Exit Electronics Biography

Updated: 2023/09/15
Status: Active
Bio: Exit Electronics started as a collection of material initially planned for a JK Flesh release. This may eventually collapse back into that project, but as of late 2023, it's still considered active.

Exit Electronics Discography

Every Shade Of Grey
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(CS) n/a 2022 Deathbed Tapes
(Digital) n/a 2023 Deathbed Tapes

Track Listing
1. (7:44) Every Shade Of Grey
2. (14:10) Every Shade Of Shit
3. (12:39) Every Shade Of Truth
4. (13:02) Every Shade Of Lies
* Released the 2nd of June, 2023, Every Shade Of Grey was issued digitally and on cassette.
* The special cassette edition was, "pro-dubbed in black shells, pro-printed covers and sticker labels. Includes a bonus USB cassette, a screen-printed cloth patch (printed by Exhumed Visions) and a pin inside of a black VHS case." The bonus cassette had a flip-out USB stick containing the album in digital format, as seen here.
* This featured a different focus than the prior two Exit Electronics efforts, all of which are detailed on the Deathbed Tapes site.

Believe Anything, Believe Everything
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) AREC068 2022 Avalanche Recordings

Track Listing
1. (5:30) Your Lot
2. (5:21) Pisshead
3. (5:31) Act First, Think Last
4. (5:29) Kneejerks
5. (5:23) Who's Your God?
6. (5:34) Teach Us, Oh Mighty Judges
7. (4:30) How You See It, Is Not How I See It
8. (4:28) Pisstake
9. (5:11) How We Love To Mock
* Issued as a digital-only, pay-as-you-like release on the 24 March, 2023. Dubbed "Industrial Music" by Justin upon its release.

Learn The Hard Way
Format: Cat #: Year: Label:
(Digital) AREC063 2022 Avalanche Recordings
(CD) ZOHAR 283-2 2023 Zoharum

Track Listing
1. (5:14) Tough Love
2. (4:15) Bruised For Life
3. (4:20) No Mark
4. (4:22) Never Learn
5. (2:42) Never Again
6. (5:03) Master Dealer
7. (5:29) Doing It Wrong
8. (4:39) Teeth Grit
9. (4:32) World Wide Wasted
10. (5:39) Expelled Like Piss (*)
11. (4:48) Ignorance Is Your Friend (*)
* Issued as a digital-only, pay-as-you-like release on the 12th of August, 2022.
* A CD release, limited to 400, was issued through the Polish label Zoharum in February of 2023. This contained a pair of bonus tracks which are exclusive to this release.
* Described by JKB as the, "debut album of wayward productions intended initially for JK Flesh, but with no specific home and/or direction; no overthinking, no consideration - just pure release...NOT techno / NOT slo mo techno :"


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