Thank You

These pages were created in late 1995. In the years since then there have been countless people who have submitted information, images, help, tips, comments, criticisms and the like. It would be impossible to thank everyone. However, this site has become a massive archive of information, ranging from informative to positively useless. That's the beauty of it IMO.

In any event - these pages would never have become what they are without the help of everyone. They're the reason these pages exist, and that they've succeeded. In short - thank you for reading, thank you for submitting info, and thank you for everything. I still love running these pages.

While this listing isn't a complete account, it's a chronicle of those who have consistenly helped over the years and those whose help were invaluable during the formative period of the site's history. I apologize if I've missed you in this listing.

Bernt Rostad The original keeper, this page would be nothing w/out him!
Doug Grainger A great guy and friend, whose help has been far beyond invaluable.
Christopher Miller Keeper of another discography, lots of help, sold me much of my collection!
Ed Klein An old site keeper
Chris Coccia Ridiculous amounts of help with lyrics.
Martin Nevels Helped since day 1, great guy, cheers mate!
Garth Ferrante Gave a ton of images and interviews and whatnot...helped a LOT
Kurt Gluck Helped here and there many moons ago.
Jason Tar Sidewinder and lots of Ice and Techno-Animal information.
Robb Cunningham Huge help w/ lyrics.
Bitter Images, Lyrics, Amoral support, Friendship.

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