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Last Updated: 8th February, 2002
Added: New Justin interview from 1997.

AvalancheINC & Official Sites

Justin and 2 others run a site fittingly called AvalancheInc. It was originally just titled Avalanche. The new version of the site will feature the most up to date info there is on Godflesh and most of the side projects as well as the message board I have linked on this site and the online store. Check this out, you must.

Avalanche Inc The Official Site
Primeval Beatsource Ted Parsons' Site
Teledubgnosis New Ted Parsons Project

Mailing Lists and Forums

Godflesh Mailing List

from Yahoo Groups
Avalanche Message Board From AvalancheInc
Rants The best message board for side project type chatter.

Godflesh and Related Sites

  • In the Flesh
  • Great visuals and design!
  • The Flesh
  • Tribute to Godflesh
  • LastMuseum
  • (Side Projects, Scorn, message board)
  • Roughguides
  • (Godflesh entries)
  • Music Database
  • (Ed Klein's Godflesh entries)
  • WWW Music Database
  • (Godflesh entries)
  • GF Biography
  • Sascha's Godflesh page
  • Godflesh Biography
  • (Earache)
  • All Music Guide
  • (Godflesh and related entries)

    Record Labels & Distributors

    Earache's home page. (US email, UK email)
    Neurot Recordings (new Vitriol and Final releases)
    Force Inc. (Mille Plateaux and Position Chrome releases)
    Bent Crayon (Techno Animal, Ice, White Viper in stock-The Best!)
    Manifold Records (Final, Sidewinder, Solaris in stock, good mail order)
    Isolation Tank (TA, Ice, Sidewinder, Final-a bit pricey)
    Digital Hardcore Records (Released Techno Animal's Curse... record)


    Note: The following articles, interviews, blurbs and whatnot were taken from various sources. All text is copyright their respective owners and links are offered in cases where they are available. If you have information not listed here, please let me know. Thank you.

    Date: Description: Source:
    (01-02) Justin Interview (Chronicles of Chaos)
    (07-01) TA Interview (Insound)
    (01-00) Article/Release Listing (P.O.G.O. WebZine)
    (10-99) SoLaH/LaHiD cover image info (Antz)
    (06-99) Article/Interview (Justin) (Guitar Magazine)
    (05-99) Article/Interview (Justin) (Terrorizer)
    (None) Ideal Anthology Myself
    (01-99) Interview (Justin) (Metal Hammer)
    (10-98) Live History (1989-1996) (Andreas Vondran)
    (06-98) Godflesh's Gear Description/TA Blurb (email)
    (12-97) Interview (Slap Magazine)
    (07-97) Article/ Interview (Exclaim (!*@#) Magazine)
    (??-97) Interview (Highway 666)
    (06-97) Article (Metal Hammer)
    (04-97) Article/ Interview (Metal Maniacs)
    (04-97) Interview (Justin & Ben) (Under the Volcano)
    (01-97) Article (eye.NET)
    (??-97) Interview (Justin) (Twisting The Knife)
    (??-97) Interview (Justin) (Beowolf Productions) [New!]
    (12-96) Article/ Interview (Rip Magazine)
    (12-96) Article/Interview (Guitar Magazine Online)
    (11-96) Article/Interview (Gallery of Sound)
    (11-96) Interview (Justin) (US Rocker Magazine)
    (09-96) Interview (Justin) (Sonic Boom)
    (09-96) Interview (Justin) (Wormgear Zine)
    (09-96) Interview (Justin) (by Garth Ferrante)
    (??-96) Interview (Justin) (Unknown)
    (??-96) Article/Interview (Seconds)
    (??-96) Article/ Interview (pillowfight)
    (??-95) Article/Interview (Justin and Kevin Martin) (Spoil)
    (02-95) Article (Guitar World)
    (01-95) Article/ Interview (Metal Maniacs)
    (??-??) Article/ Interview (Unknown)
    (??-94) Article/ Interview (Justin) (Unknown)
    (08-94) Interview (Justin) (by Garth Ferrante)
    (08-94) Selfless song title explinations (from above interview)
    (07-94) Article (Guitar Magazine)
    (??-93) Ice Article/Interview (Alternative Press)
    (06-92) Article /Interview (Alternative Press)
    (06-92) Article/ Interview (Rip Magazine)
    (??-92) Article/ Interview (Propaganda (?)
    (??-92) Interview (Justin & Robert) (Convulsion Onine)
    (03-91) Article/Interview (Justin) (Alternative Press)
    (??-87) Interview (Justin) (Twisting The Knife)
    (??-85) Interview (Justin) (Creaig Dunton)

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