Crumbling Flesh: Established 9th October, 1995

[11th February, 2024] - New Releases

Justin has re-issued the long-out-of-print 2008 split EP w/ Envy under the Jesu moniker. Titled the Hard To Reach EP this contains remasters of the two tracks with a trio of additional ones. Two were recorded at the time and would've been used had it not resulted in a split release. These had never been issued before. Additionally, an alternative version, clocking in at over 10 minutes, is also included. This abandoned track from 2012, several years after the original release, was finished and mixed in 2023, making this a solid 40-minute-plus EP. Digital only. No discography update done for this one yet.

JK Flesh will be releasing Veneer Of Tolerances Remixes, on double vinyl and digital formats in early March. The JK Flesh discography has been updated.

I continued working on the Live History section with a number of dates from the band's inception up until its 2001 hiatus. I've been picking away at this section and think it's a worthwhile endeavor.

[10th December, 2023] - Some WIP

Been working on a few projects for the site, but life often takes priority and these endeavors end up being abandoned. This time, another surgery has put a pause on several of these attempts to modernize these pages. A massive rehaul to the live history section, a Godflesh-centric timeline and even whatever the hell this is - all end up in a digital heap of curious file names amidst thousands of others on this server. Please note, none of those links are fit for publication - but whatever.

Inspired by and founded on some serious research by Matt Viola, I've tossed together a Techno Animal song history from 1995-1998. In a short span of about 22 months, the band issued two LPs, five 12"s and appeared on no fewer than a half-dozen compilations. Since most tracks are bastardizations of others - sometimes with unrelated name changes, other times with the same name - this document may help clean up any confusion about the era. I know that if I don't publish this now, it'll never get done.

Some quick final notes:

[16th October, 2023] - Live in '95 / New photos

Check the Sounds page for an HQ-quality show from 1995 in the Netherlands. FLAC & 320kbps MP3s posted. Also, a pair of photos of God live in '92.

[14th October, 2023] - [Audio] Godflesh's "Final" Live Performance upgrade

10 December, 2001: Submitted by Baggy and cleaned up by Trent in 2002, I had a pretty low-quality version on the site for the last 20 years. Today I came across the original files and tossed up FLAC and 320kbps MP3 versions for anyone needing an upgrade. The band's cover of Requiem really brings me back to that era - both the good and the bad. See more in the Sounds page.

[9th October, 2023] - Crumbling Flesh: 28th Anniversary

Godflesh is mine
Way back in late 1994, I started emailing a Norwegian fellow named Berndt. Back then, he ran a Godflesh discography site from his college account. Living in a university town myself, I had access to some kick-ass used record stores and I kept coming across unique Godflesh/JKB releases not featured on his site. Eventually, in mid-1995, he told me I might as well make my own site, because he couldn't keep up.

In August, as I began my sophomore year in college, I decided to start learning HTML - not an overly-complex task in such primitive online times. (TBH: massive chunks of this site remain much as they were in the mid-90s!) Writing a bare-bones site from a monochrome VMS system, I became infatuated with Justin Broadrick material: from Godflesh to Final to God to Sweet Tooth. (Of note: Flow/Openings is top-5 JKB ever.) Every few weeks I'd discover something new and upon launching the site, fellow fans the world over would share their discoveries as well. However, despite this international, newfound means of communication, the anonymity of it all was endearing. In early October, I launched Crumbling Flesh, a title suggested by Berndt himself. That was 28 years ago today.

"Your blood on my hands, your blood on my hands..."

To be perfectly honest, I genuinely dislike Songs Of Love And Hate and consider Selfless the band's last, truly great offering. As the decade progressed into the late-'90s, the Internet expanded exponentially. While my Godflesh fascination began to diminish, my passion for Justin's output did not waver. Instead, it expanded. I focused on The Sidewinder, early Ice, Solaris BC, Techno Animal and his numerous one-off projects. (Under The Skin is top-10 and Re-Entry top-3?) Varied, unique and ever-changing was the only constant. My purpose for the site was, and still is, simply to catalogue all of this material and with each new nugget I discovered, I swiftly shared and readers far and wide devoured and collected.

As the calendar passed into a new century, things changed. With the prevalence of Wikis, the websites of the world relied less on one person to do the management - for the betterment of all! However, despite superior sites, communities and wiki pages, I chugged along, finding pride in my more-sporadic, but no-less meaningful updates. Both Justin and I endured relationship calamity - a crumbling of the foundation of much of what we knew - with new, greater ones rising in their stead. Children were born. My life matured. I grew - both in wisdom and the grey hair that accompanies it. My wife and I moved across countries and continents. Godflesh disbanded...then reunited! And though our crafts are worlds apart, the kinship felt by fans of this music is one I suspect many readers can relate to. As we age, we never quite lose that draw of the harsh and crushing nature of the music, representing the world surrounding us - perhaps even more than we felt in our youth.

"With your hand on my heart, I need air."

I interviewed Justin on the phone twice, I think. We emailed numerous times, but only once did we speak in person, tête-à-tête. That was in December of 1996 on the SOLAH tour. It was a fanboy dream: me, not even 21 and him, the ripe-old age of 27! These pages and their longevity are both inextricably tied to that encounter, that one night. Amidst my flurry of encyclopedic questions, one was more personal: I requested the lyrics of one specific, cryptic song that evening.

I took the name slateman sometime in late '94 or early '95. Prior to that, I simply went by the moniker godflesh; it seemed ominous enough. But while the song title and online handle were fitting and suitable, it was Justin's description that remains with me still. Driving home after a day at the beach in Cornwall, Justin focused on the slate that adorned the walls of a tunnel. Slate. Something so fragile - all while giving the appearance of solidity and strength. I've operated under this guise for online and publishing purposes ever since - now almost three full decades later.

"Grey machines, dying ocean"

On the 14th of September 2023, I drove up to Baltimore to see Godflesh. I'd witnessed Justin perform live just three times prior: the aforementioned show in the '90s, once in the '00s as Techo Animal in the rusted innards of some ship in a NYC harbor, then again in the 2010s in Sweden. Encounter number four would be in the 2020s, now in Maryland. This music, this entire experience has followed me and been with me throughout most of my life. I'd wager that for many of you, the tale, while oh-so-different, is essentially the same.

And as life goes, things have been on the rougher half of the spectrum. I hesitated to commit to the show, but the day of, I realized I simply could not skip this. After a quick post to the Facebook group I have to give infinite thanks to Eric Snow for providing the last-minute ticket replete with a parking pass! I traipsed in late to a room not full, but healthy for such a veteran band on a Thursday night.

I had a few drinks, which were surprisingly potent, and fraternized with some board members. They were both down-to-earth individuals whose stories mirror my own, and likely yours as well. I looked around, pondering how many other people knew me, without knowing me at all. The anonymity has always been nice, though it often saunters into loneliness. I looked around at the assortment of strangers and felt it deep within me: Godflesh is mine. Of course, Godflesh is yours too, but unlike the metal shows I often frequent or almost any other niche interest that fascinates me, the camaraderie is not something I share with many in my 'real world' (where flesh crumbles, naturally). No, when I reveal to others of my musical tastes, it's all-too-frequently met with the confused and uncomfortable, "Oh...uh...OK," which represents the listener not having a clue WTF to even do with such information. Be it games, publishing, or hobbies, few circles garner as little enthusiasm or background knowledge as that of Godflesh.

While the setlist was good, I only found one song to really rock my world in the main set: Dead Head. I don't know what it was, but the bouncy heaviness, the callback to early '90s me, the echoey vocals or the pummeling bass, I just lost it and my neck didn't forgive me for days. After a relatively safe finale and encore (Like Rats, Spite and Crush My Soul), I was content with the evening, expecting things to end there. Through piercing harmonics and feedback, an eight-count began and yet one more final encore ensued. Two chords followed, with another subsequent pair shortly afterwards. I spent five seconds zoning out into the ambience, prepped for the true finale before it hit me. My eyes grew in size, my mouth opened wide and I looked to my right. Josh Greer was staring at me...smiling. He gave me a thumbs up. And then I proceed to freak the fuck out.

The tss tss tss tss of the hi-hats chirped away and and quartet of heavy-as-fuck chords followed before the snare drums kicked in and elation overwhelmed me. They were playing Slateman.

I was bouncing up and down, not caring about the world. Not caring about your Godflesh or mine. Justin's silhouette offered no details before the blazing red fire of the screen projected behind him. I closed my eyes, smiling like an idiot.

"Your blood on my hands..." My memories went back decades to my juvenile meeting with Justin, Ben and Ted Parsons in late 1996. As his words echoed throughout the Baltimore Sound Stage, I could hear him saying the words, 27 years prior, revealing the secrets of lyrics I'd never have deciphered. I can hear them now, spoken softly in Justin's throaty voice.

"With your hand on my heart, I'll still survive."
Awakening in the present, I opened my eyes and yelled the lyrics in unison. "Grey Machines...Dying Ocean..."

The song eventually passed its zenith and faded, with Justin placing his guitar on its case, glorious feedback screeching peacefully in the night, any and all opinions of the evening were surpassed by the sheer euphoria of seeing the song that effectively played like a soundtrack to my identity for the last quarter-of-a-century.

I can't say anyone in my day-to-day life comprehends any of this. The story is nice and all, but the gravity is lost on them. And it all may sound hyperbolic - borderline absurd perhaps. But Godflesh is mine and I don't have to explain to anyone. My colleagues and co-workers and friends and family don't understand. My wife doesn't. But you likely do. Because whenever you got into Godflesh or any JKB project, I'd wager something changed in you. It most certainly did in me. I realized the line between music and noise / soundscapes could exist in a way I never thought possible and since that day in 1991, I've never been the same. And to imagine, 32 years later, 28 years after forming this stupid corner of the web which I've maintained since, that I'd hear Justin roar my identity into a microphone, with no knowledge of my presence - I cannot express the weight and importance and sincerity and poignancy of this moment.

I'm so grateful to have heard it, to have met some of you, to have received a kind gift of a ticket, to have read your words over decades, and for you to be reading these now.

How fortunate I am. Thank you for everything over the last 28 years.

[8th October, 2023] - Photos Section Fixed! [Finally]

After countless years inexplicably broken, the Photos Section (renamed from pics) has been updated, cleaned up and fixed. Thanks to Jean-Michel for reminding me to get off my ass and fix this stuff. I still can't figure out what made those images break, same went for the old artwork section (which got some additional love since my last post), but it doesn't matter. It's done. Much of it is low-resolution, turn-of-the-century stuff, but in the very least, it should all work now. At least until it breaks again in another 20 years! Enjoy!

[1st October, 2023] - Artwork Section Updated!

After almost 25 years without any changes, I've gone and updated the artwork section of the site. This houses art from all the 1990s-era Godflesh material and I've linked the sources (mostly films) and timestamps from each movie. In addition, I've tossed up some snapshots to compare to the album artwork where possible. Still have another big update brewing, but for today, that's all. I hope you enjoy!

[29th September, 2023] - Quick Updates

Some recent releases (all digital + what's noted). My anniversary/GF show-review thoughts coming shortly.

[15th June, 2023] - New LP, tour, releases, age...

Since the last time I updated this front page 10 months ago, Justin has released about a dozen new items (detailed below). Crumbling Flesh exists, as I've said through the years, as a catalogue of incredibly-old information. That's quite all right with me. But I do still enjoy keeping things up-to-date.

The biggest news of late isn't yet another Final or JK Flesh album, it is the return of Godflesh, whose ninth LP was issued a week ago. It's the third since reforming 13 years ago and it once again features Justin and Ben and their beloved machines. I'll admit that most newer material hasn't stuck with me. In fact, I find myself visiting recent Jesu or JKF far more. (by recent, I mean the last 15 years of music).

Purge, the band's first record in six years, sits differently with me. While the first single, Nero certainly has Pure vibes, I find the back half of the record far more aligned with my 'Flesh tastes. Permission hearkens to the band's cover of Straight To Your Heart, The Father shows the band veering into several eras of familiar territory and the album's closers giving a tinge of Man/Woman crushingness by Jesu.

Reception seems as varied as the record itself, and as an old forum member aptly put it, many times it depends on the angle that got you into the band in the first place. I arrived via the avenue of metal. The second half is for me.

So, while this splash page isn't updated frequently, background discography updates are always happening. Discogs has a far-more convenient layout and the Justin Broadrick Fanblog is a more consistent source of news, curiosities and information. Finally, the Avalanchers Facebook Group is the community hub for discussion. =old people like me - and quite possibly you too.

Maybe I'll write more come October when the site turns 28.

Here are the newest discography updates:

Some thoughts:
I've always preferred the ambient side of Final, so neither of the Oblivion releases nor the Exit Electronics are particularly listenable to mine ears. Both JK Flesh records are quite good as is the Loud As Giants collaboration with Dirk Serries. Four, lengthy, moody pieces, I particularly like this record. The Pale Sketcher is...very unlike JKB. And that's fine by me. For casual listening, I like it!

Oh, and in addition to all of those discography entries, the Labels Discographies has been brought up to date. Avalanche Recordings has catalogue entries all the way up to AREC071, however, we've never discovered what AREC044 and AREC050 were - neither has ever been issued. Oh...and the side-project discographies launchpage has been entirely revamped with a layout I've been tinkering with for a decade.

Summer vacation has just arrived for me, now a teacher with 14 years experience (across two states and three countries). If you're planning on seeing Godflesh live this summer, I'll likely be at the Baltimore show in September.

Sorry for the lengthy lapse between updates.

[14th August, 2022] - Discography updates

The usual discography updates have been done over the past few months. New stuff from JK Flesh much earlier in the year alongside a pair of Final releases. Justin just issued a side-project release of JK Flesh called Exit Electronics. This is a pay-as-you-like digital-only recording, so a new discography was issued for that and the Labels Discographies were also brought up-to-date. I haven't put it up yet, but a new album for the discontinued Pale Sketecher project is forthcoming through the GIVE/TAKE label. A curious preview site is available for the album due later this year. Vinyl pre-orders are up; the album is slated to be called Golden Skin. Hope all is well in your world!

[17th January, 2022] - Follow-Up

Just a quick follow-up to 2022's plans. First, Justin mentioned on the Facebook that he won't be touring America in 2022 under the guise of any project. Just not going to risk it (covid, visas, etc). However, "the plan now for the US is mid 2023, for Jesu, Godflesh and JK Flesh"!

Second, a third Blood Of Heroes LP is coming! The final part of the trilogy is all-but-complete with the collaboration of Burton C. Bell, formerly of Fear Factory! He's got to lay down some more tracks and then it's time to mix!

Plus the usual discography updates continually being done in the background. Some upgrades/cleaning up coming as well - hope you don't even notice them.

[13th January, 2022] - Busy 2022

Justin will be continuing with a prolific 2022. After a pair of digital-only Final Releases, he's made a Facebook post with the following future plans:

  • New Godflesh LP being demoed - due late 2022
  • 30th anniversary of Pure - Roadburn live 2013 vinyl release
  • Selfless - Roadburn live 2018 to follow
  • Eponymous Jesu deluxe reissue (5xLP special & 2xLP standard) - CD/Digital release
  • Techno Animal - Almost all albums remastered! Vinyl/CD/Digital releases through Relapse

That's some impressive news! Techno Animal's Re-Entry and Brotherhood Of The Bomb are set to be first, but with vinyl pressing plants quite busy, any aforementioned vinyl releases are hostage to their timelines.

In addition, after last year's Monrella / JK Flesh split EP, another Mick Harris/JKB collaboration appears to be in the works under the resurrected Scorn moniker. Shane Embury may also appear on this release.

[4th November, 2021] - Twenty Six

It's been yet another year and I've gone through yet another massive life change. This time was a return to America from Italy. It was a rough change, harder than going Eastward, and things haven't quite settled down. In the past year, I've updated numerous discographies: from JK Flesh releases to new Godflesh material to keeping the record labels pages updated to Tech Level 2 EPs to a new Jesu LP in seven years. All were done quietly, but I suppose if I'm going to keep these pages going, I should at least give love to the very thing that spawned its birth in the first place: complete discographies!!!

Unfortunately, I've been finding that some decrepit, old portions of the site have been having issues: most notably, broken images. I haven't a clue what's going on, but I'll try to fix these in a similar, behind-the-scenes fashion. I figured maintaining a site this old should be easy!!!

And yup, that means we've just passed another birthday. Crumbling Flesh turned 26 years old last month. I am now 45 years old and quite grey (beard only, hair still looks good!) That age gets me thinking about having a contingency plan for this site for the day know...I'm no longer around to maintain it. I'd hate to think a quarter-century of work would just be relegated to searches. But that's too gloomy a thought. Happy birthday.

[26th September, 2020] - New Releases

Quick update today - There's a new Jesu LP forthcoming called Terminus. This is the first LP in quite a while. Just released this month is a half-harsh, half-mellow new Final EP called You Couldn't Mean Any Less.

Also interesting is a 20-minute, textural improv performance from 2015 posted over to the YouTube. It's preceded by a 5-minute interview. This is from the Tectonics Festival in Glasgow.

The final share of the day is a rare recording of Sweet Tooth from back in 1990. This is just amazing and I'm so glad someone uploaded this. This 6-track, 34-minute, restored & remastered live recording can be found on YouTube as well and is well worth it. Hard to believe that was 30 years ago. Enjoy these updates!

[6th July, 2020] - Quarantine / Discographies Always Being Updated

In early March, Italy locked down utterly. It was a strange time, no more for Italy than most of the world. However, while I genuinely dislike living here - down to the deepest core of my heart - the way this country handled the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic is nothing short of remarkable. In the end, though, while my family and I were safe and secure and fortunate beyond words, it was easy to slip into a funk - perhaps even a tinge of depression.

While this country's numbers improve and others do not (*coughAmericacough*), remaining positive is paramount to success. And as Justin continues his prolific ways, I find some minor solace and sense of meaning updating discographies, much like I've done since the autumn of 1995 - an absurd 25 years ago. It's a simple pleasure to keep this site updated and ad-free for two-and-a-half decades. Shit, that is crazy to utter.

Regardless of sentimentality, I've always liked to think of this space as a haven for my own personality, trite though in my commentary about it. Ultimately, however, 25 years has earned me some sense of nostalgia.

So, these past few months I've updated the discographies of JK Flesh, Final and some new Jesu. Tech Level 2's resurrection has been noted as has Pale Sketcher's demise. Other sections look exactly the same asa they did in the year 2000 - for better or worse. While this front pages is just a glorified discography update, I'll be back around October to proclaim 25 complete years of Crumbling Flesh. God DAMN that's a long time! And for those of you who have been around for a good chunk of that time??? You're fucking old too.

[22nd August, 2019] - JK Flesh - Zonal - Anniversary

Updating discographies as necessary, both new and old. The main entries are new releases by JK Flesh, the first Final release in three years and, amazingly, Zonal, a project I never thought we'd ever hear from again.

On the personal front, my next big move is mostly done. We left Sweden, a place I could have lived in forever, and arrived in Italy. We'll be here for two or three years and while we've been gone for almost two months, we're not yet in our permanent housing. I feel a bit lost due to the upheaval and, honestly, so far...Not in love with it here. We were really smitten with Scandinavia and it's hard not comparing everything to it.

However, the purpose of writing this is to reminisce about August of 1999. It was 20 years ago this month that I settled on this archaic design and launched Of course, the site was already four years old at that point - starting in October of 1995 and bouncing between several domains before settling down. While it's not a tremendous birthday, two decades is nothing to sneeze at and the site has never had an ad. As I've said through the years, I have no intent on pulling the plug on the whole endeavor. I'll check back in October of 2020 for the 25th anniversary.

[21st April, 2019] - A little while later...

Another long-delayed posting. I've tinkered with discographies all over the place over the past year. The Record Labels discographies reflect many of the new albums as well as fixes to old entries. Jesu and JK Flesh both got some overdue love, with the latter's newest records all being added. Remixes are another beast entirely, that shit seems impossible to keep up on.

One of the most interesting new additions is actually something quite old. It's been revealed that Hydrus, an old project attributed to DJ The Neck back in the Lo Fibre days, was actually Justin. One of my favorite tracks from JKB's short-lived label was actually Justin all along! Of course, a new discography has been added, but it doesn't end there! We've always known that AKA was credited to our old friend Paul Neville and DJ The Neck as well making this yet another JKB project unearthed after two decades!!! In case you thought might be enough for ancient reveals, the legendary Lo Fibre Companion also contained another project by a band called Fruitkake. Only one song was ever issued and it's now known that this was just another JKB/Ben Green moniker from those glorioius late-1990s. So...three 'new' projects added to the silly list.

Justin proves to be just as prolific as ever, and I hope you're keeping up on his efforts better than this site proves to. His JK Flesh project is the most active, so much so that I tossed a link to the discography on the left. Sadly, both Jesu and Final have been awfully quiet.

In life news, I have another big change coming shortly. Living in Göteborg, Sweden has been phenomenal and I simply love this country. However, we always knew our stay would be brief. Unfortunately, instead of a six-year stay as intended, we're being shipped elsewhere after fewer than three. Our newest adventure will drop us off in Naples, Italy this summer. Things may not get settled for a few months, which means I'll miss the 20th anniversary of the launch of! Not really a huge deal, but it was in August of 1999 when this design was settled and the domain became mine. Wow.

Enough for today. It may be quiet on the front page, but know that updates are still happening behind the scenes and the community is as busy as ever. Enjoy your 2019!

[25th November, 2017] - It's been a little while...

Much has happened in the two years since my words last graced this site. It's been 22 years since Crumbling Flesh launched and I never went so long without an update.

The first year was mostly usual business. Things in the music world was a bit quiet after a few releases here and there. I often updated discographies to represent these new items.

But in early 2016, my wife got a job opportunity abroad. In the autumn we upped and moved to Gothenburg, Sweden where we plan on staying for a number of years. It's safe to say that everything about my life changed. I started to write a book. We got a new dog. Just as my free time diminished, the time I spent listening to JKB projects dwindled. Over the past few months there have been plenty of new releases and I struggle to keep up with them, partly due to financial reasons. Long gone are the days of rummaging through used vinyl bins and collecting Japanese releases for bonus tracks.

In addition, you should no doubt be familiar with both the Avalanchers Forum and the JKB Fan Blog. Each is a fantastic resource of up-to-date information and friendly dialogue. Given my track record, this site will never be what it once was. While I can certainly endeavor to bring all the discographies up to date, your best bet for the latest and the greatest will be at those friendly sister sites.

I'm not entirely dismayed at the current state of things. While my passion is hardly that of what it was in 1995 or even 2005 for that matter, Justin is as prolific as ever: The rebirth of Zonal, new releases by JK Flesh, live shows, the usual plethora of remixes and oh, a tiny new record by the mighty Godflesh. It was hard to keep up on this all even when time was on my side!

Although I'd covered 2016's releases like Final's Live Reprocessed | Birmingham 2009, JK Flesh's Rise Above and Suicide Estate / Antibiotic Armageddon and Council Estate Electronics' Arktika, there's an awful lot I've missed since. JK Flesh has a four-song EP called Exit Stance coming out in a few days and Suicide Estate re-issued on CD and vinyl as well as digital formats. There have been countless live shows under a number of monikers and remixes aplenty. Techno Animal got back together for a spectacular one-off show before collapsing into Zonal. But the big one, of course, is that Post Self, Godflesh's ninth full-length record, shipped just this month. The record features 10 songs (13 on the Japanese or digital releases) marking yet another shift in focus for the duo. My initial spins were underwhelming, but perhaps it will grow on me, much like lesser-known Godflesh albums like Pure did 25 years ago.

Over the next few days I'll be catching up those discographies with all the 2017 entries. (Edit: Some are already done.) But for those who've emailed me wondering if I'd expired, the good news is that I haven't! I hope you're enjoying the first new GF material in three years.

[16th August, 2015] - Things Picking Up?

It has be a super quiet year, with literally no major releases since I last wrote you all. I've gone around the site in that time, cleaning things up where necessary and also neglecting this site entirely for vast spans of time. However, things might be picking up. Hopefully you're keeping up with either Avalanchers or the JKFlesh Tumblr for all the major happenings. You also know of the Godflesh / Prurient U.S. tour happening throughout September...which I'm going to miss, friggin' again. Justin's worked on a few remixes, the first for AnD and the more-recent remix is of Nicolas Godin's Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde. Jesu will be releasing a collaborative LP next year with Sun Kill Moon in February via Caldo Verde, so maybe this release date will stick. The biggest news for me is the new Final LP coming out. Black Dollars will be a vinyl-only double LP release (likely just for now). Check out the almost seven-minute sampler and tell me you're not psyched! This is due in September/October but I don't know where you can purchase this from yet. More soon!

[7th October, 2014] - Master Song List

I'm on harvest break now, a several-week span of no school due to the potato harvest. It was weird when I first moved here, now I kind of love it. Anyways, anniversary and all, here's an annual update to the Master Song List. Last year we sat firmly at 922, and I now count 964. I removed half of Head Of David's White Elephant tracks. I never realized Justin only played drums on half that record. This year I tossed on all those Jesu ST alternate mixes and the few releases that came out. As an obvious long-time collector, the gaps in that collection are only growing as the years go on. Digital collections help, clearly, but I noticed some glaring absences while going through that list. Oh, I employed the help of Discogs for some missing track times too. Enjoy!

[6th October, 2014] - Godflesh LP!

So today is the day! After Godflesh's disbanding over a decade ago, I never thought another LP would ever see the light of day and today is it! A World Lit Only By Fire comes out today and it is time to rejoice! While Godflesh has always been a band with both EPs and LPs, this one is special. It really is only the eighth full-length album over the course of the band's 26-year career.

In addition, I'm commemorating early the 19th anniversary of Crumbling Flesh. Sure, it's three days away but that's OK. Today is an exciting day! In anticipation of the new album, I was looking through the Avalanche Bandcamp Page and marvelled at the sheer number of releases on this label! I took a peek at my own discographies and was disgusted to notice it hadn't been updated since before the Zonal LP came out. That was in December of 2000. OMFG.

As embarrassed as I was, it wasn't the first time I felt such shame. I'd looked into updating those pages for years but like the regular Godflesh Discographies almost a year ago, the time was right. So, I've put together a pretty good showing of Record Label Discographies. It needs some tinkering but it's a huge improvement from the disaster that was the old section.

OK. So, 19 years is a long time and every autumn I recall this time of the year back in 1995 and then I write the same exact shit. But...I don't care. As this site is mainly used for archives and discographies, it's all good. Most up-to-date info can be found elsewhere, as I also remind you all frequently. In one year, I'll reminisce on TWENTY years! Insane.

For now, go listen to (or ORDAR, if you haven't yet!) the new LP. I suggest The Official Avalanche Site. While CDs & vinyl are sold out, the digital album (including the three dub tracks only found on the Japanese version) only costs $8.50! T-shirts & hoodies are available too.

It's a good day.

[30th September, 2014] - It's Almost Time

I've been busy. I think that's a good thing. How the hell am I 38 years old, still listening to Godflesh? In 10 days this site will turn 19. Half my life. And then...A World Lit Only By Fire comes out. The more-than-a-decade wait will have ended.

You can sample it here.
You should buy it here.

There's the quiet release of an Amantra EP on Avalanche.

Hopefully you keep up with either Avalanchers or the most active JKB site online. They've got everything you need to know and quickly as well.

Otherwise, let's just shut up and wait to be crushed.

[6th August, 2014] - Godflesh LP!!!

There's no good excuse for not updating for all these months. In fact, the release of Decline & Fall has both come and gone without even an utterance on this site. However, most of you who are indeed interested already purchased and enjoyed its release. I find it a very curious EP, with each of the four main tracks sounding like a different era of Godflesh. Track 1 reminded me of old-school, late'80s Godflesh. Dogbite was more like Pure IMO. Playing With Fire sounded like Messiah and finally the title track was a melange of B-sides, post-SOLAH and classic 'Flesh.

Perhaps you got to hear the pair of (Dub) titled bonus tracks exclusive to the Japanese release. Either way, you ought to have some level of excitement about the first Godflesh LP since 2001. A World Lit Only By Fire is a pretty awesome title for the band and the first 'single' (released today, New Dark Ages can be streamed for free) indicates the band isn't relenting one bit. Dry, pounding and loud, it's hard to not be excited by this new material. Unsurprisingly, Daymare Recordings will issue this new LP as a double CD shortly after the LP's release date.

Today I've updated the Godflesh Discographies to reflect the new information and you can see a scan of the album artwork as well to the left. The 10-song LP will drop in early October through Justin's own Avalanche Recordings. You'll be able to nab on it CD or vinyl (as well as digitally) at the label's BandCamp Page when it becomes available.

Speaking of the label, in searching today the page, we finally discovered one of the mysteriously-missing AREC releases. Jesu's Everyday... was AREC027. Then we skipped all the way to AREC032 with Decline & Fall. That makes four missing releases. Though the label did distribute the Final + Fear Falls Burning collaboration, it wasn't given a catalogue number.

Halspirit is a project by Pascal Derycke, the founder of Pure Dope Can't Damage, a short-lived label from the early '90s. The label worked with Justin's label hEADdIRT and I have very little info about that on the Record Labels Discgraphies section. This section, dating to the relaunch of '99, could use some love, but I digress. Musiques Immobiles is the name of the lengthy-ambient release that can be purchased as a download or a highly-limited CDR run of 88. The latter is pretty cool and the album is worthwhile to any fan of Final IMO. This isn't the first non-JKB release on Avalanche BTW, and I wouldn't expect it to be the last either. You can listen to the entire album to see if it's your cup of tea in the link provided above. We still are waiting to see what the other missing AREC releases are/were.

[16th April, 2014] - Godflesh EP!!!

As the band is touring the U.S. (and I haven't heard many reports on how it's going!) the biggest news in over a decade dropped. Chickenf1sh noticed it and Mothra posted it on Avalanchers - Decline And Fall a four-song EP is set to drop on the 4th of June!!! This will include a pair of Japanese-only tracks as usual for Daymare releases. The info, which can be found here in Japanese, lists it as a 35-minute or so release.
  1. Ringer
  2. Dogbite
  3. Playing With Fire
  4. Decline & Fall

I suspect the two extra tracks are remixes/demixes/reworkings of those existing tracks but that's mere speculation. Whatever the case may be, my excitement is beginning to brew. I best start saving up for the expensive Japanese release. So much for retiring from being a collector!!!

[3rd April, 2014] - Not Going
The first U.S. tour by Godflesh since the autumn of 1996 begins in a few short days. Were I still back at my old stomping grounds in NY, I'd be front and center at Irving Plaza a week from tonight. I am not, however, even remotely close to any show (Boston is 350 miles away). And while that distance is certainly doable, my current conditions are going to prevent me from seeing the band and for this reason I've been awfully quiet.

I am rather envious of the rest of you all. This site has become a placeholder in many regards; its archives a great representation of the way the web was in the late 1990s. For those going, wanting to go, or just wanting to keep up with things, you'll want to check out Avalanchers for the latest chatter, meetups and the like. If anyone would like me to host audio, video, reviews or such items, simply email me.

Have a great time all those who are seeing the legends play again or for the first time. It has been 18 years after all since Justin and Ben have graced these shores as a duo. Long live the new flesh!!!

[2nd November, 2013] - Godflesh Discographies Revamped
After pondering an update to the main discographies for several years, I finally took the dive and went for it. This may sound stupid, but as the oldest and most important part of this site since its inception, finding a clean format was important. Changing it from the old, hideous design took forever and so I've been working hard on these for the past few weeks.

In addition, I was missing a lot of information on re-releases and the like. So, what you'll find now is a very detailed, concise and neat set of discographies covering all major Godflesh releases. I'm proud of how it all turned out and hopefully you'll find it useful and easy to navigate. As we wait for A World Lit Only By Fire sometime in 2014, I'm thrilled to have completed a redesign.

Everything has been triple checked but there could always be mistakes. If you find any, let me know. Otherwise, take a peek at the new and Complete Godflesh Discographies!

[2nd November, 2013] - New Pale Sketcher!

Another Pale Sketcher release, the second such digital-only release this year! This one is a five-song download from the Pale Sketcher Bandcamp page. This is the second release through Justin's newest Heartache Records. Like the last, this is a pay-as-you-like EP, which does mean free...but donations are always appreciated and this release is quite good (i.e. worth a donation!) It actually expands on the sound I've come to expect from Pale Sketcher. Note the MP3s are 24-bit downloads. I always go FLAC anyway.
[1st November, 2013] - Updated Godflesh Tour Dates

After the Visa issues and cancallation of the U.S. tour, Godflesh has quickly remedied the situation by re-scheduling the whole lot.

10 Apr: New York, NY - Irving Plaza
11 Apr: Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts
13 Apr: Boston, MA - Royale
15 Apr: Chicago, IL - Metro
17 Apr: Seattle, WA - Neumo's
18 Apr: Portland, OR - Hawthorne's Theatre
20 Apr: San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge
22 Apr: Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theater
24 Apr: Austin, TX - The Mohawk

[12th October, 2013] - Godflesh Tour Postponed
Visa issues are to blame for the postponement; Godflesh will not be touring the U.S. this October. You can read Justin's full statement here, however, to surmise: new dates should be announced shortly for a tour in April of 2014. The new LP should be out just after that. I don't know if it has to do with America's mighty government shutdown debacle; due to that my wife won't be getting paid any time soon. Things will start looking real exciting after a paycheck or two missed. Anyways, maybe this delay will give me an opportunity to go see the band. For the rest of you, I'm sorry.

[9th October, 2013] - 18 Years Old!

Plenty to talk about today. Let's get to it!

First, I'm really quite enjoying the new Jesu LP. Some find it boring; I find it moody and much better than the last few years' worth of efforts. This leads to the big Jesu Discography update which is mostly just formatting, filling in blanks, vinyl figures, etc.

Speaking of discographies...and since they're really what make this site useful at all, I've done a lot to a bunch of them. I've changed the left bar to highlight the Final Discography as it really is Justin's longest-running and most prolific avenue. I've also included information about the Final + Fear Falls Burning release from 2009. I'd heard about it, but still haven't ever heard the thing. The discography was lacking. In addition, I've had time to devote to Infinite Guitar 4 and I must say, it may be the best of the four releases. Dedication is required, as these are long tracks, but as Justin often puts it, they're intended for late-night listening. I find they're appreciated the most that way.

The final big fix is to the Side Project Discographies. The page has been cleaned up, sorted, rearranged and expanded. should be easier to get to what you want now and it lists Justin's current projects at merely 7! That plus Godflesh and Jesu. 9 concurrent projects? Ah...that's nothin'! Oh, and I tossed up a Valley of Fear discography because, like the Final release above, I'd never done one for this project. I have yet to hear this one as well, though from what I understand, it's noisy! Please let me know if you guys find something I've missed. I hate not being complete.

The Master Song List has been updated, the first one I've published in nearly two years, and while the number had just risen over 800, we're looking 922 songs now!

Some other behind-the-scenes updates are things no one will ever notice. However, some of the pages I've touched up in the past few days haven't been touched since the 1990s. I always marvel at how horrible some of these old sections look, but never get the motivation to update them. It's a lot of work for a section no one ever actually visits. Ultimately though, I'm glad they're still there and some got a little much-delayed love.

And is 18 years and to be brief, I'm so thrilled the music of JKB still inspires and motivates us. That master song list was at a tinge over 200 at the time of this site's launch. It's been a lot of fun keeping up with all these projects, though my wallet is never happy. I'm proud to be at the helm of one of the longest-running sites around and hope you still find these pages useful and enjoyable. Thanks for 18! Next year: CF will have existed for half my life.

[6th October, 2013] - Jesu Discography
The Daymare Recordings version of *deep breath* Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came is now available over at Inoxia Records for ¥2,940 which is about $30 (better than the exchange rate when the Posthuman came out last year!) This version has two bonus tracks which clock in at almost 20 minutes. Like the past, they're suffixed (Alternative Version) and while I don't know if that's good enough for you; I certainly want it! However, I've listened to the new LP and the all-too-verbose title track is likely my favorite. In any event, as I went to add info to the Jesu Discography I got tinkering with old releases and it's now more accurate than ever and slightly easier to read, I think. The multitude of different vinyl releases are detailed, I finally added the picture disc releases and I'm proud to say it's the best Jesu discography online.

Oh...and one other thing: Crumbling Flesh turns 18 in three short days. EIGHTEEN! I won't go on a nostalgia trip this year (just scroll down to see some of my prior years' entries.) However, I love the feeling I get from editing even now, almost two decades later. The aforementioned discography update brought me great joy which means something is still right. I won't be seeing Godflesh on this tour (don't even want to think about it...) but I hope all of you out there who are enjoy your experience. Drop me a line and let me know how it went. I sincerely hope it fucking rocks! Thanks for 18 years.

[27th September, 2013] - Jesu / Final / WSD

Oh Justin, why do you do this to us? It looks like we haven't had any new material in six months, and now you drop three new releases on us and another related release as well? It's cruel and I don't like it.

Fine...I do like it, but I can't possibly afford it. Like...any of it. But, this isn't about me. So, let's get to it...

First is the new Jesu CD. I'm not typing out that whole title, but it's out on CD, vinyl and digital. All can be purchased at the Jesu BandCamp page. While you can get this elsewhere, all these new releases purchased through the label's BandCamp site come with a digital download when you purchase a CD or vinyl. That's kind of cool. AND, grab this Jesu and you'll get a four-song download of the band's performance from Belgium earlier this month. Say what you will about digital distribution; these extras are sweet and getting to listen to samples of everything is quite nice.

Next is a big release: Final's Infinite Guitar 4. This is a massive release; there are three discs and three hours of material here. The shortest song clocks in at a tinge under 20 minutes (the longest just under an hour). Digital is $10, very limited CDs cost $25 and while I want this desperately; I find I never listen to the other Infinite Guitar discs (a few songs from Infinite Guitar 1). Buy it here.

Finally is The Poisoned Tape from White Static Demon. Now, the planned release through Scottish label At War With False Noise was due almost half a year ago. I don't know if this is the same or perhaps if that release was scrapped. If this project is your thing, it's an hour long, again featuring two lengthy tracks. It's just $7 for the download or $16 for a CD. Only 100 exist! More info here.

Now, I never got anything from Transitional, but the first Avalanche Recordings release to not feature Justin is new music from this Dave Cochrane / Kevin Laska project. This is the band's third release and first in four years. Justin mastered the disc and like the aforementioned releases, it is available digitally and on CD (only 100 of these). Check it out here.

And don't Godflesh scheduled for early next year. You did listen to F.O.D., right? kthxbye.

[22nd September, 2013] - F.O.D.!!!!!
After Hymns came out, there was a one-off track to appear on a compilation the following year and then Godflesh was done. That track, recently appearing on the re-issue of Hymns would be the last recording for over a decade. Until now. Godflesh's cover of the Slaughter track F.O.D. is a subscription-only purchase but you can listen to this monstrosity over at Decibel Magazine's SoundCloud page. In fact, if you're reading this page now and have opted Not to listen; I cannot fathom the purpose of your visit to Listen and be crushed. It's what you want to hear.

[19th August, 2013] - Jesu: Homesick

In a little more than a month, the first Jesu LP in almost two-and-a-half years will come out. Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came will feature five tracks, one being quite lengthy. The first song on the record is featured in full over at Pitchfork. It's pretty much what I expected, replete with the trademark moody Jesu sound. In fact, it's not far from some of the band's earlier efforts but it's not nearly as heavy. It may not sway you entirely, but it's pretty good, and it's free to stream.

[16th August, 2013] - Godflesh: F.O.D. Cover
What will be the first new Godflesh recording since Hymns back in 2001, will hit streets in less than two months. Justin and Ben have recorded a cover of Slaughter's Fuck Of Death for release only through Decibel Magazine. The november issue will be available on the 5th of October and will come with the flexi disc. To ensure a copy, you've got to be subscribed to Decibel by 9am EST September 3rd. While I initially thought it an odd choice for the first new GF material, the more I thought about it, the better it seemed. It'll surely pummel us with the trademark sound without revealing anything about the new direction of the band. I expect nothing short of crushing production and Ben's trademark driving bass.

In fact, if you're not familiar with the song from Slaughter's 1986 effort Strappado, check it out on YouTube. It is a pretty perfect song for Godflesh to play IMO. I don't know if JKB has announced if there's a live drummer on the new incarnation of the band, but I certainly hope not. I supppose I'm finally getting excited about the new Godflesh. :)

[10th August, 2013] - Remixes

In scouring the web for things I missed over the last half year, I came across a bevy of remixes and the like. Collecting JKB material itself is difficult enough, but he sure has been prolific in all aspects these past few years. Some of the things I came across were merely good while others were downright spectacular. I've grabbed whatever free stuff I could find and added the countless other things to an I'll-never-own-these list. Some highlights...

Andy Swan and D. Dalton are no strangers to Justin and somehow I missed the band's debut from two years ago. Turns out there's a Jesu remix on that album, but the bonus disc featuresthe entire album mixed by Justin? Everything calls it shoegaze, but I've already tired of that name - it's rock to me. This link is to the MySpace page - but you can listen to it all there; I was quite impressed. Oh, there's a Transitional (Dave Cochrane, Phil Petrocelli) remix too.

Teledubgnosis vs. N.I.C.
Another familiar name here; Ted Parsons' project Teledubgnosis is involved in this one. This YouTube link is to a Jesu remix of this vs. project. Discogs makes this look like a split record, but this track is pretty sweet. There's another remix, credited to JK Flesh but I haven't heard that one yet.

I started to add this to the remix discography but I don't know if it actually appears on any record. It's another Jesu remix, this time from their debut LP. This is a SoundCloud link for nice sampling. It reminds me of Pale Sketcher more than Jesu. I like it.

There is a free MP3 of this track, George Square Thatcher Death Party (Justin K Broadrick Reshape), linked above. This appeared on the A Wrenched Virile Lore remix LP last year. It has a familiar JKB sound now that I'm playing all of these back-to-back-to-back...Not my favorite of the bunch but very reminiscent of some of those 'middle Jesu years' if that makes sense to anyone.

Cult Of Luna
I'd never listened to these guys before but the SoundCloud link above has a free download of the nearly-10-minute track. Vicarious Redemption is credited to Justin K Broadrick like the Mogwai remix above. It's the usual fare, but I find it to have Justin's splendid blend of soothing tones and feedback-ridden guitar. It's that contrast that has always appealed to me.

Vidna Obmana
This is another old one; it's two-and-a-half years old but since I'm going through all these, I had to highlight this one. While I'd never listened to Cult Of Luna before, I'd never even hear of this project before this came out and it still is one of my favorite remixes JKB's ever done. (The two Isis ones are still way up there too - so good!). Anyways, another free stream from SoundCloud is available above and as I play it again now, it puts me in such a marvelous place. While it's so different from Final, it hearkens me back to the mid 90s when that project truly affected who I am. Back to reality, it's friggin' great.

Ah right, I almost forgot this. Credited to Pale Sketcher, this may be my least favorite of this bunch. The final SoundCloud link (stream only) gives you a remix of Good Love by Miracle. I know nothing about this. It's worth checking out though!

Not a bad update actually. Hope you enjoy some of this stuff. I must say, I'm kind of excited about a new Jesu disc. Christmas was the last I liked and really, that was just one song. It's been a long while.

[9th August, 2013] - Lots going on
Since the site's inception almost 18 years ago, I've gone through some ups and downs. The site flourishes during the former, suffers during the latter, and always comes out somewhat healthy. To keep this brief (a promise I often make, and never stick to), the rebirth of Godflesh truly left me at a strange place and sadly, indifference was my response. When the band died a decade+ ago, it felt fitting to me. I'd preferred the side proejcts over the main inspiration for this site.

And I questioned the motivation for Godflesh 2.0. However, in some interview a few months back, Justin's voice spoke directly to me, not unlike how his music has spoken to many of us over the last 25 years. His words suggested, "I'm going to do what I want and I don't care what you say." Of course, he wasn't as abrasive. He spoke that he's doing what he's doing because it feels right to him. It was genuine and it was honest.

I write all this because I've been stuck. I wrote a review for the re-issue of Hymns and the entire lot got lost. For a short while, I felt nostalgia. But, I'd listened to Burning Bridges Will Light Your Way and the newest The Blood Of Heroes and neither inspired me. I never got the Prurient split ($$$). I didn't like Ascension or Longmeadow at all. It's harder to keep up with so many vinyl releases, Daymare bonus discs (oh how I love those!), etc. OK, enough bitching...what's the point? Well, I guess I looked at JKB, the Godflesh machine, and all this vinyl collecting as having changed but it's quite the same as it always has been. How different is that from 1997? It's me that's changing and that's fucking scary. 37 w/ four kids? No time to update CF? No excitement over a new Jesu disc?

So, my fire has died a little bit and it's embarassing. And with each successive news bit I don't post, I feel more and more embarassed and buried. I wish I had more inspiring words for you all, but they elude me now as does the passion to write them. Maybe I need some help on this site...or a better method of updating this aging structure. For now, I'll post some news bits; these are old updates for most of you. As for the rest; I'll figure something out.

A World Lit Only By Fire - the tentative title for Godflesh LP #7 due whenever it's done. (= don't count on any date as final!)

Godflesh U.S. Tour

18 Oct: Philadelphia, PA – Theatre of Living Arts
19 Oct: New York, NY – Irving Plaza
20 Oct: Boston, MA – Royale
22 Oct: Chicago, IL – Metro
24 Oct: Seattle, WA – Neumo's
25 Oct: Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
26 Oct: Oakland, CA – Oakland Metro Opera House
27 Oct: Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theatre
29 Oct: Austin, TX – Mohawk

Streetcleaner Live @ Roadburn 2011 2xLP - Sold Out, of course, ages ago. A few months back I tinkered with reformatting the discographies here...Quite the endeavor that would be.

JKB Fan Blog <-- Awesome. Go here. Frequently.

Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came - new Jesu LP due the 23rd of September. (Teaser Ad here)

New Pale Sketcher single available for free/pay whatever you'd like. The label is Heart Ache which means the post-GF project named for a GF song whose spin-off project (Pale Sketcher named after Pale Sketches) has a releaase on a label named after the other project's debut EP? Dunno if that made sense. Stream it at the link above or check out the Bandcamp page here. I quite like it. Discography updated also.

Always go to Avalanchers. The folks there know their stuff and are always up-to-date on everything.

p.s. - I still love this shit. It's the ebb and flow of life, I suppose. Listening to that Pale Sketcher soothed my struggling soul. It reminded me of nearly two decades of CF. The site may be in a state of decay, but it's not going anywhere, in case I was vague about my despair.

[3rd March, 2013] - Discography Updates

2013. Another new year. So this is what it feels like to grow old? It's been over three months since I've written and it's time for some quick news. Today's updates are mainly just discography details, so let's get to it!

First off is the JK Flesh / Prurient split. The Daymare version has come out and we now know the bonus tracks. There are three; two are credited to JKB. Worship Is The Cleansing Of Imagination is the full title.

I got a copy of Jesu's Christmas just after the last update and never wrote about it. The discography is updated with the new information (and track times for Duchess/Veiled). I quite like this release and love the new JK Flesh remix. The packaging of the CD is really rather nice, a glossy inlay including lyrics!

There have been a pair of tracks available for donation (or free) over at Bandcamp for a while. There are exclusive new tracks from White Static Demon and Final. The former is the usual destructive noise you'd expect from the project. The latter is an excellent new track that is just about as polarizing from WSD as you can get. It's great. You can get both, as well as music from another 18 artists, at the Ominous Silence Compilation 2012 Bandcamp page.

I was delighted to hear this new Final track. I found that last year was a weak year for music in general. I liked JKB's Posthuman, but I was disappointed with Blood Of Heroes' The Waking Nightmare, Council Estate Electronics' Longmeadow and Final's Burning Bridges Will Light Your Way, and the Jesu 7". I'd say it was one of the more disappointing years in recent memory., my point was...I like the new Final track.

On a similar note, I also got my hands on the re-issue of Hymns. I'm in the process of really giving it the love it deserves and will be writing a review on the whole lot. The short, short version: the bass is a bit too loud IMO, but the entire packaging is excellent. And it has lyrics! OK. More when I'm done writing it all.

[2nd December, 2012] - Hydra Head / Misc Impending Releases

We're used to the ebb and flow of JKB releases and we had a long quiet stretch there. However, things are beginning to pick up and there are a number of new releases to look forward to. Let's see what's on the horizon...

You may have read that Hydra Head Records is folding and it is indeed the sad truth. The very prolific label has provided us with a number of excellent JKB and non-JKB related releases over the past 17 years. In fact, Aaron Turner started the label around the same time that Crumbling Flesh started and I'm rather sad to see the label go. You can buy some interesting items from their collection (a bunch of vinyl, some test pressings, gear and an office spree) or just donate if you would like. It appears the label will be issuing Conqueror on double vinyl at some point next year.

Justin is continuing with the JK Flesh for its second release of 2012. Due the 11th of this month, Worship Is The Cleansing Of Imagination also on Hydra Head. This is a split 12" with Prurient and features three new JK Flesh tracks. You can listen to the full version of one track from each artist over at Brooklyn Vegan. Titled The JKB track, Fear of Fear is a powerful track not far removed from JK Flesh's debut earlier this year. The split will come out on clear, grey and black vinyl, I'm unsure of the numbers. You can pre-order it here or grab a t-shirt for about the same price. Oh, rumor has it this will come out on Daymare Recordings next year and you know what that means...bonus tracks!

Bridging the two aforementioned projects, Robotic Empire has re-issued Jesu's Christmas EP from 2010 on two formats. Sadly, the vinyl re-issue on ice-blue vinyl has already sold out. Limited to 500 and featuring a high-gloss cover, this is not available even though it's not yet been released. Set to ship during the second week of December, all pre-orders are gone. There are still CD versions available for a mere $8. Also limited to 500, these will likely go quickly. By itself, this release isn't so special, but James Plotkin has remastered the three-track EP and Justin has made yet another remix under the JK Flesh name. This release now has the Jesu track remixed by Pale Sketcher, Final and JK Flesh. Robotic Empire also has mentioned they have plans for another JKB-related project due next year.

Finally, it seems we'll finally get that Hymns re-issue early next year. Godflesh's last LP will get the remaster treatment and will also feature the six demo tracks remixed as well as the track If I Could Only Be What You Want. This track was only available on the Loud Music For Loud People compilation and in looking through the site, I guess I never put that in the discographies. Bad. :( However, now you can get it along with this ultimate Hymns package! Oh, this also means I'll have to take down those Demo FLAC files once this become available. If you're interested in getting those (not remixed) demo tracks, grab them soon.

Enough updates? Have a great holiday season all!!!

[19th October, 2012] - 17 Years!!! Several Releases

I was driving to work two weeks ago and realized it was the 9th of October. It is insane to think that Crumbling Flesh was born seventeen years ago. The students I teach are younger than that. I am now 36 years old. It's nearing half my life. Godflesh, Broadrick, discographies, Final, YOU....have been with me for 17 years. There's not a time where I am not grateful for that. Just last month I found out that my Tony Hawk site was closed down. It was a weird situation, they just pulled the plug on me. I never had a chance to close shop, say, "goodbye," or anything. It was kind of shitty and it was 13 years down the drain. That's a bit dramatic, I realize, but it made me realize just how special this whole thing is to me. OK, fine, I haven't updated in 5 months...but you knew I was here. However many of you that are reading knew I was still here.

So, my annual, "Ahhh," moment is now over and it's time to get to business. I entirely missed a new JKB release from this past summer but more importantly there is a new Final release! It's the first new material in almost two years and as I stream the tracks (whilst downloading FLACs)(stupid rhyme), I'm enjoying it. It was just my last update that I complained about not having new Final. This one is called Burning Bridges Will Light Your Way and the five tracks clock in at just under an hour. Digital-only sadly, I'll take what I can get, but I do miss sexy jewel cases and professionally-printed discs. No complaints, because this material is classic Final - droning, moody, powerful...exactly what I love by this project. Grab it for $7 in a variety of formats (FLAC is the only real option IMO) over at the Final Bandcamp page. Money well spent!

Back to the other release, I don't know how I missed this, but Justin issued a new Council Estate Electronics LP earlier this year. I updated the discography months ago, and haven't purchased it yet (Final took precedence). This one is called Longmeadow and its two tracks total over an hour's worth of music. I particularly liked the debut by this project and while you can stream this from the site as well, I really have to plunk down the $7, download it and burn it. This feels vast, as each track is roughly 30-minutes long. Diarmiud Dalton helps out on this release and like the album above you can (should/MUST) purchase it for the meager total of $7 at the CEE Bandcamp page. That's $14 for two full-length releases. I can't complain about that, even if I don't get my sexy jewel cases. heh.

Next up is a new Blood Of Heroes record. The Waking Nightmare is the second LP from this spectacular project. Until I hear more, I'm going to be utterly excited. I never heard the remix EP but look forward to the impending early-December release window.

Finally, the new Jesu 7" has been issued in limited quantities. The two-song 7" features a cover of The Stranglers' Duchess and a new, original Jesu track. A digital release is set for spring of 2013.

There are many remixes and smaller things a'coming. The White Static Demon is still MIA and there appears to be another JK Flesh release coming, this time a split album. I'll post stuff whenever I get it.

Thanks for 17 years of support.

[5th May, 2012] - Updates
Just some behind-the-scenes discography updates to take care of today. I fixed up a lot of missing entries in the Jesu Discography page. It's amazing how many records are listed on this site. It may be stupid, but filling in missing catalog numbers or track times brings me great joy. Then, it reminds me how I don't buy as much stuff, and then I get bummed that I can't afford to get some records or the Japanese versions and I despair. I never even bought Why Are We Not Perfect? Bad, webmaster...bad...Ah, it's all good.

In fact, I was so out of it, I didn't have the Japanese tracks for Ascension on there. Oh well. In any event, most of the updates are things you'll never have noticed, but I wanted you to know the site is still getting regular love, even after the longest drought in CF's history.

Speaking of Jesu, we'll be getting some new material this autumn. Matador Records' 7" subscription series Singles Going Home Alone will have a Jesu release coming in September. It'll be the fifth entry into the series but there's no word on specifics yet. Justin has also mentioned that he has a pair of longer songs recorded, but no details about the hopeful release so far.

The new White Static Demon should be right around the corner. It'll be coming out on the Scottish label At War With False Noise but should've been released by now.

There are several other releases on the horizon, but nothing quite as solid as those two. I have to admit, I'm a bit antsy without any new Final or Jesu or even Pale Sketcher. The latter should have several new things a'coming, but again...we're waiting on exact dates and labels. We were spoiled for a while in there. So much to listen to.

[13th April, 2012] - JKFlesh Mini-Review
I remember the day Pure came out back in April of 1992. The entire experience of getting into Godflesh was almost life-altering, to sound dramatic, but it's rather obvious my fascination only grew from there. Through the two decades since, I've covered so many diverse projects on this site. If you're reading this, I probably don't need to list them. As I tore into the package containing Justin's first solo record, it hit me; I have no clue what I expect this album to be like. Most of us know expectation is everything and can make or break any experience. Unsurprisingly, Posthuman didn't fit my expectation.

I think I was expecting to be crushed. I was not. Perhaps I looked for the sequel to beautiful and haunting Skinner's Black Laboratories tracks. This is nothing like that at all either. As the first tracks passed, I was greeted with so many familiar sounds. The noise-laden guitars from Grey Machine. Loud interludes a la early/mid-Techno Animal. D&B from the highly-prolific late-90s. There's clearly Godflesh in here. But none of it sounds generic or redundant.

What we have here is pure Justin Broadrick and any fan of his varied catalog should recognize this instantly. The mostly-instrumental record truly covers his sprawling career by combining so many familiar sounds. When his voice is used, it is precisely what you expected it to be.

As mentioned earlier, it is not a crushing album; I think Justin is saving that for the impending Godflesh LP. It is also not very melodic, as we have that already in some Final material and a lot of what Jesu has turned out to be. There are some small but very unique portions of this album that expand on what Justin can do, but let's face it, no one ever really thought there was a barrier. Any fan who stuck around through the Streetcleaner - Slavestate - Pure - Selfless years knows better. And however varied I'm making this sound, Posthuman is indeed one vision, one LP. It sounds so much like what you know but yet modern and new. It is not Justin's best work, but then again, very few of us can agree on even a top-five list anyway.

This is a heavy record. It is noisy and it is powerful. It is dark and moody. Essentially it is why I gained interest in JKB more than 20 years ago and why I continue still. There's no reason to explain more as your opinion of it will differ greatly from my words here. Just know that through his countless side projects, this is the first that doesn't feel like a side project. Barring the elements missing (saved for other projects), it's just JKB. Just how we all like it.

I'd like to thank the folks over at 3by3 and to Lauren Barley for getting me a copy of this record so soon. I suggest you get this one. Again, it's not Godflesh. If you're OK with that, buy it. I dig it.

Some potential retailers suggested by 3by3 (I can't vouch for 'em!)
Rough Trade

Update - The Daymare Version has a 5-song bonus disc. Urgh...shelling out the extra cash for the Japanese releases hurts (¥2,940 = ~$35) but then again, it feels so good!

[4th April, 2012] - JKB Solo
In the 16+ years of running this site, I've NEVER gone so long without an update. Fortunately it all aligned rather well. My home life is madness (the good kind of mania) and much on the JKB scene has been quiet. In fact, tomorrow my son turns one and I've only managed two updates since then. However, today is a good one. While I skip out on all the live activity (Godflesh playing, White Static Demon, etc.) I'm excited about Justin's first real solo release. Titled Posthuman, the full-length album comes out at the end of this month (the 30th) on 3by3 Records. Now, JKB did have that Split with Andy Hawkins but that was back in '95. (I love Guitar Three and Four.) This will be the first real official solo album. You can find a bunch of info over at the 3by3 Blog including some samples. There will be plenty more this year by the looks of it, and I just have to get off me arse and start updating again. Ahh, springtime...OK, enjoy.

[20th July, 2011] - JKB Remix
Quiet summer days. Well, not here, 4 kids = totaly fucking mayhem.

No news since Ascension hit a few months ago. Not quite my cup of tea, really. Not much news today, but I've added the Extra Life remix to the remixes discography. The JKB remix can be found for free download over at Free Music Archive. It's worth checking out @256kbps.

Otherwise, not much to report. Enjoy the summer days (well, northern hemisphere folks, I suppose!)

[4th May, 2011] - Final: Apple / Jesu: Ascension

I missed this last week, but you can finally purchase The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree, last year's full-length Final on Tonefloat Recordings. This is available from Avalanche Recordings and can be purchased in both FLAC and 320kbps MP3 formats. Go for the former, it's just a GBP more. I haven't listened yet (downloading now!) but as always, I'm really looking forward to new(ish) Final material!

As mentioned below, Jesu's Ascension comes out next week. I've given it several spins and it is what you might expect from a Jesu full-length. I'll spare you the generic adjectives, but I can only really compare it to Conqueror. It is mostly without electronics, leaving a dry and organic rock record. Don't try to compare it to more recent Jesu releases...again, Conqueror is all to which I can liken it and it's for you to decide if that's up your alley. You can pre-order it now from the official site for a mere $14. As expected, Daymare Recordings in Japan will be issuing the album with an as-of-yet-unknown bonus track as well.

The boy is a month old tomorrow. Remarkable!

[10th April, 2011] - Fourth
The 5th of April, 2011 marked the arrival of my fourth child. Having four sisters, three daughters and seven nieces, my hopes for a boy were realized in the birth of Aiden Daniel Esposito. Clearly not Godflesh or JKB related, I thought you all must know. I'll be sure to give him some Jesu listening time when Ascension arrives.

[2nd April, 2011] - Jesu: Ascension Details
We're but a month away from the next big Jesu release. The 10-song LP is set to come out on the 10th of May and will be issued on CD and digital formats at first. A vinyl release is pending without a date just yet. All the details are in the Jesu Discography. To hold you off until the album, you can check out a pair of samples over at Caldo Verde. I rather like the first one. I'm fairly certain this is a full band release, with Ted Parsons on drums again and Diarmiud Dalton on bass. I'm looking forward to this.

[27th February, 2011] - Quickies: Jesu/Pale Sketcher
You can find the new Pale Sketcher releases over at Bleep. FLACs are available here and prices are cheaper than the official store. In addition, the vinyl is still on sale, but surely not for long.

In more exciting news, the new Jesu LP is coming out in May! Coming out on Caldo Verde, the company that issued Opiate Sun, will be releasing the LP on the 10th of May! Titled Ascension, it'll be the first full-length Jesu in 4 years. More details to come, obviously. Looking forward to it!!!

[24th February, 2011] - Seventh Heaven Out
Seventh Heaven by Pale Sketcher is out now. The 25-minute EP contains four new cuts and one remix (details below). It's the first real Pale Sketcher material as the rest were just remixes. I quite like it, it's certainly got its own sound while retaining the JKB that we all expect. It appears the grey swirl vinyl release is sold out, but you can still get it on WAV or MP3. I recommend the former, though it's sad it's double the price of the latter. Both may be purchased over at The Ghostly Store.

[22nd January, 2011] - Pale Sketcher
Two Pale Sketcher updates today. The first is the impending release of a new EP, Seventh Heaven. Coming mid-February on vinyl and digital releases, it contains five tracks. This includes a remix of Wash It All Away by Kevin Martin as well as four new songs. You can hear samples over at Ghostly International's site. They sound pretty sweet, though I'd really like it on CD format.

In addition, ZapTown posted a new interview w/ Justin (in his PS guise) which is a good read. As always, thanks go to the Avalanchers community for all info.

[1st January, 2011] - 2011? Really? Jesu/Final
I thought I'd already made this update. It's probably sitting on my computer at home. Well, sorry for the delay in posting this, but happy new year anyway! 2011, remarkable! Justin issued two new releases via the Avalanche Inc. Store almost a month ago. The first is Jesu's Christmas EP which features the title track as well as a Pale Sketcher remix and another lengthy one by Final. I like them all, the EP clocks in at almost half an hour.
In addition, you can grab the first new Final release in over year. My Body Is A Dying Machine is the name of the 5-track EP. This is a very cool release as it's comprised of shorter, titled (!) tracks! These are studio versions of tracks Final played live between 2005 and 2010. This contains a live rendition of one song as well on the half-hour digital-only release. Both of these can be purchased on MP3 or FLAC versions at the Avalanche store. They're relatively cheap and a cool addition to the catalog. Oddly enough, AREC020 was skipped in the numbering scheme, I suspect we'll find out more about those shortly.

That's the only main news I know of...will have to find the update on the HDD at home to compare. Hope you all had a great 2010 and I'm looking forward to a spectacular 2011. The fourth and final baby is due to arrive in early April. :D Going to be an exciting year!!!

[24th November, 2010] - Giving Thanks
Thanksgiving tomorrow. Enjoy your holiday, Americans, and be safe.

There's a new Blood of Heroes remix EP coming out next week. Titled, Remain, it looks like it's going to be a great companion to the already phenomenal debut. You can check out samples or just buy the $13 deal over at Ohm Resistance. Ships December 14th, I just saw. I also saw that I wrote almost precisely what they wrote about it on the site. I don't care. I'm psyched.

Dethroned has come out! With the re-issue of Heart Ache, it contains 4 'new' songs. I think these songs were initially crafted back in 2003 but tweaked over the years.

There's a review of the EP over at Pitchfork.

You can check out a new Pale Sketcher track as well. Both an extended sample and a digital purchase are available. You can get it on iTunes as well, if you prefer. Mothra posted that info out...thanks! Oh, he also posted some links to other recent JKB remixes, as reported on Avalanchers.

Oh, I updated the Master Song List once more. We've cracked 800 songs!

Again, be safe this week.

[19th October, 2010] - Extra Linkage
Just some links for you all.

Justin Broadrick history article - this is an interesting, albeit long, read. It was on one long page but they've since split it to like 27, which is irksome to read.

Want to hear another track from Dethroned? Well then, head over to Stereogum. You can sample Annul. Or, listen to ridiculously small snippets at Amazon. Or say, "Screw it!" Just Pre-order the fucker here. Grab a shirt while you're at it?

Another interview can be found nyah. I haven't read the whole lot here. Oh, and yet another here. This one is about Godflesh and it's brief.

Enough for today.

[9th October, 2010] - 15 YEARS!

Update: Got a discography entry for The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree. All untitled tracks, no times yet.

So here it is. October 2010 and I'm 34 years old. Crumbling Flesh began in October of 1995 and I was 19 years old. I think that's an utterly remarkable thing. Today CF officially has existed longer than Godflesh itself did!!!

Back in '95, Final, God, Ice, Sweet Tooth, and Techno Animal were the only side projects. Now the side project discography lists at least 22.

What I find so amazing is how many of you have been with me for most of this run. Fortunately, we have the excellent Avalanchers to keep everyone in the loop. Justin posts his news over at his Facebook Page (also his blog and Twitter). I'm quite content knowing that CF is mainly an archive and discography database. I take great pride in all I've done the past 15 years and know for certain that it was impossible without all the help. There's an awful lot of information on these pages.

Had I more time, I'd have done some sort of celebratory thing here, but followers know free time isn't abundant with my three kids (and another coming!) However, I thought I'd share an old index file that's been sitting for 9 1/2 years. You can see the old index here! Last updated in February of 2001, Hymns was still called Disconnected, Techno Animal had their final three releases still to come out and Final's Three was already delayed (it wouldn't come out for another 5 years!) Another old index is from June of '99, right when I relaunched with the "new" design. (I know, haven't changed the design in 11 years!) Some broken links on there, but one refers to an even older index page. This one is from my Albany server and therefore has all broken links, but is dated March of '99. Radio Hades was a new release.

Mar 1999 Jun 1999 Feb 2001

OK, so sure, I love this nostalgia stuff. And I haven't posted any legitimate news here, but I do have some. You can listen to Jesu's Dethroned over at Adult Swim. I'm quite looking forward to the Heartache & Dethroned which should come out next month. The Japanese version will contain one alternate mix, I believe.

Final's long-awaited 2xLP, The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree is out on the 10th. No digital version will be available until at least April, so sayeth JKB. You can get this release at Tonefloat. 14 untitled tracks and several different releases. 300 are coming on green vinyl, 125 on clear and 75 on marbled (sold out already!) This ships with a deluxe gatefold packaging and comes on 180-gram vinyl. I'll get this in the discography soon.

More of JKB's remixes & contributions can be found on his Facebook Page.

So, with the news out of the way, the reminiscing done, there's nothing left, right? Well, just a final, "thank you" to everyone who I've come across since I was a teenager. It was the right time, right place in the autumn of 1995 when Bernt Rostad asked me to take over the old Godflesh Discographies. I'm glad to be here in the autumn of 2010, still going, as one of the oldest sites I know!

[27th August, 2010] - God
I went back and re-did the entire God Discography. I hate this old formatting stuff. It looks pretty now. This means all the main Side Projects are nice and neat. The older stuff, not so much.

[26th August, 2010] - Dethroned! Apparitions. Demixed.
OK, first things first! After a year of waiting, we finally have some details on the Heart Ache re-issue. Of course, the main concern was the unreleased EP from '03. We'll have a 4-song EP appended to the already-marvelous Heart Ache EP. I've updated the discographies and you can find the artwork at Feral Pig. Note the lyrics to the EP are listed as well. I want.

Second, I got a copy of Apparitions, the new White Static Demon record. My daughter said it sounded like burning fire. I suspect that's the point. This is harsh and brash, with Justin's distorted vocals laid over feedback and noise. This is likely what Final sounded like many years ago. These power electronics are very similar to those found on the first WSD record. This is powerful stuff, you should be able to order this over at Utech's Mailorder Page shortly. Many thanks to Keith for supporting the site here and putting out releases such as these! They have some Skullflower stuff there too. Nice!

Pale Sketches Demixed is now officially out. Personally, I love it, but it's...well...different. How many times have we used that word to describe another JKB project? I think it's great. The single is good too.

[16th August, 2010] - Pale Sketcher, etc.
Update #2
I go back to work tomorrow. OK, fine, being a school teacher isn't half bad. Since it's school time, and baby #4 is coming (didn't you read below?), I'm going to have a little less time on my hands. So, might as well get this update in quickly. That and because I don't want to go to sleep. Never do. Just means waking up and going to work. Instead I'll listen to Pale Sketcher.

Oh right, the update. It appears White Static Demon has a new album coming out, and soon! It's due in just over 2 weeks! Didn't see that one coming. You can listen to two 1-minute samples over at Utech Records, but let's face it, a minute doesn't tell you much. Not with Never Ending Death Trip clocking in at almost 35-minutes on the last record. However, they sound similar to what was found on the debut. Speaking of Decayed, this too is getting the reissue treatment. It'll appear on a black, limited-to-merely-100 cassette! If you're interested, act fast. Both releases are coming out on the 4th of September. As for cassettes, I just threw out scores of them. Basement flooded. There goes my beloved copy of Show No Mercy that I got 20+ years ago. Anyhow, all info in the discography, where else?

Remember, 15th anniversary of CF in 2 short months.

Update #1
The new single, Can I Go Now (Gone Version) is out. Grab the link in the last news posting. I am digging it. The LP comes out not this week, but next.

Totally useless, as always, but I updated the Master Song List. I hadn't updated it in a few years, apparently, at least online. Here it is, all 711 songs. I know I'm missing stuff. Feel free to update it and send it to me if you'd like. It's just a spreadsheet saved in html format.

Oh, we're expecting another child! Start the roller coaster again! :D After 3 daughters, 4 sisters and 7 nieces, perhaps we'll see a boy? Probably not!

[27th July, 2010] - Pale Sketcher
Can I Go Now (Gone Version) single details listed in the discographies. Samples can be found at Ghostly International. Digital-only release due on the 10th of August. Sounds cool!

[22nd July, 2010] - STREETCLEANER
The kind folks over at Earache Records sent me a copy of the Streetcleaner reissue. The remastered disc sounds phenomenal and even features a second CD of cool stuff, likely warranting a purchase by itself. Let's peek at what's what!

The remastered disc is exactly what you expected, and finally labels the tracks properly as Devastator / Mighty Trust Krusher! This trumps the original and poor 1994 re-issue to be the best version to get, though who precisely doesn't have this by now? Everything sounds clearer than the original, I even heard bits and pieces throughout that I've never noticed in my near 20 years as a Godflesh fan. I cannot say enough about this. While I haven't tossed the original on in years, I'll likely never break it out again.

Disc 2 is sweet, plain and simple. Here you get the original mixes of the first 5 tracks on the album. This was the second set of sessions, those without Paul Neville. Justin claims they were unsatisfied with these before remixing them shortly after (what you hear on the original release). The subtle differences here are worthwhile, as they too have been cleaned up but I think I still prefer the version we've had all this time. Then there's the pair of live tracks from 1990 (which I believe we had via bootleg for many years). They don't feature Neville on Guitars, I can never pinpoint exactly when he was in the band and when he wasn't! The 1989 rehearsal tracks are great as none of us have ever heard these renditions. It features a great 12-minute version of Pulp. This epitomizes the Godflesh sound, Ben's crushing bass and the trademark JKB noise a la 1989. The tracks don't sound great, but I'm happy to have them in my collection.

Finally, you'll get rough mixes of Deadhead and Suction. These are just Justin and his Alesis on 2-track cassette. JKB points out that the subtle melodies come out when it's not muddied down by the final recording mixes. You'll note that they remixed the Tiny Tears EP four times just to get everything audible. These tracks are so cool to hear, I was impressed at all that I've been missing in Deadhead all these years! They may be more novelty than normal listening material, but again, let's question who buys these things. Yeah, people like you and me!

It may be difficult to justify this purchase. Like many of you, I've listened to this album enough to take a few years off without even noticing it. However, hearing it this time has been both a reminder and new experience. I love the word 'crushing' and only used it once in this mini-review...but if you know Streetcleaner you know what I'm talking about. While the inlay has a 3-page essay that is too verbose and over-the-top for me to ever read again, we all know how simple it really is. This album is fucking crushing and now it sounds better than ever. If that's not enough, go back and turn it on again. Turn it up. Oh yeah. Effortless....

[14th July, 2010] - Pale Sketcher, Hellfest...
I updated the Pale Sketcher discography today with an image of the album. You can find samples of every track over at Ghostly International. 2 are familiar, tracks from the Japanese version of Pale Sketches, but I'm rather looking forward to the others. Due in August, the 24th to be precise, the cover reminds me of something from an old Techno Animal inlay. Can't recall which. Symbiotics perhaps?

It's obvious that Godflesh hasn't been the focus of these pages for...oh...8 years or so. Has it been that long? Hell, it didn't even get top notch for news! Heh, well, they reunited for the Hellfest festival and things didn't go spectacularly, according to Justin's Facebook Page. Surely those over at Avalanchers have more to say about it.

I didn't feel such euphoria over the reunion, probably b/c I couldn't see it live. It's more than that though. I felt that the end of Godflesh was a natural thing. Maybe Justin himself put it that way. Can't complain about this, would love to get audio of it, but...well...I don't really know. Justin did post some images and I quite liked them. Here are two, check his site out for more.

The reissue of Streetcleaner is out and I haven't even looked into it. That's sad, really. You should though, as that's a pretty good record, had you forgotten. If I go around editing those discographies, I'll get disgusted with the decade-old presentation and then I'll have to redesign all of them. It sounds so daunting.

I came across an old page on the site...February 2001. Talked about a new album called Disconnected. CF is 15 this year. That's just brutal insanity. I'll reminisce that one for a few months. October is the birthday. Be sure to send me a gift. Or a small cake. Maybe even a torte? Sounds delish but it's past bedtime and I weigh too much as is. Thanks for reminding me.

[11th April, 2010] - etc.
Pale Sketcher - Pale Sketches is easily one of my favorite JKB releases ever. The feelings this disc evokes mix everything I like about JKB music. Justin's creation of a(nother) side project, this time based upon the electronic element of Jesu, sounds awfully promising. A debut release featuring demixes of Pale Sketches is due out in August. You can check out a sample over at Ghostly International. 2 minutes of the Faded Dub version of Plans That Fade is available. This track is being featured on a comp, available tomorrow.

Blood Of Heroes - Wow! I'd heard of this ages ago, but only just heard all the samples at Ohm Resistance. OK, I wrote WOW, but in actuality I said, "Holy Shit!" The collaboration with Laswell, the first since JKB and Ben's guest appearance on 1992's Buried Secrets Painkiller release sounds awesome. You ever hear a sample from a new record and get all pumped and then hate the record? (the new Katatonia gave us one song, the best by far, I hate the rest) Well, this isn't the case here, b/c I friggin' love every single one. Well, almost, but whatever, I'm pumped.

Will update discographies shortly. Time is slim as of late. Kairi is now 2, for anyone counting, and CF does turn 15 this year.

Update: Tossed up a Pale Sketcher discography. One track from the forthcoming release is from the Japanese version of Pale Sketches (Supple Hope (2009 Mix)). I tossed it on, but don't see how that warrants a new project. The sample listed above, sure, but that one? *shrug* Yeah, I know, I'll buy it anyway. Already have 3 copies of PS as is! What's another?

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