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The following articles, interviews, blurbs and whatnot were taken from various sources. All text is copyright their respective owners and links are offered in cases where they are available. If you have information not listed here, please let me know. Thank you.

Articles & Interviews
Date: Description: Source:
(04-05) Justin Interview (Rashrock)
(04-05) Justin Interview (Lambgoat)
(04-02) Justin Interview (Earpollution)
(01-02) Justin Interview (Chronicles of Chaos)
(07-01) TA Interview (Insound)
(01-00) Article/Release Listing (P.O.G.O. WebZine)
(10-99) SoLaH/LaHiD cover image info (Antz)
(06-99) Article/Interview (Justin) (Guitar Magazine)
(05-99) Article/Interview (Justin) (Terrorizer)
(None) Ideal Anthology Myself
(01-99) Interview (Justin) (Metal Hammer)
(10-98) Live History (1989-1996) (Andreas Vondran)
(06-98) Godflesh's Gear Description/TA Blurb (email)
(12-97) Interview (Slap Magazine)
(07-97) Article/ Interview (Exclaim (!*@#) Magazine)
(??-97) Interview (Highway 666)
(06-97) Article (Metal Hammer)
(04-97) Article/ Interview (Metal Maniacs)
(04-97) Interview (Justin & Ben) (Under the Volcano)
(01-97) Article (eye.NET)
(??-97) Interview (Justin) (Twisting The Knife)
(??-97) Interview (Justin) (Beowolf Productions)
(12-96) Article/ Interview (Rip Magazine)
(12-96) Article/Interview (Guitar Magazine Online)
(11-96) Article/Interview (Gallery of Sound)
(11-96) Interview (Justin) (US Rocker Magazine)
(09-96) Interview (Justin) (Sonic Boom)
(09-96) Interview (Justin) (Wormgear Zine)
(09-96) Interview (Justin) (by Garth Ferrante)
(??-96) Interview (Justin) (Unknown)
(??-96) Article/Interview (Seconds)
(??-96) Article/ Interview (pillowfight)
(??-95) Article/Interview (Justin and Kevin Martin) (Spoil)
(02-95) Article (Guitar World)
(01-95) Article/ Interview (Metal Maniacs)
(??-??) Article/ Interview (Unknown)
(??-94) Article/ Interview (Justin) (Unknown)
(08-94) Interview (Justin) (by Garth Ferrante)
(08-94) Selfless song title explinations (from above interview)
(07-94) Article (Guitar Magazine)
(??-93) Ice Article/Interview (Alternative Press)
(06-92) Article /Interview (Alternative Press)
(06-92) Article/ Interview (Rip Magazine)
(??-92) Article/ Interview (Propaganda (?)
(??-92) Interview (Justin & Robert) (Convulsion Onine)
(03-91) Article/Interview (Justin) (Alternative Press)
(??-87) Interview (Justin) (Twisting The Knife)
(??-85) Interview (Justin) (Creaig Dunton)


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