Songs of Love and Hate Lyrics
[All lyrics with the exception of Almost Heaven are official]


Nobody's right if everybody's wrong (X2)
You can't see white if you won't see black (X2)
Empty shell, Shallow Skull
Your fight lost, There's no other way
I'm held back, Wake
I'm held back, But I'm awake
The body sleeps as the mind destroys
I'm not you, Never will
I'm held back, Wake

Sterile Prophet

Don't use it, if you can't feel it
Don't be it, if you don't see it

In a world, so full of pain
I can barely say your name

Don't use it, if you can't feel it

Circle of Shit

Forget yourself, just don't respect yourself
Reject yourself, just don't respect yourself
Feel weak, you just mean nothing
Feel owned, just feel like nothing
Stand Down, show your weak
Stand down, make them smile
Don't see yourself, just see outside yourself


Fear for your own survival
You can't fight what you are (X2)
You're still running, from yourself
No escape, from your own hell
Fear, Hunter
Inside you, Inside me
You can't help but be the hunter,
Man the natural born destoryer

Gift From Heaven

I am nothing, I am love
I am hate, hate my love, love my hate
I am empty, but i'm hopeful
I can see, and i'm fearful
I am nothing, feel like everything
I am scared
empty, empty, empty, empty


You corrupt, You enslave
Enforced taboos, to the grave
Make me right, to fit your mould
Make me right, like your moral code

You distort, You destroy
You own, You lie
Make us follow, like the sheep we are
Make us follow, we need to believe

Angel Domain

All my fears, looking where to hide
All my fears, buried deep inside
Easy for you, your skin's so tough it's hard
Easy for you, you only see what you want
Angel by your side
Easy for you, How could you be so weak
Easy for you, Everything looks just fine
Angel by your side
All my fears, looking where to hide
All my fears, they'll get in you in time
Angel by your side, Angel by your side

Kingdom Come

I'll give you space, as you chain me down
I won't let go, but you'll let me fall
I'll see your way, as you avoid mine
I'll give in, so you can walk on me
I'll close my eyes, so you can sew them shut
I'll keep the faith, or you'll crucify me
If I can believe, then you'll believe in me

Time, Death and Wastefulness

How many lies, can people take
How many emotions, can people fake
All there is is time
Be what you are, don't fucking care
I fail you, you know i do
I'm just the fool, always the fool
Be what you are, don't fucking care
Be what you are, I don't fucking care


Owe yourself, but no one else
Behind your eyes, inside your head
Reach in, but don't reach out
I'll come and try, if only in vain
I've never watched in shame, I've never watched in vain
Don't ever change no, just stay the same...

Almost Heaven

Let me know who I am, I'm not sure where I am
Let me knw what is left, because I'm not sure if I'm here right now
Let me breathe give me air, suffocation is all I know
Can't do it myself, don't know how
Never been taught so i'm nothing now

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