Some old thoughts

Here are some smaller 'reviews' from me...(old and outdated!)

For Those About to Rock--

I wanted to comment on the recent cover of AC/DC's song "For Those About to Rock" found on the new tribute album, Covered in Black. As a person who does not like AC/DC at all, this song just blew me away! Justin utilizes his delayed and lower recorded vocals to set a tone that can only be Godflesh. Very similar to vocals on Slateman, Empyreal and Frail (3 of my favorites). While nothing in the song makes it anything shocking, it just has a great sound. The guitars are nice and heavy, it's slow and grindy almost. For the fans of the new album, it doesn't have the swing, but it doesn't need it. I'm a definite fan of everything of theirs, and while a lot of people felt Selfless may have been stale b/c of it's dry but heavy sound, I LOVE it. And this is what it sounds like.

Sterile Prophet (Empty Messiah Mix)--

I also recently (4-11) got the Future Shock compilation. This has Sterile Prophet (Empty Messiah Mix) which can't be found anywhere else. Not yet at least. I've only heard it once, but it seemed rather unmemorable. I'll add more later.

I would like to review some Final material here. Though Justin has done thousands of other projects, Final has always seemed like the second Godflesh, since both band members basically constitute it. Final has 5 releases,

  • One
  • Flow/Openings
  • Solaris
  • 2
  • Urge/Fail

Each are very different for anyone who doesn't know Final well, or at all. But they are all ambient and distant and whatever you would like to call it. One was the first release, which contained a little of the original Final material, as the band was actually created in 1983 (I believe...possibly 1981). This original material was very noisy, with feedback, and lots of screaming. Final moved on to ambience and wonderful soundscapes with his new material. One is a very diverse release. Very dark. When Flow/Openings came out, Ben decided to help out w/ the recording, and together they created my favorite Final material. While i haven't listened to nearly as much ambient music as I'd wish, but from what I've heard, this is my favorite. Not because it's Godflesh, but just because I think it is so great! These 2 tracks contain 15 minutes of calm and serene (and sometimes scary) sounds that flow and sooth. I can't describe in any other way the beauty of what I hear.

Solaris was actually somewhat of a letdown to me. Nothing grasped me the way F/O did, or the way One did. It is a lot darker IMO, deeper, but not as interesting. Only in the 3rd track (Solaris) did it bring me back to the excellence that was F/O. 3 tracks, 30+ minutes. Definitely a great release, but not my favorite.

2 on the other hand shocked the hell out of me. Just listening to tracks 3 and 4 (damn those titles!) it proved to me that Final was not nearly over. There's plenty of great stuff there. Like Solaris, it had the depth that I have been searching for, but it grasped me the way F/O did the moment I heard it first. Though you can't compare a full length album to a 2 song 7", you know what I mean. Track 8 (I believe) is a lengthy song, but is recorded very low, so it almost seems that you're not listening to anything for quite a few minutes. Perhaps their best release, this is really great stuff!

Urge/Fail was released on 7", in limited quantities of only 250. I recently got lucky enough to get 2 copies of this. Fortunately, the record company (Fever Pitch) has plans on re-issuing it, not in a limited format. This sounds a lot different from any previous Final material. I haven't really heard it enough to have an opinion on this yet, but i'll add something later.

Exit a track found on the Endless 2 compilation was outright amazing. I was told to listen to it through headphones or good speakers, and thus I did so. The odd thing though is that this song is a bastardiation of one of the tracks found on 2. (I believe track 3, I must check this out) The track on "2" was very calm and soothing. But this version of it was a very noisy version, w/ a lot of distortion and "subharmonics" as told to me. It is amazing though!

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