Godflesh Lyrics

Welcome to the new Lyrics section. It has now been revamped and looks quite similar to the Discography. I would like to thank Robb Cunningham, Doug Grainger and Chris Coccia for help with a large portion of the unofficial interpretations listed here. All songs preceeded by an * are official. These are either by from inlays or from Justin himself. Words surrounded by _word_ signifies that we are unsure of it. If you have anything to add, correct or submit, please send it my way! Thanks and Enjoy!


Last Updated: 12th June
Added: Love is a Dog from Hell interpretation, in the Other Lyrics section.
Prior Additions: Lyrics to Zero the Hero and For Those About to Rock
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[Godflesh.gif] * Avalanche Master Song
* Veins
* Weak Flesh
Ice Nerveshatter


[Streetcleaner.jpg] Like Rats Streetcleaner
Christbait Rising Locust Furnace
Pulp Tiny Tears
Dream Long Dead Wound
Head Dirt Dead Head
Devastator/Mighty Trust Krusher Suction
* Life is Easy [Notes]


[Slavestate.gif] Slavestate
Perfect Skin
Someone Somewhere Scorned
* Slateman [Notes]

Cold World

[Cold World.jpg] Cold World


[Pure.jpg] Spite Pure
Mothra Monotremata
I Wasn't Born to Follow Baby Blue Eyes
Predominance Don't Bring Me Flowers


[Merciless.jpg] Merciless


[Selfless.jpg] * Xnoybis [notes] * Body Dome Light
* Bigot * Toll
Black Boned Angel * Heartless
Anything is Mine * Mantra
* Empyreal * Go Spread Your Wings
* Crush My Soul

Songs of Love and Hate
[All lyrics are official]

[SoLaH.jpg] Wake Angel Domain
Sterile Prophet Kingdom Come
Circle of Shit Time, Death and Wastefulness
Hunter Frail
Gift From Heaven Almost Heaven

Us and Them
[All lyrics are official]

[Us and Them.jpg] I, Me, Mine Bittersweet
Us and Them Nail
Endgames Descent
Witchhunt Control Freak
Whose Truth is Your Truth? The Internal
Defiled Live to Lose

Other Tracks
Song Title: Info: Appears on:
40 Versions Wire cover song Whore, Wire tribute album
For Those About to Rock AC/DC cover song Covered in Black, AC/DC tribute
Love is a Dog from Hell Original song Pathological Compilation
My Own Light Original song Pathological Compilation
Straight To Your Heart Loop cover song Loopflesh 7"
Zero the Hero Black Sabbath cover song Masters of Misery, Black Sabbath tribute

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