Some thoughts...nothing really important.

I never noticed this, but if you check out the first The Sidewinder record, you'll notice a track called White Viper Sound System. Not the first time Justin's gotten a name for a new side project from another project. (The first Solaris 12" came out shortly after the release of Final's Solaris record) Speaking of which, I really like both Solaris BC and The Sidewinder material. I just haven't heard it in so very long...

I just got Bad Blood by Ice, Techno Animal's Radio Hades and The Lo Fibre Companion. It's about damn time! Well, once again, TA has proven that they're musical geniuses (which should mean that every other project is genius...) In any event, I love Radio Hades to death. Bad Blood is something I'd probably not listen to if it weren't a Justin project, but b/c it is, I listen to it frequently. The Lo Fibre Companion is a Great compilation. Up until now, I always thought the Ambient 4: Isolationism comp to be the best release for varied Justin projects. (Though Shrine is amazing too) But this comp has everything. Including the Saskwatch song! I can't believe this has been out for 8 months and noone noticed that! Well, it's not like Avalanche had anything about it. Maybe it was just a one time thing. It's a great song as well, and hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to post the MP3 of the song, as it's quite good IMO.

If you haven't read the site notice, please head over there. Some good news involved. Well, I'm working on the Related Project Discography now, and while it's so very far from complete, I wanted to mention it so that some people could check it out. I'm not going to link it up from the main page until it's a little more complete, but if you know anything about any related project (NOT Scorn or Mick Harris stuff though please. It's not that I dislike him and his work, but that's just not a job I'm interested in now!), let me know. I'm so excited about relaunching the site, the new changes and about this new section. It should be good.