Godflesh Compilations

The following are all the compilations that contain Godflesh tracks (that I know of). The first section is new tracks that are exclusive to these compilations. The second section is tracks that appear on albums as well as these compilations. The final section contains video compilations. Each section is linked to a more comprehensive section, which gives all the details I know of every compilation listed. Enjoy!

Last Updated: 15th June
Updated: After 2 years, Finally a reformat! There's still more to add however...

New Tracks:

Pathological Compilation (Pathological/Earache--1989)
(LP) Path CD1 (?)
(CD) Path CD1

Loopflesh/Fleshloop (Clawfist--1991)
(7") #7

Masters Of Misery (Earache--1992)
(CD) TFCK-88607 (or)
(CD) TFCK-88558
(CD) Mosh 100A

Corporate Rock Wars (Earache--1994)
(CD) Mosh 136CD

Funky Alternatives Vol. 8 (Concrete--1995)
(CD) ???

Industrial Virus (Dressed to Kill--1995)

Rareache (Earache--1995)
(CD) Mosh 100CD

Whore: A Tribute to Wire (Wire Mail Order--1996)
(CD) WMO 2cd

Covered In Black (Cleopatra--1996)
(CD) CLP 9811-2

Future Shock (Rawkus--1996)
(CD) ???

Monsters, Robots, and Bug Men (Virgin--1996)
(2XCD)Ambt 11

Other Compilations:

Certain Damage Vol 32 (CMJ--1989)
(CD) CMJ CD-032

GrindCrusher (Earache--1990)
(LP) Mosh 35
(CD) Mosh 35CD
(CD) 88561-2027-2
(CD) ???

Relativity/Earache Summer/Fall 91 (Relativity/Earache--1991)
(CD) RPROCT 0129

Making Music Obsolete (Relativity/Earache--1992)
(CD) RPROCD-0158

18 Ways to Make More Money
R.E.D. Retail Sampler--Volume One (Relativity/Earache--1992)
(CD) RPROCD-0166

Terror: An Industrial Metal Compilation (Mental Decay--1993)
(2XLP) MDR-04-1
(CD) ???

Earache New Release Sampler (Earache--1994)
(CD) Mosh Pro-1

Discoveries 9 CD Sampler (???--1994)
(CD) Discoveries 9

$1,000,000,000 Sampler (Sony--1994)
(CD) ESK 6572

Hideaway Soundtrack (TVT--1995)
(CD) TVT 5610-2

Ham 'n Eggs Spring Sampler '95
Earache Spring/Summer '95 Sampler (Earache--1995)
(CD) Mosh Pro-2

Huh Volume 26 (CMJ--1996)
(CD) ???

Mind The Gap: Volume 8 (Gonzo Circus--1996)
(CD) 8

Mind the Gap: Volume 15 (Gonzo Circus--1997)
(CD) 15

Video Compilations:

Hard & Heavy--Volume 14 (??--1991)
(VHS) ??

Corporate Rock Wars (Earache-1994)
(VHS) Mosh 90V

Rock Video-February 1995 (Rock Video--1995)

Earache My Eye (Earache--1996)
(VHS) ???

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