"Our peace is now in pieces, but what else would you expect?"

Us & Them, out NOW in Europe!
US Release Date Confirmed! June 22nd Current information here
or here? Updated 10th June

Welcome to Crumbling Flesh, the Unofficial Godflesh Home Page. CF has just celebrated it's 3rd Anniversary and I hope to keep the site going for a while longer. If you are not a fan of frames, no worry, just click here. Finally, if you have any problems w/ the site, or have any comments/criticisms, please feel free to email me. Thanks a lot, and Enjoy!


updates -- slateman -- tour dates -- survey results (nov 1996)

Recent Updates: Date: Newest Additions
6/10: Confirmed US release date, Side Project update.
6/5: Format change, New Links, etc...
6/3: 8 total UNT reviews now, other small stuff.
6/2: New Side Project? Other fun.
5/28: Lyrics Section reformat, new Marketplace Ad.
5/27: Another Tour Dates update.

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