns review for Deadtide. A link is located right on their main page. Since I enjoy Hymns a lot and since the last 3 records were so different, I've changed the poll atop the page. Which of the last 3 LPs is your favorite?

It looks like Godflesh might be hitting the US in April/May and they're interested in hearing who you'd like to see them play with, perhaps in a 3-band package. One obvious choice has been Isis and they've apparently been mentioned. Voice your opinion in the message board and let them know!

Similarly, the band is also curious to see what 5 songs fans would like to hear. Slateman would be my top choice, a tune the band was set to play on the SoLaH tour but couldn't b/c of Justin's voice. Cold World, Pulp, most of Selfless, and Pure too. :) Anyways, email your lists to Maharaja, as he might be in contact w/ the band before the tour!

Looks like the tour is just around the corner. The first time the band has been to the US since '96!

[8th February] - The Bug
Beowolf Productions has posted an old interview w/ Justin from late 1997. Always interesting to read an old interview. This was added to the links page of course!

Our old friend Monty Meier sent in details about a forthcoming The Bug record on Morpheus Records. They've got their own page for The Bug including 2 short samples from the new record! The site doesn't give a title for the new release, but does day that the record, "will feature guest poets, toasters and singers from all accross the reggae spectrum." It goes on to include, Tikiman, Daddy Freddy, Roger Robinson (who appeared on TA's Dead Man's Curse), Singing Bird and Toastie Taylor (who worked w/ both Ice and TA)

The page also states, "The next project lined up for The Bug is a collaborative 12" single with hip hop legend MAD LION, who has agreed to make a return to his dancehall roots."

[4th February] - Contest Winners
I've been informed by Koch that the prizes have been shipped on the last contest. Keep your eyes open!

Very quiet lately....

January 2002:

[21st January] -
Damn poll was giving me attitude - so if you votedin the last day, please recast your vote. Every answer was going to Vitriol. Guess it wasn't attitude, just a screw-up on my part. All is well now.

[20th January] - Bah
Had some problems the past few days - so this update is rather old. I'm also really bad w/ email. Very slow replies this month! There's a new poll above, take part if you wish. The contest winners addresses are still rolling in. Will be sending this off to Koch soon. Still no answer from Steven Hicks - prove to me you're him (or at least share the name) and you'll probably get the prize! Otherwise I'm going to grab it for myself!

Avalanche had a very minor update - stating that the Godflesh US tour is still in planning. Still waiting for the site to re-open. The Avalanche Store seems to be on hold once again as well. This should be back up w/ the site, but I haven't a clue when that might be.

Chronicles of Chaos has posted a new Interview w/ Justin. Very cool, thanks to Matt Bing for the link.

[11th January] -
March 9th Techno Animal will be playing a show in the Netherlands. Haarlem, the Toon Festival @ De Lichtfabriek to be more specific. There may be other dates in the near future, but none reported just yet.

Still wondering about a US Godflesh tour? This should still come about, but again, no details are known just yet.

Contest winners have been announced for the 2nd contest. An email has been sent regarding the first contest winners. Hopefully we can clear this up soon. 3 winners from the 2nd contest didn't have email addresses listed. If you are one of the following, please email me. I will send messages to all winners this weekend. I do hope this goes well.

[7th January] - Contest Winners?
Anyone who won the first contest and who didn't receive their package, please let me know. Send your email and mailing addresses along w/ your name and I'll pass this info over to Koch again. They should be giving me an answer on the 2nd contest shortly - I'll be posting the winners here. Thanks for your patience.

December 2001:

[26th December] - Happy Holidays!
Been a bit ill the last few days, but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas (those who celebrate) and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays.

There's not much going on, but I was cleaning through the old archives on the site. Many files that are years old, dating back to old servers and bad ideas. In the holiday spirit of things, I thought I'd share w/ you all these. Don't expect much, but check out the last link, see if you remember that. Almost 3 years ago and before frames!

Hope all is well with everyone. Still crossing my fingers for a US tour this spring!

[12th December] - Long K. Mart Interview
Matt Bing informed me that there's a long interview w/ Kevin Martin (TA, The Bug, God, Ice...) over at Brave New Waves. This interview is in real audio and clocks in at just under 45 minutes! Haven't installed Real myself, so I haven't heard it yet. Check it out!

[7th December] - Article Images
There was a time when we'd type all this stuff up. But, since I've been so busy, and have people working for Godflesh who send me this stuff, it's easier just to post the articles themselves! Doubt many will mind! Here's 3 articles featuring the band, w/ interviews and such. Others have mentioned this to me as well, Godflesh is getting more press than ever!

Got more articles coming as well. Oh, and a new poll...I am happy to see that 75% of you like Hymns...very cool!

[5th December] - Contest Ends Friday
There's been well over 100 entries into the Hymns Promo Contest being held by Koch, and the contest ends this Friday! Apparently there's been many good entries - but if you haven't submitted yours, what are you waiting for? Good luck folks...yet another collector's item to add to the heap!

[2nd December] - Reviews
Some reviews to mention...

Note that the latter link has some sound samples if you're interested.

November 2001:

[29th November] - Hymns Lyrics
Robert Robertson sent in his interpretations of the lyrics from Hymns. I've touched up on some of the things and there's always some that we are just confused by - but it's great to have these on the pages. Please remember these are just interpretations and are by no means official. Thanks!

Also today, Andreas Vondran sent in his thoughts on a pair of GF shows in Europe from the last few weeks. He caught the date on the 18th which wasn't played. He also went on the 15th in Hengelo where he got to see Love is a Dog from Hell again! One of the songs that wasn't played much on the rest of the tour. Lucky guy!

[27th November] - More live
Mike submitted another live review, this time from the 23rd in Nürnberg. The same setlist as the prior night.

Love having live reviews, so thanks to those who have submitted them and please keep them coming!

[25th November] - Another live review
Klaus Westerhoff got to see GF in Cologne and sent in his thoughts of the show and included the short 6 song set list. It's been rather quiet otherwise.

Remember, you have until December 7th to enter the contest listed below. Since I'm not receiving the entries myself, I don't know the status on it all, but good luck!

[16th November] - Contest #2!
Koch provided us w/ the first contest several weeks ago and are back doing it again! This time, it's for a signed Music for Nations promo cd of Hymns! Not a bad deal...

So, what's the scoop? Well, it's quite simple. In a 100 words or less explain what Godflesh means to you. All the answers will must be emailed to Koch directly and not to me, just so you know. The contest will run 3 weeks and will end on the 7th of December. That gives you plenty of time to ponder these ever so important 100 words.

Note that that's Raven's signature on the CD. Good luck folks!!!

[11th November]
Been rather busy as of late, some things to mention:

Also, John Boundy sent in a few words about the GF show on the 5th of the month in Newcastle. Read it in the live reviews.

Here's 2 screens of Godflesh's cover feature in Boston's Weekly Digest.

Cover Shot

These images are pretty large by the way!

[7th November] - Live Review
Well, GF is now on tour and we've heard word from Gareth Heald who saw a recent show. He's written up a small review of the day.

[24th October] - Avalanche
Avalanche has received a minor update as the final site gets prepared. The Godflesh Page is up as well as the Techno Animal page. Note that they're just temporary placeholders until the site is all up.

Included in the update are new TA Tour Dates in Europe as well as some details about Ben's departure.

October 2001:

[22nd October] - Sad News
Ben Green is no longer in Godflesh

I have no news as to how and why this is the case, but it is indeed true. Raven, seen to the left and one of Ted Parsons' bandmates from Prong, arrived yesterday in England to rehearse for the upcoming European tour starting in a couple of weeks. It seems that this has been brewing for a while and so Justin and Ted had discussed what to do had this happened.

Unfortunately I have no details as to the events leading up to this nor the reasons behind it all. I'm sure the replacement will do well - but IMO Ben will be missed.

[click the image for a larger version]

Good news is that the band is still planning on hitting the US by February. I also received a copy of the retail version of Hymns and Crumbling Flesh is in the liner notes! Quite happy about that!

Oh, and Music for Nations has finally put up their own Godflesh Page.

[19th October] - Hymns in Europe
Well, after a bunch of emails telling me that Hymns *wasn't* out in Europe, I've received a bunch of emails saying that it is! Check your local stores - see what you can find. Apparently a number of ppl have the album already. Hopefully you're all enjoying it!

[17th October] - Terrorizer Cover
"I want to transcend the flesh. I want to feel as though I am going into an area beyond mundane existence. When I reach peaks live I feel all the pain of everything, absolute fuckin' whiteout, it's all finished, being at the mercy of this huge power that you've somehow summoned." - Justin Broadrick

From the new Terrorizer article, Godflesh has the cover story!

Also Anand sent in this link to a Messiah/IaL review from False Prophet Campaign.

[16th October]
A few things today...The European release date of Hymns has changed. It looks like it should be the 29th now. Wish I had known that sooner.

The Tour Schedule has changed again. There's a bunch alterations, so take a peek if you plan on attending any show.

A recent issue of Kerrang contained a short review of a recent Techno Animal show. Thanks to Gareth for that!

Also, there's a TA interview at DHR. Gray supplied us w/ this info.

[12th October] - Avalanche News
Avalanche is back! Sort of...At least there's an index page to look at - It'll tell you that the site is about to come back and gives some news for anyone who's ordered something through the site. Suppose we'll have to be a little patient. I'm sure that whenever it's back online, there'll be a ton of news. :)

[10th October] - More TA
Brad informed me that there is an interview/review of Techno Animal and their new record Brotherhood of the Bomb in the newest issue of Alternative Press. They're definitely getting a lot of attention it seems...

[8th October] - TA Bits
A few Techno Animal bits...

Matador Records has updated their TA Section with some cool additions. First off, there's a multipart video interview of the band in Real Audio. Secondly, for those who missed out on the promo We Can Build You 12" from the US tour, they have the song on MP3 as well as 3 other MP3s and a few clips of stuff from Dead Man's Curse and Megaton (All in the video interviews page). Quite nice!

Additionally, the band appears in the latest issue of Wire magazine. Their site has a small blurb on the band...

"Techno Animal Beat-bludgeoning duo Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin’s ten year assault on sonic decency is noticed by the cream of American rappers"

[4th October] - Contest Closed!
The contest definitely surprised me. There were a lot of ppl getting stuck on a tricky question I included. In the end, it helped me out, as I planned on doing a random winner type deal. Instead, I took the first 8 correct submissions and the winners are the following:

Matt Bing, Gray, Richard Squibbs, Mathew Benner, Drew DeCamp, Bernard Muller, DB, Matt Buster

Congrats guys! You all answered the questions they are again:

Which label was Godflesh never legally associated with?
A - Swordfish B - Silent Scream
C - Music for Nations D - Columbia
Which song's lyrics were based on a Leonard Cohen Song?
A - Mothra B - Spite
C - Avalanche Master Song D - Bigot
How many band members have appeared on a Godflesh record?
A - 2 B - 4
C - 6 D - 8
One of the following was never released. Which one?
A - 40 Versions B - Absorber
C - Hunted & Consumed D - My Own Light

Question 5 was's some details about the answers.

Question 1 - Silent Scream released the self titled debut record in 1990 but never gained rights to do so. This was released on cassette and vinyl and is somewhat of a collector's item. Earache struck a deal with Columbia (part of Sony) in 1994.

Question 2 - Mothra contains the line, "Your pain is no credential here, it's just a shadow of my wound". This line was taken directly from Leonard Cohen's Avalanche from his LP Songs of Love and Hate. Another record of his contained a song called Master Song. Of course Avalanche Master Song seemed like the correct answer, but the lyrics weren't the same...just the title. This was a little tricky, but the FAQ has all the info.

Question 3 - 6 is the correct answer. I suppose this was slightly tricky as well, but the number 5 wasn't an option. Paul Neville played on Streetcleaner, Robert Hampson during the Pure era. On drums, Brain provided percussion on SoLaH and Ted Parsons on Hymns. Neither Dermot Dalton nor Steve Hough played on a record, they simply toured w/ the band. If you forgot Parsons, some elected to count Machines. Either way, 6 is the proper response.

Question 4 - Absorber was never released. This was a remix of Wake that never made it to the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. Another remix that didn't make it to that soundtrack was Hunted & Consumed (remix of Hunter)...but this came out on a promo cd called Infected. 40 Versions is a Wire cover song appearing on the Whore compilation and My Own Light is the classic counterpart to Love is a Dog from Hell, featured on the Pathological compilation. Once again, this is detailed in the FAQ.

Thanks for all the submissions. I heard from some familiar names, in some cases we're talking a few years back. Very good hearing from you all...

I'd also like to thank Koch for supplying the goods. The winners will be contacted shortly.

[1st October] - Contest & Old Memories!
October 1995 - These pages were started. I didn't own a PC until the year 2000 but I've run the pages now for 6 years. Can you believe it? The official date is obscured by a fading collegiate memory, but might as well celebrate for the entire month no?!? Well, as promised, I've got a little contest going on. Thanks to Koch I've got some interesting giveaways!

I've been rather busy with things, thus the lack of a proper submission form here. The contest will be closed within the next few days - and I'll hand over the winners to Koch to supply your prizes. Sound fair enough? Good luck folks, the Qs aren't too hard.

Oh, and the bonus question may be used for a tiebreaker. I'll give you a hint...stay away from A and B. Maybe C too. :P

September 2001:

[28th September] - Tour Update
There's been some more changes to the tour itenerary in Europe, so please check out the Tour Dates Page for the details. The info has all been confirmed and I'm sorry to announce that the tour will now begin on the 5th in Newcastle. The first 4 dates I originally announced are not happening. Sorry for all the confusion, but this has been confirmed.

The contest that I'll be holding will have to wait until the beginning of next week - been very busy. Thanks...

[26th September] - BotB Out Now!
Techno Animal's newest LP, Brotherhood of the Bomb should be in stores now!

Later in the week I'll be holding that contest! :)

[23rd September]
Ted Parsons sent this pic and confirmed the UK tour situation. The info we received stated that the first 4 dates weren't happening but it seems that it's just the first 2. As per his information, the tour will be beginning on the 3rd of November in Manchester. The Nov 11th date is uncertain at the moment, either Antwerp or Strasbourg and a few dates added w/ Devin Townsend in November. All in the Tour Dates.

Also, Hymns will be out on the 15th of October in Europe, and the 24th in the US.

[21st September] - A few quick things has posted a press release of sorts. They are promoting what they call the band's "13th Cyber-Organic Opus". Hmmm....An interesting short read. Thanks to Benner for the tip.

In touring news, Dan has informed us that the first 4 dates of the UK Godflesh tour. (Belfast, Dublin. Manchester & Glasgow) have been cancelled...So their tour starts in Newcastle. I haven't confirmed this yet, but please take note if you planned on seeing those shows.

He also tells us that there's an article in Kerrang! where Burton C Bell (of Fear Factory) & Justin are interviewed together. I met Burton a couple of years ago and happened to be wearing my GF shirt. He only had good things to say about Justin. Similarly - here's what he thinks of the new record.

"A crushing album that speaks directly to the soul. Hymns defines passion through an aural barrage that stirs the chaos surrounding our times...Take Hymns as your daily communion"

That's from Koch - Pretty cool! Slow week otherwise - The October 23rd release date is holding - I have a good feeling that it won't be changing!

Finally - Will be holding a contest in the coming weeks. Should have an interesting promo item to give away as well as 5 copies of the record! Ironing out the details now.

[17th September] - Messiah & Avalanche
Judging by the emails, everyone's trying to get Messiah now that Avalanche is down. I don't know what's going on there - as the site has been down now for several weeks. On top of that, you cannot buy Messiah anywhere else. So - if you're looking for it, there's nothing I can offer to help unfortunately. Hoping the site goes back online soon. I'll post news whenever it does. Sorry guys!

[11th September] -
Today is a day most of us won't soon forget. I want to offer my best wishes to everyone throughout the tragedy that occurred today across New York and Washington, as well as to the families of those on the aircrafts.

I did receive this scan from Barry Murphy as it was posted over at It's an interesting image to say the least. Click on the image for a larger version...

[10th September] - TA - Brotherhood date
DG tells us that according to CD Now, the release date of Brotherhood of the Bomb has been pushed back. Techno Animal's newest LP is set for a 25th September date (delayed 2 weeks from the 11th). Sorry about that, no big surprise though....

[9th September] - More European Dates!
It's called the Can't Take Me Apart tour with Fear Factory touring Europe. The other day (below) I posted the UK dates, but apparently there's more dates, these taken from Fear They'll be going out w/ FF, Devin Townsend and Raging Speedhorn.

Date City Country Venue
11th Nov Antwerp Belgium Hof Ter Lo
12th Nov Paris France Elysee Montemartre
13th Nov Tilburg Holland 013
15th Nov Lisbon Portugal Paradise Garage
16th Nov Oporto Portugal Hard Club
18th Nov Hamburg Germany Markthalle
19th Nov Hannover Germany Capitol
20th Nov Chemnitz Germany Kraftwerk
22nd Nov Cologne Germany Live Music Hall
23rd Nov Stuttgart Germany H20
24th Nov Herford Germany Kick
26th Nov Munich Germany Babylon
27th Nov Pratteln Switzerland Z7

All dates can be seen in the Tour Dates Page.

[7th September] - GF Live - UK Tour!
I received word today that a US tour is being planned as we speak. There are some confirmed dates in the UK in November though! They'll be going out with Fear Factory and Raging Speedhorn. Here's the dates:

Date City Venue
31st Oct Belfast Limelight
1st Nov Dublin Ambassador Theater
3rd Nov Manchester Academy
4th Nov Glasgow Barrowlands
5th Nov Newcastle University
6th Nov Nottingham Rock City
8th Nov London Astoria
9th Nov London Astoria

These were posted over at Metal Hammer. A US tour is being planned as we speak but no details have been announced.

[5th September] - Hymns Review
Not really a review, I just tossed together My thoughts of the album w/ some comments on this and that. Nothing spectacular, but it might be an interesting read for some!

Please note that I can't get you copies of the new album. Sorry about that folks...

[4th September] - Hymns!
Hey folks. After a couple of quiet weeks, I have some exciting news. I've heard Hymns and IMO, it's Excellent!!! Tomorrow I'll be posting an extensive 'review' of the tracks and will be posting the tracktimes & other info on the site. No artwork yet - but the songs are amazing. A quick rundown of details:

Track Titles

  1. Defeated
  2. Deaf Dumb and Blind
  3. Paralyzed
  4. Anthem
  5. Voidhead
  6. Tyrant
  7. White Flag
  8. For Life
  9. Animals
  10. Vampires
  11. Antihuman
  12. Regal
  13. Jesus

Now, the last track clocks in at over 12 minutes - but it's one of those secret track type deals - a 5 minute song, some silence and then a 'secret' song. I've got to say, Jesus is a crushing track, with the trademark driving, pummeling sound. There's a good number of tracks w/ clean vocals, all of which are very good. The first track, Defeated begins with a straight Love is a Dog from Hell intro. It's even drawn out a little too long like LiaDfH! The drums sound very good, and I'm one of the ppl who wasn't too happy w/ them on SoLaH. Ted Parsons does a good job at sounding mechanized enough to fit into GF while adding that human element.

Selfless was their last great record IMO. I enjoyed the last two LPs (UnT moreso than SoLaH really), but this is definitely different. There's less experimentation and is more straightforward guitars. There's no real comparison to be made here, I wouldn't say it's more like Streetcleaner or anything else - we all know how different each GF record is. However, it is very different from their last outings and I'm thrilled by it. I grabbed my 7 string and played along, and it seems to all be in B.

There were 2 track titles that were rumored, Beyond Good & Evil and Birthdeath. It seems likely that these titles were changed along the way.

Ok - that's enough....I'll write a full review tomorrow, with details about every little thing I can think of.

Also in news today, some people have voiced their opinion over the quality of the recently released anthology DVD. The common complaint is that it's a bit grainy - and unclear. Richard did a little research and came up w/ some answers. The quick answer to why is, "VHS at best was 240 lines so the original footage was always better than the VHS. DVD is 500 lines so when we go from footage that is not this pristine quality it makes it look worse."

The long answer can be found here.

August 2001:

[24th August] - Little Getaway
Going away for a few days. Just to mention a few things...

Techno Animal will likely be coming back to the US this October - so if you've missed them, you'll get another chance.

Avalanche has been down for a little while. Hope the site gets back up soon - I don't know what's going on there.

Should be back late in the week.

[17th August] - More Impressions
Jean-Michel, who sent in some of yesterday's live TA Pics, also wrote up his live impressions. That makes 3 in the 5 live dates. Not too bad! Hope it goes that well whenever Godflesh tours!

[16th August] - Live TA Pics
Thanks to Jean-Michel, Ian Cook and Pat we have over a dozen Live TA Pics! There's some from the NYC and Oakland shows as well as 3 from the Sonar Festival back in June. Pretty nice stuff! Thanks guys!

Also - There's a full length TA interview in this month's DJ Magazine.

[14th August] -
Long-time contributor Dg has sent in his TA Live Impressions from Chicago this past Saturday. I think he sums it up in the following line:

There's just something about Techno Animal live that grabs you and shakes you like a rabbit in a rottweiler's mouth.
I don't know if I'd go to a show based solely on that, so you should read both of our live impressions! With only one more US date left - I hope everyone who went enjoyed themselves!

Updated the Links Page with Dub Terror - the new home to the Rants message board. They've also got a hefty number of links/reading material in there.

Also - in the left frame you may notice a new section under Other. It's called Work in Progress. It's no secret that there's never enough time to devote to working on the pages. So - for now at least, I've created this little section where I've tossed bits of info into. This will tide me over until I can get all the info spread throughout the pages.

Finally - some uselessness...if the release date holds, we've got 70 days until the new Godflesh is released. The first new material in over 2 years. Anyone else psyched?

[10th August] - Late Update - Contest Over!
Turns out that my little quiz contest wasn't as cut and dry as it seemed.

The correct answer is Exit. The Final track appears on the Endless 2 comp and there's a Zonal track w/ the same name.

Of course - there had to be some problems w/ my quiz, both relating to TA and the Unmanned 12".

Robosapien is a track from Brotherhood of the Bomb as well as being a remix title from Unmanned (Intercranial (Robosapien)).

Anti-Body is a Youpho title, and, sharing the same deal as Robosapien, is a remix from Unmanned. This one is Lost Transmission of the Ill Saint (Anti-Body).

In both cases it's not very clear in the TA Discography that these titles are actually remixes and not actually the full song titles. Due to this I've awarded both James Retterer and our old pal Neil Gogate...and updated the Discography to clear it all up.

So - after that absurdly long explanation, congrats to both of them, and I'll think through my contests better if I run another one! hehe.

[10th August] - CF Contest
Ok - well, I can't give away anything spectacular - but I grabbed an extra copy of Dead Man's Curse at the TA show the other day. I don't need 2 copies and figured why not give it away?!

So...what do you have to do to win this CD? Answer the following:

There is one song title shared by 2 side projects. Beyond numerically titled tracks (Sidewinder and Solaris BC both have tracks titled 1, 2 etc.), what is the track title and which projects share this song?

Ok - I know it's a lame contest, and not fair to everyone, as it's 1am in places like Australia right now. Sorry 'bout that! If you know the answer, email me. Good luck. Maybe next time I'll think of something better!

[9th August] - Late Update
As promised, I scanned (looks terrible, but gets the job done) the new promo 12" from last night, as well as the Brotherhood of the Bomb promo CD cover.

Brotherhood promo We Can Build You promo

Click on the images for their discography listings and larger snaps.

[9th August] - TA Live is Awesome!
*Yawn* Late night last night. Saw TA in NYC and I must say, it was an excellent show! Not really a review, I've posted my TA Live Impressions. I had a great time, and got to meet a pair of fellow GF fans, which is always a pleasure. Take a peek at what I wrote - especially if you plan on going to one of the shows. If you do get to go, let me know what you thought of it!

Oh - in that article I talk about a new TA 12" promo. I've added this to the TA Discography already. Limited to 1000.

[4th August] - Chicago Date Changed
I've been informed that the Chicago date on the Techno Animal tour has been changed to the 11th. The dates listed below reflect this change.

[2nd August] -
Earache has posted SoLaH shirts to their online store, for anyone interested.

Also, Avalanche has been updated. The most noteworthy news item is that the new GF will definitely carry the title of Hymns and the album is completed.

Finally, as Benner reports, the In All Languages CD seems to have been pushed back. The date given was the 7th of August. Some ppl have received their DVDs but not the CDs. Again, some got their copies weeks ago, so I can't see what went wrong. Hopefully if you're still waiting, the wait should end soon.

July 2001:

[31st July] - *Grrr*
My ever reliable cable isp has been down for the past few days. Unfortunately my access is limited to the workday hours, and so updates may be slow for the next few days. The good news is that so little is going on, most of you would probably never even notice!

Actually, due to this downtime, I've worked on the FAQ. It's been brought up to date w/ Messiah, In All Languages, the split from Earache and so on.

Speaking of the anthology, from what I understand many of you still haven't received your copy. In fact, some people ordered before I did and they never got theirs. From my bitter west coast correspondent, we've learned that Earache was having some sort of 'production problem'. I don't have any other details, but if you haven't received your copy, try contacting them. Hopefully soon this will be sorted out.

[27th July] - JK Flesh & K Mart Interview
"And often, with a lot of the stuff we do, we couldn’t even tell you now how it got to where it got."

A line I found interesting referring to the way Techno Animal creates music. A segment from this interview w/ Kevin Martin and Justin by Don Anderson. The articles is from Insound and is quite amusing. Thanks to db for submitting the link.

[20th July] - Oh Yeah...
Forgot to mention that I'll almost certainly be going to the NYC date - TA's first US date ever. Can't wait!

[19th July] - TA US Tour Dates
Yup, the first US tour is right around the corner. I'll get this into the tour section shortly, but for now:

Date City Venue Details
8/8 New York City Frying Pan Boat Pier 54 at Chelsea Piers
8/9 Detroit St. Andrews Hall
8/11 Chicago Subterranean
8/13 Los Angeles Knitting Factory
8/15 Oakland Mom's Cookie Factory A warehouse

These dates were posted over at Matador's TA Section. If you have any questions, please contact Matador Records. They're renting all sorts of equipment for the tour too!

On a related note, I got myself a copy of Brotherhood of the Bomb...I'll post some thoughts after I give it another listen or two. Initial opinion? Too much rapping. :) But that's just me. I hoped the rapping would stay within Ice, but I suppose it's only natural. A lot of the music sounds very familiar if you know all the TA records. Just hope it doesn't appear on the next GF! In any event, it's very good, if not a little too familiar. Any opinion really depends on your standpoint regarding the new elements.

[13th July] - New GF Delayed
The new GF record has been pushed back to the 23rd of October. At this point it seems that the date is solid and that it won't change. We'll see though, remember, this was the record that was definitely coming out in 2000. :)

[9th July] - Techno Animal
2 brief updates here. The first is that the tracklisting for the new Techno Animal LP has been posted to the TA Discography. Robo Sapien is one title...sounds like TA to me! The record is set for a Sept 11th release. Thanks to Bart for the info.

The second update is a TA movie over at Matador Records. In their TA Section, there's a movie download of them playing live this year. It's a 10Mb Quicktime movie, and it's really only Justin bouncing around and a little Kevin Martin. In fact, it's not very exciting to see, but who cares? It's a live TA movie! :)

[7th July] - This & That
I received my copies of In All Languages yesterday. I'll have to spread the info over the site - so I'll do that soon. The 2 new tracks on there are the UnT remixes, and both are pretty good. It's interesting starting the disc out w/ Love is a Dog from Hell and ending it w/ the newer material. It'd be hard to tell that it was the same band if you didn't know any better. I'm hoping that the ppl who did get the anthology are enjoying the new tracks on there. I would imagine that the other rare tracks won't ever get released. Working alongside an old Terminal Cheesecake fan, we might be able to post some MP3s soon. Try to fill in the gaps. Try to avoid legal issues w/ Earache as well.

News from the Box has posted all the Scorn Tour Dates. This includes 7 US dates and a few in Europe.

I've also worked on the old Disconnected section, as it's now the Hymns Section.

[4th July] - Egads! What's this?
Happy 4th of July for those in the US....

It's been a long while, but Avalanche has finally received an update! There's a bit about upcoming Techno Animal dates and the new GF has a new working title of Hymns. The rest is older news.

The biggest news is about the new LP. Outside of the name change, a contact at Koch International (releasing the LP in the US) tells us:

I just got 3 unmastered new GF songs. OH MY F****** GOD. This is by far and away the 3 best Godflesh songs EVER! Ted Parsons rocks. More info as it arrives. I will try to get listed on the new cd.

I'm sure we'll all decide if it's the best ever when we hear it, but the date I was given was the 24th of September as the current anticipated release worldwide.

The 2 TA dates listed are both in London, the 15th and 17th of this month, supporting Fantomas. The date that I've heard about was for the 9th of August in Detroit, St. Andrews Hall. I'll be updating the tour dates section soon w/ all this info. The band should be embarking on their first US tour in August, according to both the site and Matador Records.

Speaking of the label, I just checked their TA Section, and found the scan to the left. This should be the cover for the new LP, Brotherhood of the Bomb (not to be confused w/ the 12" of the same name (sorta))...This is due out in August.

On a related note, I've heard that Scorn will be playing in Washington DC on September 13th - for anyone interested/close by. More details on everything soon.

June 2001:

[26th June] - PC Issues
It's rather quiet right now, surprising since a new GF release is here. From what I understand, some people have gotten their copies already. The low price tag on the DVD is likely in part due to the lack of any decent packaging or presentation. It will be good for those who haven't seen any of the videos, but for us who have been lucky enough to see them all, there's virtually nothing extra to see here. As for the CDs, my hopes for being mentioned were once again squashed. Oh well, perhaps in the future.

The real reason for today's update however is b/c of my ongoing PC issues at home. I've been juggling mail solutions for some time, so that I can have access while at work. Unfortunately I've archived mostly everything at home and now that's all gone. So, most mail from the past few months (well over 150 msgs) is gone. If you've mailed me in the past and I haven't responded, it seems unlikely that I will anytime soon. I want to apologize to anyone who was awaiting a reply.

The pages won't suffer though. I'll still update them whenever I get news.

[16th June] - Anthology Available
Disregard my babble from below. Apparently the listing over at Tower was for July 24th, not this month, but who cares in the end, as In All Languages is available now over at! Only $11 for the double cd set and $15 for the DVD. That's not too bad if you ask me.

There's a chance one of you will receive your copy before me (likely). If so, please drop me a line w/ some details ok? Thanks!

[11th June] - One Week?!
Though we were told the 18th, Tower has In All Languages slated for the 24th of the month. The 18th is a monday, isn't that when records come out in the UK? In any event, the US looks at a 24th June date, from the little info that I can find. While people don't seem to be the happiest about the tracklisting, at least it has some gems on there that have been elusive for some time. All the details here.

May 2001:

[May 25th] - TA Discography Complete!
I've finished the images in the Techno Animal Discography, adding small images of all the old releases. I must say, the discography looks pretty good, and I'm definitely happy having snaps of everything.

[May 21st] - In All Languages
June 18th is the date set for the new Godflesh anthology, appearing on both CD and DVD! The tracklisting has been finalized, so for anyone hoping for an updated list, you're not in luck. All information can be found in the In All Languages section. Discography will be updated ASAP. The DVD looks like it will be the videos only, and no live footage, and will be a discounted DVD release. Info from Earache.

[May 15th] - TA Scans
Thanks to 2 of the oldest supporters of the site, we have some new scans in the Techno Animal Discography. This includes Curse of the Golden Vampire, Demonoid (GR), Megaton and the new one, Dead Man's Curse.

Many thanks to our old pals JB and DG! Where would we be all these years later w/out them? (You too MF, and.....heh!)

[May 9th] - Confirmation!
Godflesh have signed to Music for Nations worldwide, and the new record will be distributed by Koch in the US. As of now, the band has been in the studio for a month solid working on the new LP. The September date listed yesterday is quite tentative.

Disconnected will Not be the finished album title, just a working one.

In other news, Techno Animal's Brotherhood of the Bomb LP has been pushed back from early June to late August.

All of this information confirmed.

Oh, and in a final side note...I started a hit counter on the pages about 2 years ago. We've just surpassed the 100,000 hit mark. hehehe...Not too shabby. Took a while, but we got there! Thanks all!

[May 8th] US Deal & Date
The first confirmed news about the new record! Koch will be putting out the new GF in the US, with a tentative September release scheduled!

Again, this is confirmed. No news about a worldwide release, and that date is tentative. Looks like we've got another few quiet months ahead of us. See the Disconnected Section for all known details.

April 2001:

[April 30th] New Releases
As listed in the chart above, there's some new releases out now. The latest is the Techno Animal 12". I'm unsure if the Wired magazine has hit shelves, but when it does it should have an exclusive TA track. The Tech Level 2 12" is out now as well.

You can get these from Bent Crayon.

[April 24th] New Label Revealed?
This isn't verified info, so take it as you would most rumors.

Rumor: Godflesh may have finalized a deal with Music for Nations. Apparently they will be finishing up the record in June. As we've known, they opted to record this album outside their home studio at Avalanche. This time it's being recorded and mixed at a studio in Wales.

Again, that's simply something I've heard. We should hopefully know more soon.

[April 21st] ???
It's been a while...Updates are always an odd thing. Had so many in a short period of time and then silence. Well, things got quiet. After the big Avalanche update, nothing else new happened. Their last update was almost 2 months ago and the site says that the new GF label deal would be revealed within 2 weeks. Don't really know what's going on, but I just figured I'd let you all know that I'm still around...waiting like you all.

Hope all is well w/ everyone. I've been quite busy lately.

March 2001:

[March 20th] Disconnect Tracklisting?
Benner has supplied us with what might be a handful of titles from

All details (as well as future updates) can be found in the Disconnect Section. No release date or label info was supplied, but titles like Beyond Good & Evil and Vampire sound somewhat interesting!

[March 14th]
Thanks to The Narco Agent, the Images Page has a new link. There's 7 pics of Ice live from 1998, in London. These have been posted to His site and linked here. Quite nice!

[March 8th]
Bart sent in the info and tracklisting for Techno Animal's most recent remix release. It's for 2nd Gen and the record is titled And/Or. The tracklisting is in the TA Remix Page! Thanks!

[March 7th]
I received my copies of the new Vitriol and Isis (info coming soon) recently. There was a short Press Release the came with it, written by Ben, so I wrote it up for the pages. The record itself is pretty interesting, somewhat comparable to Final.

The Isis is very good too, one excellent track at least and Justin's 10 minute remix is outstanding!

[March 6th]
Thanks to a tip from Ryan, we have a brief bit of info about Clinical, what seems to be another Justin side project.

The info was found at This Link from The Wire. The bit appears on the bottom of the article, though it says that it originally appeared in an issue from July of 1996! Clinical was Justin and John Roome, of Witchman. Hopefully we'll be able to uncover some more info about this, though if it's that old I wonder if anything ever came out?

[March 1st]
A pair of Techno Animal tour dates have been posted, with a 3rd pending.

February 2001:

[February 28th] - In All Languages Tracklisting!
Yup...through a little digging, we now have a tentative tracklisting for the upcoming In All Languages double CD Anthology! There's some interesting things in there, and of course I've included my comments on the whole deal. Check it out!

[February 27th] - Quick Afternoon Update
After all these slow months, everything seems to be happening at once! There's almost a dozen releases listed above! I've worked on the discographies to include some of these new records, but little info is known.

In any event, I have a minor bit of news that isn't posted in the barrage of Avalanche updates. It's about the upcoming anthology release. Nothing is official just yet, but apparently this is a 'Best Of' type deal and not necessarily the hoped 'Rare & Unreleased' compilation. It should be titled In All Languages, though I'm unsure if the accompanying DVD release will carry the same name. Justin has already signed off on a track listing (still unknown), but considering it's a double disc set, I'd imagine there's got to be some rare or live goodies included.

Finally, if you have access to any excellent quality film footage that might be useful for the DVD release, be it live or other, please let me know.

[February 27th]
Big Avalanche update. News about GF, TA, the double CD & DVD GF Anthology and more. Yes, the anthology will come out! Through Earache, the DVD will apparently have all the band's videos! Wow!

Over the next couple of days I'll get all this info into the discographies and other proper sections, but for now check out Avalanche! I've listed a brief lisiting of all upcoming releases above.

Also, there's a new link in the Links & Articles section. The link is to Neurot Recordings, the label that is issuing the Vitriol release.

[February 25th]
Back in December, we heard the news that there would be a new unnamed JKflesh/Kmart recording appearing on Ipecac Recordings. There's an extremely short blurb appearing in the News Section of Ipecac's Site this week. It states that a Curse of the Golden Vampire project featuring Justin and Kevin Martin, should have something new in the near future. I thought this project was them (as TA) and Alec Empire...? We'll have to wait and see how this turns out. It's confusing when side projects have side projects.

[February 24th]
Well, as you can see there have been some minor visual changes here. I've done this to make updates a bit simpler. Everything else will stay the same, just all news items will appear here on the front page instead of in a separate updates page. As shown in the prior news bit below, some updates will be quick blurbs of what has changed and gone on.

I'm still toying with some formatting ideas and so things may change slightly, but I think i'm comfortable with what we have here. Ideas are always welcome!

Today I've also finally gotten around to reformatting the Images Section. It has been broken up into 9 sections (for now) and contains about 90 images. Many of the pics in the old section were from a long time ago when I had little space to use on the pages. I went back and rescanned some, as well as adding a few dozen. There's still some formatting issues I'm working on in that section too, but again, for now it will work.

[February 22nd]
[News] - Vitriol release pushed back until March 20th.

[Related Projects Discography] - Loop and Deathless info updates.

[February 20th]

Today's news is cool. Benner informed me of an update on Neurot Recordings site. There's finally a release date for Ben's Vitriol project! This is set for the same day as the Isis record where Justin remixes a track. Read the News Page for all the details!

[February 3rd]
Quick update to make it 2 in a row.

Thanks to Ryan, we've now got pics for all the entries in the Loop Discography. I'm glad to have that section finished up! Many thanks.

Second update is to the Sounds Page. 2 new MP3s there, both from Main, the first time I've highlighted a related project and not a side project. Both tracks are very cool IMO, hopefully you will enjoy them too! That's it for today!

[February 2nd]
Hello's been a bit, but I've got a handful of updates to report today. Where to start...Well...

There's a new section atop the left navigation bar. It's called Disconnect. From what I have heard, this should be the title of the new Godflesh record! There's little info in there, but all future updates will appear in that section, so keep your eyes on that for future updates. has posted a MP3 from the recent TA/Dalek split 12". The track they have is by Dalek but I posted the link to the Sounds Page anyways for those interested.

Thanks to tnth, we have a new article in the Links Page! This is a short one from 1996, pretty cool. It's marked new, but if you're lazy (it's ok! :) here's the easy route!

Finally...In the past few weeks I've had a few people contact me about the posting of MP3s. Apparently there's some confusion and well, people seem downright pissed. I will try to clarify this one final time. If people still have a problem with my method here, then I'd prefer not post any MP3s. Imagine this situation:

I spent a good number of years looking everywhere to find "record X". Being that there are only 1000 amount of copies of this rare release, it was a highly sought after item. Finally I found a copy, and dished out a decent $40 for it. The 2 songs are finally mine!

The following day, both of these super rare, age old tracks appear on the unofficial site in CD quality audio. All those years of searching, all that money I just spent! Now the rest of the world has it too...What a waste of my time and money.

If you can't see how that might upset people, then I'm sorry. But I still maintain my 'policy' here. If you feel that having no rare tracks is better than having some, then I shouldn't continue posting them. People actually think that I'm doing an evil thing here and that baffles me.

This will be the final time I address this. I am sorry if anyone is upset by the current situation, but it's the way it will be. I hope that people still enjoy the inclusion of these MP3s. If you all mail me saying zero is better than some, then we'll do just that.

New MP3s coming soon otherwise...

January 2001:

[January 21st]
The Loop Discography received a little treatment this morning with an update thanks to Ryan, who also informed me of a complete and in depth Loop Discography! I've also added 2 new cover scans to that section, but I'm still missing most of them. Fortunately the tracklistings are all complete now. [January 1th]
Thanks to a tip from Jason Bundy, the video to Crush My Soul has been posted to the Sounds Page. Not a sound file, I just didn't know where else to put it! The video is in Real and Winmedia format, and can be found over at Rolling This video received very little airplay if any, and the band was forced to edit it a number of times. It is one of the more difficult videos to find, it's very cool to have it accessible!

[January 5th]
I do hope you all had a great holiday season and are prepared for the long winter (in the northern hemisphere at least! :) Anyway, things have been quiet. If you still haven't received your Av Inc releases, hopefully they'll be shipped on the 10th as described below. With the new Godflesh release still a distance away, there's little going on. Speaking of that release, so much for the 2000 guarantee. I envisioned it would come out this spring, but now I'm not so sure. There's been no news of a label deal, and so I figure it'll be at least a few months after penning that deal for the new LP to come out. By now, most of the record should have been recorded. So, it's more sit around and wait.

Fine by me I I've posted some new MP3s to the Sounds Page, including a very special track that many of you have waited long to hear. Go check it out! Won't be there forever! Enjoy!

December 2000:

[December 29th]
Here's the email some people have gotten from Avalanche Recordings:

"Unfortunately the first pressings of both Av.Inc. releases sold out completely within days. So,we are awaiting the new pressings which have been on hold due to the Xmas/holiday period. Both items will be back in stock around 10th Jan, and all awaiting orders will be shipped just after this date."

There's more, but I figure if you didn't get the email then you should be getting your copy soon! January 10th isn't too far away, sorry to everyone who had to wait.

[December 19th]
Quick update...a short bit of news was found on regarding an upcoming JK Flesh/K Mart collaboration. Not much info given, but read The News Page for a little more info.

[December 16th]
Hardly any updates as of late, I've been rather busy. Looking through the site, there's always things that need to be done, the FAQ really needs a good update. Unfortunately, there's not enough hours in the day right now. :( Perhaps one day soon I'll get around to working on these sections. Perhaps I'll have to find some assistance at one point too...was hoping I'd never have to say that. hehe...

Anyways, the only updates that I've been posting in the past few weeks have been to the sounds page. Today there are 3 new MP3s, the first of which will please many of you. Empyreal 2 has been posted. A long sought after rarity, this appeared on 1995's Rareache, which saw only a limited release. The other 2 are versions of Dog Day Sunrise, one from Head of David 1986 album Dustbowl and then Fear Factory's 1995 version. All 3 tracks may sport less than stellar sound quality...just so you know.

People who have ordered the releases from Avalanche Recordings should be receiving your copies any day now. Both discs are great, and any reviews would be wonderful! Thanks!

[December 6th]
I was pretty happy to see that the new releases were finally available and on top of that, I just got Final's Flow/Openings on MP3, so why not celebrate!?

One of those 2 Final tracks and 2 Techno Animal tracks have been posted to the Sounds Page. If you're interested, please read the Sound Info page w/ descriptions of these tracks. This Final release has always been my fave material by that project, hands down, and so there's a little personal blurb in there.

Now, I'm sure at least one person is wondering, "WHY more Techno Animal?" It's really pretty simple. Out of all the side projects, this one has a hell of a lot more material than the others! Plus, I had a request for Cyborg Dread, the track I've included. There's actually 2 versions of this song on the pages for this week. I've got some more goodies to come, including some awesome rarities!

[December 5th]
Quick update today, the new Godflesh and Zonal releases can now be purchased from the Avalanche Shop. This is the online store of the band, and these 2 records can only be purchased there. The Zonal release is available in CD and MP3 format while the Godflesh is only on CD.

We all should have these records shortly, all info about them will be posted ASAP.

November 2000:

[November 28th]
I wish I had some info on the AvalancheInc Records releases, but unfortunately I don't. Once again, I've posted some new MP3s. This week I've highlighted Youpho. I took one track from each of their first 2 releases (Antibody and Anxiety/Life) It's all D&B for you fans out there...Enjoy!

[November 13th]
Another Unfortunate Delay.

The 15th of this month was the date for the upcoming Godflesh and Zonal releases. However, due to server problems, this date will slip. The band has no access over the site as is, even though it's accessible to us.

"Basically the CDs will be ready to buy as soon as the website is accessible to us again. As soon as it is, the site for Avalanche Recordings will go up and then the links to buy the CDs. There's no point in setting another date b/c the CDs are basically ready to go, its just that we can't put up the links!"

There you go. In order to medicate your depression, I've posted 2 new MP3s! This time from Sweet Tooth, a very different project. Sound quality isn't the best, but I hope most will enjoy these tracks. I know I certainly do. Let me know what you think!

Oh, BTW, the Godflesh and Zonal records will be coming out on CDR and MP3.

October 2000:

[October 31st]
I feel bad, things are slow...but I'm sure that none of you will mind some more MP3s.

Today? Some good stuff! First off there's 2 tracks from Techno Animal's first LP, Ghosts! Also, there's a new Godflesh MP3, from the Eindhoven show, like last week. Finally, has posted another live show from TA! This is from the show last week, (10.25) and clocks in at almost an hour! Good stuff! You know where to find them...

So, until there's new updates, I guess you'll have to deal w/ 3 new MP3s and a live show! Oh well!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

[October 20th]
No real updates lately, but I figured I'd celebrate the 5 year anniversary w/ a month full of cool MP3s! I doubt most of you will complain about that! Especially considering this week's additions!

This week we've got 2 live Godflesh tracks from 1999. These were submitted by Andreas Vondran and were recorded in Eindhoven last summer. Both can be found in the Sounds Section. Let me know what you think! There's one old track and one new one. Enjoy!

[October 11th]
Let's see...I now have a computer and a cable modem! I am so happy!

Due to the cable modem, like promised, we have some new MP3s. This time, it's from Ice, from their Under the Skin record. Both tracks are in the Sounds Section and as usual, there's a description about the songs. For those tired of side projects and are looking for more GF, fear not, next update will have live material from 1999!

I've also noticed a small update to the Avalanche, this time, the TechLevel2 section has been begun. For now, it's just a news section, but it's got info on a new split 12" w/ a new track. This track will soon appear on a compilation through Hardleaders. Info can be found in the Tech Level 2 Section here on the site.

[October 6th]
Thanks to RKF we've got completed sections for Terminal Cheesecake, Prong and Of Cabbages and Kings. These 3 sections now have cover scans and discography listings.

I should have a cable modem within the next week...which means new MP3s soon!

[October 4th]
There's a new Final track appearing on a french compilation. The track, Far appears on the 7th edition of the Fear Drop fanzine. I don't have a copy of this nor can I refer you to a place to get it, just yet at least. I'll report more when I learn more.

Also, the Tour Dates page was updated, with more Comae dates listed. This is Robert Hampson playing alongside of Janek Schaefer.

I have my computer, for those interested, and it's spectacular! Hopefully this will let me update more frequently and get to all those little things I've been neglecting. Cable modem next week too probably. :)

September 2000:

[September 27th]
The new Techno Animal 12" has been released. This is a split record w/ Dalek. It's titled Megaton/Classical Homicide and is the band's first release on Matador. The record has 4 tracks, 1 new by each artist, and 1 remix by each. Don't have full info, but what I do is listed in the TA Section.

Also today the Message Board has been changed. I don't run these, they're maintained by the guys at Avalanche...this board looks better than the last. Enjoy!

[September 19th]
GF's newest release, Messiah, has been pushed back once again. This unreleased EP from 1994 has been through numerous delays, but this will hopefully be the final one. The band has worked everything out w/ their ex-label, Earache Records and the release is now scheduled for Mid-November...the 15th is the tentative date.

No other news today...not yet at least.

[September 18th]
Quiet recently...Hrm. Well, today, thanks to DG again, we've got some new MP3s for the site. Today's update has 2 songs from God, off of their 1992 record, Possession. It's some guitar based stuff this time, for those who prefer guitars over electronic stuff. Both can be found in the Sounds Page, and hopefully will be rotated out in a week or two. Thanks for the patience guys, I've got some cool stuff coming in the next 3 weeks or so. Hrm...

Oh, and there's a related tour date. This one is Robert Hampson (GF/Loop/Main) and Janek Schaefer together as Comae, in Detroit. I don't know if there's any other dates however...

[September 5th]
Back on track here, I've moved into my new place and it's pretty cool...

Today...thanks to David Cotner, and Planet Rock, we now have some Techno Animal Tour Dates. Speaking of them, AvalancheInc has relaunched their Techno Animal section...check it out.

I'll be back in a few w/ more hopefully...

August 2000:

[August 24th]
Another small update today. Thanks again to James Rowlands, we now have scans and full info on all releases from Head of David! He's the same kind gentleman who provided the Terminal Cheesecake info and scans. Many thanks!

I'm moving in a few days and you may have heard me complaining about the lack of my own computer. Well, I hope to get one in the next few weeks and with the move, things may be a little slow for a little while. I should have email access, but if there's a delay in response, please understand. Besides, things are somewhat slow for now, until Avalanche launches their TA section that is! :) Thanks for the patience, I'll speak to you all soon!

[August 11th]

Not a major update today, and MP3s are to come later in the week, but as per Avalanche's minor update, it seems that Techno Animal has signed to Matador Records as expected. This is definitely good, as new records should be easier to find.

In Messiah news, the newest date is late September. Let's hope that date sticks.

[August 4th]

I posted a New MP3 the other day but forgot to tell you about it! hehe...Anyways, I've tossed up a copy of Newspite. It's a remix of Spite obviously, and to tell you the truth, it doesn't seem to be anything spectacular. But, for us completionists, it's a good find. Also in the Sounds Page, I've included a quick info link for all the MP3s that I put up. So, you have a little more info on them. This isn't really spectacular either, but it's somewhat useful.

The GF Biography, another GF site has been updated, and it looks good! Still under construction though...

Thanks to James Rowlands we have scans of all the Terminal Cheesecake releases.

July 2000:

[July 26th]

I guess the last thing I need is more sections on the site, but oh well...

Who's Who? is the new section. It's still in the early stages, but it's got most of the major info on there now, with a lot of work still needed. Check it out...and let me know if you think it's useless.

What's up w/ the MP3 of the week? Yup, I'm slacking. Geez...I'm having problems here and there, so I'll have them up soon, probably this weekend. Sorry for the delay, it gives you a little longer to get the old ones though! :)

We've got scans of the God/Terminal Cheesecake split 7" on Clawfist...Thanks to Markus for submitting that!

There's still the continuing updates to the Related Projects page...nothing noteworthy, but just letting you know it's constantly updated!

[July 18th]

I'm already late on my weekly MP3. *sigh* So, what's new today? Well, some people have voiced their concerns about Godflesh MP3s appearing on the pages. Since there aren't that many rarer Godflesh songs out there, I'm going to have a lot of side project songs on the pages. I know that not all GF fans like the side projects, but I guess that's the idea. To let you hear stuff that you normally wouldn't, and couldn't. So, this week I have a rare MP3 to post. Final Vs. Solaris - Voidbeat 1. This only appeared on the french compilation Fear Drop 3. It was released as part of a fanzine, and was pressed onto a 3" CD. Quite nice.

Oh, unfortunately Messiah, the new GF ep, that was slated for a release in a week has been pushed back. I've been promised however, that the August 7th release date is definite, and will not slip.

More updates to the Related Project Discographies. Today, I've cleaned up the Terminal Cheesecake page as well as creating a big Skullflower page. Thanks so much to James Rowlands for the TC info, which he sent a lot of!!!

Also, thanks to Adam Treverton for helping me w/ the Pigface info in the Remixes & Production page.

[July 12th]

I've neglected the Related Projects Discography for far too long. Today, I've done a major update there, creating pages for almost every entry. If you're interested, check out the Cable Regime and Main sections. I've included info and scans of most of those releases. Thanks so much to Monty Meier for almost all of the Cable Regime info and all of the scans. The Main Discography was based around the old Main Homepage. Unfortunately that page seems outdated and has numerous broken links. So, I've brought over most of the info from there. I've also utilized the AllMusic Guides for help.

I'm happy to finally get something done in that section. It's something that needs so much work that I tend to overlook it. But, with a little help, it could definitely become a massive archive, which is what I want of course! :) Any info you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also today you may notice a change in the sidebar. I've now created yet another discography section, this time about Remixes and Production. Currently, I don't have any production material in there, it's all remixes, but I do plan on expanding that section as information becomes available. It'll probably take forever, but at least it's a start!

[July 9th]

This week, I've added 2 MP3s to the Sounds Page! I've been listening The Sidewinder a lot, and so we've got 2 tracks from their Colonized LP. The first track is The Vodun Conspiracy. It ends abruptly, so there's nothing wrong w/ the file. The second track is a short song from the same album, it's called Ten Ton Ghettoblaster. I love that track...and while it only clocks in at a mere 1:37, it's an insane minute and a half! :) As always, these are in the Sounds Section and like last week's update, are thanks to DG. I've decided to rotate the files, each will stay on the page for 2 weeks, and new songs will be put on the page weekly. Sounds like a good idea to me!

No other updates though today. I've cleaned up some of the discographies again. I think the Side Project Discography needs a little reworking. Soon I guess.

Oh yeah, the other day I worked on the Links Page, w/ a new link to Ted Parsons' Teledubgnosis project, as well as a little rearranging.

[July 6th]

Check out the News Page as there's some cool info about some side project releases. Included therein is info about yet another JK Flesh/K Mart project, this time called Zonal. Definitely worth a peek.

Speaking of side projects, the Side Project Discography has been updated again with all the above informaiton, as well as a little more cleanup. I got some info about God's lineup, Chris Haynes sent me info about Krackhead, as there is another compilation track. I've also done a little formatting on those pages. Take a quick look, there may be something new that you haven't seen...

The Links page has gone through a little reformatting, now containing a link to Teledubgnosis, a new project by Ted Parsons...really cool stuff!

Since I'm going to try to keep up w/ the weekly MP3 update, look for another one this friday or saturday (translation: Get Tiny Tears while you can!!! :)

[July 1st]

While it won't sound too great, I've posted a live version Tiny Tears to the sounds page. It was recorded in 1989 and appears on the Nottingham 89 bootleg. Thanks so much to DG for setting me up w/ it. It looks like we're set for a long time w/ MP3s, and so requests will be taken for individual songs. I do plan on making it a weekly thing...Just never get around to it!

Oh...and now that I know I'm not the only idiot, you may want to check out AvalancheInc again. In the Godflesh Section of their pages, the audio links are on more than one page. Originally I thought it was only Absorber and Hunted & Consumed. I didn't see the Messiah or Pulp (Peel Session) links, nor did I see the videos! If you've found these already, then cool, but if you missed them, check them out!!!

June 2000:

[June 28th]

Soon enough, I'll have my own computer, and finally updates should come more often. I can't wait.

Today's update is based on AvalancheInc. The Godflesh page over there is finally up, and it looks good! Some cool images (most I've never seen), some audio samples, and some great news! I've taken the important bits and added them to the News Page, but I recommend checking the site out.

The most important news update is the forthcoming release of Messiah. The only unreleased GF material from the past. Coming out in less than a month!

The Discography has been updated recently, reformatted a little, and I like it. It also now has the little known info on Messiah, just a tracklisting actually. The Side Project Discography went through some minor changes too, as there's errors in there. I've fixed some and I'll be fixing more in the next couple of days.

Hopefully more MP3s to come, probably once I get my computer...

[June 7th]

Well well....we've got another MP3 on the site today, this time it is Godflesh's cover of AC/DC's For Those About to Rock, and can be found in the Sounds Section. Next up? We'll have to wait and see...there's a lot of good stuff to choose from!

[June 2nd]

I get so discouraged when there are no updates in a long time. I really feel like I'm not doing my job, and I feel guilty. So, after finding a few new MP3s, I've decided to post one. I'm hoping this won't cause any problems w/ the server (we'll find out soon enough I guess!) If anyone has an alternative idea for easilly accessed storage space, please LMK.

So, today's update is in the Sounds Section, and is Love is a Dog from Hell, the awesome track fom the Pathological Compilation. I've got a few other harder to find tracks, and if anyone has some good MP3s, please let me know.

Avalanche will be updated soon, and so I'm sure there'll be plenty to report then. I hope I don't feel so bad! hehe...

Oh...and one other thing. I found a printout of the updates page from November 1996 (the page was only a year old)...pretty cool stuff...maybe one day I'll post it. It is useless of course, but I love that stuff...

May 2000:

[May 8th]

I hope you've taken part of CF's newest poll on the main page. So far, things look good, with the obvious Re-Entry winning. After 100 votes, it's got almost double that of every other record.

Anyway, today's updates. There's 2 cool things today, and in both cases, I've lost the addresses of those who sent the items. Please, give me your addresses and I'll post them on the site. So Sorry guys!

First off, the sounds section has been reworked and I removed all the dead links...which there were a few of. Today's inclusion is 2 Midi files, Mothra and Slavestate. Somewhat amusing, at least we have something in the sounds section! I'll be getting my own PC in the next few weeks hopefully. I'll work on getting some Godflesh MP3s up.

You may notice on the left hand nav bar, there's a new entry atop. Winamp Skins. There's 2 skins in there for use with Winamp.

Neither entry is all too special, but they're interesting and it's different! I've still got a lot of cleaning up to do around here...and if you sent info to me and it's not on the page, don't worry. I've archived all my mail and when I have time to sit at home and update the page (at work now), I plan on making a ton of smaller updates...these smaller updates typically get put off, due to them being so small. Hrm.

[May 1st]

There's a new Article and a new Interview in the Links page. The interview used to be on the site ages ago, and it finally resurfaced. The code on the interview itself (before I modified it at least) has links back to the original location of CF, from at least 3 years ago. Ancient stuff!

Also, there's a new poll on the front page. We'll see how this one goes.

I still plan on changing the format of the Image pages, but i both haven't found a proper format, nor have I found the time to do so. Soon I hope.

April 2000:

[April 28th]

So much for more updates! hehe...well, not much today, but at least it's something!

Avalanche has reopened. It is now called AvalancheINC. While currently none of the band pages are available, the Message Board is still up as well as the new Online Shop. The latter has some goodies, but not too many. Soon, there should be more.

Secondly, the new Tech Level 2 12" is out. Hymn on Hardleaders. As usual you can find it over at Bent Crayon.

The Ireland tour dates have been over for a bit and once again I haven't gotten anybody's input. I'd appreciate any info I could get. Setlists would be ideal, but anything at all would do. Thanks.

Other than that, nothing really new to update. I have some older items I still have to get on the page, and I'm sure there'll be plenty once Avalanche's band pages start up. Hopefully you'll hear from me again soon! Thanks (again) for the patience.

March 2000:

[March 16th]

Avalanche now has a Message Board! It's linked in the left sidebar on the site.

Also today, Adrian Thorsten sent in 2 new images! There's another one of Justin and a cool panoramic shot of both members. Thanks so much!

[March 5th]

I received some mail from Justin and so the page has been updated w/ a bunch of new stuff. There's a few new entries in the News page, including some bits about the new Godflesh record, live dates, Avalanche Recordings, and so on.

The live dates can of course be found in the Tour Dates section.

The Eraser 12" that I have listed in the Techno Animal discography is not actually a TA release. But it's still listed there. Follow the link to find out more. I don't know what to do about it!

Also in Side Project news, I've learned that the new TechLevel2 12" should be out soon.

Hrm. I suppose that's all. I'm enjoying this influx of updates as of late!

February 2000:

[February 29th]

Well, a few small things today. I'm waiting on some news from Justin or Avalanche, but the reported Eraser 12" listed below may not actually be a Techno Animal release after all. I've heard conflicting news about it...Hrm...

Today, I've added 2 new Images, both of Justin live, from the German tour in 1994. Thanks so much to Adrian Thorsten for sending them. They're cool artsy type images...awesome stuff!

Secondly, thanks to Monty Meier for sending in an old Article/Interview taken from Alternative Press from way back in March of '91. This was before the Loopflesh or Slateman 7"s were released! Nice! Oh, follow the link above or just go to the Links/Articles page.

On that topic, I cleaned up some of the old articles on the pages, as they didn't have a background and white text on white doesn't work out too well. Thanks to whomever tipped me off about that...I've since lost your address.

Finally, there's been rumors of Godflesh shows in Ireland in March and April. I can't confirm anything right now, and am still waiting on more concrete news. The date I have heard is:

April 8th, Dublin, Temple Bar Music Centre

Thanks to Portrid for this date.

[February 7th]

Oh how I hate long dry spells.

Well, Force Inc is selling what looks to be a new Techno Animal 12" called Eraser. Thanks to a tip from Re-Gen we have this info. Now, the only thing is, Techno Animal isn't written anywhere on the release, and so I am not 100% positive it's a true TA release.

Well, that's it. I wish there was more, but that's it. Thanks for the patience everyone, hopefully more updates will be coming soon!

Absolutely No January Updates, How Sad!

December 1999:

[December 21st]

Well, another slow month. No new updates today...

I'll be away for a little while. I'll be visiting the family for Christmas, and then driving down to Florida (from NY!) for New Year's Eve. While I'll have net access until the 28th, updates are unlikely.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped out this past year, and especially those who made the 2 domain changes move nicely. Have a great holiday season all...I'll speak to you in the new year!

[December 6th]

Well...I've gotten correspondence from Justin himself, and it's got a bunch of News! There's bits about the new record, and the US tour. Excellent stuff!

The FAQ has also been updated. It's been reformatted and I've listed info about Dermot Dalton and Steve Hough, the touring members of the band this year in Europe.

I'm going away for a little bit, and a bigger bit at the end of the year. Updates have been sparse anyways, so you probably won't even notice that I'm gone...but I'll tell you anyways. I'll be spending the next few days in South Carolina doing a big family reunion thing. Something I would've dreaded a few years ago, but now it's kinda cool. So, probably no new updates until at least tuesday (13th).

November 1999:

[November 29th]

Nothing major today...once again we have a few new images, thanks to Jean-Michel. There's one on Page One of Justin and Ben, and on Page Two, there's a new live image of Justin.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new home of CF, and that you had a good Thanksgiving, (those in the US at least)!

[November 15th]

Sorta backlogged on updates. But, I have a few exciting things today. may be working. CF is currently on 2 servers, and I am just trying to tie up the loose ends.

Today's update...There's 2 new images of Justin that was submitted by Jean-Michel. I plan on changing the image sections around soon, as i don't want to have to keep creating new ones. I'll probably categorize it. Sounds good.

The European tour is underway, and thanks to the ever-reliable Andreas Vondran, there's a small review of the November 12th Show in France.

The cover to Techno Animal's Symbiotics is on the pages now, courtesy of Tom. He also sent me scans of the back, the inlay and the disc itself. I'm not going to put these on the site, but if you want them, mail me soon before I delete them.

If you've emailed me info, it should get on the page soon. I'm anxiously awaiting the new year, as I should be getting rid of my 2nd job, and i'll have more personal time. Which means of course, more updates!

[November 8th]

Small update today. Thanks to both MG Meyer and Jason Byram, we have a more complete Record Labels listing, including hEADdIRT and PDCD releases.

Also today, there's a picture of Ice in Page 3 of the image archive.

Small News Update...

[November 1st]

Well, there isn't as much info as I'd like, but I've posted the Record Labels section to the site. As always, I'd love to hear new info, and I've somehow forgotten what the 4th Lo Fibre release is, so if anyone knows (Jason Byram perhaps?) please let me know.


October 1999:

[October 27th]

Got some more new images for the site. Today's set (of 4) were provided by none other than Ted Parson's himself, who said that he's off to Justin's on November 3rd. There's one new image on Page One, while the other 3 are on Page Two. He sent me 7 images, but only 4 made it. Hrm...

Also today, thanks to Antz, we have some new info concerning the SoLaH and LaHiD album covers. They actually aren't from the same location as I previously thought. Check it out, it also has some info as to why the Earache re-issues look different than their original released counterparts.

[October 22nd]

Added a Third Page to the Images Section. Only 4 images currently, there are 3 Sweet Tooth courtesy of Riznak, who sent them to me ages ago. There's also one Fall of Because image from the inlay of the new record. I just got Life is Easy today and it's nuts. Some crazy stuff on that record, and the primitive versions of our favorite songs are quite interesting.

I'd also like to mention that work is beginning on the Message Board. I know, I've had it listed on the site for months now, but things are finally rolling along. I don't know when to expect it, as I've got someone else doing the work for me [ahhh...crack the whip!] and my net slave gets a little lazy at times (haha). [BTW, it's Doug for all who know him]

Finally, there's some more small updates to the Related Project Discography.

Oh! One more thing. I will probably be putting together a Record Labels section to fit in the Discographies listing. PDCD, Lo Fibre, Avalanche Recordings and whatever info we can find on Post-Mortem/Uprising Produktions. Sound like a decent idea? Speak to you soon!

[October 5th]

I's been a while. Things have been insane here for me, and I apologize for the delay between updates. There haven't been too many major happenings, but I've got a lot of little things that I need to get on the site...and I put them off. *sigh*

Well, today there's only 2 small bits of News. First off, Ted Parsons is now an official 3rd member. Second, Life is Easy by Fall of Because has finally been released. Seriously folks...It's about Friggin' time! :) I haven't seen it or heard it myself, but I've heard good things so far. If anyone wants to review it, I'd love to put it on the site!

Also today, thanks to Jerome Langlais, we have some info about the new Final compilation track. Like reported on Avalanche, it is actually a Justin Broadrick track, but may be credited to Final. It's a 9 minute long guitar instrumental called Two Chords. Check it out in the Final Section. Speaking of which, thanks to Creaig Dunton there's a really old Final Interview from 1985!!! Some very interesting things in there, but it's almost incomprehensible at times. heh...

As for the lengthy delay...I've started my new job, 8-4 Monday-Friday. I'm also taking 1 class here at the university and working 10 more hours on the side. I know...excuses excuses. I'll do my best to get back on track. How things have changed in the past month. Thanks for the patience...again.

What Happened to September?

August 1999:

[August 30th]

Thanks to Jason Byram and Pollstar, the first bunch of European Godflesh tour dates have been announced. This doesn't mean that they're 100% confirmed however, but I think they're official. Hopefully more will be released soon. There's also been small updates to the Tour History section, with a few new entries thanks to Angelo.

Some smaller updates to the Related Projects Discography as well. This info courtesy of our friend Simon Smerdon.

[August 23rd]

Thanks to Tom (forgot your address! Sorry!) we have another 2 God cover scans. This time, it's for Consumed and The Anatomy of Addiction. Looking good!

Smaller updates were made the the Side Project and Related Project discographies, though nothing major. The latter is still under major construction, and I feel will take me just short of forever to complete. As always, any info would be appreciated, especially for Terminal Cheesecake and Skullflower Thanks!

Things have been rather slow, and I'll be losing my job here in about 2 weeks. This isn't the best thing for the frequency of updates. Of course, I will still be maintaining the site as much as possible, which should be multiple times a week if necessary. In the case of smaller updates (like today's), I won't be updating it as much. In the meantime, I've got to find a new job, something I abhor having to do. Oh well, what can you do.

[August 18th]

Thanks to BC, we now have scans of God's Loco and The Appeal to Human Greed in the Side Project Discography. Thanks a lot! That's the only update for the day...

[August 16th]

Not much going on, and I've been out of town more than I had expected, so updates haven't been as frequent as I'd like them to be. I'm also hoping for another Avalanche update soon. There hasn't been one in a while.

Today I reformatted the God Discography. I included only one album cover scan (for Possession) so if you have any other scans, I'd love to see them!

The Related Projects Discgoraphy is coming along. So much info still needed, and finding it isn't the easiest task. Small updates there, but most links are still broken.

Finally, I found a place that sold (not anymore) a Sweet Tooth shirt. It's the cover of Soft White Underbelly (which I finally picked up on LP recently!). I'm surprised they even made a shirt for that!

[August 9th]

I've got some new info concerning the release of the Fall of Because record, supplied to me by Alleysweeper Records. Check it out in the News Section.

There's 2 new UnT reviews (#13 and 14) Thanks to Earpollution and to Harsha Karunaratne for supplying the other which was from this month's Alternative Press.

Finally, the German tour with Neurosis isn't happening. It was never official, but I left the info on the page just in case. There will be some sort of European tour in November, though no dates have been announced, and a US tour is still being planned.

[August 8th]

Well, after no updates in 22 months, I've Finally updated the Bootlegs Discography. I am almost ashamed of having left it for so long. It's got a few new entries, and of course, a new, reformatted look. Finally...

Secondly, the Live Reviews have been fixed up. All reviews will be placed here now, in 1 big file, as opposed to 3 separate ones like it has been. I will be taking the big Live History Notes and integrating that with this section soon too. One of the reasons behind the long wait in the Bootlegs update was that I wanted to integrate all live show information together. Unfortunately, I never found a good format, so I figured I'd update it all first, and work everything else out later. The Tour History would benefit from such a section. Perhaps soon, but at least now it's all easily accessible.

I'm still making small changes here and there, so I'd say that the site is still incomplete. If you find any broken links, please let me know. I hope to have everything functional by the time my old accounts close. Thanks!

[August 6th]

Thanks to Doug Grainger and Abandoned Arts for supplying a bunch of new scans to the site today. The Artwork Section has been updated, now with all scans from Streetcleaner and Pure. The Side Project Discography has also been updated. I reformatted the Ice Discography, including some scans, and forgot to mention that the other day the Final Discography got the same treatment. I'm happy to say that looking at those discographies isn't as bland as it once was, and having scans in there makes it look great! I'm very happy with how it's turning out.

That's all for today. My eyes are beginning to bug out.

[August 5th]

Updates are beginning to roll around. I think I burnt myself out after making all those changes to the site. I guess I got a little over excited about everything. Can you blame me?

Well, after a couple of days to work on my Tony Hawk Pro Skater Visual FAQ, and then a couple of days off, I feel it was ready to get back to the Flesh. Small update today...I finished reformatting the Techno Animal Discography. Still looking for images if anyone has them!

Finally, I've closed down the site that existed on the Albany server. The files are all still there, and if any problems occur before that account closes, you will still be able to access all of the info there. But, hopefully we won't see any problems happening any time soon. I will keep the warning on the front page, as I think it looks kinda cool, and the pages are still under reconstruction. I hope to have the Artwork Section done soon, or at least filled w/ more images, and I think it's time to rework the bootlegs's so old and ugly. That'll be my next project. *sigh* joking! More updates probably tomorrow.

Oh, and if I've been slacking on replying to email, I plan on getting back on track with that too soon. I'm changing over to a hotmail account for now, and trying to get all mails from the other 2 addresses moved there is more work than I had planned! Please don't take it personally...(especially Martin!) Thanks...

July 1999:

[July 31st]

Welcome. Tons of new updates! Check out the Launch Notice for most of them. is coming. I still have to work out a few kinks, and hopefully things will get set up quickly. Thanks for your patience, and please note that there are a lot of things I still need to do. This is a 99% preview of the final if there's something wrong or if there's broken links, I probably know about it...just give me some time to finish everything up. Thanks a lot, and I hope you enjoy it all!

[July 22nd]

It's been 9 long days since an update, I hate it when that happens! This past weekend was a little crazier than I had expected, and so I needed some extra time to rest up. Now I'm back though...on to the updates!

Thanks to Simon Smerden for sending in a few bits of info this week. First off is a new review of Us and Them (#13!), this time from Dead Angel. Secondly, there's 2 new live reviews of the London show on the 2nd of July. The first is from Kerrang Magazine, whilst the second is from Thanks to Bev Painter for the link to the latter. All live information can be found in the tour dates sections.

I finished off the 2nd Godflesh poll. Like the 1st, this one ended with 250 votes, and was Very successful. 81% of those who voted like the album, while only 5% (12 people!) didn't! 35 people, or 14% thought it was ok. I'm thinking up something for a 3rd poll. They're fun...if anyone has any ideas for a short and simple poll, let me know. Otherwise, I may just do without one for a little while.

Finally for the day, (more updates in the coming days hopefully), I've received many requests for a message board. I've referred these people to Last Museum and to the Mailing List, but perhaps it's a good idea. I'd like to hear what people think of it, and to also mention that I have no clue how to create one. I learned a bit of cgi, but then again, I did miserably in my computer science course. Any ideas? Thanks...speak to you all soon.

[July 13th]

Nothing new today, but yesterday I included an update on the Fall of Because record, with a tracklisting.

I'm going to be out of town until Monday. I'll try to get to email during that time, but it seems probable that I won't get to do much. So, no updates during that time. The good news is that I'm working on some new stuff for the site when it relaunches...which should be within the next month or so. Speak to you all on Monday (or Tuesday, if I'm burnt out from a crazy weekend!)

[July 10th]

There's some new News to read...good stuff.

Also, thanks to Andreas Vondran we have some info on last night's Godflesh show in the Netherlands. There's also a setlist. He's also sent us info about the US and German tours, info straight from Justin. All can be found in the Tour Dates section.

[July 9th]

So much to talk about...

You may have noticed a little link in your upper left hand corner that says site notice. If you get a chance, please read it.

I've updated the Side Project section, reformatting many of the pages, and including info on a project called Saskwatch. This is another Justin project that has eluded our eyes for at least 8 months. I hope to have a MP3 of the file online sometime within the next 2 weeks. More info can be found in the News Section.

Speaking of news, check out today's News Update for info on Godflesh's new 2nd guitarist...!

Kev Chan sent me an interview w/ Justin from the July issue of Metal Hammer. Very nice!

There's a Marketplace update, with my own personal entry. I doubt I'm going to get very lucky in finding what I want.

I've posted a few of my thoughts. Kinda worthless, but I didn't want to take up even more space on the updates section.

[July 2nd]

To make up for all those missing sound files I got rid of yesterday, I was able to add some new sound links to the Sounds section. Thanks to Bev Painter for sending me the link to a new Youpho track. Info can be found in the News section. Also, there is the link to the entire 10 Commandments promo disc. Finally, the link to I, Me, Mine was put in the sounds section.

Avalanche was updated a few days ago, listing the summer European dates. It didn't list the German dates in the fall though. Read more in both the News and Tour Dates sections.

Courtesy of Stacy Buchanan, we now have Review #12 of Us and Them. Thanks Stacy!

I've been getting mail from people around the country who have had problems getting Us and Them. To the best of my knowledge it has been officially released everywhere. But, seeing as how some people had it a week or more early, it's possible certain stores are just as late...if not more. I can only reccommend bugging the store owners, or if necessary, ordering online.

[July 1st]

Unfortunately, most of the sound files had to be removed. We (Doug and I) will be putting a MP3 of the week up on the site, and this weeks is Love is a Dog from Hell. Haven't decided next week's yet. If anyone has a request, we can try to accomodate you, but we can't guarantee anything. Thanks.

Oh, one more thing. I fixed the link to Digital Hardcore Recordings. They released Techno Animal's Curse of the Golden Vampire record. Thanks to Jason Phillips for telling me!

June 1999:

[June 29th]

There is now a Godflesh Mailing List. Info is in both the Links section and the News section. This should work out very well, and bring the Godflesh community together. *ahhh*

I added 2 new UnT reviews to the Us and Them section. These are #10 and #11. I'm working on a reformat of the old reviews section, but once again, Netscape is giving me problems. *grumble*

Finally, I guess I did jinx myself. Around vote #80, someone voted that they didn't like Us and Them. Currently, at 110 votes, that person is the only one who doesn't like it! I should start thinking about poll #3...any ideas?

[June 26th]

7 Godflesh tour dates have been announced for Germany in October. While I don't have absolute confirmation that they're official, they seem to be. It looks as if they will be going out with Neurosis after all.

The Techno Animal tour has ended. If anyone went to any show, please let me know how it went. Any info would be appreciated, as I haven't heard much about the tour.

There is a new article in the Links section. This is from Guitar Magazine Online, and while it's not that big, it's got some cool info about the recording of the new album.

You may have noticed the new poll on the front page. Please take part in it if you get a chance. So far it's going very well, and after 70 votes, noone has said that they don't like it. If you ask me, that's a good sign! (probably jinxed it right there)

[June 21st]

I've got some bad news...and some good news...

Read the full story in the Tour Dates section, but it seems that the US Godflesh/Ministry tour has been cancelled. Well, Ministry will still be doing a tour, but Godflesh won't be playing with them. But, that doesn't mean the band won't be coming over at all. We'll just have to wait a bit to hear more news about it. Thanks to both Andreas Vondran and Bev Painter (Nice hearing from you again!) for this info.

The Good news is that some people have gotten their hands on Us and Them already. Not that it should matter, assuming it comes out tomorrow in the US. But, if you're interested, check your stores today. In any event, I expect to have some new reviews in the coming weeks!

The News Section is different, somewhat. I tend not to update that section, and I should. So, from now on, I'm going to make an earnest effort to actually update it.

And...there were 2 broken links in the Sounds section which are now fixed.

[June 18th]

The new Sounds Section is online, and it's packed with great stuff. Thanks of course to the ever popular Doug "I live in a cave" for supplying oh, about 30 MP3s. In addition to that, there is a link to what may be the entire Techno Animal show in Sweden on the 3rd of June. I haven't checked it out yet, so I don't know how good it sounds or how long it is, but it should be good. Thanks a lot to DB for sending me that link! Oh, and I took it off of Tripod, and it's back home here w/ me, but for some reason the link to 40 versions doesn't work anymore. I hope to have this back up shortly.

[June 17th]

Thanks yet again to Kev Chan for sending in yet Another Us and Them review. This is #9, far more than any other album.

Last week shattered the record for most hits ever on CF, by a LONG shot. Hopefully all of this isn't just a fluke...Thanks everyone! Finally, I hope to have some more updates in the weekend.

[June 11th]

I finally put up lyrics to Zero the Hero and For Those About to Rock in the Lyrics Section. Comparing Justin's vocals to the originals is almost funny. He cuts out lines, changes words around, and just doesn't sing parts of certain lines. I've posted the lyrics to the Godflesh versions, not the originals. Also, I hope to have an interpretation of Love is a Dog from Hell soon.

Thanks a lot to Kev Chan for typing up the article that appears in the May edition of Terrorizer Magazine. I just saw the magazine yesterday, no real new images there if you're interested. You can find the article here or of course, in the Links Section if you want to take the long route. Oh, I've also reformatted the links section.

I haven't heard of any problems w/ the new format of the main page or anything else. I guess that means that things are going well. Good to hear. Only 11 days for those Americans who haven't heard Us and Them yet.

[June 10th]

Forgot to update the update section and so this is 2 days worth of updates!

Finally have a Confirmed US Release Date! It is now set for June 22nd, pushed back 2 weeks. You can read all about it in the Us and Them section. Enjoy!

I finally added some information that I've had forever to the Compilations Section. Thanks so much to Abandoned Arts (Industrial Virus info), Axel Claeys (Mind the Gap 8 and 15), and my alter ego Slate (, he sent me info on the Earache My Eye video comp, and also who sent me in lyrical help for Perfect Skin. Thanks!)

*whew* I was looking through those compilations sections and noticed how primitive they look. While they've been updated every so often for years now, they still look just like they did when I created these pages. Horribly boring! hehe...well, changing all that around isn't really work I look forward to.

Back on topic now, I'll be making some other new changes in the week to come, and you may have noticed that the CF poll has been removed from the main page. Well, I ended it at 250 votes. I think it's a fair number. If you missed it or are interested, you can still see the Results here. I think it turned out well. The 2nd poll is ready, but I'm going to wait a bit to put it up...maybe.

Another format change in the Side Projects section. It now lists info about the band members. There's a lot of gaps included there, so if you see anything, please let me know!

[June 5th]

The major change is to the format of the front page. I still have to work on a frameless version of the page, as I got crazy lazy and didn't update the old one. I hope you like the change, it looks best in IE4, 800 X 600 i've noticed. Netscape always gives me problems. :)

I received a promo copy of UnT and it's identical to the official release. It's in the discography of course.

There are a few new links in the Links Section. If you're looking for some of the side project releases, there's a few places to get them that are listed there.

This has not been verified! I just heard that the US release date of Us and Them may have been pushed back until the 22nd. Again, not official, but I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. We'll see.

[June 3rd]

Yet another UnT review, today thanks to Simon Ocosi...but beware, he hasn't much nice to say about the record! :)

Also reformatted the Side Project section. One day I'll finish off all the individual sections.

Back to yesterday's update. White Viper has a track on last year's Electric Ladyland 6 compilation, and while I knew it had some connection to Justin and Kevin, not until recently did I find out it was a new project. I just learned that the track from EL6 is called Timewave-Zero, which means there are now 3 different songs out there. You can find this 12" at Bent Crayon, like usual. If anyone does get to hear this, please let me know what it's like. I'm Very interested! Thanks!

[June 2nd]

Well, there is now yet another Justin side project. This time, it's called White Viper. I've got a little info on them in the Side Project section, thanks to Jason Tar. Like Justin really needs more projects?

Changed all lyrics and their sections. There is now an interpretation of I Wasn't Born to Follow thanks to Angelo. Each section has been updated.

2 reviews have been added to the Us and Them section, and there is a new Marketplace ad

Finally, and I'll have a more detailed update tomorrow (i'm in a rush), the supporting acts for the London Godflesh show is in the Tour Section.

May 1999:

[May 28th]

Finally reformatted the Lyrics section. I'll be making more changes next week to the individual pages, as well as listing some new interpretations.

There's also a new Marketplace Ad.

I'll be out of town for the weekend, w/ absolutely no net access. So, have a nice memorial day, and I'll try to get back to all emails on Tuesday.

[May 27th]

Another Tour Dates update...Today, I changed the format of the section, and added another confirmed Godflesh tour date, this time in Belgium.

[May 26th]

One small update today...there has been 3 new Tour Dates listed. Only, today they are for Godflesh! Check them out!

[May 25th]

I'm back from...being away. And, I got Us and Them in the mail yesterday. Thanks to Earache UK for sending it!

Of course, I reviewed the record, and I got another review from LamCat. That makes 5 reviews already! You can find both reviews in the Us and Them section along with scans from the inlay of the record. I have included all but 1 image. Check it out if you're interested.

Avalanche has reported a few new things. The Techno Animal tour has 2 new dates that I didn't originally list. One in Germany (10th June) and another in Switzerland (16th June), full info can be found in the Tour section. The Godflesh tour is being worked out right now, but it seems very likely that they'll be touring the US alongside Ministry, and the European tour may be with Neurosis (I'd Love to see that!), but the European tour is Not Confirmed.

Ice's Trapped in 3 Dimensions or T.B.C. 12" is out now, more info in the Ice Discography

Finally, there's a new ad in the Marketplace section.

[May 19th]

A few small additions today. Of course, the record has come out, so please let me know what you think of it.

I added another review of Us and Them. Thanks to K K W Chan, who also submitted the other review. In related news, I've been informed by Earache UK that the US release date is still set for June 8th, but also that the date may slip.

Jason J. Tar sent me info on some of the Techno Animal remixes, as well as a blurb that the new White Viper 12" should be coming out soon. Neither of us know the connection but on the Electric Ladyland 6 compilation the White Viper track was in some way related to Sidewinder. Ah well.

Finally, Ted Parsons now has his own web page, Ted Parson's Primeval Beatsource is the title. Check it out!

[May 15th]

2 days until Us and Them, though I've been mailed saying that it is already out in certain places. Keep your eyes open, and mail me reviews, thoughts and anything related to the new album if you wouldn't mind!

Thanks so much again to Chad S. (epsilon-four) for mailing me the scan to Slateman/Cold World. Finally, once again, the discography is complete.

Not much else going on, but I'm almost peeing in anticipation of the new record, and it seems that I'm not the only one! Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll be getting a copy. Hopefully very soon. Speak to you all on Monday, and lmk what you think of it!

[May 10th]

Updated the Us and Them section today, there's a new review from Metal Hammer there, as well as a few smaller articles in that same section. Thanks to K K W Chan for subitting the review! Only a week until the UK release!

[May 7th]

The most unimportant and worthless of sections has now been posted on the site. The Godflesh Tour History has been put together, chronicling pretty much everything that I know about past tours. You can check it out, and please submit anything you know that isn't listed...but don't expect much! I suppose it is part of my obsession to have every piece of Godflesh info that I can find.

[May 5th]

Great updates today. Where to start...

Thanks again to Harvey Parkes this time for sending me lyrics to Us & Them. In the lyrics section of course.

Secondly, there's now a poll on the front page. It's working for now, hopefully I won't encounter any problems w/ it in the future, but it's free (from btw) so I can't complain. Please vote, I'd like to see what ppl think.

Also included a link to Last Museum. Run in part by my bud Doug, it's got some MP3s of similar bands, side projects, a message board and all that fun stuff.

Speaking of free, I've sold out once again. This time to Tripod. There's even one of those annoying pop up windows. Please just get rid of it and hopefully enjoy the reason I used it in the first place. There's now a Sounds section on the site. I've included 2 new MP3s there, and plan on changing them every few weeks if possible. If you're interested in getting them, get them while you can. But they may be slow in downloading unfortunately. I've also finally linked up a soundfile from Jason Phillips' site, The Flesh. He has Angel Domain in Real Audio, there, and now that is also in the sounds section. Please read the notice in the section as well.

So there...the images and sounds sections are on free space, and I now have a guestbook and a poll on the front page. That should be all, but I like them, and the feedback I've gotten has been positive. Hopefully it stays that way!

[May 3rd]

Today's my sister's 16th Birthday. Happy Birthday Siobhan! Miss you.

There is now a guestbook on the main page. Yes, it has a little banner there too. Man, I must be selling out. Well, perhaps, but it's something I've always wanted, and it was free and i like it! heh, so if you're interested, please sign it. If you hate it, either mail me saying so, or sign it saying so. In a week or so, I'll decide whether or not to keep it. Thanks.

I added one addition to the marketplace section a couple of days ago. Forgot to report that.

I was trying to set up one of those polls from, but it isn't working. I think it could be a cool addition to the site, b/c I don't know how to do it myself, and the first poll I did a couple of years ago was difficult to maintain. Perhaps soon. More selling out. :)

Please don't ask, b/c I don't know what I was thinking. But, I lost 2 images. Cold World and Slateman/Cold World are the MIAs. Hey still have those scans? Can anyone else help me? I promise, this will be the last time!!!

One more thing. These past 2 weeks have set a record for the most hits ever on Crumbling Flesh. Just one year ago, CF was averaging about 70 hits a day. Now, it's up past 100, and last week, was at about 115. Always makes me smile. Thanks for visiting!

April 1999:

[April 21st]

There's been a few small updates in the past few days, none that i've reported really. Nothing all too important. Today though, I reformatted the Techno Animal side project section. And you may have noticed the main page has a new image. This is the cover from Techno Animal's Ghosts record.

I may have to shift servers in the next month. I'm not looking forward to this. Plus, i have no clue what I'm going to do. Unfortunately, I don't have money to pay for a good server now, and I Really don't want to have to use one of those free ones where windows pop up every 3 seconds. Hrm...

[April 18th]

Harvey Parkes sent in a review of Us & Them! Thanks so much! The Us & Them section is going pretty well, so check that out if you haven't yet. It's got everything that is known about the album. Less than a month until we all can hear it!

[April 14th]

I would like to thank Detlef for sending me the url to Planet Rock which has Tour Dates for Techno Animal! Check them out if you are interested.

[April 13th]

The Marketplace section is back online. I apologize for the delay in getting that up. If you have anything you'd like to add, just send it my way.

I also finally got to listen to the new soundclip. Truthfully, I never know what to think about Godflesh. They're always pushing new ground, and I almost never appreciate it as much as I do after 1,000 spins, and 2 years. LaHiD for instance, only a year or two after it's release did I finally really understand it's power. I suppose that sounds cheesy, but IMO, Godflesh are still (the purveyors of fine grind? heh...sorry about that) on the forefront of cutting edge music. Ah well. All in all, after listening to it twice, I'm excited to hear the point of the song where it gets cut off. That to me, sounded the most interesting. I doubt I'll be able to wait 3 extra weeks for the US release. If I don't get an advance copy (still crossing fingers), I'll have to import. Meaning, only 34 days until it's release. Can't wait!!!

If you didn't see it, the link can be found in yesterday's update, below.

[April 12th]

Just updated the Us & Them section a little. Earache has put up an audio link for I, Me, Mine. You'll have to download Liquid Audio first though. Unfortunately, I haven't heard the track yet, but I'd love to hear some people's impressions.

[April 8th]

No big updates today, but I've included 1 new image to the image gallery (don't quite know when it became a gallery! :) Thanks once again to Damon Gregg for this image. It's from a press pack from Selfless.

Secondly, I just updated the side project section w/ a new compilation, Modulation & Transformation 4, which features a new Techno Animal track (The Brotherhood of the Bomb). This track is probably the same as one off the new 12" that I mentioned yesterday.

[April 7th]

Avalanche had an update, so that's always a reason to celebrate!

First off, Robert Sobecke mailed me info straight from Earache. They mailed him stating that the new record will be released in the US on the 8th of June, as opposed to the earlier, European date, which is the 17th of May. I also have a larger scan of the album cover and some other little blurbs, all of which can be found in the Us and Them album news section.

Also, the Fall of Because release, Life is Easy is once again, set for release. This time through Alleysweeper. Currently, it's set for a June/July release. All the old information seems to still be correct, with half of the CD being their demo Extirpate and the other half being live material. I'll cross my fingers but nothing more, as we've all been let down numerous times.

Finally, Techno Animal has a new 12" coming out, called Monolith/Brotherhood of the Bomb, which will be coming out on Force Inc.. They will also be doing a 2 week European tour with Spectre and Sensational. Dates haven't been issued yet, but it will take place between June 2nd and the 16th. Hopefully someone will be able to review a show or two.

[April 6th]

Just added tablature to Wake. This is the 2nd version I've included, but I haven't proofread it yet. If anyone sees any problems, please send them to me, or the author (and many thanks to him!), Damon Gregg.

[April 5th]

Well, I'm back, and I've launched a new Discography! After years of toiling w/ formats that I didn't like, I've finally found one that suits me and these pages well. No new info there, and I still need to proofread it all, but you can check it out, and please, let me know your thoughts.

Earache's site has new info on Us & Them, including cover artwork. It's a small image, but it's something. You can see it in my Us & Them news section.

That's all for now, but I have plenty of smaller updates coming in the next few weeks. And to those who've mailed me something or other, hopefully I'll get them on the pages soon. Thanks!

March 1999:

[March 23rd]

Obviously this section is different. I'll be messing around w/ a few parts of this and changing it here and there. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

I've included about 7 new pictures in the images section. Unfortunately, I've lost most of the addresses of the people who sent these images. If you sent me something that I've included, please just mail me and credit will be given.

Thanks so much to Chad S (epsilon-four) for sending me scans to Streetcleaner and Merciless! I also found the scan to Pure sitting around, so that's now on the page as well. Still searching for Selfless/Merciless and Cold World though. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks so much in advance.

I've been reworking the reviews section a little. Soon it should have a new format, and much easier to navigate through. I still encourage anyone to send in their review to any related side project. I'm also expecting quite a few for Us & Them when it comes out.

That's all for today. I'll be going away for a bit. From this Friday (26th) until at least next Thursday (1st), I'll be on Long Island, so again, my access will be limited, and responses to mail will be even slower than normal. Sorry about this.

[March 22nd]

I've done what I never wanted to do. Well, at least it's only temporary. The Images section has been revamped somewhat. I've split it into 2 section, one for band pictures, one for individual images. This is b/c I have a bunch of new images that I'd like to include on the site. Here's the bad news, I used a account to do so. Oh the horror! Well, I guess it's not that bad, I suppose. Nothing wrong with free space! You can check it out, but please keep in mind 2 things. First off, the images may take longer to load, perhaps not. And secondly, you're going to encounter that wonderful banner on top. So, once you're done, just click on the back button on your browser so you won't have to deal w/ it any more. This will help me a lot, as I now have freed up some space for album cover images and the whatnot. Which leads me to my second point.

Many have noticed that my discography looks like crap b/c I've lost quite a few images. I have no clue what happened to most of them. Bad file management on my part I guess. heh. Well, if anyone can scan in the missing images (Streetcleaner, Pure, Selfless/Merciless, Cold World, and Merciless), please let me know. I normally scan them at 67% I think, but beggars can't be choosers eh? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Finally, I've been grovelling trying to get an advance copy of U&T, but no luck yet. Earache doesn't even have a radio department anymore last I checked. So, I have no new news about the record. Hopefully soon, as I'm quite anxious...and from the mail I've been getting, A lot of other people are as well. Seeya.

[March 18th]

Still no news. And I wanted to apologize to anyone who has mailed me in the past few weeks. I've been very busy, and haven't gotten to much mail at all.

The reason is b/c I've finally updated the Faq! It is now reformatted and not all white text on a black background. Much easier to read, and there's new information in there, but not all too much.

I hope to get back to the mail soon, and some other updates too. Hope you enjoy it!

[March 8th]

Just the thought of no updates in a month is saddening. Especially with the release of Us & Them looming around the corner. But, there's really been nothing to report. I've been maintaining the site here and there, and I've actually started a small reformat of a few pages, but in the way of news, nothing.

My school was on spring break this past week, and I'm busy finishing things here at my school radio station. I will be out of my managerial position there as of May 1st. It will be nice not having that responsibility every moment of every day, but I'll miss the paychecks at the end of the month.

So, no new updates, I just hate leaving things dormant for this long. Hopefully soon we'll see some newsworthy things to update. Thanks for your patience!

February 1999:

[February 13th]

This is the 2nd update of the 13th...bear with me! heh.

I have recovered almost all the old articles and reviews that were offline for a few weeks. I'm sorry about that, but everything is back on track. There may be a few loose ends, so please let me know if you notice anything.

This is the 2nd update since the 12th, (1st of the 13th) but I never listed it on the main page. So...

Well, let's see. I've added a review of Techno Animal's Cyclops 12" from Urban Sounds. Thanks to Jason Byram for that and for telling me about this. CD Now has a new Sweet Tooth release listed on their site. It's called Rock and Roll Gypsies and it was released on the 2nd of this month. I'm not sure if this is the band that Justin played in or not. If anyone has info on this, please let me know!

I've since erased the message, but someone sent in info about the track Grind by Fall of Because off of the Mortar compilation. It is indeed a remixed version of the track from their demo.

There is a new section devoted to the upcoming release of Us & Them. Currently, it isn't any special, but I plan on keeping all the news I get there. It can be found on the front page, under the main image, or here.

Yesterday's Update:

If you're reading this, then I guess you were able to connect. There's been problems w/ my school's system. Sorry about that.

I've added 2 things to the site, first off, thanks again to Jason Byram for the scan of the Loopflesh image you'll find on the main page. I used to have one on the site, AGES ago.

Secondly, thanks to someone (already lost your address) for sending me an old article/interview w/ Justin (from 1994). Interesting stuff.

Finally, I've turned 23, rather uneventful, but now that I've actually made a few friends around here, it was a nice day. I got the new Psycho Mantis figure, which is cool. And I got a new Sega Saturn arcade stick, I can't feed my Street Fighter need without a good fighting stick. Ah well...

[February 2nd]

Earache's site now lists Us & Them as a May 17th release date. Grrr! Well, Robert Sobecke mentioned to me that this is a Monday, so perhaps this is the UK release date. (US releases come out on Tuesdays) Similarly, Love and Hate in Dub came out a month earlier in the US.

Thanks so much to Ralf Sesseler for sending in a tablature to Hunter. He's also listed a homepage in this file, where you can find a midi version of the track (amongst others).

Oh, and I'm turning 23 on Wednesday the 10th. :)

January 1999:

[January 27th]

Reformatted the Fall of Because, Sidewinder, and Krackhead side projects sections.

[January 25th]

Reformatted the Final side project section. I'll get all the projects done soon.

Interested? Only 91 days till Us & Them is released. 3 Months from tomorrow.

[January 24th]

I think that the updates will start coming more frequently, and more hits will accompany them. With the new album coming out, everyone wants to know whats going on, and it's nice knowing that even though there are other sites that probably will get the info before me, that ppl still check CF out.

Oh yeah, the updates. Well, I fixed the links section completely. All old links removed and the such. Also included a small interview w/ Justin from the Feb 99 issue of Metal Hammer. Thanks so much to Kevin Chan for sending me this. It's the first we've heard from Justin commenting on the new album. Nothing much, but for all the FleshHeads out there, I'm sure plenty will appreciate it.

Hrm...I suppose that's all. I'll be getting to the new format of all the side projects within the next week or so, if you dislike it, please lmk. And I will be fixing the reviews section some day. And getting to including the marketplace section again. And reformatting the FAQ & Lyrics section. Geez...lots of work! Still waiting on the new album cover too, getting excited!

Finally, thanks to everyone who has been sending me images. Hopefully within the next few months I'll be able to include them all...and there are a lot!!! Plenty of live images. Anyone out there listen to the band Opeth?

[January 18th]

Got new info and tracklisting for the new album. Thanks to Martin Nevels for sending me that info. (from Earache's Site.) You can find it in the News section. The release date is now April 26th. This probably means there will be a new godflesh newsletter going out. I haven't done of them in quite a while, and there are now more than 200 people on the list. Hmmmm...

I have also begun work on the side projects discographies. Formatting changes, but I like how they look. I've only completed the Ice section, but you can compare, if you so desire. Also changed the front page image, if you haven't seen. This is the cover to Sweet Tooth's Soft White Underbelly (which was released in 1990). Thanks to W. Byram for this pic, after he stole it from me on Ebay! (joking! :)

Finally...50,000 hits in 2 years. Not quite Yahoo or Ebay numbers, but they suit me just fine. Thanks a lot to everyone!

[January 15th]

I Just found out that Techno Animal played at the Berlin Atonal, on today, the 15th of January. This concert is being broadcast (at this moment) using Real Audio. BUT, I think that I just missed the TA set. Did anyone catch it? Wish I knew about it earlier.

Also, Avalanche says that Us & Them, the new Godflesh record, is done, and set for a March/April release...More updates soon.

[January 6th]

No changes just yet. I hope to get back on track soon. But I do need to report something. There are a bunch of broken links. Throughout the site. I'll be going through Everything soon, and I hope to fix them ALL. I know there are a lot in the links section. But if you find any others, please lmk. I'll do my best to get everything up soon.

As usual, thanks for your patience, and hey, less than 60 days till the new record...well, except for delays, so, who knows when we'll get it?! :)

December 1998:

[December 10th]

Just some festive changes. Not much. Please read the small notice I've written. Just some updates and the like. Thanks a lot.

Also added 1 new Band Pic to the image section. This was taken from Earache's site.

[December 8th]

I hate long droughts, and I apologize for the length of time between updates. Not much has gone on unfortunately. A few announcements though.

As Earache's site has announced, the new Godflesh album, Us & Them has been slated for a March 1st, 1999 release date. Don't hold them to the date, but it's something to look forward to.

Thanks so much to Monty Meier for a few updates. He gave me the proper info on Ice's Bad Blood Transfusion. He also sent me info on a cd called, Sounds from the Electric Lounge, which features a Techno Animal track. Thanks so much! Also, Headwreck, the newest Ice 12" has been released. I know that Bent Crayon has it, and perhaps some other places as well by now.

Then, Drew DeCamp sent in his interpretation of the lyrics to Predominance from Pure.

And finally, I've graduated college. It feels wonderful too! The pages will still be here until May at worry not. But, hopefully the next few months will be a little less stressful!

I have a few other small updates I want to get to. I won't be around much between the 18th and the 31st, so there may be no updates during that time. Thanks for reading, and if there aren't any updates before the new year, Happy Holidays all!

November 1998:

[November 13th]

There's been quite a few new updates in the side project section in the past few days. I've taken this info from a variety of sources...

The 2nd thing is about the audio links. Unfortunately, most of them will be taken down in about a month. The source they're from won't exist after next month. So, if you're interested, get them now, before they're gone! Some good, harder to find stuff in there.

Finally updated the FAQ somewhat. Not much new info, just bringing it up to date.

[November 4th]

2 new Audio links. Both are Painkiller tracks from the Buried Secrets album that both Ben and Justin appeared on.

Added a few things to the Side Projects section. I took the info from Avalanche about the newest Ice singles. 3 of them! Wow. Still don't have Bad Blood. BTW...I listened to Under the Skin the other day. That record is one of the best side projects I've ever heard. When that and Ghosts was out, I used to like Ice much more. But after a while (and no new releases by them), I began to get into TA more. Coincidentally, I just finished listening to the Ice DJ set from Avalanche. It was the first time I got to hear the entire thing straight through. Very cool stuff...very different. I'm dying to find Under the Skin on cd, but even if I did, I owe too many people money already. Can't shell out any right now.

Oh, I just started to list Techno Animal remixes on their side project page. Not finished if there's soemthing I don't have there, I may not have it documented, or just haven't gotten around to getting it up there yet.

I think that's all for today. It's so much fun when I can update the pages frequently.

[November 2nd]

Fixed (hopefully) all the broken links I could find. They were everywhere! If you ever run into them, please just drop me a line and i'll fix it as soon as possible. I really appreciate that.

Secondly, I was approached by a site called Soundstone. I was asked to put a banner/link/something for their site on the pages. In return I would receive money compensation. Well...I'm really not too interested in that, but you might be. The site has a few harder to find releases. I know that they have Ghosts by Techno Animal and Bad Blood by Ice. They even have some Real Audio files of some tracks. Not bad. Decent prices I suppose. ($12 for the Lo Fibre comp!!!) But No banners on my pages...not yet at least! :)

I have to update the FAQ much new info that needs to be added. Soon perhaps. I graduate in 35 days. So maybe after that.

October 1998:

[October 31st]

Added 2 new interviews to the Links section. One is from late 96/early 97, and the other is from 1987. I'm sorry, 1987? Yes. :) I got both of them from Twisting The Knife, a Napalm Death site, which coincidentally has some images strikingly similar to my page! hrm...I can't remember if they asked for them, so I can't be upset!

The New marketplace section will be up eventually, thanks to those who have been patient.

[October 29th]

Quite a few new Audio Links in the links section. Thanks to Doug Grainger for all of these. There is also a note in that section! If you are going to download ANY of the files, please read that first. It's very important.

Also got info on a compilation called You've Got the Fucking Power (splendid title!) heh. Well, it contains the track Substance X from The Curse of the Golden Vampire on it. It's the first track from that that I've heard (yes...STILL haven't gotten it!) Interesting stuff.

[October 22nd]

Added Live History Notes to the links section. This is pretty much one persons history w/ Godflesh. He's seen more than 2 dozen Godflesh shows spanning from 1989 to 1996. This link contains setlists and his notes of these shows.

Secondly, Ice's Bad Blood is available at Bent Crayon. It's available on cd for $13.99.

Finally, (geez, a pun) there is a Final MP3 from Manifold Records. I don't know which track it is, (it's from first millionth) but it's 1 minute long. Very good too, if you haven't heard this album yet.

Thanks again to everyone who has commented on the site's format.

[October 17th]

Hey, Solaris, the re-issue by Final is out. This features a track called Dying Star which is about 30 minutes long. Very minimal from what I remember.

Also, get this, there is a copy of the Slateman 7" from Sub-Pop for auction at Ebay. Check it out if you're interested, here . I'm not the one selling, and I know nothing of the seller, so please don't hold me to anything! I'm just relaying info!

Finally, in about 6 responses in regards to the new site format, it's been an overwhelming 6 positive responses! If you don't like it, let me know! That's about all I guess.

[October 15th]

3 Years...whew!

Obvious updates? If you don't like the format, please just continue to the normal page. i'll be updating that as well as the normal CF page. I've just decided to have a little fun. You may encounter problems, and if you do, please lmk. I'll try to fix them. I almost scrapped this idea completely, but I'm kinda happy that I stuck with it. It looks great at 800 x 600, maybe not as great otherwise.

The new main image, (SoLaH + Street) was made for me quite a while ago. I've been saving it for some time, so I've forgotten the creator. While I can't thank him here, if he reads this, please accept my thanks for such a cool image (IMO)!

Other than the format, you'll see the Radio Hades cover. Thanks so much, once again, to Ian Davies for the scan. Cool cover IMO! Finally, thanks to Bev Painter for a new (rather, OLD) Ice Article/Interview. It's from 1993, kinda cool. Thanks so much.

Again, enjoy the new format, hopefully some people will have fun with it. 3 years is quite a long time. I'm rather happy with how things have gone. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of CF in the past. Everyone from the obvious major influences, to the people who sent me in a blurb about what seems to be nothing. It's all the same to me. If it's about Godflesh, then it's good. I've had a GREAT 3 years. While it looks like there may be a big shift (domain change?) in the next year, I hope to continue my run here for a while longer. Any suggestions, as always, are appreciated, as are comments, criticisms and the like. Thanks for reading, and sticking with me for all this time. Here's to a few more!


September 1998:

[September 24th]
Last week was perhaps a record setting week for CF, I don't think I've ever seen so many hits on these pages. Normally, there's about 70 something a day. Last week CF averaged over 90. Don't know what was up, probably a fluke, but I don't mind.

I have added another audio link. It may be slow, so be patient if you're interested. Yet another new main site image. This is from the Andy Hawkins/Justin split from a few years ago. Remember though, this came in a clear green jewel case so the cover looks a bit different when viewing it normally. Thanks to Doug, once again, for these 2 additions.

Finally, Radio Hades is out. I wish I could get it, but every new purchase is going to have to wait nowadays, so i'd love any reviews from people who do have it.

Thanks for being patient in the recent slow weeks.

[September 9th]
The main addition today is the tablature to Body Dome Light, thanks to LT Miley. We plan on getting some more tablature on the page soon, perhaps even collaborating to get the most accurate tab that we can. I look forward to it.

Also, I said in the last update that I planned on updating the lyrics section. I really never liked the old format. If you would like, check out the new test format, and tell me what you think. Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm looking to find a way to let everyone know which are official lyrics and which are interpretations.

Finally for today, I'll have some new images online soon. Thanks to everyone who has offered to scan me this stuff. I can't wait to get some new images for the site. Oh, and almost 40,000 hits. Recent weeks have been busier than normal, I suppose w/ school beginning again. Thanks everyone.

[September 3rd]
Mere moments after finishing up my updates for the day, i received a letter w/ lyrics from Selfless (All but Black Boned Angel, and Anything is Mine). What is funny is that I JUST responded today to someone looking for correct lyrics to Empyreal. Not surprisingly, we were both wrong in our guesses! So, I'll reformat the lyrics section tomorrow (hate the current format) and for now, you can enjoy official lyrics!

Also official, the "new" godflesh song (if you haven't heard, check the news section for more) is actually Break Mix of Wake from LaHiD. A few people have suggested that it may be this, and indeed it is. Also the new Godflesh album seems set in stone to be titled "Us and Them". Now to more boring stuff...

I've reformatted quite a few pages recently, nothing spectacular, but the most recent was the cleaning up of the side project discographies (and the remix section).

Finally, I would like to ask a favor. While i still can't store too many more things (actually, i've been maxed out for over a year), I'm interested in getting album cover scans of side projects. I'm interested in them all being the size of the one on the main page (currently Curse of the Golden Vampire). Please, Nothing bigger. And also, Before You Send, let me know that you are sending it. If I have a lot of scans come in at once, it won't be pretty! heh. I'm looking for any album covers. For the time being, I look to rotate the main page image fairly regularly. So, if anyone has access and could scan images for me, I'd be extremely grateful! Thanks for reading this far.

August 1998:

[August 26th]
**Hello! Fortunately, I've been able to update a few times recently. But, some of you may have tried to email me, and I haven't been so great on my replies. School is beginning this coming monday, and I'll be starting my 9th semester. This will NOT mean that there will be fewer updates. As I begin school, I'll also start up my consulting job again, and that means I'll be around a LOT more than I have been. So, if I've slacked off and not mailed you, please forgive me. I'll get back to you within the next few weeks. Thanks so much for your patience, and I look forward to Crumbling Flesh's 3rd Anniversary! (geez) Seeya!

[August 25th]
**Finally added the audio links that appear on Avalanche. These can be found links section under the newly reformatted Audio links section! Nothing much, is it ever? Well, it's enough, and I think it looks decent. Any feedback is appreciated.

[August 24th]
**Got some new tablature, once again thanks to Jason Phillips. He rocks. Also, changed the tab section to match (kinda) the new News section. Nothing special, just some fun. Actually 2 new tabs, finally put up For Those About to Rock, which I've had for a while.

[August 19th]
**News of a new Godflesh track? Kinda, check out the newly formatted (hope you all like it) news section. Finally got a tracklisting for Fall of Because's Extirpate demo. Tracks aren't listed in order, but I'm hoping to get a copy of this soon, so i'll let you all know. A few new marketplace additions...check that out. I'm also reformatting some other sections, just to make them a little easier on the eyes. Of course though it's still simple formatting though. That's about all, I'm going to start school again soon (my 5th year here) so I'll be around a lot more.

[August 8th]
**Added Mothra Tab to the tab section. Thanks, Yet again, to Jason Phillips for this tab.

[August 7th]
**Another slow period. Well, I've updated a few small things recently. As you may have seen on the main page, Solaris is now known as Solaris B.C. due to so many other bands using the same name. Also, you may have seen the new main image. While it's a bit silly, it is the only pic that I have now w/ Paul Neville in it! Unfortunately he's covering his face up, but it'll have to do. Thanks So So much to for sending me this pic. There's also a new pic in the images section (sent in by Jason Phillips- Thanks!!!). You'll be surprised about this one! Rearranged the images section too, slightly. Nothing important. I now have access to some more tools so I may be able to fix up the page a little. I'm looking for another cool background for the main page. Must be dark. If you know anything that is.

Finally, Radio Hades by Techno Animal will be out soon. Keep your eyes open, as it should be an excellent release. I can't wait. While it doesn't have EVERY old track on it, it'll have to do for us who don't have all those deleted 12"s! And thanks to everyone who has helped out recently. I've added a really useless option to the main page. Now, the update listing (next to the TA pic) can link you to the proper update. I doubt that it'll ever be used, but it can't hurt having it there eh? I should use my time for better things shouldn't i?

Oh...finally (really this time), this picture was taken from It is a picture of Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory sporting a nice SoLaH shirt. Pointless I know, but it shows that he's still a Justin Fan. I interviewed Burton once, (and was wearing a Godflesh shirt coincidentally) and he spoke to me about how Justin's music (HoD mainly though) influenced him a lot. (Thanks Martin (your email address is all over these pages!)

July 1998:

[July 29th]
**Small update today, but a cool one. I received mail from Justin w/ some info that people have been looking for. I've added a link to his description of Godflesh's sound setup. Also, he describes the voices found in Baka off of Techno Animal Vs. Reality, for those of you interested. That track has a lot of vocal tracks, but I could never figure out what was being said. Here's a little insight. Check it out if you like! Also, Final's Urge/Fail 7" has been re-issued. If you were looking for this, the re-issue has been limited to 400 (150 more than the original pressing) so act quickly. Manifold Records has it in stock, but not for long I'm sure. And just to warn you, U/F is an odd recording. It's probably my least favorite Final release, but it is very different and of course, excellent! Good luck!

oh...One more thing. I was just checking, but I found that Crumbling Flesh is the 2nd largest site at my school here. Not bad w/ over 17,000 students eh?

[July 26th]
**Finally added some side project comp info (Electric Ladyland 5 & Macro Dub Infection 2). (Thanks Doug...AGAIN!) Also working on a tiny new section. Started this ages ago, but it may not come to fruition...maybe it's too lame. I'll have to see. Curse of the Golden Vampire is out, any reviews of this (or any other release) are encouraged...I don't have it just yet. Changed the main page image (again...thanks to Ian Davies, see below). I haven't checked it out yet, so if it looks odd, LMK...I'll change it. I'm moving, so I'll be around a little less for the next 3 days or so, but if you mail me, i'll do my best, as always! Thanks.

[July 10th]
**Thanks to Ian Davies, we now have the tracklist for the new Ice record. A few band member changes, and quite a few guests appear on this record. Ian describes the album leaning, "more towards trip-hop, but has a very threatening mood..." Still waiting on this in the US...And for those that don't know, Techno Animal's Cyclops ep and the Animal Empire full length, The Curse of the Golden Vamprire have been released. Cyclops only on 12", Vampire on double vinyl and cd. You can get the ep from bent crayon as usual. I'm sure they'll have Vampire shortly. Some new Final information has been added as well.

Also added Krackhead and Youpho information. These are 2 more side projects of Justin's and you should know where to find them. You've probably read about them on Avalanche by now, but if not, the info is here.

I want to change the front image on the page (the Final picture that is)...if anyone has a scan of a Godflesh related release (New TA/Ice maybe? :) could you let me know? The final image has been there way too long, but my school's scanner bites and all the images come out horribly. If anyone does have something, please mail me first, and don't send the image yet...otherwise everything will be a mess. Thanks a lot...must start thinking of moving CF soon. Must get our own domain. One day, it'll be, you know it will! heh...

Still have a lot to get done on the page...if I haven't replied to your email, please forgive me. You know how it gets, and now I'm working my full time job, plus I run my radio station and do the heavy metal duties there. Just be patient, and if you want, mail me again. I'll do my best to get back to you! And i've also slacked big time in the credits department...if i've overseen you (very possible) just let me know, and i'll get you on there. There's been so many people, i can't keep up! Once again, I'd just like to say that I really appreciate all the help and kind comments. Thanks so much! -slate/trev.

[July 1st]
**Added some new info, and some links. Check the news section for the lowdown, most has come from the Avalanche site. More updates in the next few weeks guaranteed!

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