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This document is not really a FAQ. It is in essence a listing of all major (and a lot of not so major) Godflesh information that I have ever encountered. I am hoping this is more than enough material to keep you busy for some time and that it answers any major questions you may have. You will not find a larger source of useful (and useless) information about the band anywhere.

Please mail any information not listed in here, or any suggestions/corrections/additions to slateman.

As always, Enjoy!


[Part 0:] The Basics
[Part A:] Pre-Godflesh (1982-1988)
[Part B:] Godflesh--Slavestate (1988-1991)
[Part C:] Pure--Selfless (1991--1995)
[Part D:] Songs of Love and Hate--Us & Them (1995--1999)
[Part E:] A New Beginning--Future (1999 and on)
[Part F:] Side Projects
[Part G:] Useless Leftovers
[Part Z:] The Credits

[ The Basics ]

0:1 The Band Members
0:2 The Releases
0:3 The Other Releases

0:1 The Band Members

Current Members
Justin K. Broadrick Vocals/Guitars 1988-Present
Benny George Christian Green Bass 1988-Present
Ted (Pappy) Parsons Drums/Percussion 1996-Present
Past/Touring Members
Brian Mantia Drums/Percussion 1996
Robert Hampson Guitars 1991-1992
Paul Neville Guitars 1989-1991
Steve Hough Guitars 1999 (touring)
Dermot Dalton Samples, Tapes, Moog 1999 (touring)

Justin Broadrick
Born in Birmingham England in 1969, he created Godflesh along with Ben Green in 1988. He's been a part of dozens of other bands and projects. He has remixed songs for quite a few bands, and produces as well. He ran the label hEADdIRT, but has since gotten out of that, only to begin yet another label, a techno record label called Lo Fibre which no longer releases anything. See Section E:10 (Record Labels) below.

Justin appears on the following albums:

Godflesh releases:
(1988) Godflesh
(1989) Streetcleaner
(1991) Slavestate
(1991) Cold World
(1992) Pure
(1994) Merciless
(1994) Selfless
(1996) Songs of Love and Hate
(1997) Love and Hate in Dub
(1999) Us and Them
(2000) Messiah
(2001) In All Languages (anthology)
(2001) Hymns

Other Releases:
(1999) Fall Of Because Life Is Easy
(1993) Final One
(1995) Final Flow/Openings
(1996) Final Two
(1996) Final Solaris
(1996) Final Urge/Fail
(1997) Final The First Millionth of a Second
(1990) God Breach Birth
(1991) God Loco
(1992) God Possession
(1993) God Consumed
(1994) God The Anatomy Of Addiction
(1995) God The Appeal To Human Greed
(1987) Head of David Dustbowl
(1989) Head Of David The Saveana Mixes
(1989) Head Of David White Elephant/The Peel Sessions
(1993) Ice Under The Skin
(1995) Ice Quarantine
(1998) Ice Bad Blood
(1998) Krackhead Future Weaponry
(1998) Krackhead Notorious P.I.G.
(1998) Krackhead From Hell
(1986) Napalm Death Scum
(1992) Painkiller Buried Secrets
(1991) Scorn Vae Solis
(1991) Scorn Lick Forever Dog
(1996) Sidewinder Colonized
(1997) Sidewinder Implant
(1997) Solaris 01
(1997) Solaris 02
(1995) Subsonic 3 Skinner's Black Laboratories
(1990) Sweet Tooth Soft White Underbelly
(1993) Sweet Tooth Crash Live
(1991) Techno-Animal Ghosts
(1995) Techno-Animal Re-Entry
(1996) Techno-Animal Babylon Seeker
(1996) Techno-Animal Unmanned
(1997) Techno-Animal Phobic
(1998) Techno-Animal Demonoid
(1998) Techno-Animal Techno Animal Vs. Reality
(1998) Techno-Animal Cyclops
(1998) Techno-Animal The Curse of the Golden Vampire
(1998) Techno-Animal Radio Hades
(1999) Techno-Animal Monolith
(1999) Techno-Animal Symbiotics
(2000) Techno-Animal Eraser
(2000) Techno-Animal Megaton
(2001) Techno-Animal Dead Man's Curse
(2001) Techno-Animal Brotherhood of the Bomb
(2000) Tech Level 2 Hymn
(2001) Tech Level 2 Tempest
(1999) White Viper Crawler
(1998) Youpho Anti-Body
(1998) Youpho Anxiety/Life
(1998) Youpho Malfunktion
(2000) Zonal Quatermass Project (Volume 1)

Ben Green
Born Ben George Christian Green in 1964, he created Fall of Because with Paul Neville. This team later became Godflesh.

He now plays with Godflesh, Final, and Vitriol, his own solo project. Though not much is said about Ben, he is an integral part of the unique Godflesh sound. It is rumored that he owned Geezer Butler's original amp, though how true (and how important) that is, I am not sure.

Ben appears on the following albums:

Godflesh releases:
(1988) Godflesh
(1989) Streetcleaner
(1991) Slavestate
(1992) Pure
(1992) Cold World
(1994) Merciless
(1994) Selfless
(1996) Songs of Love and Hate
(1999) Us and Them
(2000) Messiah
(2001) In All Languages (anthology)
(2001) Hymns

Other Releases:
(1993) 16-17 Gyatso
(1999) Fall Of Because Life is Easy
(1996) Final Two
(1996) Final Solaris
(1996) Final The First Millionth of a Second
(1996) Final Urge/Fail
(1995) Final Flow/Openings
(1994) Main Motion Pool
(1992) Painkiller Buried Secrets

Ted Parsons
Born in 1961, Ted is the newest (and oldest) member of Godflesh. His nickname is not Pappy Parsons, but the band called him that, and I found it humorous. He first appeared on the US tour for SoLaH, but did not appear on the bands next LP, Us and Them. He is an official 3rd member, and will be on all upcoming tours as well as Us and Them in Dub.

Ted was a member of The Swans, and later the band Prong, as well as a band called Cabbages and Kings (which included Algis Kizys, also of Swans). The odd thing is that all three of these bands released something in 1987 in which Ted performs on. He may also have been involved with Foetus, as their Rife (double lp) has his name included (as well as Algis Kizys and Norman Westburg) Prong has recently disbanded after being dropped by their label. He is now an official member of Godflesh and has appeared on the following albums:

Godflesh releases:
(1988) Godflesh
(2001) Hymns

Swans releases:
(19??) The Great Annihilator
(1985) Greed
(1986) Holy Money
(1987) Children of God
(1992) Love of Life

Note: Bill Rieflin also appears on The Great Annihilator.

Cabbages and Kings releases:
(1987) Of Cabbages and Kings
(1988) Face
(19??) Hunter's Moon

Note: Ted may not have played on Hunter's Moon.

Prong releases:
(1987) Primitive Origins
(1987) Force Fed
(1990) Beg To Differ
(1991) Prove You Wrong
(1992) Who's Fist is this Anyway?
(1994) Cleansing
(1996) Rude Awakening

Brian Mantia
Also known as Brain, from Praxis as well as the Limbomaniacs. He was Godflesh's live drummer for performances between Selfless and Songs of Love and Hate (with possible exceptions). His cousin, Kristin Yee, was the bands manager for some time (not anymore however). He played drums on Songs of Love and Hate, and has since departed for the band Primus. He may be appearing on the new Godflesh record, Us & Them, along with Ted Parsons. He appears on the following albums:

Godflesh releases:
(1996) Songs of Love and Hate
(2001) In All Languages (anthology)

Primus releases:
(1997) Brown Album
(1998) Rhinoplasty
(1999) Antipop

Other releases:
(1994) Jon Hassel & Bluescreen Dressing for Pleasure
(1992) Limbomaniacs Stinky Grooves
(1994) Praxis Metatron
(1992) Praxis Transutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
(1992) Tom Waits Bone Machine

Note: John Hassel contributed trumpet to Techno-Animal's Re-Entry

Paul Neville
Paul played with Ben in Fall of Because, beginning in 1983, and Justin soon joined. This project diminished sometime around 1986/7. He later rejoined Ben and Justin in 1989 for the 2nd recording session of Godflesh. In 1991, he left Godflesh to work on his own band Cable Regime. Paul appears on the following albums:

Godflesh releases:
(1989) Streetcleaner
(1991) Slavestate
(2001) In All Languages (anthology)

Fall of Because releases:
(1999) Life is Easy

Cable Regime releases:
(1992) Life in the House of the Enemy
(1992) Assimilate and Destroy
(1993) King Of Beers
(1993) Kill Lies All
(1995) Brave New World

Robert Hampson
Robert played in the band Loop for several years, until 1991 when the band broke up. They had been touring with Godflesh at the time, and he went onto join them for a few albums. In 1992, Robert left Godflesh created his new band, Main, which originally consisted of himself and Scott Dawson, both from Loop. Currently however, Scott has left, and Robert is the only member. Robert appears on the following albums:

Godflesh releases:
(1992) Pure (Tracks 1, 3, 4 and 8)
(1992) Cold World (Track 1)
(1994) Merciless (Tracks 3 and 4)
(2001) In All Languages (anthology)

Note: Robert wasn't no longer in the band when Merciless was released.

Loop releases:
(1986) Burning World
(1987) Spinning
(1987) Heaven's End
(1988) Collision
(1988) The World in Your Eyes
(1988) Black Sun
(1989) Fade Out
(1990) Arc-Lite
(1990) A Gilded Eternity
(1991) Wolf Flow

Note: The World in Your Eyes is a compilation of the first two 12"s (Burning World and Spinning), a cover of Rocket USA (by Suicide) from a Peel session (Which was also covered by Head of David on their release LP/CD before Justin joined) as well as Brittle Head Girl a bonus track from Heaven's End.

Main releases:
(1991) Hydra
(1992) Calm
(1992) Hydra-Calm
(1993) Dry Stone Feed
(1993) Firmament
(1994) Motion Pool
(1994) Ligature
(1994) Firmament II
(1995) Corona, Terminus, Maser, Haloform, Kaon, Neper
(1995) Hz (all 6 above eps on 3 lps or 2 cds)
(1996) Firmament III
(1998) Delinquescence (live recording)
(1998) Firmament IV

--See The Main homepage--

Steve Hough
Only part of the band for touring purposes, Steve played alongside Justin and Dermot Dalton in the Saskwatch project. Steve played guitars on the 1999 European tour.

He also plays in Cable Regime and Line (who had one track on the Lo Fibre Companion.

Cable Regime releases:
(1992) Life in the House of the Enemy
(1992) Assimilate and Destroy
(1993) King Of Beers
(1993) Kill Lies All
(1995) Brave New World

Saskwatch releases:
(unreleased) Krackhead/Saskwatch Split

Dermot Dalton
Like Steve Hough, Dermot was only with Godflesh for the European tour in 1999, playing moog, samples and tapes. He has appeared with Justin in Saskwatch, helped out on some Solaris B.C. and Final recordings, and played with Paul Neville in Cable Regime.

Cable Regime releases:
(1992) Life in the House of the Enemy
(1992) Assimilate and Destroy
(1993) King Of Beers
(1993) Kill Lies All
(1995) Brave New World

Final Releases:
(1996) 2

Solaris B.C. releases:
(1996) 01

Saskwatch releases:
(unreleased) Krackhead/Saskwatch Split

0:2 The Releases

The following is a small timeline of every major release and re-release of Godflesh. The symbol (R) is for re-releases.

Godflesh Mid/Late 1988
Streetcleaner Late 1989
Slavestate Mid/Late 1991
Slateman Mid/Late 1991
Cold World Early 1992
Pure April 1992
Merciless June 1994
Selfless (US) October 18th, 1994
Selfless (UK) October 26th, 1994
Slavestate (R) March 14th, 1995
Streetcleaner (R) June 1995
Godflesh (R) July 1st, 1995
Pure (R) February 13th, 1996
Slateman/Cold World (R) March 26th, 1996
Songs of Love and Hate (US) August 20th, 1996
Songs of Love and Hate (UK) August 26th, 1996
Selfless/Merciless (R) September 10th, 1996
Love and Hate in Dub (US) June 24th, 1997
Love and Hate in Dub (UK) July 21st, 1997
Us and Them (UK) May 17th, 1999
Us and Them (UK) June 8th, 1999
Messiah December 5th, 2000
In All Languages June 24th, 2001
Hymns (UK) October 15th, 2001
Hymns (US) October 23rd, 2001

0:3 The Other Releases

Other than the normal albums, singles and eps, Godflesh has recorded other material. These are as follows:

Song Appears on: Description
40 Versions Whore Wire cover song
Absorber Unreleased Track Original studio recording
Empyreal 2 Rareache Acoustic version (*)
For Those About to Rock Covered in Black AC/DC cover song
Hunted and Consumed Infected promo cd Remix of Hunter
Love is a Dog from Hell Pathological comp Studio original
My Own Light Pathological comp/Rareache Studio original
NewSpite Corporate Rock Wars Remix
Pure Spite Funky Alternatives 8 Remix
Sterile Prophet (Empty Messiah Mix) Future Shock comp Remix
Straight to Your Heart Loopflesh split 7" Loop cover song
Us & Them (Defensive RMX) In All Languages UnT In Dub Mix
Witchhunt (Tyrant RMX) In All Languages UnT In Dub Mix
Zero the Hero Masters of Misery Black Sabbath cover

Notes: In addition to these tracks, see info about the Messiah Ep.
Empyreal 2 sounds like an acoustic track, but it isn't. The band, "just did some things to screw with the sound"
Us and Them in Dub was a proposed follow up to Us & Them but the band never released it. These 2 tracks are the only known remixes, though there are likely a number of others that will never see release.

Cover Song Appears on Performed by
Avalanche Master Song Live at the ICA Napalm Death (w/ Justin)
Dog Day Sunrise Demanufacture Fear Factory's cover of Head of David song
Like Rats Loopflesh split 7" Loop's cover

Note:For more information concerning Napalm Death covering AMS, see section A2.

[Part A: Pre-Godflesh (1982-1988)]

A:1 Final
A:2 Napalm Death
A:3 Fall of Because
A:4 Head of David
A:5 Fall of Because, Part 2

A:1 Final: (1982-1987)

Final was a creation of Justin's at a very young age. It began around 1982 and all it was was himself, basically making noise. In some later sessions, Nik Bullen and some other musicians helped him out, which is what can be found on "Edits (1983-1987)" on the One album. But, Final didn't release anything at all until much later and basically disappeared no later than 1987 or so, but as you will read later, (section E:1) resurfaced to make more music in 1993.

A:2 Napalm Death: (1982-1986)

Nik Bullen and Justin created Napalm Death around 1982 and Mick Harris joined a few years later. They released a demo very early on and did a lot of sloganeering. They dubbed themselves "The end of music as you know it" These 3 members recorded side a of the Scum album but by the time the album had come out, both Justin and Nik had left. Mick stayed with the band until 1991 or so, and the band still continues, after many different incarnations. On June 29th, 1990, Napalm Death recorded a live show for a limited 7" release. On this, Justin appears. "Guest appearances are a lot of shit, and this song is, Avalanche Master Song" he announces, before playing guitar and singing w/ the band. He recalls it as a fairly unexciting and bad experience. Neither band seems to like the other very much, and Justin thinks the new ND a "bastardization" of the original, very boring. But, he is glad that he was in ND for some time, and he feels that the band, "changed music and created a premise for people to be more extreme."

A:3 Fall of Because: (1982-1986/7)

Ben Green and Paul Neville founded Fall of Because in 1982 and later asked Justin to play with them. Unlike Napalm Death, Justin played drums and vocals, not guitar. Among the songs written, Life is Easy, Mighty Trust Krusher and Merciless existed in primitive forms. They released a demo in 1986 called Extirpate, but dwindled shortly after. In 1999, the Life is Easy record finally came out, which gathered both studio and live material from that time period.

A:4 Head of David: (1986-1988)

Head of David had 2 releasesd prior to Justin's arrival. An EP called Dogbreath which was deleted shortly after being released, and LP (cd's were called CD). At a Fall of Because/Napalm Death show in 1986 (Justin was playing in both bands still) Head of David asked him to join. He agreed. About 2 weeks after that, he left ND but continued w/ FoB. He stayed for one album (Dustbowl) and 2 ep's that didn't come out until after he left (The Saveana Mixes and White Elephant, both released in 1989). Some sources state that he was kicked out of the band, while others say he left on his own free will. Justin mentions that they were heading in a very different direction, and that was the reason for his departure.

A:5 Fall of Because--Part 2: (1988)

Just as Justin left HoD, he contaced Ben about reviving the old FoB. Ben agreed, and Justin decided to take over on guitars now, instead of drums. He felt that he knew what beats he wanted, and chose to use a drum machine to help out. This is what became Godflesh.

[Part B: Godflesh--Slavestate (1989-1991)]

B:1 The name Godflesh
B:2 The Godflesh ep
B:2a The Cover of Godflesh
B:3 Avalanche Master Song--The Video
B:4 The Tiny Tears ep
B:5 The Streetcleaner lp
B:5a The Cover of Streetcleaner
B:5b The voice in the song Streetcleaner
B:6 John Peel Session
B:7 Grindcrusher Tour
B:8 Christbait Rising--The Video
B:9 Pathological Compilation
B:10 Loopflesh
B:11 The Real Slavestate
B:11a The Cover of Slavestate
B:12 Slateman
B:12a Godflesh and Nirvana?
B:12b Godflesh in a bathroom?
B:13 Slavestate--The Video

B:1 The name Godflesh:

Justin explains the name Godflesh, "I heard someone once say that 'music is the voice of God." In that sense, it's something that can get inside of you and move you spiritually on a communication level. The word God conjures something immense and inconceivable. The 'flesh' part is what effects you on a physical level. Our music is loud and destructive. Like Godflesh is the American Indian term for peyote, but that really is kind of a coincidence. It's a coincidence that suits me just fine though."

The name the American Indians use for peyote is called God's Flesh. There is also a mushroom named Godflesh. It is one of the most powerful halucinogenic mushrooms. They were also called Teonanacatl and was used ritually by the Mayans in northeast Oaxaca.

B:2 The Godflesh EP: (1988)

A small indie record shop in Birmingham called Swordfish offered to help Justin and Ben with their first recording. Godflesh was released only on LP (Flesh LP1) but in 3 different formats.

  1. Black vinyl-non glossy cover, pictures and lyrics in sleeve
  2. Black vinyl-glossy cover, pictures and lyrics on an insert
  3. Clear vinyl-glossy cover, no insert
The first was limited to only 2,000 copies. The insert has a picture of the band (while Justin still had his dredlocks-tied back) and lyrics to 3 songs (Veins, Weak Flesh and Avalanche Master Song)

They did tour in support of this record, I believe, but I don't know how extensive it was.

The band signed to Earache records in 1989 and they re-issued it on cd only in 1990 (Mosh 30CD) but the cover was altered slightly. It was no longer a grey-toned cover but just a plain black and white cover. A picture of the band was included but not the original, and lyrics were not included. Earache later re-released this cd again in 1995.

Also in 1990, Silent Scream Recordings re-issued Godflesh on both vinyl and on cassette. (this is the only place that you can find this release on cassette) They didn't alter the image, but it was a bootleg copy, they didn't get rights from the band or the label. All the inserts were included, and it looks identical to the Swordfish version except they labeled track 1 as Avalanche and 2 as Master Song on the cassette.

So, it was released 4 times on vinyl, only once on cassette and twice on cd.

B:2a The cover of Godflesh:

The face that is pictured on the cover of the Godflesh EP is from a movie called Seconds (1965) featuring/directed by Rock Hudson (sp?) The face is shown during the first moments of the movie, from different angles. It shows the ear, the eyes, the chin etc, and finally, the person lifts their head until they are looking straight forward (before moving and looking up) and the band stopped the film and said, "That's Godflesh". A few years ago when "Cape Fear" (the modern version) came out, the band went and saw it in the theaters. Oddly enough, the same images were used in the beginning.

B:3 Avalanche Master Song--The Video: (1988)

A group of fans made a video for Avalanche Master Song. The video included live footage from their first tour and was shown in Europe a few times. A very rare find until it was released on the DVD anthology in 2001.

B:4 The Tiny Tears EP: (1989)

After the release of Godflesh, the band recorded 4 more songs that were to be released on something called Tiny Tears. This is the long rumored Black EP that we heard so much about. The songs were all recorded tuned down to B (something that was almost unheard of in 1989), and the band had to remix it four times just to get it audible. Shortly after this recording, the band signed to Earache records. They wanted their first release to be this ep, but Earache pushed them to record a full length album. The original artwork would have been the building picture from the Godflesh sleeve (which is from the movie "Eraserhead") on the back and another image from that movie for the cover. This second image was a view from a window, but the view was only a brick wall. The band tried numerous times to get this image, but they never did get a clean shot. These were the original planned artwork for the ep, but this never came to be, the tracks (and the building picture) were saved and later released as bonus tracks on the cd version of Streetcleaner.

B:5 The Streetcleaner LP: (1989)

The release that made Godflesh known. It was 1989, and they put together 3 different recording sessions to make a modern masterpiece. The first was from the aforementioned Tiny Tears EP, which only appeared as bonus tracks on the cd. The album itself was broken into 2 recording sessions. Paul Neville appears on the second half of the album (Devastator-Locust Furnace) and that was recorded in May of 1989. From May until August, Justin and Ben (w/out Paul) recorded the first half (Like Rats-Head Dirt).

B:5a The cover of Streetcleaner:

This image is from a film entitled Altered States which features William Hurt. The cover of Streetcleaner was taken from this movie during the character's first psyechedelic experience. I believe that the back image from Streetcleaner (which is similar to the front) was the original cover, but they thought that it wasn't clean enough to use for the front.

B:5b The voice in the song Streetcleaner:

An article states that the sampled voices came from mass murdered Henry Lee Lucas, but it isn't confirmed. It is still possible that the voice is of Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon. Mark was holding a copy of The Catcher in the Rye in his hands when he shot John Lennon. if you listen to the things that are said (moreso in Godflesh 2) it seems plausible. He mentions Holden Caufield several times, and how he felt. He also mentions the murder weapon used to shoot him and how he was killed (outside of a hotel?). It is much clearer if you listen to it with headphones on. It is possible, especially considering the circumstances of the shooting and how he denies hearing voices, etc.

B:6 John Peel Session: (1989)

Godflesh did record one Peel session, on 27th August 1989. It was first transmitted on 27th September 1989. They played the following:

  1. Tiny Tears
  2. Wound
  3. Pulp
  4. Like Rats

Though Paul Neville was still part of the band at this time, he did not appear on this recording. Kevin Martin appeared on Pulp though, playing saxophone. 2 tracks from this session were released on 2001's In All Languages anthology.

B:7 The Grindcrusher Tour: (1989-1990)

Before any real tension arose between Godflesh and Napalm Death, they were still friendly. Perhaps mostly b/c Mick was still in ND. The first half of 1990 saw the North American leg of this tour which consisted of the 2 bands above as well as Nocturnus a floridian death/space metal outfit. Paul toured w/ the band in the US, like the European tour, he only played certain songs.

B:8 Christbait Rising--The Video: (1990)

Released June of 1990, the video has very fuzzy footage of the band. All of the film is either in fast forward, or in slow motion, so nothing matches up. The end fades out as opposed to the studio ending, so it ends up being 5:15 as opposed to the album length 6:59.

B:9 The Pathological Compilation: (1990)

Kevin Martin ran Pathological Records and was the person who booked some of the first Godflesh shows in London. He decided to do a compilation and it featured 2 new Godflesh songs, the only existing original songs that do not appear on a Godflesh record. The songs were Love is a Dog from Hell and My Own Light. It is possible that these 2 tracks were from the original Godflesh ep recording sessions, but were left off of the release due to either space constrictions or quality reasons. Love is a Dog from Hell was later released on the In All Languages anthology, with MoL being absent. It's a shame, as both represent an excellent portion of the band's history.

Kevin Martin of course later teamed up with Justin on the God, Ice, Techno Animal and Sidewinder projects amongst numerous others.

B:10 Loopflesh: (May 1991)

The Clawfist Singles club was a company out of London that produced split 7"s every month. These 7"s would contain one band covering the other bands song, and the likewise. The 7th single that they released (in May of 1991) was called Loopflesh or Fleshloop depending on how you saw it. It was the band Loop covering Like Rats and Godflesh covering Straight to Your Heart (off of Heaven's End) by Loop. This was limited to only 1400 copies.

B:11 The REAL Slavestate: (1991)

February and March of 1991 saw Godflesh in the studio recording what would be a confusing set of releases. 5 new tracks were recorded, and 4 songs were remixed. Slavestate and Slavestate Remixes were 2 completely separate EPs, and were released that way on 12" and the band planned on releasing 2 separate CDs as well. Shortly after these releases, Slateman/Wound '91 was issued as a black, grey and red 7" on Sub-Pop (In Germany). Earache later decided that they wanted to get this for themselves and released it on 7", 12" and cd. Then Earache decided that they were going to release both Slavestate and Slavestate Remixes as one package, along w/ Slateman, to make a 9 song mini-lp as opposed to the separate 4 song ep, 3 song remix ep and 2 song single that it was intended to be. The band wasn't very happy with this situation, but nothing could be done. An approximate order of releases would be:

Slavestate 12" Mosh 30T
Slavestate Remixes 12" Mosh 30T(R)
Slateman black, grey and red 7" SP-114
Slateman 7", 12", cd Mosh 47, 47T, 47CD
Slavestate Mosh 30

B:11a The Cover of Slavestate: (1991)

Already loving to use the art of visuals on their albums, Godflesh included another enigmatic cover for Slavestate. The image of the girl's face (as well as the static looking image on the back) were taken from a movie from the 1960's called Head which was about the band The Monkeys. The images are from a scene where everybody is basically tripping. The band liked the stillness effect and used it for the cover. The reason for the unclear image is b/c the band took a photograph of the television itself.

B:12 Slateman: (1991)

Perhaps I'm partial to this track b/c of it's title, but it is a great song, and I learned something about it. This is one of Ben's favorite Godflesh songs (along w/ Frail). The track was one of the only tracks Justin wrote away from home. It was written in Cornwall, on a beach staring at the sea. The line "Dying Ocean" is an example of this. He describes how he was updating the lyrics while driving through a tunnel and noticed the grey color of slate on the walls. The song title describes how slate is fragile yet it looks solid and strong. It is similar to many other Godflesh tracks in that it describes, "being at the mercy of someone you love and someone abusing that."

B:12a Godflesh and Nirvana?:

During a show in London in 1991, Godflesh was opening for the band Nirvana. (L7 played before Godflesh that night) The cover of the Slateman single was taken from that evening. Godflesh and Nirvana had the same (tour manager?), and they were using their drumset (who was drumming? Mick?) Justin recalls, "It was insane, really really bizarre. The bass player, Chris was behind Paul there, headbanging through the whole set, he loved us!"

B:12b Godflesh in a bathroom:

The Slateman single was recorded in a bathroom b/c of the acoustics. The tiled bathroom provided a very good sound for the band. Apparently the sound was to the bands liking as Pure was recorded similarly (though not in a bathroom)

B:13 Slavestate--The Video: (1991)

The end of 1991 showed the release of Slavestate, a beautiful video. It had many images morphing together with very psychedelic colors. The word Jesus flashes across the screen several times. Very trippy.

[Part C: Pure--Selfless (1991-1995)]

C:1 Band Member Changes
C:2 Cold World/Pure
C:2a The artwork of Cold World and Pure
C:2b Godflesh and Leonard Cohen?
C:2c Godflesh and Fall of Because
C:2d Godflesh and the Beach Boys
C:3 Mothra--The Video
C:4 Tour problems
C:5 1993?
C:6 Merciless/Selfless
C:7 Messiah--The Mystery EP
C:8 Crush My Soul--Promo, single, video and more?
C:8a Godflesh Vs. Kirk Hammett
C:9 Xnoybis--Pronunciation, Meaning and Remixes
C:10 Godflesh in Movies?

C:1 Band Member Changes:

At the end of the tour for Slavestate, Paul Neville left amicably to do work on his own band Cable Regime. The band Loop (who was touring w/ Godflesh at the time) broke up. Robert Hampson, the guitarist/frontman of Loop stated (in 1992), "[Godflesh] were literally the only other band I would play for." Without a second guitarist, and Hampson without a band, it wasn't much of a difficult decision. Godflesh was not without a guitarist for long. Hampson stayed through the tour for Pure, before leaving to focus on his own project (shortly after saying about Neville, "I think it was clear that I wasn't going to be like Paul-play a few numbers and then disappear.") but that split wasn't on bad terms either. After Robert's departure, the band decided not to replace him w/ another guitarist.

C:2 Cold World/Pure: (1992)

September and October of 1991 showed Godflesh recording new tracks. Robert was in the studio for these sessions and appears on track 1 of the Cold World ep, as well as tracks 1, 3, 4, 8, and 10 of Pure. Justin wasn't completely satisfied w/ the production of the album though, as it was recorded on a cassette based 8 track. Cold World was discontinued November 16th, 1995 but re-released along w/ Slateman on March 26th, 1996. Pure came out in mid-April of 1992. The original versions on vinyl came with a 16" X 11" poster, and the UK vinyl had a 12" X 12" insert which contained lyrics to Don't Bring Me Flowers.

C:2a The artwork of Cold World and Pure:

I find the cover of Pure to be very intriguing and beautiful. There is no real reason why, but I just think that it is one of the best images Godflesh has ever incorporated into their work, and I think that it describes the feeling of the album very well. The cover is a hand, covered w/ moss and whatever vegetation is surrounding it. It is the hand of a statue that is in Greece. I don't know which statue, or why it was chosen, but it is such a great picture, IMO. The statue on the back of Pure and Cold World may be taken from the movie The Exorcist Part 3. The cover of Cold World is a picture of a man, who of course, is the same man found in the inlay of Pure. This image was taken from a short 5 minute movie made by a man named George Kuchar. The movie is basically silent and has no title. This man chases the woman and she finally escapes him. He then stands sorrowful and she looks in disgust at him. The woman is the same woman whose face appears in the Streetcleaner inlay.

C:2b Godflesh and Leonard Cohen?:

It isn't the first time...and it wasn't the last. I figured i'd put it here though. The lyrics "Your pain is no credential here/It's just the shadow of my wound" (Mothra) is taken directly from the song Avalanche which appeared on Leonard Cohen's Songs of Love and Hate album. Also appearing on that album is a song called Master Song. Of course, Godflesh has a song called Avalanche Master Song and an album entitled Songs of Love and Hate. Perhaps this connection is why Silent Scream incorrectly listed Avalanche and Master Song as separate songs on the Godflesh ep

C:2c Godflesh and Fall of Because:

The first 3 minutes of the 10 minute long (9:59) song Love, Hate (Slugbaiting) is actually FoB live in 1986 (which means Paul appears on this track) The re-release of Pure states that this entire song was recorded and mixed in December of 1989 which seems odd, since FoB was basically Godflesh at that time.

C:2d Godflesh and the Beach Boys?:

Yes, Godflesh and the Beach Boys are connected. Pure II is 21 minutes of a 65 minute practice session between Robert and Justin. They took the chunkiest, best part and didn't even edit it, just put it on the record. They did though, add things on top, and the opening of the song has a cymbal being played backwards. That cymbal was taken from a song from the album 20/20, but I'm not sure which song. More information can be found in section D:2b.

C:3 Mothra--The Video: (1992)

The bands 4th video showed the band playing in a small room of sorts. Justin wears a cloak in this video. It is very different from the band's prior videos. Another odd video.

C:4 Tour Problems: (1992)

1992 marked a big tour for the band. They were opening for Skinny Puppy and during the North American leg of it, they had problems getting into the country. They weren't informed of certain law changes and did not have proper identification (?) to get into the country, so they had to cancel out on certain east coast dates. Later on, (in June) they made up 7 of those dates, headlining those shows.

C:5 1993:

The missing year in Godflesh history. Earache was sorting out their merger with Sony, and Godflesh took a while off. Of course, Justin was very busy w/ his numerous side projects. Once the Sony deal went through, the band had a little more money to work with. So, they decided to buy new equipment. The upcoming recording session would have Godflesh sounding better than ever.

C:6 Merciless/Selfless: (1994)

Merciless was mixed in January 1994, while Selfless was recorded between January and May of that year. Merciless, the song, is actually an old FoB song, just remixed. This release was just remixes of older Godflesh and related material. It is possible that Last of the Biomechanical Urgents (a track Justin remixed for the band Murder Inc.) is played backwards on the song Unworthy.

C:7 Messiah-The Mystery EP: (1994)

When the band went into the studio for the Pure sessions, they recorded a few extra songs which appeared on the Cold World ep. Similarly, when they started recording for the Selfless album, 4 extra tracks were recorded, but they were never released! The tracks are as follows:

  1. Messiah
  2. Wilderness of Mirrors
  3. Sun God
  4. Scapegoat

The band was unsatisfied with the original sound of these songs. They remixed them a few times, but never were satisfied, until years later when they looked at these tracks and did like them. Initially there were multiple versions of each track.

In the end of 2000 the band worked out a deal w/ Earache which allowed them to release it through Avalanche Recordings. This was the band's first release on their own label. More label details can be found in section E:10.

C:8 Crush My Soul-Promo, Single, Video, and more?: (1994-5)

Crush My Soul was released twice. A promo version came out prior to the release of Selfless. Then, an official single came out after the album's release. Both versions contain the original track, and a remixed version. On the promo however, it was titled Crush My Soul (Remix). On the single, it was named Crush My Soul (Ultramix). Both versions are identical. The single also had Xnoybis (Psychofuckdub) which was, until this point, only available on the Xnoybis promo.

The band also made a video, directed by Andres Serrano and featured Bob Flannagan. Bob Flannagan had cystic fibrosis and was a performance artist. Bob has has since died. The video was very bold though, and MTV wouldn't play it. So, they made Godflesh edit it, more than once, and finally, they still refused it.

In an interview, Justin said that he liked the remix of CMS, Especially the 15 minute one. Perhaps I'm looking too deep into things, but that is the only remix of CMS that's out there...right?

In the year 2001 the band finally issued their 2 disc anthology set. Crush My Soul (Ultramixedit) appears on this, a shortened Ultramix version.

C:8a Godflesh Vs. Kirk Hammett:

Maybe not quite Vs...

Kirk Hammett (of Metallica) has been a big fan of the band for quite some time. In 1994 even recorded some material w/ Justin (you'll never find this though). One day, Godflesh showed the video for Crush My Soul (by Andres Serrano) to Kirk and he loved it. Metallica later used a piece by Andres for their cover on the album Load. In a later interview w/ Kirk, he is asked where the band got the idea of the cover. Kirk tells the interviewer that he saw something on television about Andres Serrano and that is how it came about, not giving any credit to (or even aknowledging the existence of) Godflesh. Justin says, "There's no copyright on Serrano. We'll be the first to admit that. But we planted the seed, and unfortunately we're not getting the credit, obviously." Fortunately, in at least one situation, Kirk has commended the band and also has stated that they are the "heaviest band in existence".

C:9 Xnoybis-Pronunciation, Meaning and Remixes: (1995)

Well, I assumed it's pronunciation, and even years after the release of Selfless, I still never looked at a dictionary to see the proper pronunciation of this word. For anyone that wants to know, it's [znoi-bus].

It's meaning? "Xnoybis is a Latin expression, like a religious thing. What it means is a spiritual transcendence, that form of escapism. We're always examining things like escapism, we're obsessed with people's different forms of how they can escape the world, or how they can become more involved, or how they can be a slave."

The remixes...There are 2. But in all, there are 4 versions of this song. They all appeared on the promo cd single. The listing is:

  1. Xnoybis
  2. Xnoybis (Clubdub)
  3. Xnoybis (Psychofuckdub)
  4. Xnoybis (Edit)

The last track is just an edited version. The first is the album version. The Clubdub can also be found on Earache's Spring and Summer/Spring sampler cd (2 different titles for the same compilation). The Psychofuckdub can also be found on the CMS singles. In All Languages, the anthology set contained Xnoybis (Clubdubedit) a shortened version of the aforementioned remix.

C:10 Godflesh in the Movies: (1995)

Once Earache merged with Sony (Columbia) Godflesh got the chance to do soundtracks and the like. In 1995, they appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Hideaway. They also appear in the movie itself. During one of the club scenes, they are playing onstage in the background, performing the song Nihil. The best part is that they get to play the entire song!

[Part D: Songs of Love and Hate--Us & Them (1995-1999)]

D:1 The Re-issues
D:2 Songs of Love and Hate
D:2a The cover to Songs of Love and Hate
D:2b Godflesh and the Beach Boys...again
D:3 The First Headlining Tour
D:4 Love and Hate in dub
D:5 Us & Them
D:6 Us & Them in Dub

D:1 The Re-issues: (1995-1996)

Starting in 1995, after Earache split with Columbia, they decided to re-issue the older releases. Godflesh, Streetcleaner, Slavestate, Pure, Slateman/Cold World, and Selfless/Merciless were the releases. The artwork quality differs from each release though. The Godflesh re-issue had poorer quality artwork than it's original while that of Pure was of higher quality (and came w/ a bronze sticker of the album cover) All the releases are identical to their originals, with the exception of the two split releases. Slateman/Cold World was remastered and the artwork was different. The cover was split in two horizontally, the top half being the Slateman cover, and the lower half being the Cold World cover, upside down, and in black and white as opposed to the bronze lettering on the original release. On the inlay, the art is of lesser quality, and an image from Cold World was taken out. Selfless/Merciless was released on double cd, with Merciless containing two more tracks, CMS (Ultramix) and Xnoybis (Psychofuckdub) (both from the CMS single). The cover is a hologram made by a grated jewel case, to show both covers. This cd also has (on the Merciless disc) a cdrom track, which contains the complete Earache discography.

D:2 Songs of Love and Hate: (August 1996)

Definitely a different approach to album titles, this disc is the first to contain lyrics, and a live drummer. Brian (Brain) Mantia (of Praxis and The Limbomaniacs) appeared on this record. He had played some live shows with the band during the Selfless tour. The band had recorded the album and then later decided that they wanted a real drummer, so they asked him to play. He recorded the drum tracks, (the original drum machine tracks are pretty much all still there) and soon after, joined the band Primus. Godflesh got Ted Parsons (of The Swans and Prong) to play drums on tour and become, for the 4th time, the 3rd band member.

D:2a The cover of Songs of Love and Hate:

The image was taken from a place in New Orleans and it's called Cancer Alley. This image once appeared in an issue of a National Geographic Magazine, though I'm uncertain of the date or issue. The same image was used by a band called The Mad (previously M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)) on their album Songs for the Ugly. Also, the band Bleed used this cover for their album Womb. That band later changed their name to Crawl and reworked some songs to appear on their Earth album.

D:2b Godflesh and the Beach Boys...again:

During the first few seconds of the song Gift From Heaven, the voice of Brian Wilson is multilayered upon itself to create the sound you hear.

D:3 The First Headlining Tour: (1996)

Though the band had done some headlining shows prior to the SoLaH tour, none were considered a full tour. The band did 7 shows in 1992 (Possible dates are, July 5th, 16th (2 shows) in Milwaukee, the 22nd in Philadelphia, and one show in New York City at the Marquee along with Monster Magnet) when they had problems getting into the US when playing with Skinny Puppy. The band missed several east coast shows, and returned after the Skinny Puppy tour was over. They also did at least one show in 1995 in Europe as well as others. But the first complete tour began November 8th, and ran until December 16th, 1996. Godflesh headlined a 33 show tour across the United States. Unfortunately 4 shows were cancelled, and the tour had a few slight problems. Ted hurt his ankle in Washington DC, Justin was plagued w/ voice problems, and an insane band attacked Ted in Jacksonville FL. (more info can be found here) Fortunately, the tour ended well. The bands had plans to move on to a UK tour but Earache would not fund them. The tour was scheduled to go from February 27th until the 5th of April 1997, but unfortunately, no dates were played. (Justin toured Europe w/ Techno Animal briefly though)

D:4 Love and Hate in Dub: (June/July 1997)

Released June 24th (US) and July 21st (UK), this is a remix counterpart to the SoLaH album. The band remixed all but Hunter and Amoral, and remixed Almost Heaven, Gift from Heaven and Sterile Prophet twice for this release. The UK release came in a digipack packaging, but contain the same tracks as the US version.

The artist that worked on SoLaH and LaHiD reports that the cover to this isn't the same place as the cover of SoLaH.

"...They look similar but the shots were both taken by different photographers and in different places. The second shot was sourced because it looked like the first but more doomy. The cross in the first cover was digitally moved on the cover to make a better image and on the second one the sky was enhanced to make it more interesting. Originally the cover of the second album was going to be the same as the first but with an effect like tracing paper down the right hand side with the new title..."

More from this here.

D:5 Us & Them: (May 1999)

Released May 17th (UK) and June 8th, 1999 in the US, this is the band's 5th full length release. The band opted for machines as percussion again, but from this point on Ted Parsons became a full time member, and should appear on all future releases.

The band toured little in support of this release only performing a few shows at a time scattered across Europe.

The artwork is from an unknown source.

D:6 Us & Them in Dub:

This was to be to UnT as LaHiD was to SoLaH. The band almost certainly remixed a number of the tracks from the full length, but this was never to be released. 2 tracks appeared 2 years later on the long overdue anthology record, In All Languages.

[Part E: A New Beginning--Future (1999-on)]

E:1 Breaking Away from Earache
E:2 Messiah Released
E:3 In All Languages
E:4 A New Beginning
E:5 Hymns

E:1 Breaking Away from Earache: (2000)

For a number of years it was no secret that the band wasn't 100% thrilled with Earache Records. After Us & Them In Dub never came out, the band decided to leave the label. During this time off, Justin continued seeing success w/ Techno Animal and Godflesh saw a long quiet stint.

E:2 Messiah Released: (December 2000)

In December of 2000 the band decided to release the Messiah ep that they had recorded 6 years earlier, through their own label. Unfortunately, a part of their contract w/ Earache stated that anything recorded by the band whilst on the label, belonged to Earache. After several months, the label and band came to an agreement and the record was released.

Avalanche Recordings also released the first Zonal record the same day. This is a Techno Animal side project.

E:3 In All Languages: (2001)

The long rumored anthology finally saw release in June 2001 through Earache. Unfortunately it wasn't the ultra collection that many fans hoped for. The 2 disc set contained one 'best of' disc and one which was half rarities and half 'best of'. With so much rare material, it was a disappointment - but did offer CD versions of songs most have never heard. In the end, 28 tracks appeared on the release only 8 were non-studio LP tracks.

The original plan were to include Loopflesh, the full Peel Session and more. They were looking to get some live material from the early days, as well as some live material from when Brain was touring with them. The band hoped for something with Ted, but they didn't get anything from the US tour. Justin is also had hoped to include lyrics to Every Godflesh song as well!

Years ago, I put together what I call my ideal anthology, which is what i'd wanted to see released.

The final listing of hard to find tracks are:

E:4 A New Beginning: (2001)

Us & Them came out in 1999 and for the next 2 years, everything was very quiet. The band split from Earache but didn't have a label until the summer of 2001 when they signed to Music For Nations. Koch International released the album in the US.

E:5 Hymns: (2001)

Disconnected was the original working title of this record, but that was later changed to Hymns. A more guitar driven record than their last outings, this was released on the 15th October in Europe and 23rd October in the US. The band quickly took advantage of their new label, with more promotion and a European tour with Fear Factory. A US tour is in the works.

[Part F: The Side Projects]

F:1 Final--Part 2
F:2 God
F:3 Ice
F:4 Main
F:5 Sidewinder
F:6 Solaris
F:7 Sweet Tooth
F:8 Techno Animal
F:9 The Rest
F:10 Justins Remix Work
F:11 Record Labels

F:1 Final: Part 2:

Justin revived his band Final in 1993 by releasing a cd called One. Contained within were 7 new tracks and 1 older compilation track (1983-1987 (Edits)). Final continued with other releases, and it seemed like a full time side project at one point. Justin stopped releasing material after 1998, then later merged the Solaris BC project w/ Final and there are plans to release 3 through Neurot Recordings in the near future.

Ben helped out on some of the releases, but not all.

See the Final Discography for all release info.

F:2 God:

Kevin Martin and Justin along with Tim Hodgkinson, Russel Smith, Tom Prentice, John Edwards, Dave Cochrane (HoD/Ice), Gary Jeff, Lou Ciccotelli, and Scott Kiehl (Sweet Tooth) make up God.

Justin didn't play on Breach Birth the band's first release, but he did produce it. He also produced Loco and appears on all records from then on. God has disbanded.

There are quite a few other bands with the same name. The only releases from this project can be found in the God Discography.

F:3 Ice:

Ice is Justin along with Kevin Martin (God/T-A/Sidewinder...), John Jobaggy (ex-Terminal Cheesecake), Dave Cochrane (HoD/God), Lou Ciccotelli (God) and Alex Buess (16-17) have also played w/ the band.

The band only released 2 LPs (and a number of singles and EPs), both very different. Ice is no longer an active project.

See the Ice Discography for all release info.

F:4 Sidewinder:

Sidewinder was Kevin Martin and Justin. After 2 releases, Justin decided to collapse this project into Techno Animal, and no further new material will surface.

See the Sidewinder Discography for all release info.

F:5 Solaris B.C.:

Another solo project of Justin's, it was formerly known simply as Solaris, but Justin decided there were too many bands with similar names, so he changed it. He has decided to merge this project with Final, so with the release of Submerged Techonologies (if it ever comes out), there will be no new recordings.

The only releases were through Lo Fibre (see section E:11) and both releases were on 12", and have been deleted.

See the Solaris B.C. Discography for all release info.

F:6 Sweet Tooth:

A lesser known side project, Sweet Tooth was Scott Kiehl (God) and David Cochrane (God/HoD/Ice) along with Justin. They released 2 records in the early 90's, a studio and live recording.

There may be other bands with the same name. Please see the Sweet Tooth Discography for all release info.

F:7 Techno Animal:

Probably the most popular side project, TA is Justin along with Kevin Martin (as usual) and quite a few other guest musicians. Techno Animal has released an absurd number of LPs, limited 12"s, collaborations and appear on just as many compilations.

Please see the Techno Animal Discography for all release info.

F:8 The Rest:

Listed above are the major side projects. A more detailed listing can be found in the Side Projects Discographies. There are a number of projects that had only 1 or 2 releases. All details are listed.

F:9 Justin's Remix Work:

Justin has remixed songs for various bands. Here is a fairly complete listing of his work.

Band: Song(s): Appears On:
Deathless Inextasis Nondeathless (**)
The Lemonheads ?? ??
Mark of Cain You Let Me Down (*) Rock and Roll
Mark of Cain Pointman (Unclean Mix) Rock and Roll
Murder Inc. Last of the Biomechanical Urgents Murder Inc.
Pantera By Demons Be Driven (*) Planet Caravan (single)
Pantera Fucking Hostile (*) Hostile Moments (7")
Pigface Burundi ???

(*) signifies "Biomechanical Mix" as seems to be Justin's favorite title for his remixes.

(**) The remix album Nondeathless appears as part of a double cd packaging under the title Antilectual.

Note: The Lemonheads remix appeared only as a promotional item in Europe, and never appeared anywhere in the US.

E:10 Record Labels:

Justin began the record label hEADdIRT some time back but has wrapped up his part of that label and is no longer involved with it. hEADdIRT is part of PDCD (Pure Dope Can't Damage) and was originally scheduled to release the Fall of Because record. They have however released some Cable Regime albums among other projects. I do not know if they still exist.

Justin later moved on to run a label called Lo Fibre, which was a very small underground techno 12" label in the UK. Lo Fibre is now put out through Invisible Records. They put out the 2nd Sidewinder release and some Solaris B.C. releases but the label is now dead.

Justin began preparations for Avalanche Recordings, a mail order only label. After many delays, the label released 2 records in December of 2000. The first was the long awaited Messiah EP and the 2nd was a Techno Animal side project titled Zonal. The only way to obtain these records is to purchase them from AvalancheINC

Avalanche Recordings was originally set to release Final's 3, Saskwatch/Krackhead Split Record, Solaris B.C.s Submerged Technologies and Ben's long delayed Vitriol project. The first 3 have yet to be released, but Vitriol was finally released in 2001 through Neurot Recordings and apparently 3 should be coming out through them as well.

[Part G: Useless Leftovers]

The following bits of information cannot really fit into any other section of Crumbling Flesh. For that reason, they are listed here as Useless Leftovers.

* The track Pure samples Eric B. Rakim's Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em. Circle of Shit samples Gang Starr's Speak Ya Clout and the sample that Slavestate is based around is from a song called Humanoid by Stakker (also known as Stakker Humanoid) around 1988. Stakker later went on to become The Future Sound of London.

* Slug Bait, a term that has arisen in various Godflesh material, is also the name of a Throbbing Gristle song which appears on their 2nd Annual Report of Throbbing Gristle released in 1977. Music from the Death Factory '88 (see etchings below) is also taken from this album. Music from the Death Factory was their motto.

* Slugbait is also the name of some type of plant fertilizer it seems.

* The title Streetcleaner may have originated from the band Whitehouse, one of Justin's influences. On their Right to Kill album they have a song called The Street Cleaner which might have influenced the band to choose that for their first full length album title.

*It is possible that the image from the inlay of the Godflesh album was taken from a movie called Un Chien Andalou (an andalusian dog) made in 1928 by Dali and Bunuel. The image is of a girl getting her eyeball cut out.

* Justin has moved from his home in Birmingham to a smaller town outside of Wales. There he lives with his girlfriend Liz, and the two have been together for about over 10 years now.

* Baby Blue Eyes is also the name of a SPK song which appears on their Leichenschrei released in 1981.

* Fall of Because is also the name of a Killing Joke song which appears on their What's this for? album, released in 1981. It is also part of Aleister Crowley's The Book of the Law (or Liber Al). The quote, "III,20: Why? Because of the fall of Because, that he is not there again."

* Love is a Dog from Hell is the title of a book of poems, by Charles Bukowski.

* The title Selfless was inspired by the John Coltrane song Selflessness from his The Major Works of John Coltrane.

* Zeni Geva and Staggerblow both have recorded songs titled Godflesh. The Zeni Geva track was produced by Steve Albini, who worked w/ Justin when he was part of Head of David

* Al Jourgenson of Ministry listed Godflesh as one of his biggest influences a few years back. Pitchshifter has listed the band as well.

* Danzig and Faith No More have both asked Justin to join them at one point or another.

* In some guitar magazine, from 1994, the 50 heaviest riffs were listed, Godflesh's Anything Is Mine being number 50 I believe.

* Somewhere towards the end of the movie Singles Matt Dillon can be found wearing a Godflesh shirt. It is the one w/ the woman's face from the liner notes of Godflesh. (this shirt is listed below)

The following are etchings that appear on certain Godflesh vinyl releases.

Godflesh Low Life Motherfuckers (side A)
Godflesh Music from the Death factory '88 (Side B)
Loopflesh Rats live on no evil star (& backwards)
Pure You just fuck me (Side A)
Pure Where is Pure III? (Side B)

Godflesh has quite a few shirts to my knowledge, but many are different versions of the same shirt. Here is a short clean listing:

Description: LS/SS: Notes:
1. Godflesh album cover SS 3 versions
2. Streetcleaner album cover Both
3. Woman's face from Streetcleaner ??? 3 versions
4. Corruption in the Goat Herd SS
5. Mothra ???
6. Selfless ???
7. Songs of Love and Hate album cover Both
8. Statue image from inlay of Pure ??? Tour dates on reverse
9. Robot being crucified ??? From Selfless inlay. Perhaps not official
10. White shirt w/ Woman's face on back ??? Perhaps not official

1: There are 3 versions of the Godflesh shirt, one (most popular) is a white picture of the album cover and the name Godflesh across the top. Another is the same version, just w/ grey text. The last is just the album cover w/ no Godflesh across the top. (In the pictures section, you can see Ben sporting one of these)

2: The Streetcleaner shirt came in both long and short sleeve. This has the album cover on the front, and the woman's face from the inlay on the reverse. In the case of the longsleeves, I'm unsure what was written along the sleeves if anything.

3: There is a shirt with the picture of the woman from the Streetcleaner inlay. There are 3 versions of this. One has the picture of her w/ Godflesh written across the top, another has it sideways on the left side (which Justin is wearing in one of the pictures in the images section). The third is just a picture of the woman's face and nothing else. I believe that the back of the first version has Avalanche On Pause written on the back. The other 2 versions have Let Your Body Take Control on the back.

4: A very hard to find shirt has an image of a line of Muslim women lining up on a shooting range with pistols. The original image appeared in a Mangun News photograph collection. Along the bottom, Corruption in the Goat Herd, Flesh crumbles in the Real World was written. The back had the word Godflesh and The Sun's Still Shining underneath. All the text is black and this appears on grey, gold and red shirts.

5: I have heard of a Mothra shirt existing as well, possibly the same picture as the cover of the promotional cd for the single.

5: The Selfless shirt is the album cover with Godflesh written in small print in the top right. On the back it says Selfless. The shirt itself is the color of the background to the album cover, the greenish color.

6: The SoLaH shirt comes in long sleeve and short sleeve. It has the cover of Songs of Love and Hate with Godflesh across the top and Songs of Love and Hate on the very bottom of the back. The long sleeve shirts that are the same but also have Godflesh written down each sleeve.

Other Merchandise:
This includes:

1. Streetcleaner poster 2 versions
2. Streetcleaner poster Woman's face (promo)
3. Slavestate poster promo
4. Slateman poster 2 versions
5. Pure poster 2 versions
6. Pure sticker Came w/ reissue of Pure
7. Merciless poster promo
8. Selfless poster 2 versions
9. Songs of Love and Hate poster Promo
10. Songs of Love and Hate sticker
11. Band sticker

1: There are 2 versions of the Streetcleaner album cover poster. They are both just the cover, but one is a bootlegged version so the quality is poorer. You can tell the difference by the coloring. The bootleg poster looks washed out.

2: The Godflesh promo poster (which was made in 1991, oddly promoting a 2 year old album!) has the woman's face on it and (like the shirt above) has Godflesh written sideways along the left of the poster. There is a small image of the Godflesh cover in the left corner and Godflesh written in red along the bottom.

3: The Slavestate promo poster is just the album cover.

4: The 2 versions of the Slateman poster have the same image, but one is a normal sized poster and the other is a HUGE version of it.

5: Pure has the same thing I believe, one normal sized (or slightly smaller) and one enormous version of the album cover.

6: The reissue of Pure contained a sticker of the album cover.

7: Merciless is a small promo poster of the album cover.

8: The Selfless poster is just like the Slateman and Pure posters.

9: The promo poster for SoLaH contains the album cover on the left side and the splatter picture as the main image. The other side of the poster is an Earache ad.

10: The SoLaH sticker was passed out during the fall 1997 US tour. It has Godflesh and SoLaH written in white (on a black background) in a box.

11: There is a sticker of the band, (when Paul was still with them) w/ Godflesh written on top. It is black and white and is very difficult to see.

Godflesh has played/toured with the following bands:

(1990) Napalm Death
(1990) Nocturnus
(1991) Nirvana
(1991) L7
(1991) Loop
(1991) World Domination Enterprises
(1992) Ministry
(1992) Prong
(1992) Revolting Cocks
(1992) Skinny Puppy
(1995) Type O-Negative
(1995) Danzig
(1996) Front Line Assembly
(1996) V.O.D.

Note: The tour with Ministry may not have been in 1992. Perhaps later.

There are certainly more bands that aren't listed above.

And now, for no real purpose, here is a listing of Every song ever recorded (or remixed) by Godflesh: (yes, the uselessness continues)

  1. Absorber (Unreleased track)
  2. Almost Heaven
  3. Almost Heaven (Closer Mix)
  4. Almost Heaven (Helldub)
  5. Amoral
  6. Angel Domain
  7. Animals
  8. Anthem
  9. Antihuman
  10. Anything Is Mine
  11. Avalanche Master Song
  12. Baby Blue Eyes
  13. Bigot
  14. Bittersweet
  15. Black Boned Angel
  16. Blind
  17. Body Dome Light
  18. Christbait Rising
  19. Circle Of Shit
  20. Circle Of Shit (To The Point Dub)
  21. Cold World
  22. Controlfreak
  23. Crush My Soul
  24. Crush My Soul (Ultramix) / (Remix)
  25. Crush My Soul (Ultramixedit)
  26. Dead Head
  27. Deaf, Dumb and Blind
  28. Defeated
  29. Defiled
  30. Descent
  31. Devastator/Mighty Trust Krusher
  32. Domain
  33. Don't Bring Me Flowers
  34. Dream Long Dead
  35. Empyreal
  36. Empyreal 2
  37. Endgames
  38. Flowers
  39. For Life
  40. Frail
  41. Frail (Now Broken)
  42. Go Spread Your Wings
  43. Godhead
  44. Gift From Heaven
  45. Gift From Heaven (Breakbeat)
  46. Gift From Heaven (Heavenly)
  47. Headdirt
  48. Heartless
  49. Hunted and Consumed
  50. Hunter
  51. I, Me, My
  52. I Wasn't Born To Follow
  53. Ice Nerveshatter
  54. Internal, The
  55. Jesus
  56. Kingdom Come
  57. Kingdom Come (Version)
  58. Life Is Easy
  59. Like Rats
  60. Live to Lose
  61. Locust Furnace
  62. Love, Hate (Slugbaiting)
  63. Love Is A Dog From Hell
  64. Mantra
  65. Meltdown
  66. Merciless
  67. Messiah
  68. Messiah (Dub)
  69. Monotremata
  70. Mothra
  71. My Own Light
  72. Nail
  73. Newspite
  74. Nihil
  75. Nihil (No Belief Mix)
  76. Nihil (Total Belief Mix)
  77. Paralyzed
  78. Perfect Skin
  79. Perfect Skin Dub
  80. Predominance
  81. Pulp
  82. Pure
  83. Pure II
  84. PureSpite
  85. Regal
  86. Scapegoat
  87. Scapegoat (Dub)
  88. Slateman
  89. Slavestate
  90. Slavestate (Radio Slave)
  91. Slavestate Total State Mix
  92. Someone Somewhere Scorned
  93. Spinebender
  94. Spite
  95. Sterile Prophet
  96. Sterile Prophet (Empty Messiah Mix)
  97. Sterile Prophet (Version)
  98. Streetcleaner
  99. Streetcleaner 2
  100. Suction
  101. Sun God
  102. Sun God (Dub)
  103. Time, Death, And Wastefulness
  104. Time, Death, And Wastefulness (In Dub)
  105. Tiny Tears
  106. Toll
  107. Tyrant
  108. Unworthy
  109. Us and Them
  110. Us and Them (Defensive RMX)
  111. Vampires
  112. Veins
  113. Voidhead
  114. Wake
  115. Wake (Break Mix)
  116. Weak Flesh
  117. White Flag
  118. Whose Truth is Your Truth?
  119. Wilderness of Mirrors
  120. Wilderness of Mirrors (Dub)
  121. Witchhunt
  122. Witchhunt (Tyrant RMX)
  123. Wound
  124. Wound '91
  125. Wounds
  126. Xnoybis
  127. Xnoybis (Clubdub)
  128. Xnoybis (Clubdubedit)
  129. Xnoybis (Edit)
  130. Xnoybis (Psychofuckdub)

Cover Songs

  1. 40 Versions (Wire)
  2. For Those About To Rock (AC/DC)
  3. Straight To Your Heart (Loop)
  4. Zero The Hero (Black Sabbath)

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