Taken from an interview w/ Garth Ferrante August 1994.

Explination of tracks off of Selfless

*Xnoybis: "...spritual transcendence-- that's what the title means in greek or latin."

*Bigot: "it's basically about people as slaves...not questioning dogmatic or organized religion."

*Black Boned Angel: " 'if only the damned would stay damned'-- that's the first line of the song. it was really influenced by some of my reading material. i read all kinds of things..about god being an alien...a perspective outside of religion, but observing religion..."

*Anything Is Mine: "greed...the will...manipulation...."

*Empyreal: "...people as being lonely and alone...on the same level as 'xnoybis'...people being able to exist above everything else because they're so isolated-- because of something inside of them."

*Crush My Soul: "once more, a variation of the theme from 'xnoybis'. people know their own thing and nothing else-- they can't feel. it takes so much just to make them feel."

*Body Dome Light: "...sensitive people are the light and those people are the light in the darkness of indifference."

*Toll: "...negative/nihilistic-- how long do we have left before the end of everything."

*Heartless: "people are slaves going to and through the machine... 'master for you i'm so weak, but my faith is so strong'."

*Mantra: "...'xnoybis' again, but the person is more withdrawn...he's so far out that there's no need for the body."

*Go Spread Your Wings: "...escape from one's own self, but one can't escape...on his knees begging for some way out...it's about suicide, but not death...contemplating suicide...to rid oneself of the restraints of the world, society, and existence...escape."

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