Lyrical Notes

These are all notes about lyrics that Justin has written. These aren't interpretations, but rather, his view towards his own lyrics.

Life is Easy

This song was originally written in 1985, and is one of the oldest Godflesh songs. It was written while the band was still under the name of Fall of Because.

"The sentiments expressed in this track remain very strong too me now too. There is an amazing track by english band The Verve (their latest single) which is excellent called 'Bittersweet symphony',which is similar in its lyrical conception to 'life is easy', both the lyrics and music on their track are of the highest order,check out if you can..The Verve are one of the very few hyped Brit. bands of any worth, I really like Radiohead too..."


I will complete this section shortly. Justin gave me a very detailed "meaning" of this track. It is moreso a feeling that he described to me.


"Xnoybis is a Latin expression, like a religious thing. What it means is a spiritual transcendence, that form of escapism. We're always examining things like escapism, we're obsessed with people's different forms of how they can escape the world, or how they cam become more involved, or how they can be a slave."

Hopefully, there'll be more to come!

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