Final Interview (1985)

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On the subject of Final:

As promised earlier, here is an interview with Justin Broadrick from the Dutch fanzine Material #1. The zine was published by Peter Zincken (Odal/Nihilistic Recordings/New Noise) sometime circa 1985.

I have decided to let you read the text exactly (well, almost) as it appeared in the fanzine. At times the result is quite hilarious, but rather than editing the text myself, I'll leave it up to you... enjoy.

Final a band from Birmingham and isn't much mentioned, a typical band with dark, monoton, dark noise. this is really raw even trained hardcore electronic listeners could punish their ears and brains, this is opposite against everything.

Their label Post-Mortem got much items with unknown bandnames like family patrol group, deadpulp, crusade mesh, mental health act, ashenden, the grey wolves, con-dom, D-mag 52, last exit, mindless scum, fern, unkommuniti and final, stuff 17 I've never heard of but justin has stopped the PM-recordings due to many reasons, only the final label tapes are aviable but you culd for the aviabilyty of other products. an Final tape catalogue comes out soon.

Hello justin! with how many people are you

Justin: Well there are three members of the now new Final Justin Broadrick thats me, Philp Timms and Daniel Johnson. Phil and Dan are the new members of FINAL. anyway FINAL started mid 1983 in BIRMINGHAM under various and different names and always doing noise/powerelectronics but the new FINAL formed in MAY, there is now no clash of personalitys or musical tastes.

Are there any meanings behind your noise/PE

Justin:Our basic meanings our that man is a shitter and is the destroyer of everything he can lay his hands on i.e animals, countryside. Man puts so much shit into the earth that its going to shit it all out someday. We are that the human-race is disgusting to be a part of it. So we feel not much sympathie towards people who are killed due to the genral attitude of humans anyway and our message is, "Think about others and stop wallowing in you self-pitying ignorance and also think for yourself instead of following blindly.

What do you use for your music

Justin: Lets see for our music we use rythm, machine bass, guitar for our experimentation and power-electronics we use synths, backing tapes, audio generator, video and everything we can lay uor hands on.

Are you influenced by others

Justin: Yes, by Throbbing Gristle, Ramleh, Whitehouse mainly for our conventioned music we are influenced by amebix, killing joke, swans, lots of Trrash. As we do normal music and still do noise, etc, etc so as to please both our musical desires and so as to get our messages over to a more varied crowd.

What about your concerts

Justin: we have done Five concerts (live missions) and should have more coming up. Our best was probaly our 1st gig (live mission) due to the sheer volume of the things - the venue shook! Our next gig should be the best due to the new line up and varied musical styles. As now when we play live we start off with our songs and towards the end our experimentation comes in and ends up in noise, etc.

Have you interests in other things

Justin:Yes but that's to varied to tell you, sorry but bassist/noisemaker etc. Phillip has a great interest in witchcraft/demonology and is also very involved in it but I can't say to much. political we are baically anarchists and are interested in sadism, torture, pain through sex etc.

All Final Tapes Available


=+ live mission 4 and lm 5 are very poor due to the experimentayion of line-ups at the time

avaible from BLACK DWARF
MAXIMUM HATRED c30, this is final stuff remixed this is an excellent tape

avaible from ANAL PROBE

we are also on the following compilations
- on BLACK DWARF - ARS MAGNA ET ULTIMA (under the name smear campaign)
- on MANS HATE tapes - International Sound communication2

After this info from justin he told me that Final split up again here follows an sumary of his recent story about his ideas and activitis

Now there are two members in Final, me and Paul.N. we started mid 83 with 3 members wich include me, andy swan and graham. lately we are using and array of instruments: synth, bass, guitar, audio generator ropes, few more things. Our music is just what we like we enjoy it, theres no point in playing music you don't like, and if other people enjoy what we do then thats fine, we like TG, Non, Can, Ramleh, pacific 231, Unkommuniti (hello Tim when are you going to write back to me). Everybody who we like influences us in some way or anotherwe also listen to other forms of music as well, I like some punk stuff, Paul likes some JAzz. Yeah, we play gigs (live missions) whenever possible. we have done 7 so far but could be more on the way. Our first one was one of the best (live mission 1) because it was so loud and so intense, it was quite structured noise.

Our message depends on wich people I give this to. to the ignornat public I would say 'fuck off and die' it all depends on whoms on the receiving end. But I don't like much on the human race anyway. We do art or mess with other peoples art, and some lyricks, I read anything that sounds interesting can be magick, sex, torture, musican books (!) anything I fancy. Paul reads lots of William Burroughs. Capatilism? I'm not interested in - its shite. I'am a short of anarchist i suppose. Yeah, I'm interested in sadism.

The label post-mortem is changed in 'UPRISING PRODUKTIONS'

P.S. some time later he wrote in his letter to me, that he kicked the members out of Final and that will begin again with the postmortem productions so no uprising productions anymore, If you're interested in things such as the old-ramleh well write to him there are some new upcoming items (adress elsewhere)