Godflesh sing in dub

Metal Hammer July 1997

Seminal industrial metal grindsters Godflesh have completely remixed last years "Songs of Love and Hate" album and will release the new version as "Love and Hate in Dub" in June?

"Godflesh touched upon the remix genre as far back as 1991 when nobody else was anywhere near it," proclaims Godflesh mainman Justin Broadrick, referring to the band's cutting edge "Slavestate" set.

"We haven't done a remix album just to be on a bandwagon," adds the singer/guitarist, obviously referring to Fear Factory's new 'Remanufacture' album. "Godflesh has always been about experimentation with a formula. For Godflesh a song is just a parameter and within that loose framework you can do whatever you like.

"We're not about fashion, we're about doing what we want to hear, and I know many people believe that to be selfish and reckon you should have trendy guys doing all sorts of different styles, but we've never given a fuck about the rules."

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