Godflesh Survey Results

I've held 4 different Godflesh polls so far. The first, held in November of 1996 was a limited, but in depth poll, with only 100 submissions. This poll asked about favorite albums, and favorite songs, and also asked opinions of the new album at that time, Songs of Love and Hate.

In May of 1999, I held the second poll, a small poll asking which side project was your favorite. After 250 votes, I ended this and created the third survey, asking opinions about the newest Godflesh record, Us and Them. 250 votes later, I ended this poll.

One year later was the favorite TA release poll. 200 votes, the results surprised me. Currently there aren't any surveys going on, but I do plan on holding more in the future. If you have any ideas for an easy and brief survey, let me know, and perhaps we can get it on the pages soon! Enjoy the following results!


Another CF Poll
What do you think of Hymns?

Excellent! (763)75.17%
So-So (116)11.43%
Eh... (45)4.43%
I want Streetcleaner 2! (91)8.97%

1015 Total Votes

Another CF Poll
Which of the last 3 LPs was the best?

Songs of Love and Hate (367)33.64%
Us & Them (341)31.26%
Hymns (383)35.11%

1091 Total Votes

Crumbling Flesh Poll (#1)
What is your favorite side project? (May 1999)

Final (45) 18%
God (52) 21%
Ice (60) 24%
Sidewinder (5) 2%
Solaris B.C. (6) 2%
Sweet Tooth (10) 4%
Techno Animal (72) 29%

250 Total Votes

Crumbling Flesh Poll (#2)
What do you think of Us and Them? (June 1999)

It's Great! (203) 81%
It's ok. (35) 14%
I don't like it. (12) 5%

250 Total Votes

Crumbling Flesh Poll (#3)
Which is your favorite Techno Animal Release? (May 2000)

Ghosts (47) 23%
Re-Entry (59) 29%
Vs. Reality (22) 11%
Golden Vampire (34) 17%
Symbiotics (38) 19%

200 Total Votes

[All the above polls thanks to Freepolls.com]

The Original Godflesh Survey (November 1996)

First off, I wanted to post my opinions as to how the results would turn out. I'm glad to say that I was very off in a few of my expectations. The poll itself was very easy, for those of you who didn't take it. It just consisted of the favorite album, least fave album, fave song off of each album, and what you thought of the new one, Songs of Love and Hate. The response was really great, better than I had hoped, so I was pleased. So, here are a few of my initial views.

You can't help but expect that Streetcleaner would just destroy every other album. From every person that I have ever spoken to, Streetcleaner isn't just another album. It is greatness. For least favorite, Slavestate or SoLaH were my choices to win (lose? :) (note, not my picks in the poll, (i did vote myself) but what i thought the consensus would pick) And in that, I really thought that SoLaH would be about a 50-50 love/hate response, but I was very wrong...I've listed the songs that I thought would win. In some cases, I listed 2 songs, others 1. Here's what I thought would be the final votes...

Slateman's Survey Predictions
Favorite Album: Streetcleaner
Least Favorite Album: Slavestate
Songs of Love and Hate
Songs of Love and Hate Love=50%
Love it? Hate it? Hate=50%
Favorite Songs
Godflesh Avalanche Master Song
Streetcleaner Like Rats
Christbait Rising
Slavestate Slavestate
Cold World Cold World
Pure Mothra
Don't Bring Me Flowers
Merciless Merciless
Selfless Crush My Soul
Songs of Love and Hate Wake

The results ended up proving me way wrong on a few, and really shocking me in certain areas, but I think that it is really cool knowing what other fellow Godflesh fans think. I based all of this on 100 votes exactly. Unfortunately, the poll seemed to be too difficult for some people to answer. So, there aren't 100 votes for every area (the first 3) Some people decided to say that their fave album was Songs, but yet they hated it. Another told me that their fave album was Streetcleaner, yet it was also their least favorite. SO, i tried to keep the results as true to reality as I could. Below I'll list the amount of votes each area got, and the percentage (appx) of all the votes as well. Enjoy!
Favorite Album (95 votes)

Votes Album Percent
33 Streetcleaner 35%
27 Pure 28%
11 Selfless 12%
10 Slavestate 11%
08 Songs of Love and Hate 9%
06 Godflesh 6%

Least Favorite Album (85 votes)

Votes Album Percent
20 Slavestate 2.4%
20 Slavestate 24%
19 Selfless 22%
16 Pure 19%
15 Godflesh 18%
13 Songs of Love and Hate 15%
02 Streetcleaner 2.4%

Songs of Love and Hate--Love it? Hate it? (89 votes)

80 Love it 90%
09 Hate it 10%

Individual Album Votings

All the following are based on 100 votes, so no percentages are given.

Votes Song
25 Ice Nerveshatter
24 Avalanche Master Song
15 Weak Flesh
12 Wound
08 Veins
07 Godhead
07 Spinebender
02 Streetcleaner 2

I seriously thought that Avalanche would win. I never knew that Ice was such a popular song!

Votes Song
28 Christbait Rising
14 Like Rats
10 Devastator/Mighty Trust Krusher
08 Streetcleaner
08 Dead Head
07 Locust Furnace
06 Life is Easy
05 Pulp
05 HeadDirt
04 Tiny Tears
03 Wound
02 Dream Long Dead
00 Suction

I'm not surprised in the least. Christbait is such a great song, and it seems that everyone knows it. And Like Rats has been one of the most well known Godflesh songs for a while. Actually, i'm a little surprised. Life is Easy, Pulp, and Tiny Tears are some of Godflesh's best songs (IMO) and they didn't do too well, but that's cool. Dream long Dead isn't one of my faves, but none for Suction???

Votes Song
23 Slavestate
21 Slateman
17 Someone Somewhere Scorned
14 Perfect Skin
08 Meltdown
07 Perfect Skin Dub
05 Slavestate Total State Mix
04 Wound '91
01 Slavestate (Radio Slave)

At first, Slateman was killing everything, but then Slavestate took over. Thanks a lot though! I thought that I was going to win! :) Slavestate is the staple song from this album, so i'm not surprised.

Cold World
Votes Song
56 Cold World
36 Nihil
05 Nihil (Total Belief Mix)
03 Nihil (No Belief Mix)

I just really wanted to know what was the favorite, Cold World or Nihil. My favorite has always been Cold World, and I guess yours too!

Votes Song
21 Don't Bring Me Flowers
16 Predominance
14 I Wasn't Born to Follow
12 Mothra
09 Pure II
08 Pure
06 Spite
06 Monotremata
06 Baby Blue Eyes
02 Love, Hate (Slugbaiting)

Another favorite of mine, Don't Bring me Flowers was one of my faves for a very long time. (still is) I don't know if I should be shocked at Pure II being more popular than Pure, but it's nice knowing that people do like the "noise". Love, Hate (Slugbaiting) is such a great song though, and only 2 votes. If it weren't for Flowers, that would be my choice.

Votes Song
38 Flowers
35 Merciless
14 Unworthy
13 Blind

The battle between the first 2 and then another between the second pair. Again, Flowers wins, and I agree fully. Not much more to say.

Votes Song
15 Xnoybis
14 Crush My Soul
14 Body Dome Light
14 Go Spread Your Wings
12 Mantra
10 Anything is Mine
08 Empyreal
05 Black Boned Angel
03 Bigot
03 Heartless
02 Toll

The 2 things that were released (sorta) won...but I'm glad that Go Spread did just as well as CMS. That is a classic song. This album didn't do well in the ratings, but it still got a fairly even response. Heartless didn't have a vote until about 90 votes were in. I'm glad that it got a few though. That's a really cool song.

Songs of Love and Hate
Votes Song
23 Frail
19 Wake
12 Hunter
09 Gift From Heaven
09 Almost Heaven
07 Angel Domain
07 Time, Death and Wastefulness
06 Sterile Prophet
05 Circle of Shit
02 Amoral
01 Kingdom Come

Frail, Wake and Almost Heaven I thought would win this one. Fairly close. Wake seems to be the most like Streetcleaner, and that's what a lot of people have told me. Frail is more distant, and IMO, more like Pure and Selfless, which I found odd that it won, since those albums didn't come near the popularity of Streetcleaner in the rankings. I hoped that Circle would have done a little better, but oh well.

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