Selfless Lyrics
[All titles with the exception of Anything is Mine and Black Boned Angel are official]


I see so much, Burns my eyes
Lift your arms up, Touch the sky

I feel so much, Feel like noone
Lift your arms up, Touch the sky


God speaks, in forked tongue
Receive, wide open soul

Control, The flow
Watch them follow, watch them die

Control, the flow

Black Boned Angel

If only the damned
Would stay damned
There would be no forever
There would be no loss

If I could cleansed
If I could be whole
There could be no pain

--Repeat first verse

Anything is Mine

I declare, that we're all just shit
And I believe, we'll die like it
I could try, to still (strong) remain
And realize, Anything is Mine, Anything is mine


Not, everyone
Can carry, The weight of the world

Feel, My decay
Feel, So alone

Crush My Soul

Swallow me whole
Make me learn
Don't need me
Crush my soul, make me feel

How can I
See hope
When I never
See my light, I'm empty inside

Body Dome Light

Can't stop thinking, Where I am
Can't stop running, From where I

Body Dome Light (X2)

Can't stop shining, But Noone sees
Won't stop living, But Noone

Body Dome Light (X2)


Bad feeling, so low
Bad feeling, eden destroyed

Can't say, how close
You can smell it, in the air


I come, and stand at every door
This heart is always at it's end

Master, For you I'm so weak
Heartless, But my faith is strong

I come, and stand at every door


Inside you, Feel free
Inside you, Come out

Be there, Within
Dictate, Your needs

Go Spread Your Wings

Black eyes, can't breathe (X2)
Go, Spread your wings (X2)

Can't see, But won't fall
Can't feel, But Don't need

Vast chains to pull us down
Vast chains to hold us down

I need your heaven
And I need your hell
Yes I need your limits
Yes I need your guilt

I'll never escape (X4)

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