Us and Them Lyrics
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I, Me, Mine

i, me, mine
i follow the signs
i, me, mine
take what i need
give me strength
but don't fight back
give me strength
now you don't exist

stand up straight
there's only me
i'm your world
there's nothing outside
listen to me
i'm always right
listen to me
'cos you're always wrong

Us and Them

that's all there is
just us and them
no other way
it's us or them

give it up or tear it down
give it up
or take it lying down
give it up
it's us and them
give it up
it's us or them

swear allegiance
to your lord
but all we really know
is the way of the sword


take my soul
take my body
take it all
make your money
it's all just you
put me down
rape my purity
for your security

i can't give
i can only take
i can't love
i can only hate
all i believe in
is just fake
but it keeps me believing
for sanitys sake


no choice
one way
no choice
one way
is it war you want?
then you'll fucking burn
crush the weak?
we'll all fucking burn

Chorus: witchhunt

do right, do wrong
do right, do wrong
destroy what you
don't understand
keep running scared
but you'll burn

Whose Truth is Your Truth?

who's your saviour?
who's gonna slay you?
beyond perception
just deception
believe in something
die for nothing
take all you can get
but it's never over

whose truth is your truth?
who has the answers?
how far can we go back?
'cos we never go forward


i'm gonna get defiled
in your world i'm naive
like a lost child

now i don't seem so strong
are my delusions real?
i'm not right nor wrong
all i can feel is the same old shit
build me up
break me down
and then be done with it

so i'm the one you say's unreal
teach me then slay me
only cold i feel
well you see i'm still standing here
the only thing you taught me
was to feel fear
i feel fear


i'm invisible
and you won't even hear me
i'm divisible
be what i want to be
you won't hear me
but you'll feel me
there's no reason
no right of way


keep me chained down
so i can't move
cut the light out
so i can't see
keep me weak-willed
so you feel strong
cut the air out
so i can't breathe

put me down
it builds you up
play by your game
and by your rules
make me see sense
through your senses
make me see my wrongs
'cos you're always right


no desire, no air to breathe
no desire, no need to seethe
i'm just a child
that's always been
i need to justify
just to survive
what i want
is what you get
but what i want
is not yours yet
what you want
you always get
but what you want
is not dead yet

Control Freak

i'll dig deep
i'll hide away
i'll dig deep
turn night to day
i don't want to
control you
but you want to
control me
it's so easy
play the game
by your rules

The Internal

our peace
is now in pieces
but what else would
you expect
but we're nothing
nothing in truth

here comes
the internal
where innocence forgets

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