Godflesh Sounds

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Once a frequently updated section, it's been difficult to keep up with. I will try to keep these rotating fairly frequently.

Here's a good find...Demos & Rough Mixes from Hymns. Note that 2 track titles changed for the final version, Birthdeath was changed to Paralyzed and Beyond Good & Evil later became Deaf, Dumb and Blind. You may notice some other smaller changes as well.

3 tracks this week, 3 more next week.

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Godflesh and Related Audio/Video Links

Band: Audio Link: Source: Format: Length: Size:
Godflesh Beyond Good & Evil [CF] MP3 4:39 4.3Mb
Godflesh Anthem [CF] MP3 5:22 5.0Mb
Godflesh Birthdeath [CF] MP3 5:16 4.9Mb
Godflesh Crush My Soul [Rolling Stone] Real/Win 4:27 N/A
Godflesh Slateman [SubPop] Wav 0:23 1.0 MB
GF Midi
Godflesh Hunter [CF] Midi 4:38 34k
Godflesh Mothra [CF] Midi 6:57 28k
Godflesh Pure [CF] Midi 5:03 33k
Godflesh Slavestate [CF] Midi 3:56 44k
Godflesh Wake [CF] Midi 4:06 31k

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