Grey Machine

Last Update: 2018/05/30

Status: Active
Bio: This is the long-awaited "supergroup" featuring Justin, Aaron Turner (Isis, etc), Diarmuid Dalton (Godflesh, Jesu, Final, Cable Regime, Line, Saskwatch) and Dave Cochrane ( Head of David, God, Ice, Sweet Tooth, The Bug).

The debut LP arrives in 2009. The first song was released online a year earlier. More to come!

Grey Machine Discography

Vultures Descend
Released: 2009
Label: Hydra Head Records
Format/CAT#: (12") HH666-187
(CS) HH666-187-5

Track Listing
1. (9:36) Vultures Descend
2. (8:36) We Are All Fucking Liars (Version)
* White-label release, the image above is a sticker affixed to the sleeve. This 2-song 12" contains songs from the LP Disconnected.
* Cassette released for pre-orders of Disconnected.

Released: 2009 / 2018
Label: Hydra Head Records
Daymare Recordings
Format/CAT#: (CD) HH666-188
(CD) DYMC-095
(2x12" + CD) SIGE002 (2010)
(2x12") SIGE002 (2018)

Track Listing
1. (8:08) Wolf At The Door
2. (9:38) Vultures Descend
3. (6:41) When Attention Just Ain't Enough
4. (8:43) Wasted
5. (8:35) We Are All Fucking Liars
6. (5:09) Just Breathing
7. (6:56) Sweatshop
8. (8:34) Easy Pickings
9. (8:35) We Are All Fucking Liars (Version) (*)
* Japanese version released in July of 2009 through Daymare Recordings and on the 4th of August, 2009 through Hydra Head. The Japanese version contains one bonus track, the song appearing on the Vultures Descend 12".
* This was re-released in 2010 as a clear double vinyl + CD package, lacking the bonus track and limited to 500. Re-issued again as a very-limited run of merely 43 in the spring of 2018. This version was on clear vinyl which is reportedly leftovers from the 2010 pressing.

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