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February 2001:
I've changed things around slightly...there is no longer an updates page, this section will contain all news items. Everything else will be the same. Please check out the Disconnected Section which gives all known details about the forthcoming GF record.

Believe it or not, but CF turned 5 years old this past October. I'm proud to have done it this long, and have recently renewed the domain for another 2 years. Thanks to everyone for everything over the long stretch.


Upcoming Releases:
20th March Vitriol I-VII CD - Ben's first solo side project
20th March Isis SGNL>05 Contains a Justin remix.
9th April Tech Level 2 Tempest 12" On Hardleaders
Early April Techno Animal Intercourse 1 track on Wire Magazine sampler
Early May Techno Animal Dead Man's Curse 12"/CD single
Early June Techno Animal Brotherhood of the Bomb Full length CD
Unknown Godflesh Disconnected New Studio Record
Unknown Final 3 New Studio Record
Unknown Curse of the Golden Vampire Unknown New Studio Record
Unknown The Bug Unknown New Studio Record

[February 27th]
Big Avalanche update. News about GF, TA, the double CD & DVD GF Anthology and more. Yes, the anthology will come out! Through Earache, the DVD will apparently have all the band's videos! Wow!

In the next couple of days I'll get all this info on the pages in the proper sections, but for now, just check out Avalanche! I've listed a brief lisiting of all upcoming releases above.

Also, there's a new link in the Links & Articles section. The link is to Neurot Recordings, the label that is issuing the Vitriol release.

[February 25th]
Back in December, we heard the news that there would be a new unnamed JKflesh/Kmart recording appearing on Ipecac Recordings. There's an extremely short blurb appearing in the News Section of Ipecac's Site this week. It states that a Curse of the Golden Vampire project featuring Justin and Kevin Martin, should have something new in the near future. I thought this project was them (as TA) and Alec Empire...? We'll have to wait and see how this turns out. It's confusing when side projects have side projects.

[February 24th]
Well, as you can see there have been some minor visual changes here. I've done this to make updates a bit simpler. Everything else will stay the same, just all news items will appear here on the front page instead of in a separate updates page. As shown in the prior news bit below, some updates will be quick blurbs of what has changed and gone on.

I'm still toying with some formatting ideas and so things may change slightly, but I think i'm comfortable with what we have here. Ideas are always welcome!

Today I've also finally gotten around to reformatting the Images Section. It has been broken up into 9 sections (for now) and contains about 90 images. Many of the pics in the old section were from a long time ago when I had little space to use on the pages. I went back and rescanned some, as well as adding a few dozen. There's still some formatting issues I'm working on in that section too, but again, for now it will work.

[February 22nd]
[News] - Vitriol release pushed back until March 20th.

[Related Projects Discography] - Loop and Deathless info updates.

[February 20th]

Today's news is cool. Benner informed me of an update on Neurot Recordings site. There's finally a release date for Ben's Vitriol project! This is set for the same day as the Isis record where Justin remixes a track. Read the News Page for all the details!

[February 3rd]
Quick update to make it 2 in a row.

Thanks to Ryan, we've now got pics for all the entries in the Loop Discography. I'm glad to have that section finished up! Many thanks.

Second update is to the Sounds Page. 2 new MP3s there, both from Main, the first time I've highlighted a related project and not a side project. Both tracks are very cool IMO, hopefully you will enjoy them too! That's it for today!

[February 2nd]
Hello's been a bit, but I've got a handful of updates to report today. Where to start...Well...

There's a new section atop the left navigation bar. It's called Disconnect. From what I have heard, this should be the title of the new Godflesh record! There's little info in there, but all future updates will appear in that section, so keep your eyes on that for future updates. has posted a MP3 from the recent TA/Dalek split 12". The track they have is by Dalek but I posted the link to the Sounds Page anyways for those interested.

Thanks to tnth, we have a new article in the Links Page! This is a short one from 1996, pretty cool. It's marked new, but if you're lazy (it's ok! :) here's the easy route!

Finally...In the past few weeks I've had a few people contact me about the posting of MP3s. Apparently there's some confusion and well, people seem downright pissed. I will try to clarify this one final time. If people still have a problem with my method here, then I'd prefer not post any MP3s. Imagine this situation:

I spent a good number of years looking everywhere to find "record X". Being that there are only 1000 amount of copies of this rare release, it was a highly sought after item. Finally I found a copy, and dished out a decent $40 for it. The 2 songs are finally mine!

The following day, both of these super rare, age old tracks appear on the unofficial site in CD quality audio. All those years of searching, all that money I just spent! Now the rest of the world has it too...What a waste of my time and money.

If you can't see how that might upset people, then I'm sorry. But I still maintain my 'policy' here. If you feel that having no rare tracks is better than having some, then I shouldn't continue posting them. People actually think that I'm doing an evil thing here and that baffles me.

This will be the final time I address this. I am sorry if anyone is upset by the current situation, but it's the way it will be. I hope that people still enjoy the inclusion of these MP3s. If you all mail me saying zero is better than some, then we'll do just that.

New MP3s coming soon otherwise...

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