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Godflesh / Jesu Lyrics
Please note that many of the entries listed here are interpretations and very well could be incorrect. All official lyrics are denoted in the individual sections. These are either by from inlays or from Justin himself. Lyrics to Cold World are not available.

Many thanks to Robb Cunningham, Doug Grainger and Chris Coccia for help with the unofficial interpretations, most of which were done many moons ago. Also thanks to Bitter for the Hymns and Messiah interpretations.

Godflesh Lyrics

godflesh streetcleaner slavestate cold corld (n/a) pure merciless

selfless solah Us and Them messiah hymns misc.

Jesu Lyrics

These lyrics were interpreted mainly by bitter and Elricj with the assistance of Krowe, Souldriver, joeki and some members of the message board. Many thanks!

heartache jesu silver conqueror sun down jesu/eluvium
lifeline pale sketches jesu/envy infinity opiate sun christmas