Audio Downloads
I'm in the process of revamping this page in hopes of hosting a lot of audio. For now, here's a quick table full of what we've got. All are MP3 format with the exception of a few. Any questions, just ask.

Date/Link City/Country MP3 Bitrate File Size
1989.08.05 UK / Nottingham 256 53Mb
1990.03.31 DE / Schorndorf 192 120Mb
1991.11.22 DE / Dortmund VBR 112Mb
1991.11.26 DE / Hanover 192 109Mb
1992.07.05 US / Santa Barbara, CA 256 79Mb
1996.12.12 US / New York, NY 256 116Mb
1995.05.26 NL / Utrecht 320 (mp3) / FLAC 164Mb / 452Mb
1999.07.99 NL / Eindhoven 128 47Mb
2001.12.10 IE / Dublin 320 (mp3) / FLAC 86Mb / 376Mb

There are a number of files here, if any link is broken, please let me know.

There are a number of different live shows here including Godflesh's final performance, several Jesu shows and an excellent Final live performance (hosted in both MP3 and FLAC form). FLAC is a higher quality, lossless format, if you are curious, please look it up. To burn FLAC files, you may need the plugin, so do a quick search on that one too.

Jesu's show from August of 2004 was the first tour the band did and the quality (music, not recording) is not quite stellar. However, the band does do a version of Messiah by Godflesh. This features Ted Parsons on drums and Dermot Dalton on bass. Thanks to Shawn for providing the source. Also, take a peek at the large flyer that was distributed at the show (1250x1733 - 200k).

Any other requests?

Godflesh's "Final" Live Performance (10 December, 2001)

Godflesh toured Europe as a three piece in November/December 2001, featuring Ted Parsons on drums and Raven on bass. During this jaunt, bookings were already underway for a U.S. tour. Ultimately, that overseas never ended up happening which made the band's "last" tour date a show in Dublin. The setlist of this show was brief, but like much of the rest of the tour, it contained a rendition of Requiem by Killing Joke. Captured by a gentleman named Baggy and "cleaned up" by Trent (my quotes there from mid-2002), the full show is provided here. It sounds quite nice and is offered in both MP3 (320kbps) and FLAC. Enjoy!!!


  1. Requiem
  2. Defeated
  3. Deaf, Dumb, Blind
  4. Voidhead
  5. Spite
  6. Crush My Soul
  7. Christbait Rising

Godflesh: Utrecht, Netherlands (26 May, 1995)

A great soundboard recording provided here with a pretty-cool setlist. 320kbps MP3 and FLAC available.


  1. Xnoybis
  2. Bigot
  3. Spite
  4. Mothra
  5. Anything Is mine
  6. Pure
  7. Body Dome Light
  8. Slavestate
  9. Toll
  10. Crush My Soul
  11. Christbait Rising
  12. Merciless

Older Uploads

Jesu (New York, NY - 20 Oct, 2007)

MP3 Files - 107Mb

PAR2 File

Jesu (Houston, TX - 11 Oct, 2007)

M4A Files - 114Mb

PAR2 File

Final Live Performance (Sheffield, England - 26 May, 2007)

MP3 Files - 48Mb / FLAC Files - 113Mb

MP3 PAR2 File

Jesu Live Performance (4 Aug, 2004)

MP3 Files - 41Mb