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[February 20th]
A brief note...I may not update this updates section as often as I did in the past. I've been pretty busy, and some news items can be described in a sentence or two on the main page. The last update, as well as this one are pretty basic, and so I'll still update the pages, but maybe skimp out on this page here a bit. Not a big deal really.

Today's news is cool. Benner informed me of an update on Neurot Recordings site. There's finally a release date for Ben's Vitriol project! This is set for the same day as the Isis record where Justin remixes a track. Read the News Page for all the details!

[February 3rd]
Quick update to make it 2 in a row.

Thanks to Ryan, we've now got pics for all the entries in the Loop Discography. I'm glad to have that section finished up! Many thanks.

Second update is to the Sounds Page. 2 new MP3s there, both from Main, the first time I've highlighted a related project and not a side project. Both tracks are very cool IMO, hopefully you will enjoy them too! That's it for today!

[February 2nd]
Hello's been a bit, but I've got a handful of updates to report today. Where to start...Well...

There's a new section atop the left navigation bar. It's called Disconnect. From what I have heard, this should be the title of the new Godflesh record! There's little info in there, but all future updates will appear in that section, so keep your eyes on that for future updates. has posted a MP3 from the recent TA/Dalek split 12". The track they have is by Dalek but I posted the link to the Sounds Page anyways for those interested.

Thanks to tnth, we have a new article in the Links Page! This is a short one from 1996, pretty cool. It's marked new, but if you're lazy (it's ok! :) here's the easy route!

Finally...In the past few weeks I've had a few people contact me about the posting of MP3s. Apparently there's some confusion and well, people seem downright pissed. I will try to clarify this one final time. If people still have a problem with my method here, then I'd prefer not post any MP3s. Imagine this situation:

I spent a good number of years looking everywhere to find "record X". Being that there are only 1000 amount of copies of this rare release, it was a highly sought after item. Finally I found a copy, and dished out a decent $40 for it. The 2 songs are finally mine!

The following day, both of these super rare, age old tracks appear on the unofficial site in CD quality audio. All those years of searching, all that money I just spent! Now the rest of the world has it too...What a waste of my time and money.

If you can't see how that might upset people, then I'm sorry. But I still maintain my 'policy' here. If you feel that having no rare tracks is better than having some, then I shouldn't continue posting them. People actually think that I'm doing an evil thing here and that baffles me.

This will be the final time I address this. I am sorry if anyone is upset by the current situation, but it's the way it will be. I hope that people still enjoy the inclusion of these MP3s. If you all mail me saying zero is better than some, then we'll do just that.

New MP3s coming soon otherwise...

[January 21st]
The Loop Discography received a little treatment this morning with an update thanks to Ryan, who also informed me of a complete and in depth Loop Discography! I've also added 2 new cover scans to that section, but I'm still missing most of them. Fortunately the tracklistings are all complete now. [January 1th]
Thanks to a tip from Jason Bundy, the video to Crush My Soul has been posted to the Sounds Page. Not a sound file, I just didn't know where else to put it! The video is in Real and Winmedia format, and can be found over at Rolling This video received very little airplay if any, and the band was forced to edit it a number of times. It is one of the more difficult videos to find, it's very cool to have it accessible!

[January 5th]
I do hope you all had a great holiday season and are prepared for the long winter (in the northern hemisphere at least! :) Anyway, things have been quiet. If you still haven't received your Av Inc releases, hopefully they'll be shipped on the 10th as described below. With the new Godflesh release still a distance away, there's little going on. Speaking of that release, so much for the 2000 guarantee. I envisioned it would come out this spring, but now I'm not so sure. There's been no news of a label deal, and so I figure it'll be at least a few months after penning that deal for the new LP to come out. By now, most of the record should have been recorded. So, it's more sit around and wait.

Fine by me I I've posted some new MP3s to the Sounds Page, including a very special track that many of you have waited long to hear. Go check it out! Won't be there forever! Enjoy!

[December 29th]
Here's the email some people have gotten from Avalanche Recordings:

"Unfortunately the first pressings of both Av.Inc. releases sold out completely within days. So,we are awaiting the new pressings which have been on hold due to the Xmas/holiday period. Both items will be back in stock around 10th Jan, and all awaiting orders will be shipped just after this date."

There's more, but I figure if you didn't get the email then you should be getting your copy soon! January 10th isn't too far away, sorry to everyone who had to wait.

[December 19th]
Quick update...a short bit of news was found on regarding an upcoming JK Flesh/K Mart collaboration. Not much info given, but read The News Page for a little more info.

[December 16th]
Hardly any updates as of late, I've been rather busy. Looking through the site, there's always things that need to be done, the FAQ really needs a good update. Unfortunately, there's not enough hours in the day right now. :( Perhaps one day soon I'll get around to working on these sections. Perhaps I'll have to find some assistance at one point too...was hoping I'd never have to say that. hehe...

Anyways, the only updates that I've been posting in the past few weeks have been to the sounds page. Today there are 3 new MP3s, the first of which will please many of you. Empyreal 2 has been posted. A long sought after rarity, this appeared on 1995's Rareache, which saw only a limited release. The other 2 are versions of Dog Day Sunrise, one from Head of David 1986 album Dustbowl and then Fear Factory's 1995 version. All 3 tracks may sport less than stellar sound quality...just so you know.

People who have ordered the releases from Avalanche Recordings should be receiving your copies any day now. Both discs are great, and any reviews would be wonderful! Thanks!

[December 6th]
I was pretty happy to see that the new releases were finally available and on top of that, I just got Final's Flow/Openings on MP3, so why not celebrate!?

One of those 2 Final tracks and 2 Techno Animal tracks have been posted to the Sounds Page. If you're interested, please read the Sound Info page w/ descriptions of these tracks. This Final release has always been my fave material by that project, hands down, and so there's a little personal blurb in there.

Now, I'm sure at least one person is wondering, "WHY more Techno Animal?" It's really pretty simple. Out of all the side projects, this one has a hell of a lot more material than the others! Plus, I had a request for Cyborg Dread, the track I've included. There's actually 2 versions of this song on the pages for this week. I've got some more goodies to come, including some awesome rarities!

[December 5th]
Quick update today, the new Godflesh and Zonal releases can now be purchased from the Avalanche Shop. This is the online store of the band, and these 2 records can only be purchased there. The Zonal release is available in CD and MP3 format while the Godflesh is only on CD.

We all should have these records shortly, all info about them will be posted ASAP.

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