Godflesh Side Project Discographies
Prior Bands

Prior to joining Godflesh, Justin was involved in several bands. Fall of Because, Head of David and Napalm Death.

Fall of Because

Status: Disbanded
Bio: FoB consisted of Paul Neville and Ben Green until 1983 when Justin joined. The material written during the band's 4 year lifetime was the base of much of early Godflesh. Life is Easy, Mighty Trust Krusher and Merciless were all originally Fall of Because songs. Additionally, the first 3 minutes of Love, Hate (Slugbaiting) from Pure was actually FoB live.

Justin played drums in FoB, Paul Neville was on guitars.

Fall of Because Discography
(1986) Extirpate (demo)
(1999) Life is Easy
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

Head of David

Status: Disbanded
Bio: Head of David released 2 albums prior to Justin's arrival in 1986. Justin had been playing for Napalm Death as well as Fall of Because. At a split concert of those two bands, HoD asked him to join. He left ND about two weeks after joining the band but still continued to drum for FoB.

Justin played drums for them for about 2 1/2 years before leaving to form Godflesh. At this time Dave Cochrane left as well. He appeared on only one album during that time. A remix album and a Peel Session album came out after his departure, both still featuring him on drums. The band continued on to record 1 more record, and then split up.

Head of David Discography
(1987) Dustbowl
(1989) The Saveana Mixes
(1989) White Elephant/The Peel Sessions
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

Not featuring Justin
(1987) LP/CD
(1991) Seed State

Napalm Death

Status: Active
Bio: Napalm Death formed in 1982 and Justin joined in 1985. Both Justin and founder Nik left the band in 1986 prior to the release of their first album, Scum. The band still exists, after a few different incarnations, but Justin only appears on one record, and does a guest appearance on a live recording.

Napalm Death Discography
(1985) Hatred Surge (demo)
(1986) Scum
(1991) Live at the ICA: London
(n/a) Compilation Tracks

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