Streetcleaner Lyrics
[All titles with the exception of Life is Easy are Unofficial]

Like Rats

You breed, Like Rats

Don't look back

Fade out

Don't look back
You were dead from the beginning

Christbait Rising

Don't hold me back, This is my own hell
Christbait, Slugbait, Rise and bring you down
Christbait Rising, In your own mind
Christbait Rising, Bleed dry mankind


When on my own
I feel free
I can refuse

_Arms wait enfold_
Nothing left for me



Dream Long Dead

Smoke Filled Room
Blank clean screen
Soft _?_

Easing flame
Time's run out
Remove this shell
Of the dream long dead

Dream long dead

Head Dirt

You can crush me, As I speak
Write on rocks, What you feel

Don't call my name, Call your name
Like the headdirt, In my dreams

Now feel this

Devastator/Mighty Trust Krusher

Truth mis-user, Abuser
Death Dealer, Devastator

There has to be, Someone killed

I need this, I need you
On your knees
And we'll pray
Together now

Mighty Trust Krusher

I need this, It's in my heart
I love you, My trust is evermore

Hate me, Tread on me
And you taught me, and finally slay me...Now

Life is Easy
[official lyrics]

Our life
My life
Is expendable
What do you care?
Life is money
Profit is non
Money is life
Profit is null

Life is debt
...Is dead
Is debt
Is Dead
Life is money
Life is death
Is Dead.


Vision, Escape
Vision, This feels _right_

Hell, Is where I lie
Now take the power, When we all die

We all die

Locust Furnace

The earth, Froze up
One dead, Pale world
And you'll swing, From the reaping hook (hearth?)
And you'll die, By a reaping hook (hearth?)

Locust, Locust
Furnace, Furnace

Corruption, In the goat herd
Flesh crumbles, In the real world

My furnace
The locust furnace

Earth, Earth

Furnace, Furnace...

Tiny Tears

From where we stand
From where I stand
I feel the sorrow
I feel the sorrow

The world shall shed
The world shall shed
A tiny tear
Your tiny tears


The world shall shed
The world shall shed
A tiny tear
Your tiny tears

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