Pale Sketcher

Updated: 2023/09/20
Status: Discontinued
Bio: Building off the electronic portion of Jesu comes Pale Sketcher. As per Justin himself, "It occurred to me during the writing of the last Jesu EP 'Opiate Sun' in early 2009, that Jesu, first and foremost, was intended to be a guitar oriented project. The 'electronica' side of Jesu was just an inevitable direction for me, but never satisfied with this battle between guitars and electronica with Jesu, I decided to separate the two directions - Jesu, now, and for the forseeable future, being guitar based exclusively, with Pale Sketcher being the project where I can focus and develop further, the Jesu 'electronica' sound, without need for further fusion or compromise."

In mid-2020, Justin collapsed the project back into Jesu writing, as an afterthought, "PS: Pale Sketcher is dead, long live jesu!"" One further release of old material came out two years later, but the project remains discontinued.

Pale Sketcher Discography

Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(CD) GI-118 2010 Ghostly International
(12" + CD) GI-118 2010 Ghostly International
(Digital) GI-118 2010 Ghostly International

Track Listing
1. (5:22) Don't Dream It (Mirage Mix)
2. (5:46) Can I Go Now (Gone Version)
3. (5:07) Wash It All Away (Cleansed Dub)
4. (6:58) The Playgrounds Are Empty (Slumber Mix)
5. (4:47) Tiny Universes (Interstellar)
6. (6:38) Supple Hope (2009 Mix)
7. (5:40) Dummy (Bahnhoff Version)
8. (6:25) Plans That Fade (Faded Dub)
* Different mixes of Jesu's Pale Sketches. Tracks 4 & 6 are the same as those found on the Japanese release of that CD. Scheduled for release in August 2010.

Can I Go Now (Gone Version)
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) GI-122 2010 Ghostly International

Track Listing
1. (5:46) Can I Go Now (Gone Version)
2. (7:20) Can I Go Now (Gone Version) (Donnacha Costello Remix)
3. (5:26) Can I Go Now (Gone Version) (Syntaks Remix)
* Digital-only release featuring the album version of the Gone Version of Can I Go Now along with 2 remixes. Due the 10th of August.

Seventh Heaven
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(12") GI-131 2011 Ghostly International
(Digital) GI-131 2011 Ghostly International

Track Listing
1. (4:52) Seventh Heaven
2. (4:41) The Rainy Season
3. (4:42) Wash It All Away (King Midas Sound Remix)
4. (4:56) Resonanz Therapie Musik
5. (5:02) Drag Your Feet
* EP of new material due the 15th of February. The King Midas Sound Remix is performed by The Bug. Vinyl issue limited to 500.

Warm Sunday
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) Heartache001 2013 Heartache

Track Listing
1. (5:05) Warm Sunday
2. (4:11) Mogadon
* Two-song, digital-only release issued on the 17th of June, 2013.
* First release on Heart Ache Records. Available at the Pale Sketcher Bandcamp page.

Just Won't Sing
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) Heartache002 2013 Heartache

Track Listing
1. (4:29) Just Won't Sing
2. (4:54) Silver Clouds
3. (4:16) Show Me How
4. (4:00) Air Tight
5. (4:23) Roads Least Travelled
* Five-song, digital-only EP release issued on the 1st of November, 2013
* Second release on Heart Ache Records. Available at the Pale Sketcher Bandcamp page.

Golden Skin
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) GT044 2022 GIVE/TAKE
(CD) GT044 2022 GIVE/TAKE
(12") GT044 2023 GIVE/TAKE

Track Listing
1. (6:04) Today
2. (4:19) A Joy Only We Know
3. (5:47) Have Faith
4. (4:44) Heart Beat
5. (6:40) I'm Your Possession
6. (6:43) Golden Skin
7. (4:39) Rollercoaster
8. (6:14) Hymn For Light
* A collection of material from between 2009 and 2013 which was intended for release on Rephlex Records (of Richard D. James/Aphex Twin fame) but this never came to light.
* Issued through GIVE/TAKE on 23 September of 2022, this was released digitally alongside an eco-friendly, vinyl-style gatefold wallet CD.
* After vinyl production delays, a limited-edition transparent vinyl pressing was issued in early 2023. This came "professionally manufactured, packaged, hand-numbered & shrinkwrapped with download card." Limited to 300, this was pressed on clear vinyl and contained a download code.

Compilation Tracks
Horizon Line / Ghostly By Night
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(2xCD) GI-101 2010 Ghostly International

Track Listing
Disc 2
7. (6:25) Plans That Fade (Faded Dub)
* This track appears on the Pale Sketches Demixed LP.

The Reconstruction Of Fives
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(CD) MD182 2010 n5MD
(Digital) MD182 2010 n5MD

Track Listing
1. (5:18) Secret Knots
* This is an exclusive track to this compilation and is a cover / remix of the band Proem

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