This is a very complete discography of all side projects pertaining to Justin Broadrick and Ben Green. If there is anything that I haven't listed, please let me know and I'll try to get it on the site!

This section is devoted to the two founding members of Godflesh. They played with a plethora of other musicians in the projects below. For an incomplete and painfully outdated (c.2000) list of their projects, please see the Related Project Discography.

Categorizing discographies on 20+ bands became a bit of a chore so they have been broken up into five categories below. I hope you find these pages useful!

Project Name
Active Years
Blood Of Heroes, The Unknown 2010-2012 More releases were planned, but with such a large roster, things have yet to materialize
Council Estate Electronics Unknown 2008 - Present? Justin + Diarmuid Dalton
Curse Of The Golden Vampire, The Discontinued 1998 - 2003 Justin, K. Mart & Alec Empire collaboration
Final ~1983 - 1985 / 1993 - Present Active Justin's solo project, began as power electronics, has swayed into ambience, etc.
God Discontinued ~1989 - 1995 ? Lots of info
Ice Discontinued 1992 - 1999 Project with K.Mart and Cochrane, etc.
JK Flesh Active 1996/2012 - Present Justin's active pseudonym, very prolific in the 2010s
Napalm Death Active Without Justin 1985 - 1986 Nik Bullen's band from 1982, Justin joined in 1985 but both left before the release of the band's first LP, Scum in 1986.
Sidewinder, The Discontinued 1996 - 1998 Justin + K. Mart. Related to White Viper
Solaris BC Discontinued 1996 - 1998 Justin solo project originally titled merely Solaris.
Sweet Tooth Discontinued 1990 - 1993 Rock project with Dave Cochrane and Scott Kiehl.
Tech Level 2 Active 1999 - 2004 / 2020 - Present Justin's solo DNB project
Techno Animal Discontinued 1990 - 2001 Short for Technological Animal, this was Justin's most-prolific project throughout the 1990s. Reunited for a one-off live show in 2017.
White Static Demon Unknown 2009 - 2013/Present? Revisiting power electronics la early Final.
White Viper Discontinued 1998 - 1999 Short-lived spin-off of The Sidewinder