Godflesh and Related Band News

20th February Vitriol: Finally Coming!
7th February Various: Justin Remixes Isis
19th December Various: More JKFlesh/Kmart material
8th July Teledubgnosis: New Parsons Project
6th July Various: Final, Solaris BC, Vitriol, Zonal (new project!)
28th June Godflesh: Messiah Coming Soon!
5th March Godflesh: New Album, Live News
5th March Various: Avalanche Recordings News, Site Info
5th March Various: Techno Animal label deal, Tech Level 2 Release Info
6th December Godflesh: Updates from Mr. Flesh
8th November Techno Animal: Remixes and Collaborations
5th October Godflesh: Ted Parsons Now Official 3rd Member
5th October Fall of Because: Finally Out!
22nd September Avalanche: Relaunch!
5th September TechLevel2: One more new Side Project!
4th September Techno Animal: Porter Ricks collaboration out now
30th August Godflesh: Some European Tour Dates in November
9th August Fall of Because: The latest word!
10th July Godflesh: Live Member Info Correction
9th July Saskwatch: Another New/Old Side Project
2nd July Youpho: New Track, New Compilation
2nd July Godflesh: German Tour Dates Not Confirmed
29th June Godflesh Mailing List Info!
21st June Fall of Because: Album Info
21st June White Viper: New Side Project
21st June Techno Animal: Another Limited 12"

Vitriol: Finally Coming!
[20th February]

I'm happy to announce that Ben Green's first side project will be coming out on Neurot Recordings on the 6th of March! I heard of this project first when GF toured American in December of 1996, and as usual, this release was just around the corner. Over 4 years later, it's finally here! The album is titled I-VII, unsurprising with so many Justin projects having numbers as names. This will be available for purchase at Neurot Recordings...here's what they had to say about it...

"Ben Green (Godflesh) takes us on a haunting and elemental journey of the soul. Recorded in the mountains of Wales in order to document alchemical pursuits."

Set for release on March 20th, this will be coming out on the same day as the new Isis recording, SGNL>05, which contains a Justin remix! Isis recorded an excellent cover of Streetcleaner last year, and Justin is around to remix their song Celestial which appeared on their last studio record of the same name.

The little known info, and all further info can be found in the Side Projects Page, and more specifically in the Vitriol Discography.

Various: More JKFlesh/Kmart material
[19th December]

This snipped found at Ipecac.com

"Justin Broadrick (Godflesh) and Kevin Martin (GOD) are working on a new unnamed Ipecac project."

Yup...that's about it. Ipecac is Mike Patton's (Faith no More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, etc.etc.) label. There were plans of releasing the Krackhead release on this label as well as other material, though no plans have been confirmed. Since no other news other than that one liner above was provided, it's unknown whether this is a new project or an old one. Justin and Kevin have so many projects together, it's hard to tell. Though I wouldn't rule out yet another new project.

Teledubgnosis: New Parsons Project
[8th July]

This is something I forgot to add to the news the other day. Ted Parsons is involved with a new project, called Teledubgnosis. There's a Teledubgnosis Site as well. Ted plays drums in this project of course, and here's the lineup.

Ted Parsons: Drums, Percussion
Gregory Damien Grinnell: Synths, Samples, Programming, Turntables
Jason Wolford: Synths, Samples, Programming, Turntables

The page doesn't mention any releases, but it looks like there's an EP coming soon.

Various: Final, Solaris BC, Vitriol, Zonal (New Project!)
[6th July]

Might as well begin w/ Zonal, a new project featuring Kevin and Justin once again. It's difficult to believe this is their 6th project together (4th w/ just the 2 of them). According to Justin, this will be "deep rhythm dubs and electro accoustic extracts, a series only available to AvalancheInc viewers." He says it'll be a series, so look for numerous releases on Avalanche Inc.

Also on Avalanche Inc will be the final release from Solaris BC, Submerged Technology. This record was recorded at least a few years ago, and will be a full length album. Krackhead material will also finally see release, From Hell is the name of the LP, and it is probably a compilation of the 3 12"s that never came out. I don't have a roundabout release date for this, but the Solaris BC and Zonal records will be released shortly after the Messiah EP (read news below if you missed it)

A few months ago it was reported that Neurot Recordings (a label run by the guys in Neurosis/Tribes of Neurot) would be issuing the 3 record by Final as well as Ben's Vitriol record. This is still the case, with Vitriol coming out in October/November, and the Final record slated for a 2001 release.

Godflesh: Messiah Coming Soon! Other News...
[28th June]

Yes, 6 years after it was recorded this will finally see the light of day. Messiah was a 4 track ep recorded during the Selfless sessions, is what Cold World was to Pure. The release will have 2 versions of each track, a normal mix and a Dub remix.

Since the band has just recently left Earache, they'll be putting this out themselves, on AvalancheInc Recordings. According to Justin, there will be plenty of new releases. These will probably include Saskwatch, Krackhead, Solaris B.C., Vitriol, Final, and so on...

Messiah will be available in September, and will be available for purchase at the online store over at AvalancheInc. It will be sold as a CDR or as MP3s (same price).

A little more info has been leaked concerning the new Godflesh record. Ted Parsons is done w/ the drums, Justin's guitars are almost done, and the bass and vocals will be recorded soon. The tentative release date is now October of this year, but as always, don't be surprised if that dates slips. I'd look for it this winter. 11 tracks, 60 minutes.

Godflesh: New Album, Live News
[5th March]

I've received word from Justin and like usual, plenty of news has surfaced from the correspondence. All I know is listed below! Enjoy!

Godflesh is currently writing songs for the new record, which will be released sometime this year apparently. The band wrote some songs before taking a short holiday break and has continued since January. The following is from Justin:

"We aim to be recording a lot of our basics in April. This album WILL come out this year whatever happens. No title yet, not even a working one. It will not be much like Us and Them of course...its very guitar driven/concentrated, acoustic drums, lo bass ultimately riff driven stuff. An intention is for it to be as brutally heavy as possible...more so than anything we have ever done..." Justin also mentioned that Mike Patton (Faith No More/Fantomas/etc.) may do guest vocals on one track!

Over the past few months, I've received information concerning live shows to be played in Ireland. While the dates haven't been confirmed (Even Justin wasn't 100% positive!), the following dates are possibilities:

April 7th Dublin
April 8th Cork
April 9th Belfast

Once again, these dates aren't positively confirmed, so keep your eyes open!

Oh, and still no US dates have been announced. Beginning to doubt that a tour will occur.

Various: Avalanche Recordings News, Site Info
[5th March]

One of the more exciting news in recent months concerned Avalanche Recordings which was set to issue 4 Flesh related CDs. Unfortunately, it seems that this mail order label will not see the light of day.

"We would love to have had this stuff out ready for the new year but we quite simply haven't got the funds to do the pressings at the moment. ...2 of the releases will now hopefully come out elesewhere if not 3 of them; Neurosis's label Neurot Recs will be releasing the Final album. (3) ...There is also more than a strong possibility that Neurot will release the GC Green project/CD Vitriol. Mike Patton (Faith No More of course!) is showing a strong interest in releasing the Krackhead stuff on his label Ipecac."

It also seems that Avalanche may be going through yet another redesign/relaunch. But, didn't we just go through that in September? Yup, but apparently, he's looking for it to be "much more generally informative and visually exciting." Cool. Each side project will have it's own sub site as well. There's no immediate time frame for this however, so expect to wait a little while for it.

Various: Techno Animal Label Deal, Tech Level 2 Release Info
[5th March]

Techno Animal is currently working on a multi record deal through Matador. They would "then be exclusively on Matador, and would intiate proceedings with a 12"/cd single with them in june hopefully."

I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes easier to find a TA release at your music store than a Godflesh one. Hrm.

As for Justin's D&B project TechLevel2, the first release will be coming "out through Hardleaders mid April, possibly apr. 20th specifically. A side Hymn the AA side is Hardtimes dub". Currently, there is just one compilation track out there, and no releases.

Godflesh: Updates from Mr. Flesh
[6th December]

I just received this from Justin. It has bits of news about various things. Rather than break it up I'll just post the important points of the letter. Here goes!

"[Since the] european gflesh jaunt finished i'm just gonna take it easy; done a lot of work this year and am gonna rest up a bit until the new year - if we survive - ho ho !

"I'm just working on drum n bass shit up until then - the Techlevel2 stuff that i do, ready for a couple of new 12"s in the new year. I have just completed a Techlevel2 remix of Mick Harris's Quoit project which will be on an CD ep by Quoit to come out late January i think through a splinter beats only label of Manifold."

"It was great to be playing with Ted Parsons again. There's no turning back for us now, Ted is here to stay. We're still working on the US tour for next year though...march/april time is projected for touring, but i can't say what this will be yet...but i doubt it will be a headline tour, either a support or a package of some sort most likely, with the possibility of a few headline shows thrown in. Plus instead of doing Us and Them remixes/dubs, when Ted was here we worked on new material for the new album instead...as this appears to be more forward thinking for us at the moment. We're sick to death of having an album out every 2 to 3 years and want to release a new album ASAP next year. I'm serious! We got a wicked writing vibe with Ted which we're gonna run with. We have the basics for over 10 new tunes already...and of course this stuff is rollin in a different direction to Us and Them! At the moment its very live sounding, very guitar/riff driven and ultimately heavy and large. We aim to start recording the new album in feb 2000. Would hope for a September 2000 release."

He also mentioned that this new release will probably not appear on Earache. While it's not newsworthy, he was apparently upset with their promotion of Us and Them on top of everything else. He couldn't say more, so it's likely that we'll have to wait a while for another update on this.

That's the most news the site has had in months!

Techno Animal: Remixes and Collaborations
[8th November]

As usual, info from Avalanche...

The first collaboration is with Dalek, a "mutant NYC hip hop act". It will be released on 12" only, through Derailed. This is part of a soundclash series the label is doing entitled Turf Wars.

Rubberroom is the name of the other hip hop band the band is collaborating with, this time from Chicago. This should come out in the near future on 12"

Techno Animal has also remixed a track from the band Buckethead, entitled Jump Man (Ejection Mix). Don't look for this to be released any time soon. Finally, it seems that the remixes the band did for The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion may be released soon.

Godflesh: Ted Parsons Now Official 3rd Member
[5th October]

Avalanche has reported that Ted Parsons is now an official 3rd member of Godflesh. About time!

Fall of Because: Finally Out!
[5th October]

Well...after all these years of waiting, Life is Easy from FoB has finally been released. All info can be found either below or in the Side Projects Discography.

Reviews are welcome!

Avalanche: Closed but Relaunching Soon!
[22nd September]

Avalanche closed down for a short time recently, but has relaunched and looks better than ever! The absolute best place to get the newest info on virtually all Flesh related, there's been a bunch of new info posted on the site.

All updates listed on Avalanche will be featured here shortly, but I suggest heading over there to find out some really cool news bits!

TechLevel 2: Another new Side Project
[5th September] [thanks to

In related news, looking at Avalanche's cool relaunch banner, you'll notice that there is something called TechLevel2 listed there. Very little is known unfortunuately, but it is a another new solo project of Justin's. This time, it's all Drum & Bass, and TL2 may actually have a release out now...or more than one! 12" only it seems, any additional info would be greatly appreciated!

Techno Animal: Porter Ricks Collaboration Out Now
[4th September] [Info from
Bent Crayon]

Symbiotics, the newest Techno Animal release is out now. This release is half TA, half Porter Ricks (who remixed Demonoid on the TA Vs. Reality record). Apparently both bands submitted material to the other who in turn reconstructed and remixed the tracks.

Porter Ricks consists of Thomas Kvner and Andy Mellwig. More info to come!

Fall of Because: The Latest Word!
[10th July] [Info from
Andreas Vondran]
[11th July] [Updated info from Xiclotl]
[9th August] [Newest info from Alleysweeper Records]

New Info
The album cover is a shot Ben took of Birmingham, and there are 2 images of the band included as well. There is also a track that has Nik Bullen and Mick Harris credited to it! This may be one of the live tracks.

The release date is now set for September, as Alleysweeper just got the master copy and the artwork recently. Hopefully there won't be any more delays, but we'll see. Things are apparently turning out well.

Old Info
After so many years of attempts to release this material, the new Fall of Because CD, entitled Life is Easy will be released through Invisible Records on the 27th of July. It seems that it will be released at the same time as the new Cable Regime, which was part of Justin's deal with the label. The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Devastator
  2. Life is Easy
  3. Middle Amerika
  4. Grind
  5. Ecstasy of Hate
  6. Malewhoreslag
  7. Lifefucker/Shitsucker
  8. Merciless

You'll notice that tracks 1, 2 and 8 are all Godflesh songs, track 4 was released quite some time ago (in a remixed/deconstructed format) on the Shrine compilation, and tracks 3, 5, 6, and 7 were all on the original Extirpate demo. (though a few tracks from that demo aren't present on this release)

Godflesh: Live Member Info Correction
[10th July] [Info from
Andreas Vondran]

Yesterday I reported that there was a drummer and 2nd guitarist on tour w/ Godflesh. That information was incorrect.

There is no drummer playing with the band on this tour. The lineup is as follows:

Justin Guitars
Ben Bass
Steve Hough Guitars
Dermot Dalton Samples, Tapes, Moog

The interview posted yesterday on the site had Justin stating that D. Dalton played guitars live w/ the band. (D. Dalton's name should ring a bell as he's helped Justin out on some Final recordings, and the newly discovered (see below) Saskwatch project) This information was incorrect. Steve Hough (also part of the Saskwatch project as well as Torque) plays guitars live.

Don't look for either to appear on future Godflesh records however, both simply help out in live situations.

Saskwatch: Another New/Old Side Project.
[9th July] [Thanks to a tip from
Daniel Sharps]

The Lo Fibre Companion came out in October of 1998. Unfortunately, I'm always broke, so I didn't get a chance to get this until now. Looking at the tracklisting, you'll see a band called Saskwatch on disc 2, doing a song called Pookah. Saskwatch is the name of yet another project of Justin's. This time, he worked alongside D. Dalton (Final, Line) and S. Hough. (Torque)

I'm very surprised this slipped by us for so long! Saskwatch has one release, through Lo Fibre, so it may be tricky finding a copy.

Youpho: New Track, New Compilation
[2nd July] [Info from
The World of Drum and Bass]

Formation Records will be putting out a record called The World of Drum and Bass, an 8 LP/2 CD compilation coming out soon. The CD version will also contain a multimedia section. Both versions will also feature a 128 page World of Drum and Bass directory.

There is a new and exclusive Youpho track on this compilation. (For more information on Youpho, check out the Side Project Discographies) The track is called Malfunkshun.

*hrm* I was thinking about it, and the Justin project was titled Locate featuring Youpho, which leads me to believe that Justin may not be on this track. I may be wrong, but it's a possibility!

Godflesh: German Tour Not Confirmed
[2nd July]

Avalanche listed the summer tour schedule in their June 30th update. Unfortunately however, none of the October German dates were listed. While this news doesn't mean that the tour won't exist, there is still a chance that it isn't 100% confirmed just yet. So please, mark your calendar in pencil, not pen!

Check out the Tour Dates Section for more info.

Godflesh: Mailing List Info
[29th June]

Thanks so much to Kev Chan for setting this up. He is the moderator there, so if you have problems mail him or mail me.

There is now a Godflesh mailing list. It is couretsy of OneList, and if you're interested in joining, head over to the Godflesh section there.

Hopefully things will work out smoothly there.

Fall of Because: Album Info
[21st June]

After years of speculation and delays, it seems as if the Fall of Because album, Life is Easy is almost ready for release. Currently scheduled for a 1999 release through Alleysweeper (the company that released Final's Solaris record), this release will likely be half composed of the impossible to find Extirpate demo from 1985 and half of live material. Also on this release should be old versions of Godflesh favorites, including Mighty Trust Krusher, Merciless and of course, Life is Easy.

As of June 21st, there is still some "organizational work" to be vdone, but it looks like this time it's going to be the real thing.

White Viper: New Side Project
[21st June]

White Viper is the name of the newest Justin Broadrick side project. Once again, he is alongside Kevin Martin. They have just released Crawler/Into the Light, the projects first release. White Viper also had a track on last years Electric Ladyland 6 compilation, but not until now did we know that it was a JK Flesh/K Mart release.

Bent Crayon has this 12" in stock last I checked. (June 21st)

Techno Animal: Another Limited 12"
[21st June]

This time, it's called Brotherhood, short for Brotherhood of the Bomb, with the B-side being Monolith. I don't know how limited this is, so I'd suggest acting fast.

Once again, Bent Crayon has this 12" in stock last I checked. (June 21st)

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