The following is what appears on the inlay of Streetcleaner. No, your screen isn't messed up, I tried to make it look as it appears exactly. This is partly lyrics, but not enough to help you all that much.

You Breed  Like Rats
Don't Look  Back You
Were Dead   From The
Beginning   Stylized
Deformity This Is My
Own  Hell Christbait
Slugbait  Rise   And
Bring    You    Down
Christbait    Rising
Bleed   Dry  Manking
Feel   Free  I   Can
Refuse   Room  Blank
Clean   Screen   You
Can Crush  Me  As  I 
Speak    Write    On 
Rocks What  You Feel
Now Feel  This Truth
Mis-User       Death
Dealer        Abuser
Mother        Fucker
Effortless     We'll
Pray  Together   You
Taught  Me  And  Now
You  Slay Me  Vision
Escape  We  All  Die
Life  Our  Life   Is
Corruption  In   The
Goat   Herd    Flesh
Crumbles   In    The
Real           World


The following is what appears on the inlay of Pure. There are 8 lines, one for each song, not counting Love, Hate, Slugbaiting and Pure II (obviously) which are bonus tracks on the cd.

             See Me, Feel Me, Hear Me, You Just Ruin Me
                  Your Pain Is No Credential Here
                 Always Try To Enslave My Free Mind
                     Unlimited Room For Thought
                  Deny Your Disease, Isolate, Pure
               Don't Want To Belong, No Need To Belong
           Bury Your Dreams, Useful Ruins, Breed And Serve
                Your Flowers Don't Bloom, Never Bloom

Crush My Soul

The following is the message on the inside of the Crush My Soul promotional cd. All in lower case.

like most of my lyrics, "crush my soul" started off personal and eventually became a worldview; sometimes my worldview also becomes personal. it addresses the human race and its ever increasing lack of emotional response, the cold machines that we're becoming. it's a huge scream at people to quite simply feel, to look at themselves inside before judging others. this sometimes can seemingly only be achieved by the individual going through some emotional pain of some description, which is most certainly good for the soul. people need to be emotionally crushed to feel.

godflesh formed in 1988 in sunless birmingham, wonderful england, with the intention of pushing rock music beyond its obvious limitations, influenced by early '80s post-rock, death/heavy metal, early industrial/electronic music (no, not depeche mode, but throbbing gristle, whitehouse, spk, etc.) and '60s sweetness (!). we set out to challenge with the core being brutality.

-justin broadrick,