Godflesh Side Project Discographies
Side Projects

These are the actual ongoing (though not necessarily still going on) projects that Justin was involved in. All had at least two releases and spanned several years.


Status: Active
Bio: Final was created as early as 1982 by Justin. This solo project was basically Justin creating noise by himself in his home, with the occasional guest. Several releases were issued through Justin's own label, Post Mortem Productions, none of which are available today. This project lasted until the creation of Godflesh, but was resurrected in 1993 and the project has been continuing since. In some recent recordings Ben Green and Dermot Dalton help out.

Final Discography
(1993) One
(1995) Flow/Openings
(1996) Solaris
(1996) Two
(1996) Urge/Fail
(1997) First Millionth of a Second
(1998) Solaris (re-issue)
(n/a) Compilation Tracks
(n/a) Remix Tracks


Status: Discontinued
Bio: Kevin Martin created God as early as 1987, with Shaun Rogan (and others?). Shaun left in 1990 and Justin took over on guitar. Justin produced the first 2 records, and plays on all but Breach Birth. Dave Cochrane appeared on bass on all of the band's recordings.

Guest members include Tim Hodgkinson, Russell Smith (Terminal Cheesecake, Skullflower), Tom Prentice, John Edwards, Gary Jeff, Scott Kiehl (Sweet Tooth) and Lou Ciccotelli among others.

There are quite a few other bands named God, the albums listed below are the only released by this project.

God Discography
(1990) Breach Birth
(1991) Loco
(1992) Possession
(1994) Consumed
(1994) Anatomy of Addiction
(1995) The Appeal to Human Greed
(n/a) Compilation Tracks


Status: Discontinued
Bio: Ice was created in 1993 by none other than Kevin Martin and Justin. Somewhat of a continuation of God, this project contained almost the same line-up. Ice featured Justin on Guitars, Kevin Martin on vocals and sax and Dave Cochrane on bass. John Jobaggy played drums on the first release in 1993 and Lou Ciccotelli on their last LP in 1998

After their first record and subsequent remix album, the project disappeared for a few years, resurfacing in a completely different form of music and sound

Ice Discography
(1993) Under the Skin
(1995) Quarantine
(1995) Bad Blood Transfusion (promo)
(1998) Bad Blood
(1998) Headwreck (single)
(1998) Dubplate 1 (single)
(1999) Trapped in 3 Dimensions (single)
(n/a) Compilation Tracks
(n/a) Remix Tracks

The Sidewinder

Status: Discontinued
Bio: Sidewinder was one of two side projects appearing on Justin's Lo Fibre label. Featuring the traditional Justin/Kevin Martin duo, Alex Buess appeared on the first LP.

Based on a track from Colonized, White Viper was a side project of The Sidewinder and had only one release (12") and comp appearance.

This project has been discontinued and there will be no further releases.

Sidewinder Discography
(1996) Colonized
(1997) Implant
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

White Viper Discography

(1999) Crawler/Into the Light
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

Solaris BC

Status: Discontinued
Bio: Formerly just Solaris (Justin added the B.C. suffix to distinguish from the many other Solaris type names out there), this solo material was released on his label, Lo Fibre. The 03 and Submerged Technology records never came out, but the latter may be released.

This project no longer exists, Justin has collapsed it into Final. Dermot Dalton (Cable Regime, Line, Saskwatch) assisted on some recordings.

Solaris BC Discography
(1996) 01
(1997) 02
(na) Submerged Technologies (unreleased)
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

Sweet Tooth

Status: Discontinued
Bio: Created in 1990, Sweet Tooth is quite different from most of his other projects in that it is guitar based. Along w/ vocalist/bassist Dave Cochrane (HoD, God) and drummer Scott Kiehl (God), the project ended after releasing 2 records, one studio and one live.

There may be other bands sharing the same name, but this group only released 2 records.

Sweet Tooth Discography
(1990) Soft White Underbelly
(1993) Crash Live
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

Tech Level 2

Status: Active
Bio: Drum & Bass solo project of Justins, TechLevel2 has only 12" releases, through Hardleaders the label that put out the Youpho releases.

Tech Level 2 Discography
(2000) Hymn
(2001) Tempest
(2002) Teknologikal
(2003) Tech Level 2/Soundmurderer split
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

Techno Animal

Status: Active
Bio: Short for Technological Animal, this project is easily the most successful of Justin's. The band was created in 1990 by Justin and Kevin Martin and consists of those two and other rotating members and guests. Their first record is significantly different from later material.

The Curse of the Golden Vampie was originally a Techno Animal/Alec Empire collaboration but has since become it's own side project.

Symbiotics is a split record with Porter Ricks.

Zonal is an active TA side project.

Techno Animal Discography
(1991) Ghosts
(1995) Re-Entry
(1996) Babylon Seeker
(1996) Unmanned
(1997) Phobic
(1997) Demonoid (version 1)
(1997) Demonoid (version 2)
(1998) Techno Animal Vs. Reality
(1998) Cyclops
(1998) Radio Hades
(1999) Monolith
(1999) Symbiotics
(2000) Eraser
(2000) Megaton
(2001) Dead Man's Curse
(2001) Brotherhood of the Bomb
(2001) We Can Build You
(n/a) Compilation Tracks
(n/a) Remixes

Curse of the Golden Vampire Discography

(1998) Curse of the Golden Vampire
(2002) [Untitled]

Zonal Discography

(1998) Quatermass Project (volume 1)


Status: Active (w/out Justin)
Bio: Also known as Locate featuring Youpho, this project was Justin along with Oliver Waters. There have been recent Youpho releases that may not feature Justin.

Youpho Discography
(1998) Anti Body
(1998) Anxiety
(1998) The Snarl (unreleased?)
(2000) Malfunktion

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