Us & Them Article
[taken from Metal Hammer, February 1999]

"It took me a month before I could talk about this album objectively, because I was that immersed in the project. It's also about 65 minutes long so it's an effort to sit through it!

This has been the most difficult LP of our careers. Previously we've been too deliberately self conscious; solely concentrating on making Godflesh sounds. This time we're taking onboard what is happening around us musically.

We've taken from the deepest end of the underground dance culture and put it into the base of what we do. Godflesh will always have those crushing guitars in the mix but this time we've written what I'm tempted to call 'proper' rock songs over the top of the beats. I think 'Frail' and 'Black Boned Angel' showed the way we've improved upon it. In the past we've always been proud that a Godflesh song flows at its own pace, but this time the tracks hit their peak a lot quicker. My favourite is the opening track, 'I, Me, Mine' - in true rock fashion we've shot our load in the first round."

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