Slate's Ideal Anthology

The following is a tracklisting for what I would consider an ideal Godflesh anthology. Assuming that I know of all Godflesh tracks out there, this is what I would like to see on a double cd (MUST be a double) collection.

Disc 1

  1. Tiny Tears (Peel Session)
  2. Wound (PS)
  3. Pulp (PS)
  4. Like Rats (PS)
  5. Love is a Dog From Hell
  6. My Own Light
  7. Straight To Your Heart
  8. Like Rats (perhaps)
  9. Zero the Hero
  10. NewSpite
  11. Pure Spite

Disc 2

  1. Messiah (Version 1)
  2. Messiah (Version 2)
  3. Wilderness of Mirrors (Original)
  4. Wilderness of Mirrors (Dub)
  5. Sun God (Original)
  6. Sun God (Dub)
  7. Scapegoat
  8. Empyreal 2
  9. 40 Versions
  10. For Those About to Rock
  11. Sterile Prophet (Empty Messiah Mix)
  12. Hunted and Consumed
  13. Absorber

I think that everything would fit fine on cd 1, but cd 2 might be a push. From what I remember, Scapegoat is a long track, perhaps over 10 minutes. Since Godflesh has used up the full 79 minutes on cds on numerous occassions, I can't see why this would be an exception. But cd 2 has a lot of tracks, so something might have to give way. Unless of course, the Messiah ep (tracks 1-7) were ever released as an ep (which would be a good idea!), then there would be no space problem. I believe that the band has some other live material too. I didn't list this b/c I don't know what they have! Not that I expect a triple cd, but something would Definitely have to be cut out of the above listing if live tracks (other than the Peel Session) were used.

At one time, Justin said that he wanted to include lyrics to every Godflesh track in the inlay. Ben also has quite a few photos from over the years, pics w/ Paul, and Robert, and so on. This inlay could be excellent if done right. (If I were to have control over this anthology, you can be sure that it would Rock! But of course I wouldn't, and our luck would have it that Earache would do it, and include virtually Nothing cool.)

[Any Sepultura fans who got Blood Rooted (A Sepultura anthology including 'unreleased' stuff) this past year saw that there was almost nothing pre Chaos AD on there. That is what happens when labels put out anthology things. I liked Blood Rooted, but by the time Chaos AD came out, I lost a lot of interest in the band and would have really liked it if there were at least Something old there.]

Of course, this is just speculation. If they ever do get the chance to do an Anthology, I really would hope that it is a double cd, as you can see a single cd just won't do the band justice! But there's no word on this coming out in the near future, so it is just wishful thinking on my part. Any comments or questions are appreciated.


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