White Static Demon

Last Update: 2013/09/26

Status: Active
Bio: Much like Council Estate Electronics, this project was inspired when culling through old Final tapes from the early 80s. From Avalanche Inc.

Comparing this sound to that of old influences, Justin "...set about revitalising and revisiting this hateful / black / power electronics sound, utilizing analogue electronics and voice only, coupled with a now more mature, textured and psychedelic approach to the production of such material."

White Static Demon Discography

Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) AREC016 2009 Avalanche Recordings
(CS) URCS049 2010 Utech Records

Track Listing
1. (11:10) Decayed
2. (34:50) Never-Ending Death Trip
3. (8:26) Beggar
* Initially a digital-only debut release from this project. Released in March of 2009.
* Cassette version issued through Utech Records 4th September, 2010. Limited run of merely 100.

Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(CD) URCD048 2010 Utech Records

Track Listing
1. (23:51) Endless Vacuum
2. (23:27) Unforgiving Eidolon
* Second LP from this project. Set for release 4th September, 2010. CD limited to 500 copies.

The Poisoned Tape
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) AREC026 2013 Avalanche Recordings
(CD) AREC026 2013 Avalanche Recordings

Track Listing
1. (31:20) Side A
2. (31:33) Side B
* Third LP from White Static Demon issued on digital and CD release through on the 26th of September, 2013. Issued as a digital release as well as a highly-limited run of 100 CDs.

Compilation Tracks

Ominous Silence Compilation 2012
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) n/a 2012 Ominous Silence

Track Listing
4. (10:42) To My Sister In The Lord's Vineyard
* This track is exclusive to this release.
* This was a free digital compilation made available from Ominous Silence in December of 2012. This compilation also features one free track from Final.

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