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This page contains a bunch of things that need to get on the pages. Many times I get emails about interesting bits of info. As you may have noticed, the site is pretty massive and I often don't get around to trickling down the info to their proper sections. Since it takes me so long, I tend to hold off on replying to the original mail and then it just piles up.

For now, I'm going to list the useful info here until I have time to work it onto the pages.

Shaun Rogan (God) has been playing live guitar with London Dark Hop unit Mothboy.

The Bug - Low Rider
Low Rider 4:51
Vertigo 6:13
Bass Pressure 5:09

From David A. Basford

I have a 10" 45 rpm that isn't listed in your Head of David Discography. The title is Soul Spark. The cover is similar to Seed State with the same font and amphibious theme.

The tracks are: (*from Seed State)

The label is Blast First BFFP 69 copyright 1991

Here is the image of HoDICA (live @ ICA)...The Shit Hits the Fans.

From Mike Barrett

I was going through the Godflesh discography-side projects and related projects page on your site, and I found one band missing. This would be McCarthy, a Smiths-esque band Justin was in for a period in the late 80's. I don't know much about the band, I only have two 12"s, and I know they had at least one album, and there's currently a "best of" cd out. The band also features Tim Gane, later of Stereolab.


Hair & Skin Trading Company appear on the Monsters, Robots, & Bugmen comp cd which also features a Godflesh track. Here is the full track listing:

Disc one:

Disc two:

Incidentally, the H+STC track really is called *, that isn't a typo.

Now, the weird thing is that the version of Crush My Soul (Ultramix), though credited as appearing on the Crush My Soul single is not quite the same version, clocking at 14:11, instead of 15:00-ish. i think that this mostly, if not entirely, due to an artificial fade that begins at approx. 14:03.

Techno Animal plays on track 3 of Hashisheen: The End Of Law (Sub Rosa: SR154). This also has William s Burroughs and Iggy Pop reading selections from The Western Lands.
Godflesh boot - from the Abyss in Austin, Texas back in '96 (w/Ted on drums). It's a full set, tripod shot, very good audio. My copy is, I believe, 2nd generation. A lot of shows came out of this venue in the late 90's & it may be that the venue itself did the filming (though it is not a Pro-Shot, nor does it have soundboard audio).

Bill Laswell plays bass and John Zorn, sax. [Painkiller lineup info]

Some images to get on the site - courtesy of JB. Note that on Un Chien Andalou, the image you see is from the scene where the woman gets her eyeball cut out. A closer image of this scene was used on the inside sleeve of the first Godflesh EP.

Shrine Comp Axiom Dub Comp
Un Chien Andalou