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CD Release
This is a 2 part anthology release coming out on Earache on June 18th. This is mainly a 'best-of' collection, w/ some rarities tossed in on disc 2. The tracklisting has been finalized.

Here's the tentative tracklisting from the upcoming 2 disc anthology set. Please note that this may change.

All songs with an * following the name are going to be remastered on the release.

Disc A: Flesh of God Time Appears On
1 Avalanche Master Song 5:14 Godflesh
2 Like Rats 4:28 Streetcleaner
3 Streetcleaner 6:45 Streetcleaner
4 Slateman 5:58 Slateman
5 Slavestate* 3:59 Slavestate
6 Mothra* 4:31 Pure
7 Spite* 4:31 Pure
8 Pure* 5:02 Pure
9 Xynobis 5:54 Selfless
10 Crush My Soul 4:27 Selfless
11 Anything Is Mine 3:59 Selfless
12 Circle of Shit 4:53 SoLaH
13 Frail 5:24 SoLaH
14 I, Me, Mine 5:20 Us & Them
15 The Internal 6:33 Us & Them
Total Running Time: 76:58

Disc B: Beyond the Flesh Time Appears On
1 Love Is A Dog From Hell 8:11 Pathological comp
2 Crush My Soul (ultramix)* 7:ish Crush My Soul
3 Flowers 7:34 Merciless
4 Tiny Tears 4:00 Peel Session - Unreleased
5 Pulp 6:30 Peel Session - Unreleased
6 Newspite 4:26 Corp. Rock Wars
7 Empereal 2 5:13 Rareache
8 Blind 7:16 Merciless
9 Slavestate (Radioslave)* 5:00 Slavestate
10 Gift from Heaven Breakbeat 5:54 LaHiD
11 Xynobis (Clubdub Edit)* 7:26 CMS/Xnoybis
12 Withchunt (Tyrant Mix) ?:?? Previosuly Unreleased
13 Us and Them (Defensive Mix) ?:?? Previosuly Unreleased
Total Running Time: ???

DVD Release
There will also be a DVD release sharing the same name and release date. This DVD will feature all 5 videos of the band, and will retail at a 'special low price'. The videos are Avalanche Master Song, Christbait Rising, Slavestate, Mothra and Crush My Soul. There doesn't seem to have any live footage, as hoped.

Old News - Obligatory Comments while this may change at least we see a roundabout idea of what's going to be on it. The first disc, while sporting some remastered versions, is just a 'best of', something most of us will pass over to get to the second half of the compilation. That's where the fun stuff is anyways.

The 2nd disc is half a 'best of' and half a rarities collection. There's 2 songs from Merciless, 1 from Slavestate and 1 from LaHiD. Note that the Xnoybis and CMS remixes are cut down to about half of their original time. This makes them exclusive tracks, sort of.

The real kicker is LiaDfH but not My Own Light? IMO the latter is a must have on this release. It might not be as good as LiaDfH, but it's still an unreleased song from the band's peak of popularity and really should be on this comp. I'm equally disappointed about the Peel Session tracks. I was really hoping for all 4 of these as I've heard excellent things about them. On top of that, Pulp from that session has been available at the Avalanche site for ages anyways. The selection is good though, the other 2 tracks were Wound and Like Rats...For us die hard fans, there's only 1 new Peel track here. I'm certain the band did another session, Radio 1 I believe it was called. I don't know the tracklisting for this set, but I'm pretty sure the band has a copy of it.

Next is 2 comp songs and 2 unreleased mixes. This leaves a couple of the rarities we'd all like to see. There's still My Own Light, Pure Spite, Hunted & Consumed and Absorber. The band also recorded 3 cover songs, Zero the Hero, 40 Versions and For Those About to Rock, but the last 2 weren't on Earache.

Of course, I suppose we can't expect to get everything, though I admit I was hoping for this to be the ultimate collection. In any event, we will get 2 remixes from UnT, something that suggests to me that they remixed most of the album for the intended Us & Them in Dub release. Wonderful...just as we learn of this collection, we learn that there's a number of unreleased remixes!

Overall I think it's a good assortment, better than I anticipated. No Christbait Rising, probably their most popular song. The choices from Pure and Selfless wouldn't be mine, but I suppose they showcase the band fairly well. At least we'll finally have CD versions of some of the Peel Session, a couple of unreleased remixes, Empyreal 2 and Love is a Dog from Hell.

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