Napalm Death Interview (1987)

[By Warren Fischer]

Warren: First, tell us about Napalm Death.

Jus: Well the current line-up is: Jus-Guitar, Nik-vocals,Jim-bass, and Mik-drums. Napalm Death has been going about four and a half years altogether, but we've only been doing the current stuff for about one year. Before that we were in a Crass and Amebix sort of style. Jim has only joined recently, enabling Nik to go pretty much apeshit on stage.

Warren: Do you consider yourselves another crossover metal/hardcore band or a hardcore/punk band that's extremely fast?

Jus: I don't think we consider ourselves anything really. Our roots are punk, but I wouldn't really consider ourselves a punk band. We're just extremely fast and powerful thrash with filth metallic bits.

Warren: What's some influenced (lyrics and music), what do you sing about mostly?

Jus: Musically our main influences are Siege and Celtic Frost. Most people say we're like a cross between the two but we're a lot faster than siege ever were, but they influenced for total speed at the start. My musical tastes are varied. Some of my favorite bands are Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Swans, Head of David, Amebix, Killing Joke, Destruction, Kreator, Voivod, Throbbing Gristle, Extreme Noise, Discharge, Crass, Anti-Climex, Whitehouse, etc. Mik is mad in the underground metal scene, he loves Legion of Death, Death, Insanity, and millions of others. Jim likes metal/hardcore. Nik prefers his hardcore and likes some psychedelia and reggae. Lyrically the whole shitty world influences us, band that influence our lyrics are Crass and the like.

Warren: What's it like in the UK? Is it easy for a band to get around and tour when they are mostly unknown?

Jus: Well what can I say about the UK, um, a shithole, full of apathetic turds, a lot of racist shits, nice countryside, a fascist government, etc. If a band is pretty unknown, then it's best for the band to send a demo to a gig organizer and if he likes them then he may put them on a tour with a larger band, but if a band wants to headline a tour when they're mostly unknown the they better be prepared to take a loss.

Warren: Your view on politics?

Jus: Bleeaargh!! It fucks lives.

Warren: What do you think of all us American tourists coming through and sending postcards home with punks on them.

Jus: It shows that a lot of people have got the wrong impression of England, it's not full of punks who go around slaughtering old folds at all. It's a very strange preconceived idea really.

Warren: Final comments?

Jus: Yep, cheers to Warren for the interview. Hello to everyone I know and buy the album when it's out.

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