Justin Broadrick has been involved in numerous bands and projects and has made a remarkable number of guest appearances, remixes and has a bevy of production credits as well. It should come as no surprise that he has also been involved in several record labels as well. What follows is detailed information about all those labels and discographies to go along with it. There are likely some major omissions. Especially with the expansion of social media, rare, old items are popping up with greater frequency.

The Avalanche Recordings discography is the most detailed, and the subsequent entries deteriorate in completion as the years progress.

Feel free to let me know if I've missed out something important. There's no doubt I have.

Avalanche Recordings | Lo Fibre | hEADdIRT | Post-Mortem / Uprising

Last Updated: June 2023
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Dates: 1999 - Present
Official Site: Avalanche Recordings

Justin has been using the name Avalanche since the late '80s as the name of his studio and almost all major releases of all his bands were recorded there. The word is found as a song title on Godflesh's eponymous debut and is a tribute to Leonard Cohen (specifically, his song Avalanche which appeared on his Songs Of Love And Hate album, has lyrics which Justin used for the Godflesh song Mothra).

Having detailed the history, it was only natural for Justin to begin a label with the name and in 1999 he created AvalancheInc Recordings, later shortened to Avalanche Recordings. Initially it was considered a "sister label to Lo Fibre".

Not unlike many of Justin's musical endeavors, delays plagued many early releases and several never quite saw the light of day (though some came out a dozen years later.) Things like a Krackhead / Saskwatch split never came out.

In 2000, the label issued its first pair of releases but the label would be quiet until 2007 when it began again and has been consistently prolific since. Almost exclusively a JKB label, in 2013 other artists appeared as well.

After a very tumultuous startup, Avalanche Recordings has become Justin's most successful label. A full list of releases and relevant info can be found below.

All releases are available digitally (in many cases only digitally). When noted, No Digital Version exists.

Avalanche Recordings Discography
Cover Cat # Band Release Date Info
AREC01 Godflesh Messiah December 2000 CD limited to 1,000
AREC02 Zonal The Quatermass Project (Volume 1) December 2000 CD limited to ~200
AREC003 Final Infinite Guitar 1 August 2012 (Digital) CD limited to 60 (Released 2007)
AREC004 Final Infinite Guitar 2 August 2012 (Digital) CD limited to 60 (Released 2007)
AREC005 Final Guitar & Bass Improvisations Volume 1 August 2012 (Digital) CD limited to 60 (Released 2007)
AREC006 Final Guitar & Bass Improvisations Volume 2 August 2012 (Digital) CD limited to 60 (Released 2007)
AREC007 Jesu Heart Ache January 2008 12" limited to 1,000 (++)
AREC008 Jesu Pale Sketches August 2007 CD Version (Digital in 2011)
AREC009 Jesu Pale Sketches August 2008 2x12" (Digital in 2011)
AREC010 Final Afar October 2008 12" picture disc (limited to 500)
AREC011 Final Infinite Guitar / Guitar & Bass Improvisations Set 2008 Four-disc set - Limited to 150 (++)
AREC012 Final Fade Away May 2008 Digital Only
AREC013 Krackhead From Hell January 2009 Digital Only
AREC014 Council Estate Electronics Kitsland January 2009 Digital Only
AREC015 White Static Demon Decayed March 2009 Cassette (Sept 2010 - Limited to 100)
AREC016 Solaris B.C. Submerged Technology March 2009 Digital Only
AREC017 Jesu Infinity July 2009 CD, 12" & Digital
AREC017DE Jesu Infinity (Digital Deluxe Edition) 16 May, 2014 Digital Only
AREC018 Final Infinite Guitar 3 / Guitar & Bass Improvisations 3 July 2009 / August (Digital) CD limited to 500
AREC019 Final My Body Is A Dying Machine 20 Dec, 2010 Digital Only
AREC020 Council Estate Electronics Longmeadow 11 Jun, 2012 Digital Only
AREC021 Jesu Christmas 2010 (Digital) CD in 2012 (w/ bonus track)
AREC022 Final Burning Bridges Will Light Your Way 18 Oct, 2012 Digital Only
AREC023 Transitional Dark Matter Communion 26 Sept, 2013 Dave Cochrane project / CD limited to 100
AREC024 Jesu Duchess / Veiled 2013 Limited 7" in 2012 / Digital 2013
AREC025 Final Infinite Guitar 4 26 Sept, 2013 CD limited to 150
AREC026 White Static Demon The Poisoned Tape 26 Sept, 2013 CD limited to 100
AREC027 Jesu Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came 23 Sept, 2013 CD / 12" (Black/Grey (ltd 500) / Digital - 2xCD in Japan
AREC028 Godflesh Streetcleaner: Live At Roadburn 2011 2017 CD
AREC029 Halspirit Musique Immobiles July 2014 Project of Pascal Derycke - Founder of PDCD / CD Limited to 88
AREC030 ??? ???
AREC031 JK Flesh Nothing Is Free 7 Sept, 2015 Digital Only
AREC032 Godflesh Decline & Fall 4 June, 2014 CD / 12" / Digital - Bonus tracks on Japanese release
AREC033 Amantra Rituals 23 Sept, 2014 Thierry Arnal - Feat. a JKB remix
AREC034 Godflesh A World Lit Only By Fire 6 Oct, 2014 CD / 12" (Black/Red (ltd to 1,000)) / Digital - JPN bonus tracks
AREC035 Monrella / JK Flesh See Red 18 Jan, 2021 Split EP with Mick Harris' Monrella
AREC036 Amantra 1 24 Nov, 2015 Thierry Arnal
AREC037 Final Live Reprocessed | Birmingham 2009 29 June, 2016 Digital Only
AREC038 JK Flesh Suicide Estate Antibiotic Armageddon 2017 Digital Only
AREC039 Amantra As It Should Have Been 22 Mar, 2017
AREC040 Godflesh Post Self
AREC041 Celer Plays Godflesh 8 Feb, 2019 48-minute, 1-track, digital-only release
AREC042 JK Flesh / Klaska Halved 2019 Split EP, digital only
AREC043 Final Live Marseille 2006 August 2019 Limited to 100 CDR, later digital
AREC044 ??? ???
AREC045 JK Flesh vs Echologist Echology - Volume 1 25 Mar, 2020 Digital only
AREC046 Tech Level 2 Revolve 22 May, 2020 Digital only
AREC047 Final Live Incubate 18 Jun, 2020 Digital only
AREC048S Jesu Because Of You 23 Jun, 2020 Digital-only single
AREC048 Jesu Never 3 Jul, 2020 CD, vinyl, digital
AREC049S Jesu When I Was Small 28 Sep, 2020 Digital-only single
AREC049 Jesu Terminus 13 Nov, 2020 Digital, CD & 12"
AREC050 ??? ???
AREC051 Jesu Heartache (Remaster Deluxe) 14 Mar, 2021 Digital, 12"
AREC052 Tech Level 2 Depths EP 14 Mar, 2021 Digital
AREC053DUB Godflesh New Flesh In Dub Vol 1 9 Jul, 2021 Digital, 4x12"
AREC054 Final The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree 2 Apr, 2021 Digital Remaster of ARECTF01
AREC055 Carthage Midnight White 12 Jul, 2021 Digital, CD
AREC056 JK Flesh New Religions Old Rules 11 Feb, 2022 2x12" / Digital
AREC057 Jesu Jesu (Deluxe) 11 Mar, 2022 5x12" / Digital
AREC058 JK Flesh vs Echologist Echology Vol 2 13 Aug, 2021 Digital
AREC059 Final Oblivion Vol. 1 3 Dec, 2021 Digital
AREC060 Final Oblivion Vol. 2 11 Jan, 2022 Digital
AREC061 Final Expect Nothing And The Kingdom Will Be Yours 4 Feb, 2022 Digital
AREC062 Godflesh Pure : Live 2 Nov, 2022 12" / CD / Digital
AREC063 Exit Electronics Learn The Hard Way 12 Aug, 2022 Digital
AREC064 Final Oblivion 3 2 Dec, 2022 Digital
AREC065 Jesu Pity / Piety 13 Dec, 2022 12" / Digital
AREC066 Godflesh Purge 9 Jun, 2023 12" / CD / Digital
AREC067 Slow White Fall Flood 8 Mar, 2023 Oliver Ho (Mastered by JKB) / Digital only
AREC068 Exit Electronics Believe Anything, Believe Everything 24 Mar, 2023 Digital
AREC069 Godflesh Nero 3 Apr, 2023 12" / Digital
AREC070 Final Oblivion 0 5 May, 2023 Digital
AREC071 Brendon Moeller Deathless 24 May, 2023 Moeller of Echologist, etc. / Digital only
AREC072 JK Flesh No Exits 11 Sep, 2023 Digital, possible physical 2024
Avalanche / Tonefloat
ARECTF01 Final The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree 28 Apr, 2011 2x12" in 2010 / Unavailable digitally now?

Dates: 1996-1997

An unknown label for some time, this was Justin's creation around 1997. A 12"-only label, there were merely four records released, with many others slated. Some of the tracks (both released and unreleased) can be found on the Lo Fibre Companion which was released on Invisible Records in 1998.

Two Solaris B.C. records were released on this label, but at that time Justin was calling the project Solaris. Due to similarities to many other projects with similar names, he tacked on the B.C. suffix for style. Submerged Technology, a compilation of this project's material, was scheduled for release as far back as 1997. This collection was planned to be released by Sentrax / Rawkus but that label folded. Then, Lo Fibre was to issue it (~Sept. 1999) and then that label folded! It finally came out in 2012.

Another short-lived Justin/K-Mart collaboration, The Sidewinder came out and Hydrus authored the only other released 12". A project of DJ The Neck, he also worked with Paul Neville on a project called AKA. (That project had a track on the aforementioned Lo Fibre Companion compilation.)

One other 12" never came out. A split Krackhead / Saskwatch should have appeared as Fibre06 in 1999. While we got to see the Krackhead on Avalanche Recordings in 2009, Saskwatch has never been heard of again. In an interview with Justin back in '99 or so, he told me that its time had passed. What was relevant music then no longer interested him (though to us collectors, it most certainly did!). This project featured Justin, Diarmiud Dalton and Steve Hough (both of Cable Regime, etc.) and recorded almost an hour's worth of material.

Lo Fibre Discography
Cover Cat # Band Release Date Info
Fibre 01 Solaris 01
Fibre 02 Hydrus Jazzless 1996 AKA: DJ The Neck
Fibre 03 The Sidewinder Implant
Fibre 04 Solaris 02
Fibre 05 Solaris Submerged Technology [Unreleased!]
Fibre 06 Krackhead / Saskwatch Split n/a [Unreleased!]

Dates: 1991-1995

In the early 1990s, Justin created a new label, titled after the Godfleshsong from Streetcleaner, hEADdIRT. This label worked with the German label, Pure Dope Can't Damage (PDCD) founded by Pascal Derycke (who later released a project under the name Halspirit on Avalanche Recordings). I believe this label worked in conjunction with (or was also titled) Permis De Construire Deutschland which was the German subsidiary of Permis De Construire (= Driver's license), a French label which started as early as 1985. For additional reading about PDCD, check out this incomplete PDCD Retrospective 88|98.

hEADdIRT had three known releases, catalogue numbers HD01, HD02 and HD04. Two are Skullflower recordings and the other a Sweet Tooth live album. I've never found HD03 and don't know if it was ever issued.

For many years, the label was set to put out Fall Of Because LP, Life Is Easy, but it never happened and that record finally saw light of day in 1999 thanks to Alleysweeper. It's possible this was the intended HD03.

After the last Skullflower release, the label dissipated.

hEADdIRT Discography
Cover Cat # Band Release Date Info
HD01 Skullflower IIIrd Gatekeeper 1992
HD02 Sweet Tooth Crash Live 1993
HD03 [Unknown / Unreleased?] [Unknown / Unreleased?] n/a Perhaps Fall Of Because Life Is Easy?
HD04 Skullflower Infinityland 1995
Notable PDCD Releases
PPP 104NP Various Artists Mortar Compilation 1992 Cable Regime & FoB tracks
PP104 Cable Regime Life In The House Of The Enemy 1992 Produced & Mixed by JKB
PP110 Cable Regime Assimilate And Destroy 1992 Produced JKB & Cable Regime

Dates: 1984/5 - ???
Much of the information we know about this label was taken from an Article/Interview w/ Justin from 1985. At that point, he was only about 16 years old, but had begun work on the Final project. The scene in Birmhingham at the time was quite varied, with plenty of familiar names bouncing around plenty of familiarly-named band names. Prior to taking the Final moniker, the band (of varying band members + Justin) went under other titles. Some releases are likely credited to those band names.

Post-Mortem was the original name for the label. The releases were all on tape format, and were likely of questionable quality (at least in retrospect). Justin released quite at least 10 Final tapes on this label. The other known bands include: Ashenden, Con-Dom, Crusade Mesh, D-Mag 52, Deadpulp, Family Patrol Group, Fern, The Grey Wolves, Last Exit, Mindless Scum, and Unkommuniti. All had releases at one point, but I believe it ended up being an outlet mainly for Final. At the age of 16, it wasn't a full-fledged record label in the modern sense.

After a Final lineup change, Justin changed the name to Uprising Produktions, a name that didn't last all too long. He changed it back to Post-Mortem Productions and that is where the info ends.

In 2012, Justin was working through a lot of this old Final material for a compilation titled Final - Origins 1983-1987. At the time, half of the old cassettes in his vast collection had been compiled. There is a great thread over at Avalanchers in which many of the early days of Final and Post-Mortem Recordings is discussed. A valuable read if you have the time.

No solid discography is known. What I have here was posted by Andy Swan at the Avalanchers forum.

Post-Mortem Recordings Discography
Cover Cat # Band Release Date Info
PMR001 Atrocity Exhibition Live In The Studio 198? Early band title for Final
PMR002 Atrocity Exhibition Live Exractions 198? Early band title for Final
PMR003 ??? The Fight Is On 198? With Nic Bullen
PMR004 Last Exit [Live Release] 1984 Early band title for Final - Recorded 06 March, 1984
PMR005 ??? [Live Release] 1984 With Nic Bullen
PMR00? ??? [Live Release] 1984 Recorded 04 March, 1984
PMR010 Fern The Beginning Of The End 1984
PMR011 Various Artists Power And Control 1984 Features two Final tracks

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