Godflesh live history

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All dates featured Justin Broadrick.
Ben Green played on all dates with the exception of the November 2001 tour.
Other touring members include:

Godflesh Live Members
Member Years Instrument Notes
Paul Neville 1988 - 1991 Guitar On certain songs only
Mick Harris 1991 Drums Four shows only?
Robert Hampson 1991 Guitar Not many dates - maybe also in 1992
Brian 'Brain' Mantia 1994 Drums Perhaps through until 1995-1996
Ted Parsons 1996, 1999-2001 Drums Need to verify dates
Dermot Dalton 1997, 1999 Samples, Tape & Moog Godflesh Sound System + 99 tour
Steve Hough 1997, 1999 Guitar Godflesh Sound System + 99 tour
Paul Raven 2001 Bass Final tour