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Updated: 2016/12/30
Status: Active?

This two-man project featured Justin and long-time collaborator Diarmuid Dalton (Cable Regime, Final, Jesu, Godflesh, Grey Machine, Iroha, Saskwatch). The defunct Avalanche Inc. site describes the project as being "born from vintage analog only synth and fx improvisations. Project began early 2008 inspired by JKB as he was collecting tracks from old Final cassettes...JKB and Diarmuid set about recording long improv sessions using only old analog instruments much like Final did around 1983-87. These sessions are then edited and mixed/produced by JKB."

Its first release, Kitsland was named after "a road in the Shard End area of East Birmingham where they both lived and met in 1984." (from The Quietus)

Council Estate Electronics Discography

Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) AREC014 2009 Avalanche Recordings

Track Listing
1. (8:21) Longshaw
2. (12:52) Hillstone
3. (18:17) Hall Hayes
4. (12:23) Kitsland
* Digital-only debut release from this project. Issued in January of 2009.

Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) AREC020 2012 Avalanche Recordings

Track Listing
1. (29:10) Longmeadow A
2. (30:48) Longmeadow B
* Digital-only sophomore release on Avalanche Recordings. Released the 11th of June, 2012.

Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(CD) ICEBERG#2 2016 Glacial Movements
(Digital) ICEBERG#2 2016 Glacial Movements

Track Listing
1. (10:50) Urals
2. (6:28) 567 Foot 33,500 Ton
3. (6:06) Type LK-60YA
4. (5:11) Rosatom
5. (7:08) 50 Let Pobody
6. (6:10) Polar Star
7. (8:58) Liquified Natural Gas
8. (8:39) 60 Megawatts
* Third LP released on the 31st of October, 2016. This is the second installment of the label's Glacial Movements series.
* Named after The Arktika, a Russian ship, designed to break through the ice of the Northern Sea Route.
* Council Estate Electronics' first retail CD was issued with a six-panel digipack packaging.

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