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Record Labels

Justin Broadrick has done more than just Godflesh and his many side projects. Through the years, he's been a part of 4 record labels. Unfortunately, not much is known about these labels and any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any information not listed here, please let me know. Thanks, and enjoy!


Post-Mortem/Uprising Produktions

Final: Many recordings
???: ???

Most of the information known about this is taken from an Article/Interview w/ Justin from 1985. At that point, he was only about 16 years old, but had begun work on the Final project.

Post-Mortem was the original name for the label. The releases were all on tape format, and were likely of questionable quality. It seems that Justin released quite a few Final tapes. The other known bands include: Ashenden, Con-Dom, Crusade Mesh, D-Mag 52 Deadpulp, Family Patrol Group, Fern, The Grey Wolves, Last Exit, Mindless Scum, and Unkommuniti.

Later Justin changed the name to Uprising Produktions, which apparently didn't last all too long. He changed it back to Post-Mortem Productions and that is where the info ends...


Releases: Cat #:
Skullflower: IIIrd Gatekeeper HD01
Sweet Tooth: Crash Live HD02
Notable PDCD Releases .
Various Artists: Mortar PP104
Cable Regime: Life in the House of the Enemy PP108
Cable Regime: Assimilate & Destroy PP110

In the early 1990s, Justin created a new label, titled after the Godflesh song from Streetcleaner, hEADdIRT. The info about this label gets a little fuzzy (at least to me), as it had something to do w/ the label PDCD (Pure Dope Can't Damage).

hEADdIRT was originally set to put out Life is Easy by Fall of Because, but it never came out.

Lo Fibre

Releases: Cat #:
Solaris: 01 Fibre 01
Hydrus: Jazzless Fibre 02
The Sidewinder: Implant Fibre 03
Solaris: 02 Fibre 04
Saskwatch: n/a Fibre 05
Solaris: Submerged Technology Fibre 06

An unknown label for some time, this was Justin's creation around 1997. A 12" only label, there were only 4 records released, with many others slated. Some of the tracks (both released and unreleased) can be found on the Lo Fibre Companion which was released on Invisible Records in 1998.

2 Solaris B.C. records were released on this label, but at that time Justin was calling the project Solaris. Due to similarities to many other projects with similar names, he tacked on the B.C. suffix for style.

At least 2 other 12"s were set for release, Saskwatch, a project featuring Justin, Dermot Dalton and Steve Hough (both of Cable Regime-see who's who) recorded almost an hour of material. Solaris BC's Submerged Technology was also scheduled. The latter will be coming out later this year.

Avalanche Recordings

Upcoming Releases: Date:
Godflesh: Messiah September, 2000
Possible Future Releases:
Solaris B.C.: Submerged Technology TBA
Krackhead/Saskwatch: Split TBA

After turmoil and problems, AvalancheInc Recordings is finally getting off the ground. Surprisingly, Messiah an unreleased Godflesh ep, will be the first record on the label. IMO, the most exciting label of them all, this "sister label to Lo Fibre" (Avalanche) will be releasing the final Solaris BC release, Submerged Technology, which was set to come out a few years ago on Sentrax, as well as possibly a split Krackhead/Saskwatch record, which will compile the unreleased Krackhead 12"s and the Saskwatch which was a planned Lo Fibre record. (for more info on any of these projects, check out the Side Project Discographies.

Avalanche Recordings will be mail order only and is named after Avalanche Studios, which happens to be Justin's basement. Following in a Broadrick tradition, numerous delays are plaguing this label and it's releases. All releases will be pressed onto CDR or sold as MP3s.

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